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The start of Gollum#39;s diabetes古鲁姆糖尿病之始 /201702/490780

The ancient Chinese invention of wooden movable-type printing is marching forward inthe village of Dongyuan, Wenzhou.在温州东源村,古老的中国发明木制活字印刷得以存续及发展。One-centimeter wooden cubes are arrayed in a jet-black rectangular frame. A reversed Chinese character is sculpted on each cube.一厘米的木制小方块被整齐排列放到一个乌黑的矩形框架中。一个个方向颠倒的汉字被雕刻在每个小方块上。Repeatedly smeared with ink for many years, these pale yellow matrices have been dyed nearly dark enough to match the ink itself.刻有汉字的小方块可以被重复的染墨很多年,这些浅黄色的矩阵已几乎被染至黑色,足以与墨色相媲美。Once the matrices are inked, a high-quality Chinese art paper is placed on top of them.一旦这些字块被染色,就会将高质量的美术纸覆于其上。The paper is then brushed and smoothed until the ink marks appear. Once the paper is removed, the page is printed with vertical, traditional Chinese characters. Assembling and binding such pages together produces a book.之后,用刷子在纸上来回刷动以使纸张平滑,直到沾有墨水的小方块清晰的印出汉字。一旦拿起此张纸,纸张就会出现方向正确的印刷汉字。之后,将印刷好的纸张整合并装订成书。Wang Chaohui, 60, inherited the traditional trade from his grandfather. In Dongyuan, there are around 20 technicians like Wang.60岁的王朝晖是从其祖父处继承的印刷技术。在东源村,与王先生从事相同职业的技术人员约有20个。Thanks to the strong culture and large demand for genealogy records, this technique has been successfully handed down from one generation to the next.多亏了强有力的文化和对家谱的大量需求,此项技术得以世代传承了下来。According to historical data, southern Zhejiang and northern Fujian provinces used to be migrating societies.根据历史记载,浙江省南部和福建省北部曾经是接收移民城市。Living a vagrant lifestyle and traveling in groups, people in the region easily formed a strong sense of clan. Genealogy, therefore, is an important concept in Wenzhou.因此,此地人民的生活方式居无定所并喜群体旅游,此地区的人容易形成对宗族的强烈认同感。因此,家谱在温州是重要的概念。Over the past decades, Wang has sculpted over 10,000 wooden movable-type cubes every year. He has also used nearly 100 engraving knives and over 7,000 sheets of art paper.过去的数十年间,王先生每年都雕刻超过10,000个木制活字印刷字块。他也曾经使用过大约100把刻刀和7,000多张纸。Wang explained that geneaology records generally consist of four or five volumes. They are revised and updated every 20 to 30 years, or as frequently as every 10 years in some areas.王先生抱怨道家谱通常都包含4卷至5卷内容。每20年到30年,都需对这些族谱进行修订和更新,一些地方更是每10年就对某些方面的内容进行修订和更新。In terms of cost and operating efficiency, wooden movable-type printing is the best choice for these records.考虑成本和经营的有效性,木制活字印刷是制作这些记录的最好选择。The only person who could “inherit” the technique from Wang is his 32-year-old son, Wang Jianxin.唯一可以继承此项技艺的是王先生的32岁的儿子王建新。However, so far, Wang Jianxin has not demonstrated any special skill at the core technique of sculpting.然而,截至目前,王建新对于雕刻的核心技术都没有展现出任何特殊天赋。Of the 20 technicians in Dongyuan who are able to work on genealogy revision, not a single one is below 50 years of age.并且,在东源镇的这20位技术人员中,可以进行家谱修订的人没有一个年龄小于50岁。 /201609/465703

  Coffee Lovers Might Live Longer, Healthier Lives咖啡爱好者可能更健康、长寿Sip away, coffee drinkers. Science has found yet another reason the beverage can be good for you ― and this time it has to do with fighting age-related disease.放心喝吧,咖啡爱好者们。科学已找到了咖啡有益于人体的另一个理由——这一次可是与抵抗年龄相关的问题有关哦。Caffeine might help fight systemic inflammation in older adults, according to research published in the journal Nature Medicine. This could explain why coffee drinkers tend to live longer than non-coffee drinkers, since research suggests inflammation is associated with a range of health issues such as cardiovascular disease.发表在《自然医学》杂志上的研究表明:咖啡因可能有助于抵抗老年人的全身炎症。因此咖啡爱好者往往会比不喝咖啡者更长寿,因为研究表明炎症是与一系列的健康问题(比如心血管疾病)相关的。Senior study author David Furman, a consulting associate professor at the Stanford Institute for Immunity, Transplantation and Infection, and his colleagues discovered that a natural process occurring in the genes of some older adults leads to higher rates of inflammation. And according to their study, it’s this inflammation that may be the driver of cardiovascular disease.斯坦福免疫移植和感染学院的咨询副教授及高级研究作者大卫#8226;弗曼和他的同事发现:老年人基因中发生的自然过程导致了更高的炎症率。