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三门峡男科正规医院有几家义马市人民医院男性专科We have a fun show tonight.我们今天的节目很好玩。In the blue room, you know him from Saturday Night Live, Horrible Bosses and We#39;re the Millers.今天的嘉宾现在就在我们的后台。他的成名作有《周六夜现场》,《可恶的老板》,《冒牌家庭》。The brilliant, the hilarious Jason Sudeikis is here, tonight!他就是才华横溢,幽默风趣的杰森·苏戴奇斯!Hi! Hi, Jason. Are you OK?嗨!嗨,杰森。你好吗?Oh, yeah. I#39;m just hosting a talk show.挺好的。我在主持脱口秀。Right. I figured the late night landscape needs another white man talking to people.哦……我觉得我们节目需要再找一个白人来主持。I got Michael O#39;Brien here, Julia in London. And there is my bandleader Wenny Jones over there.于是我邀请了迈克尔·奥布莱恩,来自伦敦的朱莉,还有我的乐队指挥温妮·琼斯在那边。Right. OK. That is also what we#39;re doing. Is anyone film your talk show?好的,我们也是这么干的。有人在帮你们录节目吗?Well, yeah, you guys are.有啊,你们就是。Also if the talk show happens in the woods and no one is filming it, does it still happen?如果一场脱口秀是在一片不为人知的森林里,也没有人拍下来?那么这场脱口秀存在吗?I would argue yes.如果问我的话,我会说存在We have been just following NCIS: New Orleans. We know exactly how that feels. Hang on. 我们都在追《海军罪案调查处:新奥尔良》,我们知道那是什么感觉。等一下。You#39;re Jewish, yeah? That#39;s great.你是犹太人,是吧?好的James Irks forgot to tell you you#39;re our musical guest later.詹姆斯,忘了告诉你,你是我们今晚的音乐嘉宾。I am? Yeah, so learn to play an instrument or something.我吗?对,所以你得学点儿乐器或者是别的东西。OK. I#39;m going to work on that. I#39;ll get back to you. Jason Sudeikis, everybody.我会去学的。待会儿再聊。各位,今天的嘉宾是杰森·苏戴奇斯。 Article/201706/512304三门峡男科医院简介 However there#39;s a problem.然而问题依旧存在It#39;s still very difficult用一种用户友好的方式to encrypt content in a user-friendly way.对信息进行加密仍然非常困难One of the best ways to protect your privacy保护隐私最好的方式之一is to use encryption,就是使用加密but encryption is so incredibly hard to use.但是加密实在是太难使用I am a technology person我本身是个技术人员and I struggle all the time想让我的加密产品运作to get my encryption products to work.还都非常困难And that#39;s the next challenge,下一个挑战developing an internet where useable encryption是为那些想要躲避大规模监控的人makes bulk surveillance,研发一个在互联网上实用的加密系统for those who want to avoid it, more difficult.使监控变得难上加难At the moment, the systems we#39;re using目前 我们正在使用的加密系统are fairly insecure in lots of ways.在很多方面都十分不安全I think the programmers out there我认为程序员have got to help build tools to make that easier.得开发一种工具使加密变得更简单If encryption is to become more commonplace,如果加密变得更普遍the pressure will likely come from the market.压力将很有可能来自于市场The result of the revelations about the National Security Agency国家安全局泄密事件的结果is that people are becoming quite paranoid.是让人们变得相当多疑重点解释:1.come from 来自; 起源于例句:Nothing but disaster would come from such a plan.此一计划除了导致失败而外将一无所获。2.struggle to do 奋斗; 挣扎例句:Science is the never-ending struggle to find truth.科学是为寻求真理而进行的永无止境的奋斗。 Article/201704/506875So 200 episodes, that#39;s amazing. Thank you.200集,真是太神奇了 谢谢I cannot believe that it#39;s been, we turned 200, we#39;re very old.我不敢相信这我们拍到200集 我们变得很老了It#39;s been a lot of years. The fans have been amazing. We had a blast.已经过了很多年了 粉丝数惊人 我们曾经名声大噪We just shot the episode and it was incredible.我们刚拍完那一集 真的是难以置信And Johnny and I actually, every week we go into the audience and其实约翰尼和我 每周我们都会走到观众旁边然后talk to the audience, and on the 200th we went up there and we both started crying.