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讲解Today’s key word is KittyKitty 口语中的小猫Kitty is sometimes used as a way of referring to a cat or kitten.实际上有赌注,共同资金的意思Here is an example:One of the most famous kitties in the world is HELLO Kitty!Hello kitty是世界上最有名的kitty之一The kitty we are going to talk about today is Sheldon’s favorite lullaby(催眠曲)Soft Kitty warm kitty 在《生活大爆炸这部美剧里,Sheldon 生病时,penny 就会给他唱这首歌A:“Nice and Cozy! I will see you later.B:Wait. Can you sing soft kitty?A:What?B:My mom used to sing it to me when I was sick.A:Sorry, honey. I don’t know.B:I will teach you. Soft kitty ,warm kitty Little ball of fur Happy kitty, sleepy kitty purr,purr,purr”就是这首但现在因为这首歌,剧组被人起诉了不是因为sheldon太搞笑哦怎么回事呢?The daughters(女儿) of a teacher who wrote a poem(诗歌) about a ;soft kitty; are suing CBS copyright violation(侵权)CBS is the network behind The Big Bang Theory.这俩女儿说了,你们在电视里唱的歌,歌词是我们的妈 Ellen写的你们一通唱,还没给钱呢They said that they discovered The Big Bang Theory use of the lyrics(歌词) in August ,when they were researching their mother history an (文章) they were writing. 电视台的人特委屈的说,我们在一本书里发现这个词,觉得特适合sheldon的气质. 决定使用之前明明征求过出版商的同意了啊. Two daughters said that 我们压根什么也不知道书里面用这个词也没征求我们同意事实上,这首歌不光Sheldon喜欢The lyrics have also been used in merchandising(文化衍生品), including on T-shirts, mouse pads(鼠标垫), mobile phone covers, wallets, air fresheners, fridge magnets(冰箱贴), toys and other products. The Soft Kitty lyrics are among the best-known es from `The Big Bang Theory,;.目前双方各执一词,还没有一个正式的结果出来Anyway, let’s hope it can be solved ASAP.I think most Big Bang Theory fans still want to listen to this song on the show. Soft kitty, warm kitty Little ball of fur, Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr,purr,purrGood Night, I am going to bed. 53971听力原文:The march of the zombies 中国经济像僵尸一样在全世界内行军China’s excess industrial capacity harms its economy and riles its trading partners中国的过剩产能伤害了自己的经济体系同时也惹怒了贸易伙伴;OVERSUPPLY is a global problem and a global problem requires collaborative efts by all countries.; Those defiant words were uttered by Gao Hucheng, China’s minister of commerce, at a press conference held on February 3rd in Beijing. Mr. Gao was responding to the worldwide backlash against the rising tide of Chinese industrial exports, by suggesting that everyone is to blame.重点词汇:1 march 齐步走;行进 excess 超过过度过分3 rile 惹恼,激怒 defiant 公然违抗的;反抗的;挑衅的5 tide 浪潮,潮流,势头6 utter 出声,说,讲听力原文:Oversupply is indeed a global problem, but not quite in the way Mr. Gao implies. China’s huge exports of industrial goods are flooding markets everywhere, contributing to deflationary pressures and threatening producers worldwide. If this oversupply were broadly the result of capacity gluts in many countries, then Mr. Gao would be right that China should not be singled out. But this is not the case. 重点词汇:1 deflationary 通货紧缩的 capacity gluts 产能过剩3 glut 供应过剩;供过于求 single out 单独挑出5 broadly 大体上;基本上;不考虑细节地 generally听力原文:China’s surplus capacity in steelmaking, example, is bigger than the entire steel production of Japan, America and Germany combined. Rhodium Group, a consulting firm, calculates that global steel production rose by 57% in the decade to , with Chinese mills making up 91% of this increase. In industry after industry, from paper to ships to glass, the picture is the same: China now has far too much supply in the face of shrinking internal demand. Yet still the expansion continues: China’s aluminium-smelting capacity is set to rise by another tenth this year. According to Ying Wang of Fitch, a credit-rating agency, around two billion tonnes of gross new capacity in coal mining will open in China in the next two years. 重点词汇:1 surplus capacity 过剩产能 mill 工厂;制造厂3 aluminium 铝 smelt 熔炼,提炼金属 Ying Wang王颖 Fitch 惠誉 高级董事 Rhodium rdi?m Group 荣鼎集团 (铑)19年,惠誉国际由约翰·惠誉(John K.Fitch)创办,惠誉评级是与标普、穆迪齐名的全球三大评级公司之一在三大评级公司里,惠誉是最早进入中国的听力原文:A detailed report released this week by the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China reveals that industrial overcapacity has surged since . China’s central bank recently surveyed 696 industrial firms in Jiangsu, a coastal province full of factories, and found that capacity utilisation had ;decreased remarkably;. Louis Kuijs of Oxd Economics, a research outfit, calculates that the ;output gap;—between production and capacity— Chinese industry as a whole was zero in ; by , it was .1% industry overall, and much higher heavy industry.重点词汇:1 European Union Chamber of Commerce in China 驻华欧盟商会 reveal 揭示;显示;透露3 coastal 沿海的 utilisation 利用 (英)5 outfit 团队;小组;分队欢迎关注荔枝主播凤梨君 FM18550欢迎关注主播凤梨君 微信号fenglisama 600