据他们的研究所述,这种炎症可能会引起心血管疾病。They examined inflammation levels in the blood samples of 100 younger (ages 20-30) and older (60-89) adults participating in a long-term health survey. The blood samples of the older participants who reported they consumed caffeinated beverages on a daily basis had lower levels of inflammation, with individuals who drank more than five cups caffeinated beverages a day having extremely low levels of inflammation.100位年轻人(20至30岁)和老年人(60至89岁)参加了一个长期健康调查,研究员们检查了这些人血液样本的炎症程度。那些说自己每天都会饮用含咖啡因饮料的老年人,他们的血液样本炎症程度更低,那些每天喝5杯以上含咖啡因饮料的人,他们的炎症程度尤为低。“Our findings show that an underlying inflammatory process, which is associated with aging, is not only driving cardiovascular disease but is, in turn, driven by molecular events that we may be able to target and combat,” said co-author Mark Davis, director of the Institute for Immunity, Transplantation and Infection, in a statement.“我们的研究结果表明:与衰老相关的潜在炎症过程不仅会引起心血管疾病,而且反过来,是由我们可以瞄准并抵抗的分子事件引起的,” 斯坦福免疫移植和感染学院的主任兼合著作者马克#8226;戴维斯在一篇声明中写道。In other words, inflammation is occurring at a cellular level, and caffeine may be one way of reducing it. That has the potential to make a difference in an individual’s health: The older participants with lower levels of inflammation had fewer stiff arteries ― an indicator for cardiovascular disease ― and were eight times more likely to be related to someone who lived to the age of 90 and beyond, according to the study.换言之,炎症是在细胞中发生的,而咖啡因可能是降低炎症的方法之一。据研究表明:这有可能改变一个人的健康状况,炎症程度更低的老年人,他们的僵硬动脉也更少——僵硬动脉是心血管疾病的一个指标——而且活到90岁以上的可能性是其他人的8倍。“The relationship between caffeine consumption and lower inflammatory state was rather linear, so the more caffeinated drinks the subjects consumed, the lower their inflammatory state,” Furman said.“咖啡因摄入量与更低的炎症程度之间是呈线性关系的,所以摄入含咖啡因的饮料和食物越多,你的炎症程度就越低,”弗曼说道。译文属 /201701/489781

  Whether it#39;s using gaffer tape to strap groceries to their bodies, stuffing items into prams or even filling up buckets and cycling helmets, some shoppers are going to bizarre lengths to avoid paying 5p for a plastic bag.不管是用塑料胶带将商品缠到身上带回家,还是塞进婴儿推车或是装在桶里、托车头盔里,为了不另外花上5便士购买塑料袋,购物者想出了千奇百怪的方法。People have been taking to social media to post pictures of themselves and the cunning alternatives that can be used to cart home their weekly groceries.人们在社交媒体晒出照片,爆料他们自己是如何机智地把每星期采购的日用品运回家的。Among the photos are an officer who piled a few snacks into his police helmet, a man who found some extra pockets by stuffing biscuits, bottles and tins down his trousers and up his sleeves, and a woman who utilised the space in her handbag. Others have been spotted just carrying their shopping in their arms.在这些图片中,有一名警官把购买的小吃零食堆放在头盔里;也有一男子在全身上下另谋“口袋”,把饼干和瓶瓶罐罐塞满裤子和衣袖;另有一名妇女充分运用手袋的边边角角;还有人干脆徒手把货品运回家。The latest statistics show that disposable plastic bag use in supermarkets has fallen by 80per cent since the 5p charge was introduced in England two years ago.根据最近的统计数据显示,自从英国在两年前引入购物袋收费5便士后,超市塑料袋使用量降低了80%。Billions of the throwaway bags are no-longer being issued at tills to be used for just 20 minutes before being dumped.这些只用20分钟就被丢弃的购物袋,发行量减少了数十亿。And most of the fee –– goes towards charities covering everything from dealing with litter to education and cancer care.节省下来的大部分费用都捐给了慈善基金会,还有的被用于处理垃圾、作教育经费或者癌症治疗。People are going to great lengths to avoid paying 5p for a plastic bag in shops, with this police officer using his helmet to carry his goods.为了省下这5便士的塑料袋钱,人们也是费尽了心思。图中警官把头盔都用上了。Others are even using suitcases, pictured, as an alternative to bring home the weekly shop.还有人甚至拉出了行李箱把每周采购带回家。Crafty parents have also taken to using their prams for more than walking with the baby.对聪明的父母来说,婴儿车可不止是用来推宝宝的,也可以用来运货。 /201610/470189。


