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“Oh, a whistle,I thought I heard a whistle there.”噢,哨子声!我想我听到哨子声了!Something extraordinary is happening.奇妙的事情发生了。Puck uses her unique call to identify herself to other dolphins,yet strangely,there are no other dolphins around.帕克用特有的叫喊声与其他海豚联系,周围好像没用其他海豚。Janet believes Puck is calling to her unborn calf.珍妮特相信它在呼唤未出生的孩子。If shes right,its an astonishing discovery.如果她是对的,这将是一个惊人的发现。“Shes basically advertising to the calf.它在告诉自己的孩子。Im your mum,Im your mum,hear me,hear me, and hopefully the baby then knows where to go after its born.”我是你的妈妈,我是你的妈妈,听到了吗,听到了吗,顺利的话,小海豚一出生就知道应该去哪里。Puck only calls to her unborn calf when shes alone.当帕克孤单时,就会呼唤它未出生的孩子。Janet suspected this happens in a week before the calf is born.珍妮特猜测在小海豚出生前一周会一直这样。She thinks the birth is imminent.她认为帕克马上就要生了。“Oh..theres a shark,thats a pretty big one,I dont know,3 meters maybe,but tiger shark numbers are starting to build up.”噢!是鲨鱼,真的很大,大概有3米长?虎鲨的数量正在增加。Soon, thousands more tiger sharks will arrive in the bay.很快上千只虎鲨就会来到这里。Having aly lost one calf to sharks,this is the worst possible timing for Puck.虎鲨已经吃掉了一只小海豚,对帕克来说,这可真是最糟糕的时节了。More than 75% of the dolphins bare the scars of their attacks.75%以上的海豚身上都留下了鲨鱼的吻痕。 201404/291444

Have you ever taken a good look at your dog and wondered, where did this creature come from?你是否曾仔细观察过你的,迫切想知道汪星人这种生物到底来自哪里?Sure, you know your dog came from the local shelter or a pet store, but what about before that?当然,你清楚它们是来自当地避难所或宠物商店,但是在这之前呢?If you were able to trace your dogs lineage back to its origins, what would you find? 如果你能够跟踪的血统回到它的起源,你会有何发现?Until recently, scientists believed that domestic dogs originated in the Middle East.直到最近,科学家们相信国内的起源于中东地区。But reports suggest that almost all domestic dogs began in East Asia as the offspring of three lineages.但报告显示,几乎所有国内的都是东亚血统三代之后。Virtually all domesticated dogs in the ed States descend from dogs brought over by ancient people that crossed the Bering land bridge from Asia to North America.几乎所有美国家养的都是从亚洲到北美穿过白令海峡大陆桥的古代人们带过来繁衍生息下来的子孙。Although the New World had a healthy wolf population that might have given rise to a New World strain of domesticated dogs, by and large these ancient immigrants stuck with the dogs of Asian origin.虽然新世界繁殖良好的狼可能会为国内带来新的压力,但总的来说,这些古代移民无法摆脱自己的亚裔血统。How, you may wonder, have scientists come to these conclusions?怎么样,你是不是会觉得奇怪,科学家哪来的这些结论?The same way forensic specialists increasingly solve crimes-through DNA evidence.这就如同法医专家通过DNA据破案一样。Since mitochondria are cellular elements passed from mother to pup, mitochondrial DNA ily reveal genetic footprints stretching back into prehistoric times.线粒体是通过母亲传递的细胞元素,线粒体DNA揭示伸展回到史前时代的遗传印记。Scientists from the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. collected DNA samples from the remains of ancient Old World dogs, ancient New World dogs, and ancient New World wolves.华盛顿特区史密森学会的科学家们从古老旧世界的,古代新世界及古代的狼的遗体中收集DNA样本。Test showed decisively that the New World dogs were genetically more similar to Old World dogs than to New World wolves, effectively proving that the dogs we save from local shelters originally hail from the far East rather than the woods of North America. 试验表明新世界的基因相比新世界的狼更类似于旧世界,这有力的明我们从当地避难所中救助的最初来自远东而非北美的森林。201310/259453

