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The process of aging is natural and it isn’t something you can stop from happening. As you age, your skin starts to lose its moistness and become more prone to damage. However, there are many natural ways available to slow down the aging process and look young.衰老是一种无法阻止的自然过程。随着年龄的增长,肌肤会渐渐失去光泽,且更易受到损伤。所幸,一些天然的方式可以延缓衰老,让你容光焕发。Drink Plenty of Water 补足水分Human body is made up of 60% water and day-to-day routines deplete this valuable resource which needs to be replenished. Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water every day – more is obviously better. Having adequate water content in the body will keep your internal organs hydrated as well as in good working condition. Additionally, it can help your digestive system run smoothly and stop bowel irregularity. Last but not least, it’ll help your actual skin look flexible, vibrant and supple by keeping it hydrated and flushing out wastes from the body.人体60%由水分构成,宝贵的水能量撑着日常活动,当其耗尽时就需要进行补充。我们每天至少要保8杯水量---当然多多益善。摄取充足的水分可以保给体内器官提供良好运作的水化环境。此外,消化系统也会因此顺畅运作,并有效制止肠道的不规律反应。最后同样重要的是,保持充足的水分能让你的肌肤焕发活力光,并排出体内废物。Reduce Stress 卸去压力Every person has stress in their life, and if you learn to manage it, then you’ll find your life is a way better. Researches reveal that mental stress speeds up the aging process. When you’re stressed out, you lose the body’s natural balance which in turn causes damage to bodily hormone secretion, cell-repair, and collagen generation. There are many ways for you to reduce the mental stress. You can divert your attention to various things like doing exercises, in order to relieve stress. Yoga, deep breathing and meditation can cut down stress, boost oxygen and blood flow and improve energy level.人人都有不得已的压力,如果你懂得怎样去管理压力,那你会发现生活更美好的一面。研究表明心理压力会加速衰老。因为压力超负时,你身体的自然平衡会受到影响,最终导致损害身体激素分泌,细胞修复和胶原蛋白生成过程。减压的方式有很多种。比如你可以将注意力转移到各种事物上,体育锻炼可以释放压力。瑜伽可以让身体在深呼吸与冥想中得到舒缓,增进氧气,促进血液流动,提高能量水平。Get a Fruit Facial 水果面膜Make your own facial mask with the fruit of your liking. You can smear some papaya mix on your face. The fruit enzyme, called papain, exfoliates dried-out skin and reduces melanin deposition. Or rub a sliced strawberry that’s infused with plenty of beta carotene and vitamin-A to aid in regeneration of collagen. Natural aloe-vera is yet another best homemade anti-aging skin care solution which you can use to get rid of facial lines, wrinkles and slow down aging naturally. This all-natural anti-aging skin care ingredient is of course soothing and healing, and is effective when combined with other remedies as well.用你喜欢的水果来做一个面膜吧。可以涂点木瓜在脸上敷敷。水果面膜含有水果酶,也叫木瓜酶,它能够去掉角质,减少黑色素沉积。或涂切一片草莓,草莓中含有大量有助于胶原蛋白再生的β-胡萝卜素和维生素a。另外一种极佳的自制面膜,天然芦荟。这种抗衰老方式可以助你消除皱纹,自然而然地减缓衰老。这种纯天然抗老护肤产品同样具有舒缓和治疗的功效,如果结合其他有效疗法一起使用,效果显然。Exercise Regularly 规律运动Exercise is apparently an integral step in any skincare regimen. Physical exercise will help maintain muscle-tone and flexibility as you get older and also improve overall health and fitness, help protect against heart problems, and help you stay look and feel younger. Exercise will enhance the blood flow throughout the body which can even help keep your brain fit. A convenient way of getting the required workout is to take up walking. Going for walks is an excellent cardio-vascular activity and is proved to be life-extending.运动锻炼是肌肤护理中不可或缺的一步。随着年龄的增长,体育运动有助于保持肌肉张力和灵活性,同时也能提升整个身体素质,保护心脏远离疾病,让你无论是从精神还是外貌上都处于年轻态。在全身血液流动得益于运动之时,甚至你的大脑也得到了保健。达到定额运动最简便的方式就是散步。这种极佳的心血管运动被实了能够延年益寿。Follow Healthy Diet 健康饮食You should stick to a well-balanced diet plan with the majority of your foods being vegetables and fruit. Stay away from red meat or beef and stick to seafood if possible. Say goodbye to the white b and choose whole grain products. The fruits and vegetables provide your body with vital anti-oxidants that fight free-radicals which are a contributing factor to age-related illness and diseases. Eating healthily will help you look and feel better and provide you with tons of energy in order to do all those stuffs you loved to do.