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. Both sides also reiterated their commitment to closer cooperation on global governance. The EU and China expressed their iness to further strengthen EUChina dialogue on major international development issues, as well as their respective development policies, including efts to mulate and implement the post development agenda and sustainable development goals. 十七、双方将就全球治理开展更紧密合作双方愿就重大国际发展问题和各自发展政策加强对话,包括推动制定并落实年后发展议程和可持续发展目标I should also mention that, not only this year but also last year and bee, we saw a strong focus on innovation. This is something at the center of moving to a new model of economic development, which is more based on innovation and knowledge. It’s also, I think, one of the developments that could open further opporties cooperation, provided this is done not in a development based on subsidies and state intervention but more on an open, transparent and marketbased model, where European companies and European researchers could also make contributions.  Donald Trump may also face some backlashes after his immature attack on twitter on Megan Kelly who threw a harsh question at him about his offensive comments on women calling them “pigs, slobs, fat” in the debate. He retweeted a post calling Kelly a “bimbo.” The post was later deleted. “She’s not very tough and not very sharp,” Trump said during a phone interview on CNN. “I don’t respect her as a journalist.” But the question is: why Trump did not go after any male journalists who shot him same difficult questions? He clearly has some issues with women and we are waiting to see if this is so bad that it will cost him half of the voters in the end.

Dignitaries from 56 countries and international organizations were attending the ceremony. European Council President Herman Van Rompuy and the OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Zannier were among the guests at the event.

公司经理马来被绑架 被绑者疑为中国人 1:: 公司经理马来被绑架 被绑者疑为中国人吉隆坡,5月6日(新华)——周二,一公司经理,疑为中国人,在马来西亚沙巴州被绑架KUALA LUMPUR, May 6 (Xinhua) A company manager, feared to be a Chinese national, was kidnapped early Tuesday in Malaysia's state of Sabah, according to local sources.The incident was believed to occur at Silam near Lahad Datu between :5 a.m. and :55 a.m.Local newspaper The Star ed unofficial reports as saying that the victim's name was Yang Zailin and was a manager of Wonderful Terrace Sdn Bhd, a company operating a fish farm in the area.Other inmation including the victim's sex identification has not been reached so far.The Star said gunmen were believed to have fled towards the southern Philippines, without giving more detail.Sabah police commissioner Hamza Taib is expected to launch a press conference at noon on the incident.Two women, a Chinese tourist and a Filipino resort worker, were abducted by a group of gunmen from a Semporna resort in Sabah on April .The Holiday of Labors Day :51:37 The Holiday of Labor's Day I spent this holiday very quick, on the 1st May, we went to the Zoo, there were crowded there, so many travelers coming from all over the country to have some fun during the holidays.On nd May, I visited my relatives with my parents, we had a great lunch together, the resturant were crowded as well.On 3rd May, we went to shopping in the mall, after the shopping we went to watch a new movie. All the other days leftI didn't go anywhere, no only becasue I still have some homework,but also there were almost all crowded in everywhere!WASHINGTON A US Navy FA18D fighter crashed soon after takeoff into an apartment complex in Virginia on Friday, sending fireballs into the sky, heavily damaging halfadozen buildings and injuring nine people.

eignfunded firms, countless Chinese workers in processing industries have decades created considerable profits to receive low salaries.It is also entirely possible that the fragile cooperation between Russia and the US in Syria could be swept to one side by other developments. Last week, there was a near confrontation between Russian and American jets over the Baltic Sea. The Nato summit in Warsaw in July could also see a further escalation of tensions between Russia and the west, as Nato presses ahead with the deployment of troops in the Baltic states and Russia stations nuclear weapons in the enclave of Kaliningrad.俄罗斯和美国在叙利亚的脆弱合作也完全有可能因其他事态而被搁置一边上周,俄罗斯和美国的飞机在波罗的海上空几乎发生冲突今年7月北约(NATO)在华沙的峰会也可能让俄罗斯和西方的紧张局势进一步升级,因为北约加快推动在波罗的海国家部署军队,而俄罗斯则在加里宁格勒州飞地部署核武器The Diaoyu Island and its adjacent islets have been an inherent part of Chinese territory since ancient times, which is an unchangeable historical fact, and the Chinese government has repeatedly warned that territorial issues are within the domain of its core interests.

Twoway investment between China and the U.S. has surpassed 据越南媒体(Tuoi Tre News)最新报道,越南东南部省份同奈省对中国的生猪出口总额占到了该国对中国生猪出口总额的50%以上 billion.::1 :<牛人_句子>

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