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淄博看男科哪家好淄博最权威的男科医院On 30th September, a report of the kings renunciation was to parliament,在9月30日 国王放弃王位的报告 在议会被宣读gathered under the angels of Richards magnificent roof.众人齐聚在理查那用天使装饰的宏伟屋顶下The lords were asked to acclaim Henry Bolingbroke,贵族们被要求承认亨利·林布鲁克Earl of Hereford, Duke of Lancaster, as King Henry IV,which they did to cries of, ;Yes, yes, yes.;赫里福德郡伯爵 兰开斯特公爵为国王亨利四世 他们只好呼喊 ;遵命 遵命;Richard, the divine prince no longer, was spirited away and imprisoned in Pontefract Castle.理查脱去神圣君王的光环 被悄悄带走 并监禁于庞蒂弗拉克特城堡Most likely he was starved to death,a horrible way to end, but one which ensured no compromising marks of assault on his body when it was given a public burial.他很可能由于饥饿而死 生命终结得很惨烈 但在公开下葬之时 身体上并没有被虐待的痕迹Now, oddly enough, it was Henry who orchestrated this big funeral,讽刺的是 正是亨利国王 精心策划了他的盛大葬礼a pre-emptive strike against any conspirators out there who might imagine that Richard could be rescued and restored to the throne.对于那些认为他会获救 并且重登王位的反叛者来说 是先发制人的一击It was Bolingbrokes son, Henry V,who had the body of King Richard buried in Westminster Abbey.林布鲁克的儿子 即亨利五世 将理查国王的遗体 埋葬于威斯敏斯特教堂Perhaps Henry wanted to put the charge of murder,as well as its victim, to rest.也许亨利想将弑君的罪行 与受害者的创伤 慢慢平息He must have hoped somehow that in his reign,the wounds of the contending parties might be healed,but it was not to be.他希望于自己在位期间 抚平敌对双方的伤口 但实则不然 /201612/482647淄博区医院包皮手术怎么样 Its finally summer!夏天终于到了!Squeaks and I are going to go outside as much as we can to play in the park and go for hikes in the woods.我和Squeaks要尽量外出,去公园玩或去森林远足旅行。We love looking at all the trees, flowers, and plants.我们喜欢观察所有的花、树及各种植物。And were not only looking at plants!我们不仅要研究植物,We have to look out for some kinds of plants too.也要小心一些植物。One of these plants is poison ivy.这些植物中有一种叫做毒葛。Poison ivy is a plant that grows in most of North America, especially in the ed States and Canada.毒葛生长在北美大部分地区,尤其是在美国和加拿大。And for most people, touching poison ivy causes a rash that can be red, bumpy, and super itchy.对于大多数人来说,接触毒藤会引起红色疹子,它们凹凸不平而且超级痒。That rash comes from a thick, sticky liquid that poison ivy plants make in their stems and leaves.这种疹子是由毒葛茎叶产生的浓且粘稠的液体引起的。But even though the name ;poison ivy; has the word ;poison; in it, its not actually poisonous.尽管毒葛中含个毒字,但它实际没毒。Most people are just allergic to it.大多数人只是对它过敏而已。You might have heard of allergies before.你以前可能听说过过敏这个词。Maybe you have a friend whos allergic to peanut butter, or maybe you have an allergy yourself.你可能有朋友对花生酱过敏,或你自己有过敏症。When someone has an allergy, that means their body reacts to whatever theyre allergic to, which is called an allergen.当人们有过敏症时,意味着他们的身体对他们所过敏的东西做出反应,这种引起过敏的东西叫做过敏原。The allergen might not normally be dangerous,过敏原通常并不危险,but their body gets confused and thinks that its dangerous and tries to fight it off.但人体可能会困惑,认为它是危险的,并试图消灭它。Lots of people can eat peanut butter and be totally fine,许多人会吃花生酱并且完好无损,but in someone whos allergic, their body thinks peanut butter is dangerous.但对一些过敏的人来说,他们的身体认为花生酱是危险的。And thats why they have an allergic reaction.这就是他们有过敏反应的原因。