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欣赏独具创意的英语广告!边听边看边学,品味世界名牌的风范,从细微之处感受英美社会的文化 Article/200808/46361。

  • Step 1 Observe a healthy diet1.饮食健康Consume vitamins and proteins to help your hair grow. Insufficient amounts of vitamins A, B, C, and E can result in hair loss. Also drink plenty of water to help hydrate your hair from the inside out摄入一些维生素和蛋白质来帮助头发生长。维生素A,B,C,E不充足会导致脱发。摄入充足的水分,帮助头发从发根到发梢保湿。Tip:Evidence suggests that eating wheat germ and brewer#39;s yeast can help grow and strengthen hair.小贴士:据显示,食用麦芽和啤酒酵母可以帮助头发生长和强韧。Step 2 Use volumizing remedies2.使用丰盈疗法Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Volumizing treatments open the scales along the hair cuticle and give the illusion of thicker, plumper strands.使用具有丰盈效果的洗发水和护发素。丰盈疗法可以使头发蓬松,给人一种头发比较茂密丰满的感觉。Step 3 Apply a deep conditioner3.使用深层护发素Apply a deep conditioner and protein treatment regularly to help keep hair conditioned and strong. This is especially essential for dark black or African-American hair, which can become dry and brittle. Apply the treatment to the hair, from the roots to the tips, cover with a plastic cap or towel, and wait for 15 to 20 minutes.经常使用深层护发素和蛋白疗法,帮助头发健康和强韧。对于很容易干燥脆弱的深色头发或非裔美国人的头发来说尤为重要。从发根到发梢使用深层护发素,然后用一层塑料布或毛巾蒙上,等待15到20分钟。Step 4 Use targeted products4.使用特定产品Use products created especially to thicken hair. After washing and towel drying your hair, apply a root lifter or volumizing spray. Flip your hair upside down and blow dry on lowest heat setting. Finish with a hair spray to hold the volume in place.使用专门用于丰盈头发的产品。洗头并擦干头发后,使用蓬松柔软头发的产品。把头发倒转过来,吹干。使用喷发剂让头发定型。Step 5 Avoid harsh conditions5.避免恶劣环境Limit your hair#39;s exposure to harsh treatment such as heat, relaxers, perms, and coloring. Extended use of these products can lead to split ends and brittle hair. If you must color, try a natural agent such as henna.不要经常加热,烫发,染发。这些美发产品会导致头发开叉易断。如果必须染发,使用指甲花等天然的染料。Step 6 Maintain your hair6.保养头发Be good to your hair. Get regular trims to promote hair growth and remove unhealthy split ends. Find a style that suits your hair and your face. Use a wide-toothed comb rather than a brush to untangle hair. Also try to limit stress in your life, one of the main causes of hair loss. Soothe your soul and your hair with calming techniques.善待你的头发。经常修剪头发,促进头发生长,剪掉不健康的发梢。剪一个适合自己的头发和脸型的发型。使用宽齿的梳子梳头,而不是刷子。同时尝试缓解生活压力,这是造成脱发的主要原因。用平静的方法舒缓自己的灵魂和头发。You Will Need:Vitamins and proteins,Plenty of drinking water,Volumizing shampoo and conditioner,Deep conditioner or protein mask,Plastic cap or towel,Thickening hair treatments,Hair dryer,Hair spray,Regular trims,Wide-toothed comb,Wheat germ (optional),Brewer#39;s yeast (optional)你需要:维生素和蛋白质,饮用足够的水,丰盈效果的洗发水和护发素,深层护发素或蛋白质膜,塑料布或毛巾,丰盈秀发疗法,吹风机,定型水,经常修剪头发,宽齿梳子,麦芽(可选),啤酒酵母(可选) Article/201211/207147。
  • |.NapI~jtjd9y*n1*u^tY1Do+@T5Ubq[g@qPThis will show you the steps to remove Virus from your computer, before harm can be done.yim))bbsKDqP7HQWAxsz这个视频将会教你如何清除电脑中的病毒,在威胁电脑前就会有效果RVPfu|~FJpU。 SHzPq,vPbA#Q8(K,.+DQP#*LY%I4okNzV#3NBO~]-NO Article/201203/175386。
  • Louis#39;s Peace with Austria was unpopular,路易与奥地利缔结和约已经不得人心but his decision to allow Madame Pompadour而他下令让蓬帕杜夫人to secure an actual alliance with the old enemy去和旧日的仇敌结成同盟was downright detested.则是彻底令国人不齿了Madame de Pompadour certainly蓬帕杜夫人的确is in favour of an alliance with Austria.赞同与奥地利结成联盟So, it#39;s an absolute shock to courtiers,所以对侍臣来 这消息有如晴天霹雳many of whom have long-term loyalties,这些侍臣大多世代忠于法王and, no doubt, family connections,而且其中很多人都与国王沾亲带故to find that France is now他们难以接受法国要与allied with a traditional enemy.奥地利这个宿敌结成联盟Criticism of Louis and Pompadour became even more lurid,对路易和蓬帕杜的指责甚嚣尘上and it reached every corner of Versailles.凡尔赛宫每个角落都能听到人们议论纷纷They would accuse her of sexual diseases.人们污蔑蓬帕杜患有性病They would accuse her of procuring人们说她为国王young girls for the King,寻找年轻少女they would say anything they wanted.人们毫无顾忌地污蔑There were secret pamphlets, secret poems,私下秘密流传着小册子 诗歌extremely rude poems其中包括一些粗俗不堪的about her physique and her body.描写她的身材与身体的诗歌Poems would be left in Versailles by court officials,在宫里工作的侍臣 甚至是皇亲国戚perhaps even members of his family.有时会把诗歌丢在凡尔赛宫中 Article/201205/182518。
  • UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Just the facts: in 1949, China officially changed its name to the People#39;s Republic of China.这就是事实。在1949年,中国正式改名为中华人民共和国。The country had existed for centuries, but 1949 was when China became a communist nation.这个国家已经存在几千年,但是在1949年中国成为了共产主义国家。In a communist country, the government controls the economy and one political party holds all the power.在一个共产主义国家里,政府控制着经济,一个政党掌握所有的权利。AZUZ: That government and country are set to get a new leader.那个政府和国家计划着选举一个新领导人。Now, there won#39;t be a new party in charge of China.现在,不会有一个新的政党领导中国。The Communist Party will still lead the country#39;s government, but there will be a different person heading up that party.共产党仍会继续领导中国,但会由一个其他人来领导这个党。Every five years, more than 2,200 delegates from the Communist Party Congress get together.每五年,来自人民代表大会的2200个代表会聚集在一起。They evaluate the country#39;s progress and set new directions for China.他们评价国家的进步,为中国发展定出新的方向。Every ten years, they pick new leadership.每十年,他们选择新的领导班子。That process started today.这个过程从今天开始。Most, maybe all of the decisions are determined in advance.实际上,可能所有的决定都是预先做好的。And that#39;s why we can tell you that this man, Xi Jingping, is expected to be China#39;s next president.这就是我们为什么能告诉你这个人,习近平,会是中国的下一个主席的原因。He#39;s been the vice president for nearly 5 years, but some experts describe Xi as a mystery.他成为副主席已经接近5年了,但一些专家认为他很神秘。They say they are not sure what type of leader he would be.他们说他们不确定他将会是怎样的领导。 /201211/208880。
  • Today in History: Thursday, October 25, 2012历史上的今天:2012年10月25日On Oct. 25, 1962, U.S. ambassador Adlai E. Stevenson presented photographic evidence of Soviet missile bases in Cuba to the U.N. Security Council.1962年10月25日,美国大使阿德莱·史蒂文森向联合国安理会提供照片明苏联在古巴设有导弹基地。1400 Author Geoffrey Chaucer died in London.1400年,作家杰弗里·乔叟在伦敦去世。1760 Britain#39;s King George III succeeded his late grandfather, George II.1760年,英国国王乔治三世继承他祖父乔治二世。1854 The English suffered heavy losses against Russia in the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War. The battle inspired Alfred Lord Tennyson#39;s poem ;Charge of the Light Brigade.;1854年,在克里米亚战争对抗俄罗斯的巴拉克拉法帽之战中英国遭受了严重损失。这场战斗启发亚佛洛德丁尼生创作诗歌“轻骑兵的冲锋”。1881 Artist Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain..1881年,艺术家毕加索在西班牙马拉加出生。1962 Author John Steinbeck was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature.1962年,作家约翰·斯坦贝克被授予诺贝尔文学奖。1971 The U.N. General Assembly voted to admit mainland China and expel Taiwan.1971年,联合国大会投票承认中国大陆排除台湾。1983 A U.S.-led force invaded Grenada at the order of President Ronald Reagan, who said the action was needed to protect U.S. citizens there.1983年,总统罗纳德·里根下令美国军队入侵格林纳达,称这是保护美国公民的行为。1994 Susan Smith of Union, S.C., claimed that a black carjacker had driven off with her two sons. She later confessed to drowning the children and was convicted of murder.1994年,南卡罗来纳州苏珊史密斯联盟声称一个黑色的偷车大盗抓走她的两个儿子,随后她坦白自己淹死孩子被指控谋杀。2001 Microsoft released the Windows XP operating system.2001年,微软发布Windows XP操作系统。2002 Sen. Paul Wellstone, D-Minn., 58, was killed in a plane crash in northern Minnesota.2002年,明尼苏达州58岁的参议员保罗·威尔斯通在明尼苏达州北部,死于飞机坠毁。2003 Florida State#39;s Bobby Bowden became the winningest coach in major college football history with his 339th victory as the Seminoles beat Wake Forest 48-24.2003年,佛罗里达州的鲍比·鲍登作为塞米诺族印地安人以48-24击败维克森林获得第339场胜利,成为大学足球历史上最成功的教练。2005 U.S. military deaths in Iraq reached 2,000.2005年,美国军队在伊拉克的死亡人数达到2000人。 /201210/205781。
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