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三门峡郑大中医医院割包皮手术价格三门峡义马市前列腺炎哪家医院最好三门峡郑大男子医院看前列腺炎好吗 Google will this week overhaul the way its search engine recommends websites on mobiles, an algorithmic shift that is likely to penalise many sites, including those of Microsoft and the European Union.谷歌(Google)本周将修改其搜索引擎在移动设备上对网站进行排名的方式,这一算法上的调整可能会让很多网站受到惩罚,包括微软(Microsoft)和欧盟(EU)的网站。The world’s most popular search engine will on Tuesday start updating its secret formula for ranking sites to favour those are “mobile friendly”, while demoting sites that fail to meet its criteria.谷歌是全球覆盖范围最广的搜索引擎,其将从周二开始修改其搜索排名的算法,新的算法将青睐那些“移动友好”网站,同时那些未能满足标准的网站的排名将出现下滑。Experts in search engine optimisation have dubbed the shift “Mobilegeddon”, predicting that companies unprepared for the change will suffer heavily as a result.搜索引擎优化专家将此次修改称为“移动友好”,他们预测,没有对此次修改做好准备的企业将受到严重影响。In an ironic twist, the EU, whose antitrust chief this week accused Google of illegally using its dominance in online search, is one of those likely to be penalised by the changes.具有讽刺意味的是,欧盟将成为可能被谷歌新算法惩罚的对象之一。欧盟反垄断部门本周曾指控谷歌非法利用其在在线搜索领域的主导地位。An online test provided by Google shows that the EU’s Europa website is “not mobile-friendly”. It contains text that is “too small to ”, links that are “too close together”, and content that is wider than the screen.谷歌提供的一次在线测试显示,欧盟的Europa网站“对移动不友好”。该网站文字“太小不易阅读”,链接“靠的太近”,内容宽度超过手机屏幕。According to research compiled by Somo, a mobile marketing agency, some of the world’s largest companies will be punished by Google under the new algorithm. These include fashion brands such as Versace , technology sites such as Microsoft ’s Windows Phone, and financial services companies such as Legal and General .根据移动营销机构Somo的研究,在新的算法下,全球一些最大企业将受到的惩罚。包括范思哲(Versace)等时装品牌、微软Windows Phone等科技网站以及Legal and General等金融务公司。 /201504/371150BEIJING — More than 9,000 Chinese villagers are leaving their homes to make way for aliens.北京——逾9000名中国村民离开家乡,为外星人让路。It is not a colonization plan from outer space. The Chinese government is relocating thousands of villagers to complete construction by September of the world’s biggest radio telescope, whose intended purpose is to detect signs of extraterrestrial life.这不是外太空的殖民计划。中国政府计划在9月前重新安置数千名村民,以建成世界最大的射电望远镜,探测地外生命的迹象。The telescope would be 500 meters, or 1,640 feet, in diameter, by far the largest of its kind in the world. It is called FAST, for Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope, and costs an estimated 1.2 billion renminbi, or 4 million.该望远镜口径将达到500米,是全世界此类望远镜中最大的。它被称为五百米口径球面射电望远镜(FAST),造价约为12亿元人民币。The mass relocation was announced on Tuesday in a report by Xinhua, the state news agency. The report said officials were relocating 2,029 families, a total of 9,110 people, living within a three-mile radius of the telescope in the area of Pingtang and Luodian Counties in the southwestern province of Guizhou.官方媒体新华社于周二公布了这个大规模搬迁计划。报道称,官员们将重新安置项目周边5公里内核心区——中国西南部贵州省平塘县和罗甸县——共2029户、9110人。Officials plan to give each person the equivalent of ,800 for housing compensation, the report said. Guizhou is one of China’s poorest provinces.报道称,官员们计划按照每人1.2万元标准进行补助。贵州是中国最贫穷的省份之一。Forced relocations for infrastructure projects are common across China, and the people being moved by officials often complain both of the eviction from their homes and inadequate compensation. The Three Gorges Dam displaced more than one million people along the Yangtze River, and the middle route of the gargantuan South-North Water Diversion Project has resulted in the relocation of 350,000 people to make way for a series of canals.