Yael:Sounds like you have a bad cold, Don.雅艾尔:听这咳嗽你像是得了重感冒,唐。Do you need some cough medicine?需要些咳嗽药吗?DON:Nope.唐:不用。YAEL:Tylenol?雅艾尔:泰诺?DON:No thanks.唐:不,谢谢。YAEL:Dont you want anything to help you feel better?你不需要吃药来帮助你感觉更好吗?DON:I dont need help, Yael. All this sniffling, sneezing, and coughing are doing the work for me.唐:我不需要帮助,雅艾尔。流鼻涕,打喷嚏和咳嗽都在帮我治疗。YAEL:But doesnt that make you feel worse?雅艾尔:但是难道这不会让你觉得更难受吗?DON:Theres more than one way to look at sneezing and coughing.唐:看待打喷嚏和咳嗽可不能只用一种方式。They can be symptoms, in which case your first reaction is to try to ;cure; them with all sorts of pills and syrups.它们可以是症状,在这种情况下,你的第一反应是用各种药片和药水进行治疗。Or, you can see them as the bodys natural defense system.而另外一方面,你可以将它们视作身体的自然防御系统。Its called Darwinian medicine.它被称为达尔文医学。YAEL:You mean like survival of the fittest?雅艾尔:你是说像适者生存之类的?DON:Not exactly.唐:也不完全是。Darwinian medicine tries to find evolutionary explanations for why we get sick.达尔文医学试图从进化论角度解释我们为什么会生病。It also tries to figure out how and why we respond to sickness.它也试图找出我们如何以及为什么应对疾病。For example, when you get a low grade fever it might be because your body is trying to make things uncomfortable for invading microbes.例如,当你低烧的时候,可能是你的身体试图做出不舒的表现以应对入侵的微生物。When you take medicine to lower a fever you might actually be helping whatevers making you sick in the first place.当你选择吃药来降低发烧你可能实际上是帮助任何使你首要发病的地方。YAEL:So youre saying that I should never take medicine?雅艾尔:所以你是说,我应该永远不要吃药?DON:Not at all. Sometimes medicine is absolutely necessary, like when you have a really high fever.唐:也不尽然。药物有时候是绝对必要的,比如在你真正发高烧的时候。But the point is that its not always best to automatically try to stop all symptoms when you dont feel well.但关键是,对于自动阻止所有你感觉不舒的症状并不总是最好的。Until studies are done on the effectiveness of taking aspirin and other fever-lowering drugs, it may be hard to know when to treat cold symptoms and when to leave them alone.除非研究明用阿司匹林和其他退烧药物有效,可能很难知道什么时候治疗感冒的症状,什么时候让其自然痊愈。But in the case of a cold or mild fever, it may very well be worth letting nature take care of business.但对于轻微感冒或者发烧,自然而然让身体应对也非常好。Bear in mind, too, that aspirin should never be given to children. 但记住,切勿不要给孩子阿司匹林。 201310/262460Science and technology科学技术The psychology of morality道德心理学Time to be honest诚实是需要时间的A simple experiment suggests a way to encourage truthfulness一个简单的实验却为我们提供了一种鼓励诚实的途径IS SIN original?人性本恶?That is the question addressed by Shaul Shalvi, a psychologist at the University of Amsterdam, in a paper just published in Psychological Science.这是由阿姆斯特丹大学的一位心理学家-Shaul Shalvi,在《心理科学》杂志上发表的一篇论文中所提出的问题。Dr Shalvi and his colleagues, Ori Eldar and Yoella Bereby-Meyer of Ben-Gurion University in Israel, wanted to know if the impulse to cheat is something that grows or diminishes when the potential cheater has time for reflection on his actions.Shalvi士和他的两位同事-以色列Ben-Gurion大学的Ori Eldar 和 Yoella Bereby-Meyer,希望知道如果那些潜在的骗子有时间对他们的行为作出充分考虑,他们撒谎的冲动会否因此增强或减弱呢?Is cheating, in other words, instinctive or calculating?换句话说,撒谎究竟是人的一种本能行为,还是经过仔细分析后所作出的选择呢?Appropriately, the researchers apparatus for their experiment was that icon of sinful activity, the gambling die.研究人员为他们的实验选择了一样合适的工具—骰子—罪恶活动的标志。They wanted to find out whether people were more likely to lie about the result of a die roll when asked that result immediately, or when given time to think.他们想查明的是:人们是在摇骰后立即被询问其结果时容易撒谎呢,还是在他们获得一定的思考余地的时候呢?To carry out their experiment, Dr Shalvi, Dr Eldar and Dr Bereby-Meyer gave each of 76 volunteers a six-sided die and a cup.实验前,Shalvi士,Eldar士和Bereby-Meyer士给作为实验对象的76位志愿者每人发了一个摇盅和一粒骰子。Participants were told that a number of them, chosen at random, would earn ten shekels for each pip of the numeral they rolled on the die.