The same thing happens with poison ivy.毒葛也同理。The liquid in poison ivys stems and leaves has a special oily chemical in it that most people are allergic to.毒葛茎叶中的液体中有一种特殊的油性化学物质,大多数人会对它过敏。So if you touch poison ivy, your body thinks theres something dangerous on your skin and tries to destroy it.如果你接触毒葛,你的身体会认为皮肤沾染上了有毒物质并试图毁掉它。Your skin gets all red, and you might also end up with bumps or blisters, which are lumps filled with liquid.你的皮肤全变红了,你也可能会起小疙瘩或是水疱,它们都是内充液体的小包。And these lumps itch! But if you do get a rash from poison ivy, try not to scratch it!这些小包致痒!但是如果你因为毒葛而起包,不要挠它。Scratching can make the itching worse,挠它可能使你更痒,and if your fingernails break the skin, germs can get into your body.而且一旦你的指甲划破了皮肤,细菌就会进入你体内。Instead, you can use cool water or special lotions to keep the rash from itching while it heals.相反,愈合时,你应该用冷水或特殊的洗液止痒。It usually takes 1-3 weeks to go away.通常1-3星期,疹子就会消失。Of course, the best way to avoid an itchy poison ivy rash is to avoid the poison ivy plant!当然,为了避免引起发痒的毒葛疹子,最好还是远离毒葛。So, whether youre out in the woods or even just chasing a ball that rolled into the weeds,所以,不管你是在树林里踏青还是只为了追一个滚入杂草的球,its a good idea to keep an eye out for plants that look like poison ivy.都最好留意那些看起来像毒葛的植物。Poison ivy looks like this for most of the year.毒葛一年大部分时间都是这样的。Its leaves grow in groups. Lets count the number of leaves in each group!它的叶子成簇生长。让我们数数每簇叶子的个数!One...two...three! Yup! Poison ivy leaves grow in groups of three.一、二、三...耶,毒葛三片叶子成一簇。You can use this little rhyme to help you to remember what poison ivy looks like:你可以用这个小押韵来帮你记住毒藤的样子。leaves of three, let it be!三片叶子成一簇就是毒葛。Now, not all plants that have leaves in groups of three are poison ivy,但不是所有一簇三叶的植物就是毒葛,but if youre not sure, its better to leave those alone, too.如果你不确定的话,干脆所有的都远离。In the fall, the leaves on the poison ivy plant still grow in groups of three, but they turn bright red.到了秋天,毒葛仍是一簇三叶,但它们的颜色变成了鲜红色。And like lots of other plants, poison ivy leaves fall to ground in winter.和许多其他植物一样,到冬天,毒葛叶子就会落到地面上。Whats lelt behind is sometimes vine, thats look like this.有时剩下的是藤蔓了,就像这样的。Thick, and kind of hairy looking.细且多毛。Since the vine also makes that oil, you shouldnt touch it either.由于这些藤蔓也能产生那种油,你也不能碰。If you do accidentally touch a poison ivy plant,如果你不小心碰了毒葛,you should wash your hands with hot soapy water as soon as you can.你应该尽快用热肥皂水洗手。And since the oil can get on anything else that touches the plant,由于这种油可以沾染到任何接触植物的东西上,like clothes, you should make sure to wash them, too.比如衣,你也要清洗它们。Oh, and even though animals dont get the rash,噢,即使动物不起疹子,they can carry poison ivy oil on their fur,它们的毛上也会携带毒葛油,so its a good idea to keep your pets away from poison ivy.所以最好让你的宠物也远离毒葛。But theres no reason to let poison ivy stop you from getting outside this summer.但毒葛并不是阻止你夏天外出的理由。Just keep your eyes open for those leaves of three, and let them be!只要睁大你的眼睛小心那些三叶植物,管它呢。Thanks for joining us at SciShow Kids!感谢收看儿童科学秀。Whats that, Squeaks?Squeaks,那是什么?Oh yeah, make sure to hit the subscribe button so you dont miss out on our next adventure, here the Fort!噢,对了,如果你不想错过我们的下次旅程,一定要按订阅键哦,我们在沃斯堡等你。Thanks guys, see you next time!感谢收看,我们下期见!201706/515028淄博市门诊公交路线