为基础设施项目而强迫迁移的做法在中国各地很普遍,被迫搬迁的人经常抱怨称自己被赶出家园,同时没有获得足够多的补助。三峡大坝项目致使长江沿岸100多万人迁移,庞大的南水北调中线工程导致35万人搬迁,为一系列水道让路。The Chinese government has announced ambitious plans for its space program, at a time when the American one is in retreat. China aims to put an astronaut on the moon and a space station in orbit. The FAST project is another important element in the larger plan.中国政府宣布了庞大的太空计划,而此时美国的太空计划正在收缩。中国计划将宇航员送上月球,并打造在轨运行的空间站。FAST项目是这个大规模计划的重要组成部分。The telescope is being built in a wide depression among karst hills. The depression is far from cities and ideal for picking up radio transmissions, the Xinhua report said. Scientists began looking for a site in 1994 and finally settled on the Dawodang depression.该望远镜选址于岩溶山区的一片宽阔的洼地。新华社报道称,这片洼地远离城市,有利于无线电信号的接收。科学家从1994年开始选址,最终选定大窝凼洼地。If the truth is out there, then some Chinese scientists are confident that the giant telescope will find it. The current largest operational radio telescope is the 300-meter-diameter Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, but FAST in Guizhou will far surpass that.如果真的存在地外生命,一些中国科学家相信这座大型望远镜将会找到它。目前运行的最大射电望远镜在波多黎各阿雷西天文台(Arecibo Observatory),直径为300米,贵州的FAST将远远超过它。Li Di, a chief scientist with the National Astronomical Observatories under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told China Daily last year that “with a larger signal receiving area and more flexibility, FAST will be able to scan two times more sky area than Arecibo, with three to five times higher sensitivity.”中国科学院国家天文台首席科学家李菂去年接受《中国日报》采访时表示,“FAST拥有较大的信号接收区,更具灵活性,探查的天空面积是阿雷西的两倍多,精确度是它的三到五倍”。Last November, scientists successfully tested the telescope’s “retina,” which weighs 33 tons and is suspended 460 to 525 feet above the reflector dish, which was half-finished at the time, China Daily reported.《中国日报》报道称,去年11月,科学家们成功测试了该望远镜的“视网膜”,这一部分重达33吨,悬浮在反射器上方140米至160米处,当时还是半成品。The telescope has 4,500 panels that are mostly triangular and whose sides measure 36 feet, the report said. Those create a parabolic shape. The panels move and, by doing so, alter the shape of the antenna, which is supposed to pick up radio signals from distant corners of the universe. Those signals would then be reflected to a focal point.报道称该望远镜共有4500块面板,其中大部分是三角形,其边长约为11米。它们会形成一个抛物面。这些面板通过移动改变天线的形状,天线会接受来自宇宙偏远角落的无线电信号。然后信号会反射到一个焦点。Mr. Li told China Daily that engineers were aiming to install all the panels by this June and complete debugging by September.李菂告诉《中国日报》,工程师计划在今年6月前装完所有反射面板,9月底前完成所有调试工作。“Ultimately, exploring the unknown is the nature of mankind,” he said, adding that it was “as visceral as feeding and clothing ourselves.”“归根结底,探索未知是人类的本性,”他说,“就像吃饭穿衣一样自然”。“It drives us to a greater future,” he said.他说,“它将带领我们进入更广阔的未来。” /201602/427240三门峡尿道炎做什么检查

三门峡陕州区男科专家AS much as we love our digital devices, many of us have an uneasy sense that they are destroying our attention spans. We skitter from app to app, seldom alighting for long. Our ability to concentrate is shot, right?我们喜爱我们的数码设备,但与此同时,很多人也对此感到不安,觉得它们破坏了我们注意力的持续度。我们在各种应用中切换,很少在其中一个上做长时间停留。我们全神贯注的能力遭到了削弱,是吧?Research shows that our intuition is wrong. We can focus. But our sense that we can’t may not be a phantom. Paying attention requires not just ability but desire. Technology may snuff out our desire to focus.