参加者被告知他们中的一部分被随机抽选出来的,会依据其掷出的骰子点数而得到相应数目的奖励,每点10谢克尔。They were then instructed to shake their cups, check the outcome of the rolled die and remember this roll.接着他们便按照指示摇盅,开盅查看结果,记住点数。Next, they were asked to roll the die two more times, to satisfy themselves that it was not loaded, and, that done, to enter the result of the first roll on a computer terminal.然后他们被要求多摇两次,以让自己确信骰子中没有被灌铅。最后,让他们自己在电脑终端里输入第一次所掷出的点数。Half of the participants were told to complete this procedure within 20 seconds while the others were given no time limit.有一半参加者被要求在20秒内完成整个实验流程,而另一半则没有时间限制。The researchers had no way of knowing what numbers participants actually rolled, of course.研究人员当然无法知晓每个参加者实际掷出点数。But they knew, statistically, that the average roll, if people reported honestly, should have been 3.5.但他们知道,依照统计学规律,如果所有人都能做到如实上报点数,那么这次实验的平均掷出点数应为3.5。This gave them a baseline from which to calculate participants honesty.这就为研究人员提供了一个测量参加者诚实程度的依据。Those forced to enter their results within 20 seconds, the researchers found, reported a mean roll of 4.6.他们发现,那组被要求于20秒内输入结果的的参加者所上报的掷出点数平均值为4.6,Those who were not under any time pressure reported a mean roll of 3.9.而另外没有时间压力的参加者的为3.9。Both groups lied, then.显然这两组人都撒谎了,But those who had had more time for reflection lied less.不过在那些有充分时间进行考虑的参加者中撒谎的较少。A second experiment confirmed this result.第二次实验则验了这一结果。A different bunch of volunteers were asked to roll the die just once.这次是另一群不同的志愿者被要求掷骰子,不过只掷一次。Again, half were put under time pressure and, since there were no additional rolls to make, the restriction was changed from 20 seconds to eight.同上次一样,他们中一半人被限制了时间,并且由于此次只需掷一次骰子,时间限制也从20s缩短为8s。The others were allowed to consider the matter for as long as they wished.其余一般则想考虑多久都行。In this case the first half reported an average roll of 4.4.在这次实验中,前面有时间限制的一半人所上报点数的平均值为4.4,Those given no time limit reported an average of 3.4.而没有时间限制的所上报的平均值为3.4。The second lot, in other words, actually told the truth.换言之,后者如实上报了数据。The conclusion, therefore, at least in the matter of cheating at dice, is that sin is indeed original.因此,得出的结论是-至少在此次摇骰作弊的案例中如此—人性本恶。Without time for reflection, people will default to the mode labelled cheat.在缺少时间进行考虑的情况下,人们会进入默认的撒谎模式。Given such time, however, they will often do the right thing.然而,如果他们获得了那样的考虑时间,一般会作出道德上正确的选择。If you want someone to be honest, then, do not press him too hard for an immediate decision.所以,如果你希望某人对你诚实,那么千万别逼迫他立即做出出决定啊。 /201308/251426

Accounting for brands品牌的价值Untouchable intangibles无法触摸的无形资产Sometimes you see brands on the balance-sheet, sometimes you dont一些企业把品牌价值列入资产负债表,而另一些企业却没有这样做COCA-COLA is worth 79.2 billion, according to Interbrand, a consultant. That does not seem excessive for the brand responsible for making Santa Claus look so jolly. But neither that number nor anything close to it appears on the companys balance-sheet. “Trademarks with indefinite lives”are worth just 6.7 billion, say the companys accounts.据Interbrand品牌咨询公司估计, 仅“可口可乐”这个品牌就价值792亿美元。可口可乐为每年的圣诞节增添了无穷的乐趣,这样看来Interbrand的估价并不过分。然而,可口可乐公司的资产负债表中并没有出现如此巨额的品牌估价,公司会计表示,该公司的商标价值仅为67亿。The reason is that both American and international accounting rules prohibit companies from recognising brands and many other “intangible” assets (such as customer lists) if they have created them themselves. Some would like to change that. Roger Sinclair, who advises the MASB, an American body that sets marketing standards, points out that rules are inconsistent. The value of a brand—invisible when internally generated—is revealed when another company buys it.