淄博临淄区治疗内分泌多少钱栏目简介:A stage adaptation of Dreamworks animated film ;Madagascar; will reach China next month. The ;Madagascar; musical will stage 24 shows in Shanghai beginning June 16th. Huang Yue has more...201702/492619淄博市张店区妇幼保健院前列腺炎多少钱 I often talk about the use of reductions in everyday, casual conversation.我经常讲解日常对话中的弱读用法。In this American English pronunciation , were going to take a look at reductions in a more formal setting: important speeches.在这个美式英语发音视频中,我们来看一下在更正式的场合——重要演讲中的弱读。Yesterday, Barack Obama was reelected as the President of the ed States.昨天,巴拉克·奥巴马被再次选为美国总统。Were going to take a look at both his speech, and his opponent, Mitt Romneys speech, delivered at the end of the evening.我们来看一下当天晚上奥巴马和他的对手米特·罗姆尼的演讲。First, the word ;wanna;. Both men used this reduction in their speeches.首先是单词“wanna”。两个人都在演讲中用到了这个弱读。;Wanna; is a reduction of the words ;want to;.;Wanna, wanna.;“Wanna”是词组“want to”的弱读。“Wanna, wanna.”It has the ;UH; as in ;BUTTER; vowel in the stressed syllable, and the schwa in the unstressed syllable.它的重读音节是单词“BUTTER”里的“UH”元音,非重读音节是弱读音。Here are ;wanna; examples from the speeches.下面是演讲中的一些“wanna”范例。;I wanna thank every American who participated in this election.;“我要感谢每个参与这场选举的美国人。”;I wanna thank Paul Ryan for all that he has done for our campaign.;;I also wanna thank Ann.;“我要感谢保罗·莱恩为我们这次运动的付出。”“我还要感谢安。”;I wanna, I wanna.; Listen to these clips again, repeat in the pause.;I wanna, I wanna.; 再听一下这些片段,在录音停顿的时候重复它们。;I wanna thank every American.; (loop three times);I wanna thank Paul Ryan.; (loop three times) ;I also wanna thank Ann.; (loop three times);I wanna thank every American.; (循环三次)......I wanna thank Paul Ryan.; (循环三次)......;I also wanna thank Ann.; (循环三次)The reduction of the word ;to; was also frequently used.单词“to”的弱读也很常用。;To; can either be reduced to ;to;, with the True T, schwa sound, or ;to;, with the Flap T/schwa sound.“To”可以被弱读为“to”,轻音T加弱读音,或者是“to”,闪音T加弱读音。Lets see some examples.让我们来看一些例子。;The best is yet to come.;;By the way, we have to fix that.;“最好的即将到来。”“还有,我们要解决这个问题。”;To the best campaign team.;;Just for a chance to argue.;;To the furniture workers child in North Carolina.;“感谢这个最好的竞选团队。”“只是为了一次争辩的机会。”“还有北卡罗莱纳州家具工人的孩子。”;And his commitment to principle will continue to contribute to the good of our nation.;“他对于原则的付出将会继续为我们整个国家谋利。”;To, to;, listen to these clips again.“To, to”,再听一下这些片段。;The best is yet to come.; (loop three times);We have to fix that.; (loop three times);To the best campaign team.; (loop three times);The best is yet to come.;(循环三次);We have to fix that.; (循环三次);To the best campaign team.;(循环三次);To argue.; (loop three times);To the furniture workers child.; (loop three times);And his commitment to principle.; (loop three times);To argue.;(循环三次);To the furniture workers child.; (循环三次);And his commitment to principle.; (循环三次)Will continue to contribute.; (loop three times);Will continue to contribute.; (循环三次)Also, both men reduced the word ;have; to simply the schwa sound, ;uh;.此外,两个人都把单词“have”读成了弱读音,“uh”。