  The 10 Best Hangover Helpers10对抗宿醉最好用的美食If you threw back one too many drinks last night, eat these quick-fix foods today.如果你昨晚喝了太多的酒,今天就吃这些有助于快速恢复的食物。#39;Tis the season to let loose, but few things are worse than throwing back one too many celebratory drinks, only to wake up with bloodshot eyes and a pounding headache. Not to worry: With the help of New York City-based dietitian Tanya Zuckerbrot, M.S., R.D., we’ve gathered the 10 best foods and drinks to alleviate hangover headaches.这个季节容易让人放纵自己,但没有什么比在庆典上喝了太多的酒更糟,因为在那之后你只会伴着充血的眼睛醒来,并带有剧烈的头痛。但不要担心:基于纽约营养师Tanya Zuckerbrot的建议,我们已经收集了10种最好的食物和饮料来缓解宿醉头痛。1、COCONUT WATER椰子水Reach for coconut water instead of a sports drink when you wake up. Coconut water is naturally rich in electrolytes—one serving offers 569mg of potassium—which makes it incredibly hydrating. An added bonus: coconut water has more flavor than regular H2O, which may make it easier to stomach.你醒来时应该喝一杯椰子水,而非一瓶运动饮料。椰子水富含天然电解质,一个椰子就能提供569mg钾,这使得它非常保湿。另外还有一个额外的好处就是椰子水比普通的水有更多的味道,这使得我们更易于喝下它。2、ASPARUS芦笋Steam this vegetable before or after a long night of drinking—it could make the difference between a speedy recovery and spending an entire day in bed. Compounds found in asparagus help break down the alcohol, enabling the toxins to exit from your system more quickly.在喝了一整夜的酒之前或之后食用蒸煮过的芦笋,它可以使你快速恢复而不用在床上度过一整天。在芦笋中发现的化合物有助于分解酒精,使毒素能更快地从你的体内排出。“Scientists in Korea recently discovered that a product found in the shoots and leaves of asparagus boosted levels of the enzymes alcohol dehydrogenase and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, which help digest alcohol,” says Zuckerbrot. “韩国的科学家最近发现,在芦笋的茎和叶中有一种成分能提高酶乙醇脱氢酶和乙醛脱氢酶的水平,这有助于消化酒精,”Zuckerbrot说。3、GINGER姜If your mom ever gave you ginger ale when you had an upset stomach, she had the right idea. Ginger has been a well-known cure for nausea for ages. However, when your stomach is churning and the mere sight of food makes you want to hurl, opt for fresh ginger root—it#39;s more potent.如果当你胃痛的时候,你的妈妈曾经给过你姜汁汽水,那么她的想法是正确的。生姜已经是一个众所周知的可以治疗恶心的食物。然而,当你的胃里感到翻江倒海,一见食物就想丢弃它的时候,选择新鲜的生姜根是更有效的。“If the thought of chewing on the food in its original form triggers your gag reflex, try adding grated ginger to fresh juice or hot water,” suggests Zuckerbrot.Zuckerbrot建议,“如果咀嚼最初摸样的食物会引发你的呕吐反射,那就尝试加入磨碎的生姜鲜榨果汁或热水。”4、TOMATO JUICE番茄汁Nothing depletes your body of vital nutrients more quickly than a night of drinking, which is why you feel so horrible the morning after. For a quick reboot, pour yourself a glass of tomato juice. This will help your body process alcohol more efficiently. “Studies have shown that tomato juice can boost liver function, which speeds up alcohol digestion. Other research suggests that the antioxidants and vitamins present in tomatoes quickly restock those lost during a night of drinking, making you feel better faster,” explains Zuckerbrot.没有什么比彻夜酗酒更迅速消耗你生命所需的营养了,这就是为什么之后你会有如此可怕的早晨。想要快速恢复,就给自己倒一杯番茄汁。这将有助于你的身体更有效地处理酒精。“研究表明,番茄汁可以促进肝功能,加速酒精的消化。其他的研究表明,番茄中含有的抗氧化剂和维生素可以迅速补充酗酒中丢失的维生素,会快速地让你感觉更好,”Zuckerbrot解释道。5、LEMON WATER柠檬水Ever since you took that first sip of booze last night, your liver has been working hard to filter the alcohol out of your system. And come morning, it could use a little assistance. Lemon-infused water supports detoxification by boosting liver function and tissue regeneration. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a glass of water and drink up. Lemons contains over 100% of the daily recommended dose of vitamin C, which also supports the detoxification process by alleviating liver inflammation.昨晚从你喝第一口酒的那刻起,你的肝脏已努力把酒精过滤出你的身体。到第二天的早晨,你只需要用一点方法辅助排出酒精即可。柠檬水是通过促进肝功能和组织再生来解毒。你可以把半个柠檬的汁挤到一杯水里并喝下去。柠檬含有超过100%的每日所需的维生素C,它也通过减轻肝脏炎症来促进解毒。6、BANANAS香蕉Alcohol depletes your body of essential electrolytes. “If you wake up the next morning with sore or twitching muscles, this is a clear sign your body is craving potassium,; says Zuckerbrot. ;Bananas are full of potassium so if you can’t stomach solid food, break out the blender and make a delicious smoothie.”酒精会消耗你身体必需的电解质。“如果你第二天早上醒来感到肌肉疼痛或抽搐,这是一个明确的信号告诉你,你的身体需要钾,“Zuckerbrot说道。”香蕉含有钾元素,所以如果你不能吃固体食物,可以把香蕉加入搅拌机搅碎或做成美味的冰沙。”