我们和观众聊天 在200集那天我们走过去然后我们俩都哭了Just kind of thinking about how special it was and what it meant to us.只是想到这一集有多特别 对我们多有意义Yeah well very few shows go that long That#39;s really a big deal.是的 真的很好 很少有电视剧能拍那么多集 真的很了不起I would think you#39;re at that point. We#39;re at 13 years.我想你也拍了很多了对吧 艾伦秀已经拍了13年了And we shoot every day as opposed to one day a week, but that#39;s okay.而且我们每天都有 而不是每周一集 但是没关系So if I did the math right that#39;s like twice as many. It#39;s two thousand episodes, it#39;s okay. I cry every day too所以如果我算数没错 应该就是两倍之多 我们拍了2000集 还行吧 我也每天都哭Because I#39;m so happy. But that really is. And when you see, like cuz it#39;s on everywhere, in syndication.喜极而泣 但是真的是这样 当你看到…就像生活大爆炸随处可见同步放映When you see early episodes, how do you feel about that? Well, like you just said I cry.当你看到之前的剧情 你会有什么感觉 这个么 就像你刚才说的 我会想哭Because I cry for the memories, but I cry at some of the decisions on my hair.因为这些回忆会让我感动 但是我也想对我的一些发型选择大哭And some questionable clothes, and ten years, nine, ten years, it#39;s a long time.还有那些有问题的装 和十年了 九 不 十年 真的是很长的时间Styles change, hair changes, size, body. Everything#39;s just been going down hill.时尚在变 我的发型在变 当然还有我的身材也变了 所有的一切感觉都走下坡了No, but the good news is you just keep getting better and better.哦不 但是好消息是 你在努力变得更好Thank you. You look better than you looked before. I#39;m trying, it#39;s hard.谢谢 你比之前看上去好多了 我有努力 挺困难的That#39;s young Kailey right there. Yes that#39;s many many moons ago. Wow.这是年轻的凯利 是的 这是很久很久之前了 哇哦I mean look how high my boobs are. So much better. They#39;re sinking now. That is not true.我是说 你看那时候我的胸多挺 比现在好太多 现在都下垂了 没有啦That is not true. But I never would have recognized you in that picture though.并没有 但是这张照片我真的认不出是你Isn#39;t that weird? Yeah. Yeah, that#39;s weird. Yeah, it#39;s amazing, but congratulations.很奇怪对吧 是的 嗯 挺奇怪的 是的 很神奇 但是恭喜Thank you. And I know that you#39;ve gone through a little bit of a hard time.谢谢 然后我得知 你最近日子不太好I don#39;t know if you wanna talk about it or not.我不知道你是否愿意谈一下You are divorced or getting divorced? I#39;m, yes, I#39;m getting divorced.你是已经离婚还是正在办手续 是的 我正在办离婚You know, last year was very bizarre.你懂的 去年对我来说挺离奇And we all go through really weird ups and downs, and sometimes you#39;re,我们经过了一段很奇怪的起伏 然后有时候你会I#39;m a little bit more seen, and everyone goes through that stuff. Yeah.这段时间感觉自己经历了太多 所有人都会有这种时候 是的So, I aly feel like 2016 is going to be a much better year than 2015.所以 我已经觉得2016比2015年好太多了And you know, it#39;s been rough, but things are going good, and你要知道 这挺难的 但是现在越来越好I#39;m much much better now and I#39;m in a much better place than I was.我现在真的是好很多 我现在的状态也比以前好很多I#39;m glad. Yeah. Great. Yeah. How long were you married Not that long.我很高兴 是的 很好 嗯 你结婚了多久?并没有很久I was married for a year and a half. A year and a half, yeah.我结婚一年半 一年半 嗯I know, I know, It such a, I know. No. It is,我知道 我知道 这太 我知道 不是吧 是的I had a date tattooed on my back and everything to remind me,我背上有一个纪念日纹身 所有一切都不断提醒我then I had to- Maybe you should put it on your front. Yeah.然后我只能 或许你应该把纹身纹在胸前 是的I know, I know. Don#39;t tattoo wedding date. I know, I know.