研究表明,这种想当然的看法并不正确。我们是可以集中注意力的。但我们觉得自己丧失了这个能力也是有原因的。因为这不仅需要能力,也需要意愿。而科技产品可能扼杀了我们全神贯注的意愿。The idea that gadgets corrode our attention span sounds logical. Screen-based activities can take upward of 11 hours of a teenager’s day, and many demand rapid shifts of attention: quick camera cuts in s, frenetically paced games, answering questions in multiple apps, not to mention web design that invites skimming. And we often do all this simultaneously, so attention bounces between two (or three or eight) fast-paced tasks. The theory is that the brain’s plasticity turns this quick mental pivoting into a habit, rendering us unable to sustain attention.数码设备削弱了我们的注意力,这个想法似乎很合逻辑。青少年每天在屏幕上进行的活动时间可以长达11小时,很多设备需要你快速转换注意力:视频中的快速剪接镜头,节奏紧张的游戏,在多个应用中回答问题,更不用说鼓励你一览而过的网页设计了。我们经常同时做这些事情,因为我们的注意力也在两个(或三个,或八个)快节奏的任务之间来回切换。有人认为,大脑具有可塑性,因此快速切换的做法逐渐养成了习惯,导致我们无法持续集中注意力。But there’s little evidence that attention spans are shrinking. Scientists use “span” to mean two separate things: how much we can keep in mind, and how well we can maintain focus. They measure the former by asking people to repeat increasingly long strings of digits in reverse order. They measure the latter by asking people to monitor visual stimuli for occasional, subtle changes. Performance on these tests today looks a whole lot as it did 50 years ago.但几乎没有据表明,人们注意力的持续度正在缩短。科学家用“持续度”来表示两种不同的东西:我们一次可以记住多少东西,以及我们可以全神贯注的程度。他们测量前者的方式是让人以相反的顺序复述越来越长的数字串。衡量后者时则要求人监测视觉刺激,注意到偶然发生的微妙变化。这些测试的结果似乎和50年前相差无几。Scientists also note that although mental tasks can change our brains, the impact is usually modest. For example, practice with action games improves some aspects of vision, but it’s a small boost, not an overhaul of how we see. Attention is so central to our ability to think that a significant deterioration would require a retrofitting of other cognitive functions. Mental reorganization at that scale happens over evolutionary time, not because you got a smartphone.科学家还指出,虽然心智任务可以改变我们的大脑,但其影响通常不大。例如,对于我们如何看东西,动作类改善了其中的某些方面,但幅度很小,并不显著。注意力是我们思考能力的核心,以至于只有加上其他认知功能的变化才会导致它出现显著恶化。这种程度的心智重组属于进化范畴,不是弄到一部智能手机就会发生的。But if our attention span is not shrinking, why do we feel it is? Why, in a 2012 Pew survey, did nearly 90 percent of teachers claim that students can’t pay attention the way they could a few years ago? It may be that digital devices have not left us unable to pay attention, but have made us unwilling to do so.但是,如果我们的注意力持续度没有缩减,为什么我们会有这种感觉呢?为什么皮尤(Pew)2012年的一项调查显示,将近90%的教师说学生们不像几年前那样注意力集中了?这可能是因为数码设备虽然没有让我们削弱集中注意力的能力,但却让我们失去了这样做的意愿。The digital world carries the promise of amusement that is constant, immediate and limitless. If a YouTube isn’t funny in the first 10 seconds, why watch when I can instantly seek something better on BuzzFeed or Spotify? The Internet hasn’t shortened my attention span, but it has fixed a persistent thought in the back of my mind: Isn’t there’s something better to do than what I’m doing?数码世界提供了源源不断、即时、无限的活动。如果YouTube上一段视频的前10秒没意思,那为何还要看它,反正我可以马上到BuzzFeed或Spotify找到更好的东西?互联网没有缩减我的注意力持续度,但它改变了我脑海中一个长期以来的想法:是不是有什么东西比我现在手上的更好?Are we more easily bored than we were 20 years ago? Researchers don’t know, but recent studies support the suggestion that our antennas are always up. People’s performance on basic laboratory tests of attention gets worse if a cellphone is merely visible nearby. In another experiment, people using a driving simulator were more likely to hit a pedestrian when their cellphone rang, even if they had planned in advance not to answer it.