7、EGGS鸡蛋Eggs are everyone’s favorite hangover food. Scrambled, fried, or a nice hearty omelet should to do the trick. While you may think the grease that#39;s used to cook them is what’s easing your pain, something else is at work:鸡蛋是每个人最喜欢的宿醉食物。炒鸡蛋,炸鸡蛋,或一个丰盛的煎蛋卷都是可以尝试。虽然你可能会认为,用来烹调它们的油脂可以减轻你的痛苦,但其实是其他东西起着作用:“Eggs are rich in the amino acid cysteine that helps break down acetaldehyde, the toxin responsible for those awful hangovers,; notes Zuckerbrot. “”Zuckerbrot说,“鸡蛋中含有半胱氨酸的氨基酸,有助与分解乙醛,就是那些使得你经历可怕的宿醉的毒素。”8、CAYENNE PEPPER辣椒Most of these remedies encourage your body#39;s removal of toxins—the faster they leave your body, the faster you will feel better. While the previously mentioned foods encourage detoxification by breaking down alcohol and stimulating liver function, there’s another route you can take: Heat things up and sweat #39;em out.大多数这些治疗方法是鼓励你的身体排解毒素,毒素排解出身体越快,你就会越快感到舒适。而前面提到的食物是通过分解酒精和刺激肝功能来促进解毒,但你还可以采取另一种方法:食用热的东西并加快出汗。“Consuming spicy food can cause you to sweat, releasing those pesky hangover-causing toxins,; says Zuckerbrot. ;Even better, spicy foods will cause you to drink more water, which will combat dehydration and ease the pain as well.;Zuckerbrot说,“食用辛辣的食物会使你出汗,并帮助释放那些由于讨厌的宿醉而产生的毒素。“”更好的是,辛辣的食物会导致你喝更多的水,这会使你脱离脱水的状态,达到缓解疼痛的效果。”9、HONEY蜂蜜A spoonful of honey may be exactly what you need to hamper headaches. Honey is made up of mostly fructose, and research has shown that the digestion of fructose competes with that of alcohol, forcing your body to rid itself of the remaining alcohol faster. ;Try eating some whole-wheat toast drizzled with honey, or if you are too sick for solids, put a teaspoon of honey in a hot cup of tea,; advises Zuckerbrot.一勺蜂蜜可能正是你缓解头痛所需要的。蜂蜜是由大多数果糖组成的,研究表明,果糖的消化与酒精的消化使你的身体更快摆脱剩余的酒精。Zuckerbrot建议:”试着吃一些全麦面包,并淋上蜂蜜,或者如果你不喜欢固体的蜂蜜,那就在一杯热茶里放一茶匙蜂蜜。”10、SPRITE雪碧This might be one of the only times you#39;ll ever hear us tell you to reach for a can of soda, but new research suggests that Sprite might be one of the best hangover cures out there. When your body processes alcohol, it produces a chemical byproduct called acetaldehyde, which is responsible for those awful feelings that come with hangovers. Acetaldehyde eventually turns into something called acetate, and when that happens, your symptoms let up and you start to feel much better.这可能是唯一一次听到我们告诉你喝一罐苏打饮料,因为新的研究表明,雪碧可能是治疗宿醉最好的方法之一。当你的身体处理酒精时,它会产生一种叫做乙醛的化学副产品,这是让你产生与宿醉伴随而来的可怕感觉的来源。乙醛最终会变成一种叫醋酸的东西,当这种情况发生时,你的症状会缓解,这时你就会感觉好多了。 /201611/479197From now on, when you get the munchies for a delicious street food snack, you’ll no longer have to choose between a hamburger and a hotdog, because you can have both in the same bun. 从现在起,当你想到路边一饱口福时,就不必再纠结是选择汉堡还是热了,因为一款面包就能满足你所有的要求。Introducing the Hamdog, probably the craziest fast food hybrid ever.史上最奇葩的食物,汉堡与热的混血——Hamdog问世。Mark Murray, of Perth, Australia, came up with the idea for the Hamdog in 2004, and by 2009, he had aly obtained a patent for the uniquely-shaped bun of the treat. 马克#8226;默里来自澳大利亚佩斯市,他对于Hamdog的想法最初始于2004年,2009年时,因其造型独特获得了专利。Last year, he appeared on Channel 10’s Shark Tank show to pitch his idea to potential investors and secure enough funding to get his fast food business off the ground. 去年,他出现在第10 频道的《创智赢家》节目上,向潜在投资者展示自己的想法,试图吸引足够的资金,把快餐生意做起来。The judges were not impressed, and even laughed when he described eating the Hamdog as a party in your mouth. 但没有一个评委为之动心,在默里描述Hamdog是一场舌尖上的盛宴时,甚至有人笑了出来。But Murray didn’t let the experience bring him down, and one year later, he’s selling Hamdogs in his home city and wants to expand nationally.但是默里没有气馁,一年后的今天,他的Hamdog正在他的家乡热销,并打算进军全国市场。Everyone told me it wasn’t possible, because you’d need a patent lawyer and it would cost millions of dollars, Murray told News.com.au. 默里在接受《新闻在线》采访时说:所有人都说不可能,因为我得找个专利律师,还要花上几百万。Even [Boost Juice founder and Shark Tank judge] Janine Allis told me that it was impossible to patent. 甚至创智的评审之一,哈果乐的创始人珍妮#8226;爱丽丝也说不可能申到专利。She’ll be eating her words now. 但现在她得承认自己错了。