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标示:”不会造成过敏”的产品适合敏感肌肤?Myth: Products labeled as “hypoallergenic” are better for sensitive skin. Fact: There are no standard testing restrictions, regulations, guidelines, rules, or procedures of any kind anywhere in the world for determining whether a product qualifies as being hypoallergenic. A company can label their product as being “hypoallergenic” or “good for sensitive skin” without providing any substantiation for the claim. This is also true for terms such as “dermatologist-tested,” “sensitivity tested,” “allergy tested,” or “nonirritating.” There are no federal, local, or medical standards or definitions that govern the use for any of these terms. All of these terms end up being nothing more than marketing ploys. Because there are no restrictions or guidelines, there are plenty of products labeled as being hypoallergenic or good for sensitive skin that contain ingredients that could cause the skin to become irritated, inflamed, and rashy. None of these terms are required to be backed up by any proof that they are better for your skin than products without these claims. These terms are useless in helping you determine what you are really putting on your skin.201105/137909Tony Buzan is a leading expert on the brain and learning, and was founder of the World Memory Championships. In this film he talks about overcoming the common problems that people have with memory, and using your memory power to its full potential.托尼·布赞是专门研究大脑和学习的专家,也是世界锦标赛的发起者之一。本期节目中他将为我们讲述如何克常见的记忆难题,并最大限度的利用自身。Step 1: Analyse the problems you have with memory1.分析一下与记忆有关的问题Think about the kind of situations where you often forget. Analyse whats going wrong, and set goals for how you want to improve your memory.想一下你经常忘记的情况,分析那里出错了,然后设定一个自我提升的目标Step 2: Use associations to help you remember2.使用关联法提高记忆When trying to remember something, link it to something you will remember easily. The brain remembers better when using association and links.在试着回想某件事时候,把它同你最容易想起的物体联系起来。这是因为在使用联系和关系的情况下,大脑的记忆效果最佳。Step 3: Use images to help you remember3.使用图像帮助提高Your brain is more likely to remember things if you link them to something visual. The memory works more effectively when it uses images.如果把某件事情和可视的东西联系起来,大脑会更容易记住,因为大脑更容易记住图像。See Tony’s books: ‘Use Your Memory’and ‘Master Your Memory’参考托尼的著作:《使用你的》和《掌控自己的》。Thanks for watching How To Develop A Super Memory谢谢收看本期“锻炼超强”节目。 /201208/197299

Advancing under the cover of night,Shermans march is sustained by one of the greatest logistical operations yet seen in this conflict.在夜幕的掩映下,谢尔曼的进军获得了内战以来最强大的后勤补给Sherman knows he needs to throw everything hes got at the Confederate Army.谢尔曼深知要对付南方联盟军他需要倾尽所能While he uses his own supply lines to maximum effect,he destroys those of the South,ripping up their railroad and bending it beyond use.他不仅将己方补给运输线的作用发挥到极致,更是将南方补给线逐个摧毁 把铁轨都拆下来弄弯In one day, the Norths supply lines replace 200,000 bullets.北方的运输线每天补给20万颗子弹While the South is left scavenging on the battlefield for spent rounds, food, even old boots.整个南方军队则在战场上食不果腹,他们已是弹尽粮绝甚至连皮靴都没得穿了Sherman calls it total war.谢尔曼把这称为全面战争A scorched earth approach becomes the trademark of modern warfare.这种焦土战术成了现代战争的标志Finally, with Atlanta under siege,Confederate forces set fire to their own munitions stores.最终,亚特兰大被围困,联盟军放火烧毁了自己的弹药库before abandoning their city to the Union soldiers.随后弃城而去给联邦军队留下一片废墟Shermans tactics of total war have won out.谢尔曼全面战争的战术取得成效His victory helps secure Lincolns election in the fall.此次大捷帮助林肯在秋季大选中稳操胜券With Atlanta in ruins, he just keeps going,now launching what will be his final assault:The March to the Sea.摧毁亚特兰大后他继续向前,发动了他此战中最后一次进攻: ;进军大海;In a 19th century equivalent of Shock and Awe,这相当于19世纪的;震慑行动;62,000 Union soldiers wreak ,a 60-mile-wide path of destruction across Georgia, from Atlanta to the coast of Savannah.在佐治亚州,62000名联邦士兵所过之处留下了一条整整60英里宽的破坏带,从亚特兰大一直到萨凡纳海岸Supply lines are cut.Villages are sacked and crops torched.补给线被切断 ,村民被洗劫一空,庄稼被付之一炬Anything of military value is destroyed.有军事价值的物品悉数被毁Within six months,General Lee has tendered the Confederate Armys surrender.不到六个月,李将军就代表联盟军队递交了投降书The rebellion is over.叛乱结束了The South will have to submit to the Union and bring an end to slavery.南方不得不臣于联邦 并终结奴隶制By the act of winning,the North both validated freedom and validated the industrial model.在战争获胜的过程中,北方巩固了自由体系和工业发展模式And so you have an American confidence.在这个基础上建立了美国式的自信An American sense of achievement.An American willingness to go out around the world.美国式的成功观以及美国走向世界的愿望For all the Confederacys commitment,its inferior logistical infrastructure has been no match for the Norths unstoppable war machine.尽管南方联盟决心巨大,但囿于物资转运设施方面的不足 它难以与北方强大的战争机器抗衡Its industrial heartland,its growing network of railroads,its telegraph network,all bring victory to the North.北方的工业中心不断扩张的铁路网络和电报网络都是北方胜利的关键Within a week, lincoln lies dead from an assassins bullet,but America has pulled back from the brink.叛军投降不到一周 林肯死于一名刺客的杀,但此时美国已从崩溃的边缘拉回正轨The nation is once again united.这个国家再次统一And out of that unity,now goes a modern industrialized economy that will reach right across this great continent.南北融合后,现代工业化经济将遍及整个北美大陆 /201211/208638