Mr. Obama said ;may-uh, may-uh; for ;may have;, and Mr. Romney said ;would-uh, would-uh; for ;would have;.奥巴马先生把“may have”读成了“may-uh, may-uh”,罗姆尼先生把“would have”读成了“would-uh, would-uh”。;We may have battled fiercely.;;She would have been a wonderful first lady.;“我们可能竞争得很激烈。”“她本可以成为一名出色的第一夫人。”;May have, may have, would have, would have.;;We may have battled fiercely.; (loop three times);May have, may have, would have, would have.;;We may have battled fiercely.; (循环三次);She would have been a wonderful first lady.; (loop three times);She would have been a wonderful first lady.; (循环三次)There were lots of other reductions in these speeches.这些演讲中还有很多其他的弱读。For example, reducing ;for; to ;fer;.;But for the ed States of America.;比如说把“for”弱读为“fer”。“而是为了美利坚合众国。”;I thank my sons for their tireless work.;Reducing ;can; to ;kun;.“感谢我的儿子们不懈的工作。”把“can”弱读为“kun”。;Thats what politics can be.;;That can compare with what you have done.;“这就是政治。”“这可以与你们的所作所为相比。”And use of contractions.;And youve made me a better President.;还有缩略形式的使用。“你们让我成为了一名更好的总统。”;Because Im concerned about America.;Watch the speeches in full and study them.What reductions do you notice?“因为我关心美国。”观看一下完整的视频,学习这些视频。你注意到了哪些弱读呢?Thats it, and thanks so much for using Rachels English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachels English。201707/516329淄博人民医院男科哪个医生好

淄博包茎手术好多钱Were ed Airlines.我们是美国联合航空公司。You do what we say when we say.我们说什么,你就按照我们说的去做。And there wont be a problem. Capiche?这就不会有什么问题。懂了吗?If we say you fly, you fly.如果我们让你起飞,你就得飞。If not, Tough.如果不让,那就忍着。Oh my god. Look at what you did to him?我的天啊。看看你对他做了什么?Give us a problem, and will drag your ass off the plane.给我们惹麻烦,我们会让你从飞机上离开。And if you resist, well beat you so badly youll be using your own face as a flotation device. ed Airlines.如果你反抗,我们就海扁你一顿,揍到你可以用自己的肿脸当浮具。美国联合航空公司。201705/510224 Tapping the wires is surprisingly simple.窃取光纤信息极其简单The data carried by the fibre-optic cable只需要将光纤传递的信息just needs to be diverted.进行改道A fibre-optic cable signal is a beam of light光纤信号就是一束光travelling down a cable made from glass.这束光穿过了玻璃材质的线缆Pulses of light represent脉冲光束代表着the pieces of information travelling across the internet,穿梭于互联网中的信息which is the e-mails, the web pages,例如电子邮件 网页everything thats going over the internet.所有经过互联网的信息Every 50 miles or so, that signal becomes sufficiently weak每八十千米左右 这个信号就会变得极其弱that it needs to be repeated,因此它需要被加强and this is the weak spot.而这就是薄弱点And its very easy to insert an optical tap at that point.在这一薄弱点安插拦截设备极其简单And thats just what GCHQ did.英国情报机构政府通信总部就这么做的A device was placed into the beam of data在数据流中安插一个设备which created a mirror image of the millions of e-mails,建立镜像 其中包括每秒钟经过光纤的web searches and internet traffic数以百万计的电子邮件passing through the cables every second.网页搜索和网络通讯信息重点解释:1.a beam of light 一束光例句:A beam of light generated by a laser.由激光器发出的一束光。2.be made from ... 由 ... 制成例句:Water can be made from oxygen and hydrogen.水是由氧和氢组成。3.go over 检查;重做例句:Lets just go over these figures again.我们再检查一下这些数字吧。201612/482141淄博男科医院哪比较好周村区文昌湖男科医院在那儿



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