The ambitious entrepreneur has been operating a Hamdog marquee in Perth for about two months now, and is currently looking for people willing to invest ,000 to become Hamdog resellers and open marquees of their own across Australia.这位野心勃勃的创业家约两个月前就在佩斯市出动了Hamdog售卖车,现在他正在寻找加盟商,试图让售卖车走遍全国。只要10000美元,就可以成为Hamdog的经销商。The Hamdog consists of a patented bun, a Bunbury beef patty cut in half to accommodate a Hunsa frankfurt in the middle, lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickles and three sauces – American mustard, tomato sauce and mayonnaise. Hamdog包括一个面包(已获取造型专利),一片一切为二的班伯里牛肉,牛肉中间夹了一根Hunsa frankfurt火腿,再配以生菜、西红柿、奶酪、泡菜和三种酱料——美国芥末酱、番茄酱和蛋黄酱。We use all local ingredients. The only thing that’s not from WA are the pickles, Mark Murray said.马可#8226;默里称:除了泡菜,其他材料都源自西澳本地。So far the Hamdog marquee has made appearances at events such as local markets, shows, races in Perth, and Murray said the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. 现在Hamdog已出现在当地集市,和一些表演、比赛上,默里表示目前为止反响非常好。We launched our marquee two months ago and we had people come from everywhere just to experience the Hamdog. 他告诉记者:我们在两个月前就派出了售卖车,并邀请各地的人来品尝。At one stage the crew were knocking out about one every 15 seconds. It was amazing, he told reporters.售餐员一度能在15秒内就能做出一个Hamdog,太不可思议了。The only thing that’s sort of giving Murray headaches right now is the production of the unique Hamdog bun. 现在唯一令默里头疼的是Hamdog独特面包胚的制作。Because of its peculiar shape, it has to be hand made at a Perth bakery. 由于造型独特,所有面包胚都是由佩斯的一家面包坊手工制作出来的。At the moment there is a fair bit of labor involved in making the buns because they’re made by people, not machines, he said. 默里说:现在制作面包还需要大量人力,因为是纯手工制作,不是机器。We’re still developing a way to semi automate production.我们还在研发半自动的制作方法。For now, though, Murray is focusing his efforts on promoting the Hamdog and attracting potential resellers. 现在,默里正在致力于Hamdog的推广和招商。Once that’s done with, he wants to work on diversifying the . 这个阶段完成后,他打算研发其他口味。We’ve had requests of all sorts for gluten free, vegan and vegetarian Hamdogs. 现在有顾客要求推出无谷Hamdog和素Hamdog。Once the product is out there and that process is sorted, we’ll start experimenting, he said.一旦产品成型,进入流水作业后,我们就开始进行实验。 /201610/469721


  I don#39;t get these kids and their needs ...我不明白这些孩子和他们的需求…… /201609/467078

  An Austrian model has claimed she#39;s the most popular person on Tinder ever.一名来自澳大利亚的模特宣称,她是Tinder上最受欢迎的人。Jazz Egger, 19, has amassed over 5,400 matches which she believes is a world record. 19岁的女孩贾兹·伊戈,已经积累了将近5400名成功匹配者,她相信这是个世界纪录。The teenage model is originally from Austria but now lives in London, where she#39;s clearly spoilt for choice - she#39;s matched with celebrities including the singer Conor Maynard. 这位青年模特来自澳大利亚,现居住在伦敦。在伦敦她大受青睐--她与很多名人成功配对,包括歌手康纳·梅纳德。;I downloaded Tinder some months ago and I think I might have reached a world record,; Egger told the Mail Online. 伊戈在接受《每日邮报》的采访时说:;我在几个月前下载了Tinder,我想我的匹配人数可能已经达到了这个软件在全世界范围内的记录;。She explains how she gets so many #39;Super Likes#39; every day that she can#39;t keep up (every Tinder user can Super Like one person a day, so they must use it wisely). 她解释了她每天得到这么多让她无法继续下去的;超级喜欢;的原因,(每个tinder用户一天只可以;超级喜欢;一个人,所以他们都会十分谨慎地抉择)。Egger says she swiped right in return on every man who Super Liked her, but then realised she didn#39;t have time to talk to each one - she added a line to her bio saying: ;Sorry this is getting out of hand. I can#39;t answer everyone anymore. I only reply if your message is super interesting. Hope you understand.; 伊戈说她对所有;超级喜欢;了她的男人都会以;右滑;此人作为回报,但是后来他发现她没有那么多时间去和所有人聊天--于是她在个人资料里添加了这样一句话:;我很抱歉,目前的情况有些失控,我根本不能回复所有人,所以我只回复一些特别有趣的信息,希望你们能够理解。;Adding the message, however, only made her even more in-demand - men then started conversations using extra creative opening lines and offered to take her on particularly exciting dates in an attempt to woo her. 而没想到的是,因为这一句话让她变得更加受欢迎--男人们纷纷用更加意想不到的创意作为开场白,并且提出带她去特别刺激的约会来引诱她,从而取得她的欢心。One man, for example, invited her to spend a week on his yacht in Greece. She declined.