我知道 我知道 不要把结婚纪念日纹在身上 我知道 知道Wait, so you had your wedding date tattooed on your back? Yeah.等等 你把结婚纪念日纹在了背上?是的没错I saw you getting a tattoo, is that why, to cover it? Yeah.我看见你又去纹身了 是因为这个么 把它覆盖掉?没错Cuz you posted a picture, and it was a really cool picture of you getting tattooed.因为你发表了一张照片 是张很酷的你在纹身的照片Yeah, I looked real happy. Yeah.是的 我看上去很开心 是的Was like streaming tears down, yeah, I just, I made a mistake.就像泪流成河 是的 我只是 我犯了个错误The tattoo was yeah, a mistake. Had to cover it, had to cover it.这纹身是 嗯 一个错误 需要盖掉 必须盖掉How big were the numbers? They were big, they were big.那些数字有多大 很大 它们很大So then I had to cover it with the wings. Which I think turned out okay.所以我只能用翅膀来盖掉 所以就变成了这样What did you get put on your back? My little moth on the back.你在背上纹了个什么?我的背上有个小飞蛾What is it? It#39;s a moth. A moth? Yeah. And what made you?什么东西?飞蛾 飞蛾?是啊 为什么?Look it#39;s a smattering of applause, a moth, okay.你看 这是无法理解的掌声 一个飞蛾 嗯A moth, yes, it was like, yes a moth. It was like two people.飞蛾 是 这就像 就是个飞蛾 就像分裂成了两个人The rest are crying for me right now.另一个人在为我哭泣No, no, no. But, why, I mean, people do butterflies, but, why a moth, you know?没有 没有没有 但是 为什么 我是说 正常人会纹蝴蝶 但是 为什么是个飞蛾?What#39;s the significance? Because, the significance is it was big enough to cover the numbers.有什么意义么?因为 意义就是 飞蛾足够大 能盖掉那些数字So, the wings. You know, they, big wings, silent, quiet. Yeah, but, you, anything, if you put.你看 翅膀 你懂么 它们有很大的翅膀 沉默 安静 是的 但是你 其他任何东西 你也可以纹上On a wall. Yeah they do that, we#39;re just like stationary, it#39;s just what i picked out when i was there.停在墙上 是的 飞蛾就是这样 它们就像静止一样 我就是在纹身店选择了这个I picture a moth like, cause a moth is drawn to the light all the time, so maybe-我觉得飞蛾就像 因为飞蛾总是停在灯上 所以也许That too, that#39;s exactly what I was thinking.也停在数字上 我也是这么想的 Article/201706/513777黄河三门峡医院看泌尿科怎么样

三门峡郑大医院有包皮How you use your voice is really important and it#39;s really driven by context more than anything else,如何运用你的声音十分重要 与其他元素相比 声音是由语言驱动so if you and your tone of voice will immediately begin to impact somebody#39;s mood and immediately how their brain functions.但是你说话的声调会很快影响他人的情绪和他们的大脑活动There#39;s actually scientific data out there now that shows us that实际上现在有科学的数据表明our brains will work up to 31 percent more effectively if we#39;re in a good mood.如果我们情绪不错我们大脑的运转速度会提高百分之三十So if I smile at you and you see it or you can hear a smile in someone#39;s voice,所以如果你看到我对你微笑或者你从他人声音中感受到善意if I automatically smile at you and you can hear that I like you,如果我对你下意识微笑 你会明白我对你的好感I will actually be able to reach into your brain, flip the positive the switch, it puts you in a better mood并且这些积极信息能够 被大脑接收 好似拨动了一个开关 让你心情更好there are mirror neurons in our brain that we have no control over; they automatically respond.我们的大脑有很多不受控制的镜像神经元 他们只是做出自动反应And if I intentionally put you in a good mood your brain will be working more effectively如果你努力让你自己处于积极的情绪中 那么你的大脑会更加高效地运转and that aly begins to increase the chances that you#39;re going to collaborate with me.这会大大增加你我之间沟通的机率You#39;ll be smarter and you#39;ll like me more at the same time.你变得更聪明同时也会更青睐我Now upward and downward inflexion, downward inflexion is often used to say this is the way it is; there#39;s no other way.