将大量蔬菜水果纳入均衡饮食计划中,并持之以恒。条件允许的话尽量少吃红肉,常吃海鲜。告别白面包,选择全麦食品。蔬果能够给身体提供主要抵抗自由基的抗氧化剂,自由基是引发老年性疾病和其他疾病的关键因素。饮食健康能让你活力焕发,帮你在养精蓄锐后去做任何想做的事情。 /201308/252495If you live in a big city, there are many things to drive you crazy on your daily commute, and it’s not just overcrowded subway trains. 如果你生活在大城市中,上下班路上常常会发生许多令人抓狂的事情,沙丁鱼罐头一般的地铁车厢只是其中之一罢了。 Vicky Zhao is a mainlander working in Hong Kong. For her, one thing she can’t put up with is people standing on the wrong side of the escalator in subway stations. Vicky Zhao是一位在香港工作的大陆人。她不能容忍的是,地铁扶梯上人们总是站错位置。 “Escalators help us move faster and save time. It isn’t a place to rest,” the 24-year-old says. “I often see tourists block the way with their chunky suitcases or chitchatting on the escalators during rush hour. It annoys me to no end.” 24岁的她说:“电梯是提高我们出行效率、节省时间的,并非休息的地方。在上下班高峰时段,我经常看到许多游客用大件行李挡住了路,有的人还在电梯上闲聊家常,这让我不胜其烦。” Admitting she is not the patient type, Zhao says things are much better in Hong Kong than in cities on the mainland where “stand right, walk left” signs are often ignored. Vicky Zhao承认自己没什么耐心。她说:“香港的状况要比内地城市好得多,在内地‘左行右立’的标识形同虚设。” The logic behind the “stand right, walk left” escalator etiquette seems obvious. Even though you may want to catch your breath and just wait while you’re transported up or down, you should still consider others and leave enough space for people in a hurry, so that they can run and catch the train. “左行右立”这种扶梯礼仪背后的逻辑显而易见。即使你想在上下奔波的过程中喘口气,或者只是放缓脚步,你也应该替他人着想,为赶时间的人留下足够的空间,以便其疾行追赶列车。 Many cities’ escalators, including London’s and Beijing’s, use the “stand right, walk left” system to speed up the flow of people. (Australia is an exception and you should stand on the left side instead.) But some cities discourage people from moving on escalators out of safety reasons. In Hong Kong’s subway stations there are regular annoucements asking people to “stand still” on escalators. Even so, most people in this fast-paced metropolis observe the “stand right, walk left” etiquette. 在包括北京和伦敦在内的许多城市中,扶梯上会贴有“左行右立”标识来疏导人流。(澳大利亚是个例外,在那你应该靠左站立。)但一些城市出于安全考虑,禁止人们在扶梯上行走。例如,香港地铁就用站内广播就提示,禁止乘客在扶梯上走动。尽管如此,在这个快节奏的大都市里,大多数人还是会遵守“左行右立”的礼仪。 Perhaps this is because those who walk on escalators seem to have taken the moral high ground and like to accuse those who block the way of being inconsiderate. 这或许是因为在自动扶梯上行走的人们已经占领了道德高地,就喜欢指责那些挡路者的自私自利。 “Able-bodied people standing on the downward escalator are in effect robbing the people behind them of time,” says Hamilton Nolan, who writes for online forum Gawker and regularly uses the New York subway. He speaks the mind of many walkers. 纽约地铁的“常旅客”汉密尔顿#8226;诺兰在网上论坛“高客网”上写道:“身强力壮的人乘坐下行电梯实际上是浪费了身后人们的时间。”一语道出了许多人的心声。 “Their presumptuous need for leisure may cause everyone behind them to miss a train they would have otherwise caught. Then those people are forced to stand and wait on a subway platform for many extra minutes. Those are precious minutes of life that none of us will get back.” 他说:“他们自以为是地认为人们应该放慢脚步,享受闲适,然而这可能导致身后所有人错过了本可以赶得上的列车。这些乘客不得不在站台上再多等几分钟。那些时间都是一去不复返的宝贵光阴啊!” But the people who stand on escalators defend themselves by telling the walkers not to be so impatient. In a recent story about escalator etiquette, the B es one stander as saying: “If the person is in such a rush, why not just take the stairs? Even when the escalator is packed and there’s nowhere to move, I see these same people moaning and groaning about not being able to pass.” 但那些选择在扶梯上站立不动的乘客也有为自己辩护的理由,他们告诉那些行人不要那么没耐心。在最近一则有关扶梯礼仪的报道中,B援引了一位“站立者”的话:“如果十万火急,为何不选择走楼梯?即使在电梯人满为患、乘客无法动弹的情况下,我还是能看到那些着急的人嘟嘟囔囔地抱怨自己无法通过。” Whatever the escalator etiquette is in the place you live or visit, do what most people are doing and always be mindful of others: leave enough space between each other, don’t linger at the end of the escalator, and if someone is blocking your way, a simple “excuse me” is enough. 无论你居住的城市还是旅行目的地奉行着怎样的扶梯礼仪,切记要“随大流”并时刻为他人着想:与他人之间保持礼貌距离;不要在扶梯两端徘徊;如果别人挡住了你的路,说一句友好的“借过”就可以了。 /201309/256027

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