例如,有个男人曾经邀请她去希腊,在他的游艇上一同度过周末。但她拒绝了。Egger says she#39;s been on 20 dates with men from Tinder and has matched with well-known actors, musicians and YouTubers. 伊戈说,她在Tinder上被男人们邀请参加的约会已有20次,而且成功匹配了许多知名的演员、音乐家还有;油管人;。She has nearly 20,000 followers on Instagram and says although she hasn#39;t fallen for anyone she#39;s met on Tinder, she has had ;many interesting conversations.; 在Instagram(一款图片分享应用)中,她有将近20000的粉丝。据说,她没有对任何人倾心过,但她依旧有;许多有趣的对话;。Egger also says she#39;s managed to get herself some modelling jobs through the dating app. 伊戈还说,她曾希冀通过这类约会APP获得一些模特方面的工作。While she undoubtedly has a lot of matches, she doesn#39;t specify how long she#39;s been using the app. And of course, we don#39;t know how picky she#39;s being - surely if you swipe right on everyone and spend enough time doing so, you#39;ll be able to amass thousands of matches. 毋庸置疑,她拥有很多匹配者,而她也无法确切说出她到底使用了这款APP多久。当然,我们不知道她做这些时多么吹毛求疵--我相信如果你;右滑;所有人,并且花足够的时间去做这些事情,那么你也可以积累上千的匹配者。That said, having been modelling since the age of 13 and appeared on Germany#39;s Next Top Model, Egger obviously knows how to take good pictures. 这或许只能说明,从13岁开始从事模特职业、并出现在德国超模之中的伊戈,显然知道怎么照出好看的照片。We don#39;t know what she says in her bio, but her pictures are clearly doing the trick.我们不知道她的个人资料真实度如何,但是她的照片确实具有一定的欺骗性。译文属 /201702/492547。

  The 4 a.m. chill settles into your bones. You#39;re on a mission, running a well-crafted strategy through your mind again and again. As you visualize the path you#39;ll take into battle, the action draws near. Chuffing warm breath into your hands, you try to stay loose. It#39;s a last-ditch effort to stave off a milieu of emotional and physical states: excitement, fear, adrenaline, fatigue. Now is the time for singular focus.凌晨四点的寒意侵蚀着你的骨髓。在某种使命的驱动下,你一遍又一遍地在脑海中演练着精心计划的策略。随着你进入斗争的路径越来越清晰,行动的时刻临近了。往自己的双手呼着阵阵热气,你试着让自己放松下来。最后一次努力地从心理和身体上来缓解:激动、恐惧、紧张、疲惫。现在是时候保持专注了。It#39;s Black Friday.这就是黑色星期五。The line you#39;ve been queuing in for the last 45 minutes is starting to morph from orderly to insanity as everyone makes a break for the just-opened store doors. Whether you#39;ll be one of the first few to snag a door prize remains to be seen. It#39;s every shopper for himself. This is war.你排了45分钟的队伍开始从有序变为了疯狂,因为每个人都在为刚刚打开的商店大门做着准备。能否成为第一批冲进门内的少数人还有待观察。每一个购物者都是为了自己。这是一场战争。We#39;re not sure why ordinarily rational Americans lose their minds at the thought of picking up electronics at big discounts on the day after Thanksgiving. Perhaps the lack of sleep and the adrenaline rush from fighting crowds have something to do with it. To illustrate, we#39;ve uncovered 10 fascinating and terrifying Black Friday stories, just in time for your holiday shopping adventures.我们不知道平时理性的美国人在挑选感恩节后的打折电子商品的时为什么会完全失去理智。也许缺少睡眠和从汹涌的人潮中冲出来时激增的肾上腺素都造成了影响。为了说明这一点,为了你的假日购物冒险,我们讲述了十个迷人却惊悚的有关黑色星期五的故事。10.Shootout at the Toys R Us10.玩具反斗城战It began as any other Black Friday rush, but in 2008 at a Toys R Us in Palm Desert, Calif., something went terribly wrong. Two women began throwing verbal jabs and then actual jabs in the store#39;s electronics department.2008年,加利福尼亚州帕姆迪泽特城的玩具反斗城,一开始,只是像其他的黑色星期五冲突一样,但突然间,事情就变得一团糟。在商店的电子产品部门,两个女人从一开始的言语攻击,发展成了肢体冲突。Then the two men they were with began fighting and drew handguns. As other shoppers scrambled to safety, the men turned Toys R Us into a scene from the Old West. They chased each other down the store aisles, firing and killing each other (but no one else) during the incident.紧接着,和她们一起的两个男人开始了搏斗,并掏出了手。随着其他的顾客逃到了安全的地方,他们把反斗城变成了西部片里的场景。他们沿着商店的通道追逐着彼此,开火,最终同归于尽(没有其他人受伤)。9.A Rip-roaring Time9.极度混乱时间Although a Wal-Mart in Upland, N.Y., was open all night on Thanksgiving 2009, employees had put aside special merchandise that was not to be opened until 5 a.m. on Black Friday. Unfortunately, the bargain hunters weren#39;t willing to wait.尽管2009年感恩节的时候,纽约州阿普兰的沃尔玛整晚都营业,员工们仍然准备把一些特别的商品留到凌晨五点再出售。不幸的是,那些专门寻求折价商品的人并不愿意等待。