现在聊聊升调和降调 降调通常用来表示这问题就只能这样了没有其他解决的方法And I will say it exactly like that.我就会像那样用降调说出来If there is a term in a contract that there#39;s no movement on如果合同里有个术语专门表示事情丝毫没有进展and I want you to know it and feel it without me having to say there#39;s no movement on this,这个情况让你知晓和感受到 而不需人直说which maybe you want to yell at somebody有可能你很想对着某人大喊大叫and that#39;s ineffective because that triggers a different part of the brain and makes people angry and they want to fight.做这无用功 因为此种情况会引发大脑的一个不同部位会使人感到愤怒 激起反抗的欲望And I#39;ve done this in contract negotiations.我曾经把这个方法用在合同谈判上I#39;ve said things like, ;We don#39;t do work for hire,; just like that.我说过像这样的话 我们不是为了工作而工作It lets the other side know there#39;s no movement whatsoever.这句话就可以让另外一方了解没有任何进展迹象I also may need to put you in a more collaborative frame of mind and if I want to ask you a question在谈判中 我也许会需要调动出对方更渴望合作的态度 如果我想问你一个问题I#39;ll say something like it seems like this is important to you and I#39;ll inflect up.我会将音调微微上调 让你感觉这对你很重要It#39;s more driven by context.由讲话的内容决定音调And I can use an upward inflection to encourage you and smile while I#39;m questioning you.我会用一种上升的语调来鼓励你或者在问你问题时保持微笑And that will make you feel less attacked by being questioned这样不会使你在被问问题时有种被攻击的感觉because people are made to feel a little bit defensive when they#39;re question anyway.因为人们在被提问时总是有种抵触感So if I know if I have to question you, if I want you to think about a different option所以如果我必须要质疑你 想让你去考虑一个不同的选择then I#39;m going to be as encouraging as possible while I may be very assertive at the same?time.在尽可能鼓励你的同时我会表现的有些独断The mirroring that I teach is not the same as the way most people think of mirroring.我所说的镜像并不是大多数人理解的那个镜面映射Most people when they think of mirroring they think mirroring body language, mirroring tone of voice, even using the same words.大多数人理解镜像时会把模仿肢体语言 模仿音调甚至重复同一个词语It#39;s not that at all.其实是错的The mirroring that I teach is much more simplistic and interestingly enough has a great impact on how the other person interacts with you.我所说的镜像更简单更有趣 能影响到其他人如何同你互动And it#39;s just repeating the last one to three words that they#39;ve said word for word,仅仅是重复他们逐字逐句说的话的最后的一到三个词one to three words or it#39;s repeating a selected one to three words.一到三个词或者重复选定的一到三个词And what it really does is it helps connect people#39;s thoughts.这确实很帮助人们进行交流There will almost never be a time when you mirrored the last three words of what someone said如果人们想要继续解释深化扩展他们的观点when they want to go on and explain and reword and expand.你是不可能有时间重复他们说的最后几个字的And that mirror what is has done as it helps give you a better understanding of what the other person is trying to say.重复是为了帮助你更好的理解对方想要传达的信息It also gives you more time to think.这也给了你更多时间思考It#39;s a way to buy time in a negotiation for yourself.它是在谈判中为自己赢得思考时间的一种方式The other person doesn#39;t see you buying time in any way shape or form.其他人不会觉察到你在故意给自己留出更多的思考时间It#39;s a great way when you don#39;t know what to say这是一个很好的方式 当你不知道说什么or where to go to keep them talking in a way that they#39;re very comfortable with.