与20年前相比,我们现在更容易厌倦了吗?研究人员没有,但最近的研究持了一个说法:我们的天线一直是开着的。在基本的实验室测试中,仅仅是有一部手机在视线范围之内,人们的注意力表现就会变差。在另一个实验中,如果手机在响,即使驾驶模拟器的人决定不去理睬它,也更有可能撞上行人。The direst prediction offered by digital critics — our phones are really pocket-size deep fryers for the mind — may be untrue, but the alternative I’ve suggested sounds nearly as bad. The appetite for endless entertainment suggests that worthier activities will be shoved aside. We may buy Salman Rushdie’s book, but we’ll end up sucked in by Flappy Bird.数码批评家做出了可怕的预测——手机就是一口袖珍的心智油炸锅。事实可能并非这样,但我的说法似乎也暗示着同样糟糕的事情:对的无限热衷,似乎意味着更有价值的活动将被抛到一边。我们可能会购买萨尔曼·拉什迪(Salman Rushdie)的书,结果却沉迷于玩《像素鸟》(Flappy Bird)游戏。That doesn’t quite seem to be the case, either. Research shows, for example, that the amount of leisure ing hasn’t changed with the advent of the digital age. Before we congratulate ourselves, though, let’s acknowledge that brainier hobbies have never been that popular. There have always been ways to kill time.情况好像也不是这样。例如,研究表明,休闲书刊阅读量似乎并没有随着数字时代的来临而改变。在祝贺自己之前,我们不妨先承认,更高雅的爱好从来都没有那么流行。打发时间的方式一直都不缺乏。Still, digital activities may be different. Over the last decade, neuroscientists distinguished two systems of attention and associated thought. One is directed outward, as when you scroll through your email or play Candy Crush. The other is directed inward, as when you daydream, plan what you’ll do tomorrow, or reflect on the past. Clearly, most digital activities call for outwardly directed attention. These two modes of attention work like a toggle switch; when one is on, the other is off. In fact, when attention is outwardly directed, the inwardly directed attention system is somewhat suppressed. Given the amount of time people spend with digital devices, that sounds ominous.但是,数字活动可能还是有所不同。过去十年来,神经学家总结出两种有关注意力和思考的系统。一种是外指向的,出现在你浏览电子邮件,或玩《糖果粉碎传奇》(Candy Crush)的时候。另一种是内指向的,出现在你发呆,计划明天会做什么,或反思过去的时候。显然,大多数数字活动引发的都是外指向的注意力。这两种模式就像按动开关;当其中一种打开,另一种就关闭了。事实上,当注意力切换到外指向系统时,内指向的系统就遭到了抑制。鉴于我们在数码设备上花的时间如此之多,这听起来有些不妙。Will we actually lose our ability to daydream? Let’s hope not. Among daydreaming’s many merits, research shows, is an association with greater creativity. But there is a dark side of inwardly directed thought, too. Daydreaming often distracts us when we’re trying to get something done. And reflection can turn ugly, as when we ruminate about some past insult or error.我们真的会失去发呆的能力?希望不会吧。研究显示,发呆有诸多优点,其中一个和创造力提升很有关系。但是内指向活动也有缺点。比如我们想把事情做好的时候,发呆可能会让我们分心。当我们纠结于过去的一些侮辱或错误时,反思可能并非好事。Digital devices are not eating away at our brains. They are, however, luring us toward near constant outwardly directed thought, a situation that’s probably unique in human experience. A flat cap on time with devices — the restriction we first think of for ourselves and our kids — might help. So would parking devices in another room for a while. But it would be more effective if we could learn to recognize in ourselves when escape from our thoughts is O.K. and when reflection is in order. As a bonus, judgments like that require inwardly directed attention, a mental habit that in our smartphone era, we’d be dumb to lose.数码设备不会蚕食我们的大脑。然而,它们引诱我们几乎总是采取外指向思维,在人类经验中,这种情况可能是是独一无二的。为设备使用时间设定上限——我们首先为自己和孩子想到的限制——可能会有帮助。放下设备,到另一个房间呆一段时间也会很有用。但是,如果我们可以自己意识到,什么时候应当从思绪中抽离,什么时候应该进行反思,效果就会更好。这样的判断需要内指向的注意力,这是一个额外优点。在目前这个智能手机的时代,放弃这种心智习惯就太不明智了。 /201501/356554三门峡哪家医院耳科最好 If you#39;ve ever felt threatened walking home late at night, chances are you#39;ve phoned a loved one to make sure they know you#39;re safe.如果你深夜步行回家时感到害怕,你极有可能向你爱的人打电话,向他们报平安。But making calls not only makes your phone a target for thieves, it can also distract you from your surroundings, putting you at greater risk.但是打电话不仅会暴露手机成为小偷的目标,还会分散你对周围环境的注意力,将自己置于更危险的境地。Now there#39;s an app that lets your family or friends track your journey and will call for help automatically if it senses you#39;re in trouble.现在有一款应用能让家人或朋友了解你的旅途足迹,当感应到你遇到危险时,自动求救。Called Companion, the main feature that distinguishes it from other tracking and GPS apps, such as Apple#39;s Find My Friends, is its #39;Are you OK?#39; button.这款应用名为“同伴”(Companion)。该应用的主要特色“你还好吗?”(“Are you OK?”)按钮使它与其他行迹和GPS应用不同。Before setting off on a journey, users input their starting point, their destination and a designated #39;companion#39;.出发前,用户输入出发点和终点,然后授权一位“同伴”。This can be anyone in the user#39;s contacts book, and they don#39;t need to have the app installed.这个“同伴”可以是用户通讯录里的任何一个人,而他们不必安装此应用。The #39;companion#39; can then track the phone#39;s GPS to see where their loved one is at any time, while the app will periodically show a button on the user#39;s home screen asking #39;Are you OK?#39;然后这位“同伴”就可以跟踪手机的GPS随时了解他们爱的人所在的位置,而同时应用会定时在用户的主屏幕上显示一个按钮,询问“你还好吗?”。If they don#39;t press the button within 15 seconds, the companion is sent an alert.如果用户15秒内没有按下按钮,指定的“同伴”就会收到提醒。The user is also given the option to call the police from within the app.而在用户的应用中也会出现报警的选项。Elsewhere, the app can detect if a person has been running, or headphones have been removed from the audio jack suggesting the phone has been dropped, for example.此外,这款应用还可以检测一个人是否在奔跑,或者耳机是否从插孔里脱落,这可能表明手机已经掉了。If this happens, the #39;Are you OK?#39; button appears and the 15-second countdown starts automatically.如果这种情况发生,“你还好吗?”按钮就会出现,然后自动开始15秒的倒计时。Companion is free for iOS and Android devices and users need to enter their mobile number to sign up to the service.苹果与安卓设备可以免费使用“同伴”,用户需要输入手机号码注册来获得此务。Although the app was designed in the US, it works with international numbers when they are prefixed with their country#39;s code.尽管这款应用是在美国设计的,但是只要在前面输入国家代码,全世界的手机号码都可以使用。#39;Companion lets you reach out to family, friends or your campus police and have them keep an eye on you as you travel late at night,#39; explained the app#39;s makers.应用设计者说,“当你深夜时分在外时,‘同伴’可以保持你与家人、朋友或校园警察的联系,他们可以实时注意你的动态。”#39;If you start running, don#39;t make it to your destination on time, have your headphones yanked out or your phone falls to the ground, we will check in on you to make sure everything is okay.“如果你开始奔跑、没有准时到达目的地、耳机拔了出来或者手机掉到地上,我们都会尝试联系你,确认你一切安好。”#39;You can also report areas that make you uneasy. Simply tap the #39;I Feel Nervous#39; button and we#39;ll pass this information on [the authorities].#39;“你也可以举报令你感到不安全的地方。很简单,按‘我感到紧张’按钮,我们会把相关信息传达给有关部门。”Companion is similar to SafeTrek, an app that uses the pressure sensor of smartphone touchscreens to create an alarm that will call for help if the user lifts their finger off.“同伴”和SafeTrek功能相似。SafeTrek是一款利用智能手机触屏压力感应器的应用,当用户松开手指时,应用会发出呼救的警报。Removing a finger triggers a screen asking for a four-digit pin code and if it is not entered it alerts the police and directs them to the user#39;s location.移开手指会触发一个要求用户输入四位的PIN码的屏幕,如果不输入PIN码,应用就会通知警方并指引他们到达用户的位置。 /201509/398153河南三门峡包皮手术怎么样