原因是美国和国际会计法规都不承认企业自创的品牌以及其他无形资产的价值。一些准备上市的企业希望改变这种状况。Roger Sinclair指出,MASB(上市会计准则理事会,美国的一个制定上市标准的机构)的这项规定是自相矛盾的:品牌的价值虽然在它产生的时候是隐性的,但是当它出售时就会变成可衡量的显性价值。That is because a different rule applies to acquisitions. In 2005 Procter amp; Gamble, a consumer-goods company, paid 57 billion for the Gillette razor company. The brand alone, Pamp;G reckoned, was worth 24 billion. Oddly, Gillettes value can now only go down. Pamp;G must test it for “impairment” but cannot acknowledge any increase, though Interbrand says Gillettes value rose 1% last year.企业并购中有一项特殊的规定,即允许企业对品牌进行估价出售。在2005年保洁的并购案中,保洁花了570亿美元收购了吉列剃须刀,其中仅仅是吉列这个品牌的价值就有240亿。然而,现在吉列的价值只会不断下降。因为”损耗”,保洁必须对吉列进行核算,但是它的估价绝不会有任何增长,即使Interbrand表明吉列的价值在去年增长了1%。Investors have a right to know how much brands are worth because so much of a firms future depends on them, Mr Sinclair argues. The conflicting standards treat brands rather as if they were electrons that can be in two places at once.Sinclair认为,投资者有权知道企业品牌的价值,因为这密切关乎着一个企业的未来。这种对品牌价值的矛盾的规定似乎认为,品牌价值就像光电一样可以瞬间穿梭于两个地方。Accountants seem content to live with such quantum weirdness. Brand values can “swing wildly”, says Alan Teixeira of the International Accounting Standards Board. Standard-setters worry that auditors would be quick to recognise rises but slow to acknowledge declines. Brands are unique, so it is hard to figure out what their market value is. “How do you separate a brand from customers that generate the sales or the know-how that enables the product to be made?” wonders Hilary Eastman of PwC, an accounting firm.会计师似乎很喜欢这种量化品牌价值的方式。国际会计标准理事会认为:品牌价值可能会有严重偏差。规则制定者担心审计们很容易察觉到品牌价值的提升,却很难发现它的下滑。品牌都是独一无二的,所以很难用数据衡量它们的市值。普华永道的Hilary Eastman疑问道:“怎样将品牌和创造销量的顾客、生产产品的技术分开呢?”Australia used to account for internally generated brands but gave it up in 2005 to align itself with international standards. It “put much more focus on brands” and gave markets extra information, says Angus Thomson of the Australian Accounting Standards Board. He would like to see the practice restored but is not hopeful. If its intangible, bean-counters wont touch it.澳大利亚曾经尝试将自创品牌的价值计入会计账目,但是为了与国际标准接轨,于2005年取消了这种无形资产计价方式。澳大利亚会计标准理事会的Angus Thomson认为:“量化自创品牌价值使得大家对品牌更加关注,并且披露了更多的市场信息。”他希望这种做法可以重新实行,但他也认为这种可能性不大。如果资产是无形的,那些锱铢必较的会计师们将不会参与这类资产的核算。 /201409/325404Frontier markets前沿市场Wedge beyond the edge出险招,赚大钱Money is leaving emerging markets for riskier bets at the investment frontier资本正从新兴市场流向前沿市场,追逐更具风险投资MANY of Africas roads are scarred with potholes, so the fresh tarmac on the drive between Ndola and Kitwe, two cities in Zambias copper belt, is something of a treat. The countrys road building is financed by a 0m Eurobond (as dollar bonds issued outside America are known) issued in September 2012. The timing was perfect. The Federal Reserve had an open-ended commitment to buy Treasuries to keep yields low. Investors in America and Europe were hungry to buy dollar-denominated debt offering juicy yields. Zambia drew billion of orders for a ten-year bond paying only 5.4%. Spain could not borrow as cheaply at the time.赞比亚铜带上,恩多拉和基德伟两座城市之间,新近铺上了崭新的柏油马路。这在大部分道路都坑坑洼洼的非洲可算奢侈。2012年9月,赞比亚获得7.5亿美元的欧洲债券(在美国以外发行的美元债券)用作道路建设。当时时机可谓完美。美联储已承诺无限量购买美国国债以压低收益。欧美投资者争相购买美元计价的高收益债券。赞比亚以5.4%的低利率获得120亿美元的十年期国债订单。当时,西班牙尚无法获得如此低的利率。