或者当你不知道从何说起才能使你们在融洽的氛围中交谈时One of my clients actually mirrors his counterpart#39;s positions every single time.我的一个客户在谈判时每次其实只是重复了对方观点Every time they make a statement on a position he simply mirrors it.每当对方陈述观点他就简单的重复一遍They#39;ll repeat it and they#39;ll expand it and every time he does that it also gives him a good feel对方会重复 扩展自己的观点for whether or not they#39;re really stable in that position这样他就有把握得知or whether there#39;s quite a bit of softness in a position completely based on how they reword and responded to?his mirror.哪儿对方比较坚持哪儿有商量余地So a mirror is a great way to keep somebody else talking very comfortably.所以镜像模仿是使他人在交谈中很舒的一种很实用的方式The F word in negotiations is fair. Fair is the F bomb.F在谈判中代表公平 公平是一个F炸弹And when you begin to look for it it#39;s stunning in how many negotiations somebody drops the F bomb in the negotiation.当你注意到它的时候你会感到十分震惊 因为在谈判中人们扔了太多名为公平的炸弹And when somebody says we just want what#39;s fair, that#39;s actually a really bad sign.一旦有人提及想要的只是公平 这事实上就是一个很不好的征兆One of two things is going on: now the cutthroat negotiators know how much I can punch your buttons两件事的其一正在上演 分角必争的谈判者现在知道怎样触及你的底线if I say I#39;ve given you a fair offer and that will immediately put you on the defensive假如我说要给你一个公平的出价 这会直接让你处于防御状态and make you worry about whether or not you#39;re being fair,并且担心是不是真的公平and most people have an extinctive feeling about fair price, fair market.大多数人都感觉根本不存在什么价格平等和市场公平Fair is like this incredibly overused term in negotiations,公平是一个在谈判公被过度使用的词汇I just want what#39;s fair, what#39;s the fair market price.例如我只想要公平 什么是公平的市场价格等话So if I say I#39;ve given you a fair offer and I#39;m accusing you of being unfair I immediately knocked you back on your heels.所以如果我说我会给你一个公平的提议 其实是在控诉你占便宜并马上回击你的死穴It#39;s a way for me to gain an advantage on you, if I#39;m that kind of a negotiator.如果我是一个重利益的谈判者 这会是取得优势的好方法The flipside of that is maybe I#39;ve been assertive enough in the negotiations事情的另一面可能是我在谈判中太独断and I haven#39;t been using enough tactical empathy没有运用足够的战略上的移情作用that the other person feels like I#39;m taking, taking, taking from them and they#39;ll respond with, ;I just want what#39;s fair.;给别人的感觉好像是我一直在从他们身上谋取利益 他们只能用我只想要公平这句话来回应我That may be someone genuinely telling me, very indirectly, that they feel I#39;ve been far too aggressive.也许有人会真诚的间接暗示他们觉得你太过张狂And if they feel I#39;ve been aggressive and if they feel treated unfairly,如果给对方留下这种印象 或者他们觉得自己被不公平的对待one of two things is going to happen: they#39;re either going to walk away from a great deal另一件事会随后发生 他们会放弃大单子or they#39;re going to make implementation painful.或者会使合同落实变得困难重重And when implementation of a negotiation is painful, when they drag their feet,当谈判进行地很不顺利 当他们一直拖延成交的进程when they don#39;t make deadlines, when they don#39;t deliver the product quality they#39;re supposed to deliver,当他们一直不设最后期限 也不再按要求保产品质量when they#39;re not as thorough and paying as much attention to detail当他们不太注重生产产品的细节时because they didn#39;t feel it was a fair deal, they#39;ll destroy your profit.因为他们感觉这不是一次公平的交易 他们同时会伤害你的利益So you have to really keep an eye out for the F bomb in negotiations.所以你在谈判时一定要留意公平炸弹And when somebody else feels they#39;ve been treated unfairly they#39;re probably going to hurt you over it.因为当谈判中有人感觉自己没有受到公平待遇的时 他们很可能会损害你的利益 Article/201706/514472三门峡郑大周末有上班吗 三门峡那里有男科医院