湖滨区人民医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱 SAN FRANCISCO — Google likes its ambitions sky high. This time, it has gone a little further.旧金山——谷歌(Google)向来不缺少凌云壮志。而这一次,它又有了更高的目标。The Internet giant, along with Fidelity, has invested billion in SpaceX, the private rocketry company founded by Elon Musk. The move will help Google achieve its aim of bringing satellite Internet to remote corners of the world while giving SpaceX a round of fresh capital for its founder to pursue dreams of going to Mars.这家互联网巨头与Fidelity一道,为埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)创办的私营火箭公司SpaceX投资了10亿美元。此举有助于谷歌实现让世界上的偏远角落享有卫星互联网务的目标,同时也让SpaceX获得了新一轮的注资,使它的创始人可以继续追寻登上火星的梦想。In a statement on its website, SpaceX said the money would be used “to support continued innovation in the areas of space transport, reusability and satellite manufacturing.”SpaceX在其网站上发表声明称,这笔资金将会用于“持航天运输、重复利用和卫星制造领域的持续创新”。A Google spokesman said Don Harrison, Google’s vice president for corporate development, would join the board of SpaceX. In a statement, Mr. Harrison said: “Space-based applications, like imaging satellites, can help people more easily access important information, so we’re excited to support SpaceX’s growth as it develops new launch technologies.”谷歌的一名发言人说,谷歌的企业发展副总裁唐·哈里森(Don Harrison)将加入SpaceX的董事会。哈里森在一份声明中说:“太空技术的实际应用,比如成像卫星,可以帮助人们更加轻松地获取重要信息,因此能在SpaceX开发新的发射技术时,为它的成长提供持,我们感到十分激动。”In addition to an interest in a decent payoff on its investment, Google may be seeking to put itself into orbit. Last year, Google bought Skybox Imaging, a maker of small, high-resolution imaging satellites, for about 0 million. Google aly offers satellite imagery in its Google Earth product, but must purchase these images from multiple sources, often receiving what company executives have said is uneven image quality.除了可观的投资回报,谷歌可能还在寻求把自己的卫星送入轨道。去年,谷歌以大约5亿美元(约合30亿元人民币)的价格收购了Skybox Imaging,它是一家小型高分辨率成像卫星的制造商。谷歌已经在谷歌地球(Google Earth)产品中提供了卫星图像,但必须从不同来源购买这些图像,公司高管说,这些图像质量常常参差不齐。Google may also be interested in developing satellites with other kinds of sensors, like infrared detectors that show the health of crops, or lasers that can pierce forest canopies to show underlying terrain.谷歌可能还想要开发带有其他感应装置的卫星,比如展示庄稼健康状况的红外探测器,或是能够穿透森林覆盖展示地形的激光设备。The company has also shown interest in transforming the Internet connectivity business with high-altitude balloons that people can use to get online from remote locations. That same transmission technology could conceivably be put on satellites as well. Google is in competition with Facebook, which is also interested in advanced means of connectivity and which last year purchased a drone company potentially capable of carrying Internet devices.谷歌还表现出了用高空气球为互联网连接带来变革的愿望。这种高空气球可以让地处偏远的人接入互联网。可以想见,同样的传输技术能够用在卫星上。谷歌正在与Facebook展开竞争,后者也对先进的网络连接手段萌生了兴趣,并于去年收购了一家无人机公司,这种无人机有望搭载互联网设备。Google and Fidelity will collectively own 10 percent of SpaceX because of the investment.做出这笔投资后,谷歌和Fidelity将共同拥有SpaceX公司10%的股份。The Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have also expressed personal interest in space exploration. Early in the company’s history it offered employee lectures on building so-called space elevators that could theoretically launch objects off Earth more cheaply than rockets could.谷歌创始人拉里·佩奇(Larry Page)和谢尔盖·布林(Sergey Brin)也曾表达过对于太空探索的个人兴趣。谷歌公司在创办初期,曾对员工做过关于制造所谓的“太空电梯”的讲座。理论上,这种装置能以低于火箭的成本,把物体从地球发射出去。 /201501/355980三门峡不孕不育医院三门峡包皮过长切除手术费用



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