Scores of shoppers began ripping into the shrink-wrapped items hours before they were to be released. Frantic employees called police at 2:44 a.m. for help in controlling the crowds. The rowdy shoppers were all ordered outside and told to line up and wait. They passed the time outside by yelling and screaming and pounding on the store glass. It wasn#39;t until 6 a.m. that order was restored and shoppers were cautiously let back inside in groups of 30.在用收缩膜包装的商品准备出售的几个小时前,大量的购物者就开始撕扯包装拿取商品。凌晨两点四十四分惊慌的员工只能报警来控制人群。粗暴喧嚣的购物者被命令到外面排队等待。他们通过尖叫呐喊和拍打商店玻璃度过在外面的时间。直到凌晨六点秩序才恢复正常,随后谨慎地让购物者以30人为一组进入商店。8.They Stepped Over His Dying Body8.他们跨过了他垂死的身躯Just after midnight on Black Friday 2011, something went terribly wrong for one shopper in a South Charleston, W.Va., Target store. The 61-year-old man became ill and dropped to the floor -- where he remained as frenzied shoppers stepped over his body on their way to Black Friday bargains.2011年的黑色星期五刚过午夜,对一个顾客来说非常可怕的事情发生在西维吉尼亚州南查尔斯顿的塔吉特商场。一个61岁的男人感到很不舒,倒在了地上——疯狂的顾客跨过了他的身体冲向了黑色星期五的折价商品。Eventually, a nurse discovered the ailing man and started performing CPR. An off-duty paramedic also came to the man#39;s aid, and they waited with him for an ambulance to arrive. Although the man was transported to the hospital, he later died. Outraged friends and family said they couldn#39;t fathom why someone didn#39;t help him sooner.最终,一个护士发现了这个情况危急的男人,并实施心肺复苏术。一个休班的护理人员也提供了救援,和他一起等待救护车的到来。男人尽管被送到了医院,最终还是去世了。气愤的亲朋好友表示完全无法理解为什么没能更快地救助他。7.Sucker Punched at Sears7.西尔斯暴起伤人事件No one likes a line cutter. But some people take it to extremes.没人会喜欢插队的人。但是,有些人却因此走向了极端。While waiting in line at a San Antonio, Texas, Sears at 9 p.m. Thanksgiving night in 2012, a shopper tried to cut in line. When another man objected, the offending line-hopper punched him in the face. The man who took the sucker punch pulled out a handgun, a move he later said he made in self-defense.2012年感恩节晚上9点,人们在德州圣安东尼奥的一家西尔斯百货公司门口排队等待进入的时候,一个顾客尝试着插队。当一个人拒绝之后,这个暴躁的插队者一拳打在了他的脸上。那个被突然袭击的人立刻做了一个后来被他称为自卫的举动——掏出了手。The line cutter fled. Police took the gun owner into custody but released him, saying he was within his rights as he had a concealed handgun permit. He was asked to leave the Sears but given a store voucher for his next visit. Amazingly, shopping resumed just 10 minutes after the incident.插队者逃跑了。警察羁押了持者但最终释放了他,声称他只是在行使自己的权利,因为他有一张隐藏的持许可。他被要求离开西尔斯,但得到了一张下次光临可以使用的商店优惠券。令人惊奇的是,事件发生后仅仅十分钟,购物就恢复了正常。6.Abandoned at Kmart6.凯马特遗弃事件Most Black Friday shoppers pick up a few extra items as they browse retailers. One man, however, returned home with far less than he should have.黑色星期五的顾客大多在浏览零售商清单的时候会挑选一些计划之外的商品。但是,有一个男人带着比他本应该有的少得多的东西回了家。In 2012, at a Kmart in Springfield, Mass., a man went into the store searching for a flat-screen television. Unfortunately, he left his girlfriend#39;s 2-year-old son in the backseat of his car while he shopped at 1:30 a.m. Although he did find a bargain-worthy TV, he abandoned the sleeping boy -- and his car -- in the Kmart parking lot.2012年,在马萨诸塞州斯普林菲尔德市的一家凯马特商场,一个男人为了寻求一台平板电视走了进来。不幸的是,在凌晨一点半购物的他把女朋友两岁的孩子忘在了汽车后座。尽管他确实找到了折价的电视,却把睡着的小男孩和他的车留在了凯马特的停车场。Police later found the man at home apparently watching his new big-screen TV. They were unsure how he was able to transport it home without his car.随后警察找到了这个正在家里看新大屏电视的男人。他们不知道他怎么能不用车就把电视运回了家。 /201704/506632

  Taking five days to complete a half-marathon may not seem impressive.用五天时间跑完半程马拉松似乎并不让人印象深刻。That is, until you learn the woman who did it is paralyzed from the chest down and 16 weeks pregnant.但是当你获悉这是一名怀16周、胸部以下高位截瘫的妇之后,一切就不一样了。Claire Lomas began the Great North Run in northeast England last Wednesday and finished last Sunday afternoon.克莱尔·洛马斯上周三在英国北部;大北方长跑;比赛中出发,于上周日下午完成了比赛。The 36-year-old Lomas averaged 3 miles a day using a ;bionic suit; that helped her move and lift her legs during the marathon, according to the B.据英国广播公司报道,36岁的洛马斯利用一套;仿生学套装;帮助她在马拉松比赛中抬腿和移动,平均每天可以跑3英里。;It#39;s taken some learning. It#39;s not just physical work, it#39;s the concentration with every step,; she said. ;It doesn#39;t just walk for me. I have to use the parts that aren#39;t paralyzed to make it walk.;她对此表示:;这要学习一段时间。