三门峡治早泄最好的是哪家医院English 900 英语九百句(英音版) 课 文 Book 1 第一册 [1] Greetings 问候语 1. Hello.你好! 2. Good morning.早晨好! 3. I’m John Smith.我是约翰、史密斯。 4. Are you Bill Jones?你是比尔、琼斯吗? 5. Yes,I am.是的,我是。 6. How are you?你好吗? 7. Fine,thanks.很好,谢谢。 8. How is Helen?海伦好吗? 9. She’s very well,thank you. 她很好,谢谢您。 10. Good afternoon,Mr. Green.午安,格林先生。 11. Good evening,Mrs. Brown.晚上好,布朗夫人。 12. How are you this evening?今晚上您好吗? 13. Good night,John.晚安,约翰。 14. Good-bye,Bill.再见,比尔。 15. See you tomorrow.明天见。 [2] Classroom expressions 课堂用语 16. Come in,please. 请进! 17. Sit down. 坐下! 18. Stand up,please. 请站起来。 19. Open your book,please. 请把书打开。 20. Close your book,please. 请把书合上。 21. Don’t open your book. 别打开书。 22. Do you understand?你明白了吗? 23. Yes,I understand. 是的,我明白了。 24. No,I don’t understand. 不,我不明白。 25. Listen and repeat. 先听,然后再重复一遍。 26. Now ,please. 现在请大家读。 27. That’s fine. 好得很。 28. It’s time to begin. 到开始的时候了。 29. Let’s begin now. 现在让我们开始。 30. This is Lesson One. 这是第一课。 [3] Identifying objects 辨别物品 31. What’s this? 这是什么? 32. That’s a book. 那是一本书。 33. Is this your book? 这是你的书吗? 34. No,that’s not my book. 不,那不是我的书。 35. Whose book is this? 这是谁的书? 36. That’s your book. 那是你的书。 37. And what’s that? 还有那是什么? 38. Is that a book? 那是一本书吗? 39. No,it isn’t. 不,不是。 40. It’s a pencil. 那是一枝铅笔。 41. Is it yours? 它是你的吗? 42. Yes,it’s mine. 是,是我的。 43. Where’s the door? 门在哪儿? 44. There it is. 门在那儿。 45. Is this book his? 这本书是他的吗? [4] Identifying objects.辨别物品 46. What are these? 这些是什么? 47. Those are books. 那些是书。 48. Where are the books? 那些书在哪儿? 49. There they are. 在那儿。 50. These are my pencils. 这些是我的铅笔。 51. Where are your pens? 你的那些钢笔在哪儿? 52. They’re over there. 在那里。 53. Are these your pens? 这些是你的钢笔吗? 54. Yes,they are. 是我的。 55. Those are mine. 那些是我的。 56. These are your books,aren’t they? 这些书是你的,对不对? 57. No,they aren’t. 不,不是。 58. They’re not mine. 不是我的。 59. These are mine,and those are yours. 这些是我的,而那些是你的。 60. Those aren’t your pens,are they? 那些钢笔不是你的,对吧? [5] Identifying people by occupation 辨别身份 61. Who are you? 你是谁? 62. I’m a student. 我是学生。 63. Who is that over there? 那边那个人是谁? 64. He’s a student,too. 他也是学生。 65. Is that lady a student? 那位女士是学生吗? 66. No,she isn’t. 不,她不是。 67. Those men aren’t students,either. 那些人也不是学生。 68. Am I your teacher? 我是你们的教员吗? 69. Yes,you are. 是的,你是。 70. That man is a teacher,isn’t he? 那个人是位教员,对不对? 71. Yes,he is. 是的,他是。 72. Who are those people? 那些人是谁? 73. Maybe they’re farmers. 他们可能是农民。 74. Aren’t they students? 他们不是学生吗? 75. I really don’t know. 我真的不知道。 [6] Introductions and courtesies 介绍和礼节 76. What’s your name? 你叫什么名字? 77. My name is Jones. 我姓琼斯。 78. What’s your first name? 你的名字叫什么? 79. My first name is Bill. 我的名字叫比尔。 80. How do you spell your last name? 你的姓怎么拼法? 81. Jones. J-O-N-E-S. 琼斯,J-O-N-E-S。 82. What’s your friend’s name? 你的朋友叫什么名字? 83. His name is John Smith. 他叫约翰、史密斯。 84. John and I are old friends. 我和约翰是老朋友了。 85. Are you John’s brother? 你是约翰的兄弟吗? 86. No, I’m not. 不,我不是。 87. This is Mr. Jones. 这是琼斯先生。 