Its 1872 and Andrew Carnegie,a 5-foot-3 Scottish immigrant iron millionaire, is in Sheffield, England.1872年,安德鲁·卡内基,5英尺3英寸高的苏格兰移民,钢铁大王正在英国谢菲尔德Hes looking at the future.他看到了未来A revolutionary way to make steel.一种革命性的炼钢方式Steel has been around for thousands of years,but so expensive to produce, its always been a luxury item.钢已有几千年的历史,但制造成本高昂,所以钢通常是一种奢侈品2,000 years ago its used in Oriental swords.2000年前,东方用钢来铸剑It is even used in designer jewelry.甚至用于珠宝设计But America stands at the brink of a new age.但是美国人正处于新时代的开端To build it, they need steel-- and lots of it.为了大兴土木,他们需要大量的钢Its the only material strong enough for the towers that will touch the sky.钢是唯一一种够坚固,足以撑起天大楼的材料An English bullet maker is showing Carnegie a new but simple method of producing steel.一家英国的子弹制造厂向卡内基,展示了一种新颖而简单的炼钢方式Hes stunned.他大为震惊Blast hot air through molten iron.用热空气猛吹融化了的铁Carbon impurities burn off.使碳之类的杂质烧尽You get the wonder material. Steel.便可得到这一非凡之物,钢For the first time, it can be produced quickly and inexpensively.有史以来第一次,使得快速和低成本炼钢成为现实If Carnegie can use this Bessemer process to mass-produce it...hell own the future.如果卡内基能够把贝塞麦炼钢法用于大规模生产,他将掌握未来Carnegie returns to the States, to Pittsburgh,to start building the biggest steel plant in the world.卡内基回到美国匹兹堡着手筹建世界上最大的炼钢厂Itll be larger than 80 football fields.比80个足球场还要大Its a massive gamble.这是一场豪赌Carneg risks everything hes got on the new plant.卡内基把全副身家都押在这个新炼钢厂上But only months into construction...disaster.但才建了几个月,灾难降临A catastrophic stock-market collapse.股市全面崩溃The economy is in free fall.经济大幅衰退He has to borrow even more money and barely scrapes through.他不得不借更多的钱勉强度过难关August 1875.Against all odds, Carnegies giant furnaces are y to test.1875年8月,历经千辛万苦卡内基的巨型炼钢熔炉准备进行测试Steel production is phenomenally dangerous.炼钢的危险性极高Inside, 5 tons of molten metal.3,000 degrees.Hot enough to vaporize a man in seconds.熔炉里是5吨融化的金属,温度高达3000华氏度,足以把一个人在数秒内化为蒸汽If it works,it will make Carnegie one of the richest men in the world.如果能成功炼钢,卡内基将成为世界首富But theres a lot more at stake.但此事意义重大,远不止于此Skyscrapers, cars, washing machines, airplanes, even space travel.天大楼、汽车、洗衣机、飞机甚至太空旅行None of it can happen if steel cant be mass-produced.如果不能实现钢的大规模生产,这一切都无从谈起 /201212/212711

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