这不仅仅是体力活动,每一步都要集中精力。对我来说不仅仅是行走。我需要运用没有瘫痪的所有部位来让自己动起来。;Lomas was paralyzed from the chest down after a horseback riding accident in 2007.在2007年一次坠马事故之后,洛马斯胸部以下都瘫痪了。Despite the challenges she#39;s faced as a result, Lomas believes people with spinal injuries should stay as active as possible.虽然最后她要面对很多挑战,但是洛马斯认为,有脊椎损伤的人也应该尽可能动起来。;It#39;s good for your health, anyway, whether you are an active person or not,; she told the Guardian.她在接受《卫报》采访时表示:;不管怎样,这都对你的健康有好处,不管你是不是健康人。;Lomas made the walk with the help of a robotic exoskeleton that she purchased after raising around ,000.洛马斯全程的行走都借助一套机械体外骨骼,这套装置是她筹了近66000美元之后购买的。The suit, made by ReWalk Robotics of Israel, uses lightweight braces and a series of sensors so users can rotate joints and control movement with their upper body, according to BT.com.据BT网站报道,该装置由以色列ReWalk机器人公司制造,使用了轻型架和一系列传感器,这样使用者就可以利用上身转动关节、控制行走。This isn#39;t the first time Lomas has competed using the exoskeleton. In 2012, she also walked the London marathon and finished in 16 days, according to Slate.这不是洛马斯第一次借助体外骨骼参加体育比赛了。据;石板书;网站报道,在2012年,洛马斯用16天走完了伦敦马拉松。 /201609/468162

  n the morning, we start off feeling fresh and rested (ideally, at least). 早晨,我们觉得既清爽又精力充沛(至少理想中是这样)。As the day wears on, sustainedcognitive engagement depletes our mental resources, and our behavior changes for the worse.随着时间流逝,持续的认知投入使我们的精神资源衰竭,而我们的举止也每况愈下。Every day we make decisions that have important implications for our happiness and how we live our lives. 每一天我们会做出对我们的幸福有着重要影响的决定并决定如何生活。Whether we are studying for an exam, preparing for a job interview, or deciding on the best outfit for a first blind date, these very different situations have something in common: They happen at a certain time of day, a time we often can choose or control.不论我们是为了一次考试而学习、为了一次求职面试而做准备或是为了初次约会而决定好好打扮,这些非常特殊的情况有一些共同之处:他们发生在一天中的某一时刻里,而那个时刻经常是我们可以选择或控制的。When making decisions, we often don’t consider how the time of day might affect our choices. 当做决定的时候,我们通常不会考虑时刻可能会如何影响我们的选择。Rather, we decide on a time based on what’s most convenient to us. 更确切的说,我们会选择对我们最方便的时间段。Yet recent research suggests that time of day has an important effect on our behavior and the actions of others.然而最近的研究显示时刻对我们的举止以及其他人的举止有着重要的影响。In addition, time of day influences how we interact with others. 另外,时刻也影响着我们如何与他人互动。In recent research (not yet published), Maryam Kouchaki (of Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management), Dan Cable (of the London Business School), and I reviewed field data from the MBA admissions office of a top U.S. business school. 在最近的研究(还未发表)中,(西北大学凯洛格管理学院的)Maryam Kouchaki以及(伦敦商学院的)Dan Cable和我回顾了一所美国顶级商学院MBA招生办公室的现场数据。Somewhat shockingly, we found that time of day influences admissions officers’ evaluations of applicants as much as their educational background and work experience. 有点令人震惊的是,我们发现在招生办公室对申请者进行评估时,时刻与申请者的教育背景以及工作经验对评估结果有着差不多的影响。Specifically, applicants were evaluated worse later in the day because interviewers conducted less structured interviews as the day wore on. 特别的,在一天中晚些的时候,申请者的评估结果会比较糟,因为随着时间流逝,面试官会进行较少的结构化面试。Interestingly, neither students nor admission officers were aware of the relevance of such time-of-day effects.有趣的是,学生和招生办公室都没有意识到时刻会有这样相关的影响。We know that fatigue tends to accumulate over the day, but we generally fail to consider that our performance suffers as a result. 我们知道在一天中疲劳会慢慢累积,但是我们通常不会考虑到我们的行为会因此而变糟。Add to that the fact that we often feel concerned about being asproductive as we can and thus often turn opportunities for a break into additional work (e.g., eating lunch at our desk). 另外,事实上,我们时常挂念着自己可以尽可能高效一点,因此常常把休息的机会用于额外的工作(如:在办公桌上吃午饭)。We can do better by taking breaks, and by carefully choosing the time of that appointment, interview, or date.我们可以通过休息以及精心选择约定、面试以及约会的时间来做得更好。 /201609/467117

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