88. How do you do? 你好! 89. Mrs.Jones,this is Mr. John Smith. 琼斯夫人,这是约翰、史密斯先生。 90. Very please to meet you. 见到您很高兴。 [7] Days and months of the calenday 年历的周日和月份 91. What day is today? 今天是星期几? 92. Today is Monday. 今天是星期一。 93. What day was yesterday? 昨天是星期几? 94. Yesterday was Sunday. 昨天是星期日。 95. What day is tomorrow? 明天是星期几? 96. What month is this? 现在是几月份? 97. This is January. 现在是一月份。 98. Last month was December,wasn’t it ? 上个月是十二月,对不对? 99. Yes,it was. 是,是十二月份。 100. What month is next month? 下个月是几月份? 101. I was in the hospital for several weeks. 我在医院里住了几个星期了。 102. Where were you on Tuesday? 星期二你在哪里? 103. You were here in February,weren’t you? 二月份你曾在这里,对不对? 104. No,I wasn’t . 不,我没有在这里。 105. Your friend was here a week ago,wasn’t he? 一个星期前,你的朋友曾在这里,是不是? [8] Talking about objects 谈论事物 106. Do you have a book? 你有一本书吗? 107. Yes,I do. 是的,我有。 108. You have a radio,don’t you? 你有一台收音机,对吗? 109. No,I don’t . 不,我没有。 110. I don’t have a phonograph,either. 我也没有留声机。 111. Dees this radio belong to you? 这台收音机是你的吗? 112. Yes,I think it does. 是的,我认为它是我的。 113. How many sisters and brothers do you have? 你有几个姊和兄弟? 114. Don’t you have my hat? 你没拿我的帽子吧? 115. Yes,I have both your hat and your coat. 不,你的帽子和大衣都在我这里。 116. Does John have a yellow pencil? 约翰有一黄铅笔吗? 117. Yes,he does. 是的,他有。 118. He has a radio,doesn’t he? 他有一台收音机,对不对? 119. No,he doesn’t have one. 不,他没有。 120. He aly has a phonograph,but he doesn’t have a radio yet. 他已经有一架留声机,但是他还没有收音机。 [9] Telling time 述说时间 121. What time is it? 几点钟了? 122. It’s two o’clock. 两点钟。 123. It’s a few minutes after two. 两点过几分。 124. My watch is fast and your watch Is slow. 我的表快,而你的表慢。 125. Excuse me.Can you tell me the correct time? 对不起,你能告诉我一下准确的时间吗? 126. No,I can’t . 不,我不能。 127. I don’t know what time it is. 我不知道现在几点钟。 128. I don’t think it’s four o’clock yet. 我认为现在还不到四点。 129. It must be about three thirty. 现在想必是三点三十分左右。 130. I get up before six o’clock every day. 每天我六点前起床。 131. The restaurant doesn’t open until seven forty-five. 饭馆要到七点四十五分才开门。 132. Will you be here at ten o’clock tomorrow? 请你明天十点到这里,行吗? 133. Yes,I will. 行。 134. We’ll be on time,won’t we? 我们将按时到,是吗??nbsp; 135. I hope so. 我希望如此。 [10] Talking about dates 谈论日期 136. What’s the date today? 今天是几号? 137. Today is November first,nineteen sixty-three. 今天是一九六三年十一月一号。 138. When were you born? 你是什么时候出生的? 139. I was born on November first,nineteen thirty-five. 我是一九迦?晔?辉乱蝗粘錾?摹?nbsp; 140. Today is my birthday. 今天是我的生日。 141. My sister was born in nineteen thirty-eight. 我的是一九三八年出生的。 142. I don’t know the exact date. 我不知道确切的日子。 143. Where were you born? 你出生在什么地方? 144. I was born in a little town not far from here. 我出生在离这儿不远的小城市里。 145. What do you know about the tenth century? 有关十世纪的事你知道些什么? 146. I don’t know anything about that. 关于那个我什么都不知道。 147. Let’s talk about something else. 让我们谈点别的什么吧。 148. Where were you during the month of April last year? 去年四月份你在哪里? 149. I don’t remember where I was then. 我不记得那时我在哪里。 150. Where will you be nest year at this time? 明年这个时候你将在哪里?  /200604/6093 /200703/11015三门峡中医院龟头炎症灵宝市人民中医院男科电话



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