Comt zone is a psychological state in which a person feels familiar, at ease, in control and experiences low anxiety and stress.舒适区是一种精神状态,在这个状态里面人会感觉很自在,很自然,很少会产生焦虑和压力It’s where we believe we’ll have access to enough love, food, talent, time, admiration. And Where we feel we have some control.在舒适区里呢,我们确定自己能够有足够的关爱,食物啊,时间,和他人的肯定并且自己在这个领域里是有一定的控制力的 6773、Are models necessary auto shows?- China Daily车展真的需要车模吗?Editor Note: The organizing committee of the Shanghai Automotive Exhibition is considering canceling the appearance of models at this year auto show.Are models necessary auto shows?Scantily-clad models could become a thing of the past as the organizing committee of the Shanghai auto show said it is planning to cancel their appearance. Most models dress normally when they work. Only some dress outrageously. The better idea is that the organizer could come up with more detailed regulations, such as the length of dress they should wear and which parts of the body should not be shown. Vocabulary:Scantily-clad, outrageous 3770

Keke Funny Moment可可轻松一刻 Advice ;Kid;忠告“年轻者”A bit of advice those about to retire.这里想对将要退休者提一点忠告If you are only 65,如果你只有65岁的话,never move to a retirement commy.千万别进退休社区Everybody else is in their 70s, 80s, or 90s.因为那里人人都七八十岁或者八九十岁了So when something has to be moved, lifted or loaded,每当要搬东西,抬东西或者装东西时,they yell,;Get the kid.;他们就叫喊,“让小的干吧”Notes:1.be about tov. 将要,正打算;临到;即将;就要Energy taxes, aly high, may be about to rise.已经很高的能源税可能会继续上涨.retirevi. 退休;撤退;后退,退却vt. 退休,退隐;使撤退;收回n. 退休;退隐;退兵信号常见搭配:retire into oneself不和人交际; 苦思不语; 离群索居3.movevt.amp; vi. 移动,搬动vi. 搬家;行动;进展;(机器等)开动vt. 提议;使感动;摇动;变化n. 改变;迁移常见搭配: get a move on[俚]行动起来; 赶快采取行动, 采取紧急措施get on the move开始移动;开始走动know a move or two机灵, 精明 make a move走一步 (棋);离开, 走;开始行动; 立刻采取行动;移动一下, 换个地方 One false move may lose the game.[谚]一着走错, 全盘皆输 move around走来走去; 到处活动, 老在搬家; 经常更换工作move along再往前走; 走开! 散开! 本节目可可原创节目, 3835

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