Zambias debut Eurobond showed how rich-world funds were looking beyond their home territory, past even emerging markets to “frontier markets” at the farthest edge of the investment universe. Even as the prospect of the end of the Feds bond-buying caused wobbles in emerging markets last year, African nations were able to tap funds. Nigeria and Ghana sold Eurobonds in July. Mozambique raised 0m in September. Gabon issued a second Eurobond in December.赞比亚的第一批欧洲债券如此抢手,显示了发达国家资金正舍弃国内市场甚至是新兴市场,涌向最边缘的投资领域“前沿市场”。去年,新兴市场由于担心美联储停止购债而发生动荡。即便如此,非洲国家仍获得大量投资。尼日利亚和加纳在七月售出欧洲债券。莫桑比克于九月筹得8.5亿美金。十二月,加蓬发行第二批欧洲债券。Frontier markets are generally small, illiquid and risky, so it is a surprise that recent tremors in emerging markets have not shaken them more. Exotix, a broker, calculates an average interest-rate sp of Eurobonds from 50 frontier markets (compared with Treasuries). The sp on its index has narrowed to 395 basis points. The gap between the Exotix measure and J.P. Morgans benchmark Emerging-Market Bond Index (EMBI) reached an all-time low of 68 basis points this week (see chart 1). Nor has investors interest been confined to bonds. The MSCI frontier equity index lagged behind its emerging-market cousin after the global financial crisis but recently has been catching up.前沿市场通常规模小,风险大,缺乏流动性。最近的新兴市场震动并未冲击到前沿市场,实在是令人吃惊。经纪公司Exotix计算出50个前沿市场的欧洲债券(与美国国债)的平均利差,已缩减至395个基点。本周,Exotix指数与根大通的新兴市场债券指数(EMBI)的差距降至68个基点,为历史最低点。投资者也不只对债券感兴趣。金融危机之后,MSCI(根斯坦利资本国际公司)的前沿市场股票指数一直落后于新兴市场,但最近差距正逐渐缩小。Frontier markets might once have been dismissed as a side bet for emerging-market funds looking to pep up returns. They are now seen as an asset class in their own right, says Andrew Brudenell, who runs 0m of frontier equity funds at HS. Pension-fund trustees and consultants now ask how much money they should allocate to the frontier. The rising interest is in part because GDP growth in China, Brazil and India has diminished. The things that made emerging markets exciting in the 1990s are now found in frontier markets, says Charlie Robertson of Renaissance Capital, an investment bank.过去,新兴市场资金可能只在想获得额外收益时,会到前沿市场多赌一把。然而按照安德鲁?布鲁德奈尔的说法,前沿市场如今已是一个名正言顺的资本类别了。安德鲁?布鲁德奈尔现在在汇丰管理着7亿美元的前沿市场股票基金。养老金托管人和咨询师已经开始考虑,该放多少钱在前沿市场。对前沿市场的重视,一部分是由于中国、巴西和印度的GDP增速开始放缓。复兴资本的查理?罗伯逊称,上世纪九十年代促成新兴市场大发展的因素,现在都转移到了前沿市场。There is much debate about where the frontier starts and ends. If the definition is a market that is neither developed nor emerging, then 23 of the 25 fastest-growing economies over the past decade are in the frontier category. But many of these frontier economies do not have stockmarkets and only Qatar is in the MSCI frontier-market index, an industry benchmark. To qualify, a stockmarket must have at least two stocks that meet specific thresholds for size and liquidity. It must also be “accessible”: this is harder to quantify but what matters is openness to foreign ownership, the ease with which capital can flow across borders and the stockmarkets functioning. Only 24 markets across eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia make the cut. Their combined market capitalisation is 6 billion or so. By comparison the 21 stock markets in MSCIs emerging-market index are worth trillion.对于前沿市场的定义,至今仍充满争议。如果将其定义为既不是发达市场也不是新兴市场,那过去十年里25个发展最快速经济体中有23个会被归为前沿市场。但这些前沿经济体当中有一大批没有股票市场,并且只有卡塔尔被纳入MSCI前沿市场指数这一基准指数当中。一个合格的股票市场,必须至少拥有两规模和流动性达到标准的股票,并且足够开放。后者较难以量化,但最重要的是是否向外资开放,资本跨境流通是否便利,股市是否有效运作。横跨东欧、中东、非洲及亚洲,只有24个市场达到该标准, 总市值达1460亿美元。与之相对的是MSCI新兴市场指数中的21个股票市场,总市值达4万亿美元。