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Today in History:Saturday, June15, 2013历史上的今天:2013年6月15日,星期六June 15th, 1215. In Runnymede, England, King John signs the Magna Carta, or ;Great Charter;, granting liberties to his barons. The document shapes concepts of democracy and constitutional law around the world for centuries to come.1904. In New York City, more than a thousand people die when fire erupts aboard the steamboat General Slocum in the East River.1978. Jordan#39;s King Hussein marries Lisa Halaby, a 26-year-old American who takes the name of Queen Noor.1864. Arlington National Cemetery is established in Virginia, across the Potomac River from Washington D.C. Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton signs an order creating the military burial ground during America#39;s Civil War.And 1996. “It was just one of those things…” Ella Fitzgerald, the jazz vocalist known as the First Lady of Song, dies in Beverly Hills, California. She was 79.Today in History, June 15th. Camille Bohannon, the Associated Press. /201306/244078The house that Google and Nest built Richard Quest takes you on a tour of his vision for what a connected house might look like with tech from Nest and Google.The deal means google could be in parts of your home that it has never been to before. And the firm will have access to data from every knock and groaning. Now allow me to show you around the house, the google belt.Come on in. We start in the library. Now google in the library has access to all of Nest products. The small firm as that, the smoke alarm that we heard about. I fact google now knows when you are at home, how many people are there and how much power you are using and if there is something goes wrong.Heads up, there is smoke in the dining room.Smoke in the dining room. In the google house, we had better head immediately to the living room. And in the living room, we find a google integrated TV, which offers online steaming of movies and s. Google knowes various favourite TV shows. Google knows what we are watching. There isn#39;t anything decent on televisions these days.On to the kitchen. And here google has file patterns so that google glass can control appliances in my kitchen. It could set the temperature in the fridge, provide recipes, give reminders on recipes and also take me on my grocery shopping. If you think it#39;s the living and the kitchen, you will get no escape when you go out. For the garage, the garage where even here, google is now involved. It has of course the driver on the car, the car uses cameras, radio senses to move around. In short, google knows where you are leaving, where you are going, probably who is with you and why you are going there in the first place. /201401/273628

But with hundreds of thousands of fish crammed into the shallows,不过浅水域挤了几十万条鱼the sharks now need only rely on their speed and agility.鲨鱼靠速度和灵活身手即可得逞As the first shark starts to hunt in earnest,第一条鲨鱼开始痛下杀手a feeding frenzy breaks out.一阵疯狂的吞噬就此展开The shoal#39;s defences are weakened,沙丁鱼群的防卫减弱there isn#39;t enough space to manoeuvre.狭隘的空间让它们施展不开And the sharks can gorge themselves.鲨鱼大可以狼吞虎咽Despite the casualties,尽管死了不少沙丁鱼 但鱼群为数众多the shoal is so vast that the sharks have little effect on its size.鲨鱼几乎没有影响鱼群的规模Fish not only come together in great shoals for defence,鱼儿成群结队不只是为了防卫but at other critical times in their lives,也为了应付生命中其他关键时刻when they#39;re y to spawn.就是它们准备产卵的时候 Article/201308/252721

The company had lost its lead in the computer market,苹果公司已经失去了它在计算机领域的领导地位customers were leaving in droves, the company had no future, no roadmap.客户不断在流失 公司的前途一片黯淡 不知何去何从The company was in serious trouble.苹果当时身陷囹圄I, and other Apple users, were being told with malicious grins那些使用Windows操作系统的朋友们曾坏笑着from our Windows-using friends that if we wanted to keep our machines告诉我和其他苹果机用户 如果我们想继续使用我们的机器we#39;d have to go to hobbyist shops because there would be no Apple computer.就得去小众爱好者商店了 因为以后不会再有苹果机了At Next, Jobs had focused on developing its powerful operating system.此时 在Next公司 乔布斯正在全力筹备一个强大操作系统的开发Apple needed just such a system.而这恰恰是苹果所需要的Apple was in technical trouble.苹果遇到了技术瓶颈Next was absolutely in financial trouble, and the two came together.而Next则陷入了财务困境 它们刚好可以互补Apple bought Next for 0 million.苹果以4亿美金收购了NextIt got the new operating system it needed, and Steve Jobs.获得了它正需要的操作系统 以及史蒂夫·乔布斯 Steve was truly excited to be linked up with Apple again.能够再次回到苹果让史蒂夫兴奋不已It was the company he founded, the company he was kicked out of.这是他一手创建的公司 也是他被扫地出门的公司It#39;s the company that had lost its way, it was starting to fail,这也是一家失去了方向 开始走下坡路的公司so he had this opportunity to go back and start fixing Apple at large.他现在有了一个回去让苹果重整旗鼓的机会A few days later, Apple revealed just how much trouble it was really in.几天之后 苹果坦白了它究竟遇到了多大麻烦They announced that they were going to lose something like billion,他们宣布 苹果的损失达到将近十亿美元and back then billion was a lot of money.那个时候 十亿美元可是一大笔钱I said, ;Steve, what did we just get ourselves into?;我说 史蒂夫 我们这可是给自己挖了什么样的大坑啊?And he was wondering himself! Because this was a big surprise to us.他自己也愣住了 这个情况是我们都始料未及的To bring Apple back from the brink,为了让苹果重回正轨Jobs had a conventional business challenge.乔布斯需要解决一个典型的商业难题He had to stop the company haemorrhaging money,那就是扭转公司持续亏损的状态but he also had to do more.但他需要做的远远不仅如此He had to help the company rediscover itself,他还必须让这个公司重新定位自己and for that he thought he needed to take it back to the future,因此 他觉得自己有必要让苹果找回先机to the values that had built it up in the first place.找回那些苹果最初赖以生存的价值观 /201308/252210

在TED2010上,数学奇才伯努瓦.曼德勃罗开展了一个早在1984年的TED上他所讨论过的主题——粗糙的极端复杂性,以及分形数学可以从看起来无法认识的复杂图形中找到秩序。 Article/201305/237590

AZUZ: Time for ;The Shoutout.; How long is a circadian interval? If you think you know it, shout it out!“大声喊出来”的时间到了!生理节律时间是多长?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it 28 minutes, 12 hours, 24 hours or 20 days? You‘ve got three seconds, go!是28分钟、12小时、24小时还是20天?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Circadian is an adjective that relates to 24-hour time periods. That‘s your answer and that‘s your shoutout.昼夜节律是24小时的时间。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。For most people, that‘s broken down to about eight hours of sleeping and 16 of being awake. 对大多数人来说,这24小时会分成8小时的睡眠和16小时醒着的时候。Though the National Sleep Foundation says teenagers need at least 8.5 hours, ideally a little over 9 every night. 尽管全国睡眠基金会说对青少年来说一天至少要保持8.5小时的睡眠,最好是9小时多一点。It also says you are not getting that. 它还说你可能睡不到这么久。One factor could be this.其中一个原因就是——手机。 /201409/331690

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