A familiar grumble about these sorts of indices, which are weighted by the market value of stocks, is that they have a skew that is unfavourable to bargain-hunters. Investors in index trackers spend more on stocks that have gone up in price. It is an acute problem for frontier markets. More than half of the MSCI index is accounted for by stocks from three oil-rich Gulf states: Qatar, the ed Arab Emirates and Kuwait (though the first two will soon graduate to emerging-market status).这类市值加权指数常被认为有失偏颇,对欲低价买入股票的投机商不利。那些追踪股票指数的投资人会在已增值的股票上花更多的钱。这一问题在前沿市场尤为突出。MSCI指数中有一半以上的股票来自海湾地区的三个石油大国:卡塔尔,阿联酋和科威特(不过前两个很快将升至新兴市场级别)。The purist sort of frontiersman sees the job as investing in poorer countries with the greatest potential. Purists give more room in their portfolios to stocks from poor, populous and fast-growing markets, such as Nigeria or Pakistan. As countries like these become richer, their middle classes will grow and spending on infrastructure will increase. The so-called B stocks (banks, brewers and cement companies) are one way to play these investment themes. Zenith Bank, Nigerian Breweries and Dangote Cement are popular stocks. Nestlé has a subsidiary that is listed in Lagos. In Pakistan there is Bank Alfalah and DG Khan, a cement company.纯粹的前沿市场投资者认为,前沿市场相对较贫穷,但潜力最大。这些投资者的资产组合当中,贫穷、人口众多、快速发展市场的股票占了更大的比例,像尼日利亚和巴基斯坦。在财富增长的同时,这些国家的中产阶级日益壮大,基础设施投资也将增加。所谓的B股票(,啤酒厂和水泥厂)就是前沿市场常见的投资标的之一。詹尼斯、尼日利亚啤酒厂和丹格特水泥都是抢手的股票。雀巢的一家分公司在拉各斯(尼日利亚首都)上市。巴基斯坦较热门的股票有阿法拉和德拉加齐汗水泥厂。Specialist funds wanting to sp their bets may look at markets and stocks that are not in the main index. Saudi Arabia is a liquid market but tricky for foreigners to invest in. Its stockmarket sports SADAFCO, a dairy producer. Cambodia is another off-index bet. It has Nagacorp, a casino. Often the only way to buy exposure is through bonds. Angola is Africas third-biggest economy, after South Africa and Nigeria. It has no stockmarket but it does have a Eurobond. Mozambiques Eurobond was ostensibly for a state-backed fishing venture. Investors bought it anyway, with one eye on the countrys fast-growing economy and the other on its offshore gas reserves.希望分摊风险的专业基金有时会考虑主要指数之外的市场和股票。沙特阿拉伯具有充分流动性,但对外国投资者来说,却是一个难以捉摸的市场。沙特股市中最亮眼的是沙特乳制品及食品公司。柬埔寨也是主要指数之外的一个投资热点,拥有公司金界控股。通常进行风险投资唯一的途径就是购买债券。安哥拉是继南非和尼日利亚之后非洲第三大经济体,没有股市,但有欧洲债券。赞比亚的欧洲债券名义上是为一家政府持的渔业公司筹资,但投资者还是争相购买,一方面是考虑到赞比亚快速发展的经济,另一方面是看中了赞比亚丰富的近海天然气储备。Greater demand should spur the supply of stocks, through sales of private stakes or privatisations. Deeper equity markets would be welcome. Access to debt markets is more of a mixed blessing for some. Ghana issued its first Eurobond in 2007. Within a few years its budget deficit blew out to 12% of GDP after a large public-sector pay rise. Mozambique shows worrying signs of similar trouble.需求增加,能刺激股票的供应,包括出售私人股份或私有化。更具深度的股票市场将受到欢迎。对一些国家来说,接触到债券市场有好亦有坏。加纳于2007年第一次发行欧洲债券。在大幅增加公有部门薪酬后,几年时间内预算赤字飙升至GDP的20%。莫桑比克也开始出现类似问题的苗头,令人担忧。Zambia meant to use its proceeds wisely. The money was to go on targeted projects. New roads in the copperbelt make sense since so much cargo is sent by truck. But easy money leads to lax discipline. The states wage bill has become bloated. The budget deficit may be as high as 8% of GDP this year. To help fill the gap, Zambia is said to be plotting another Eurobond.赞比亚原本想用好这笔钱,把钱花在重点项目上。在铜带上筑路是颇明智的选择,因为大量的货物都是通过卡车运送的。但钱来得容易,花得也就随意了。赞比亚政府部门薪酬已然过高。今年的预算赤字可能达到GDP的8%。据说为了弥补空缺,赞比亚已经在筹划发放新一轮欧洲债券。 /201404/286356

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