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As we enter 2016, we need to remember that we are truly blessed to live in the greatest country in the world. Thanks to our military, veterans, law enforcement, first responders and others who keep us safe and free. On Tuesday, President Obama will give his last State of the Union Address to the nation. He will likely itemize a list of what he believes to be his accomplishments and priorities. However, what we really need to hear about is how he will unleash the creativity and drive of the American people. As we look to the future, we need to recognize that the greatest strength of our country is the ingenuity, resourcefulness, productivity, work ethic, and talents of our people. As Republicans, we want to empower our great people and country to compete and win. That means reducing the regulatory burden, reforming and simplifying the tax code and getting our fiscal house in order. It means finding savings and reforms to reduce the size and scope of government to make sure we dont leave our kids and grandkids a big debt and deficit. Hi, Im Senator John Hoeven, and Id like to talk to you today about how the ed States needs to compete in the global energy arena. This holiday season, consumers saw the lowest price of fuel at the pump in seven years. As a result, more families hit the road to see loved ones and friends. If you liked paying less for gas at the pump this year, you need to know that those prices are lower because America is producing more oil and gas, and more supply is keeping costs down. But if Americans want that to continue, we must take proactive steps so that our domestic industry can continue to grow. Make no mistake, we are locked in a global battle to determine who will produce oil and gas in the world in the future. Will it be OPEC? Russia? Countries like Venezuela? Or will it be us, the ed States. We took an important step toward winning that battle last month by lifting the 40-year-old ban on oil exports. OPEC is fighting to defend their market share and exert their historical dominance over oil markets and energy prices. Theyre actually working to undermine our energy industry. As a consequence of President Obamas nuclear agreement with Iran, this state sponsor of terrorism will now be able to increase its oil exports at a moment when our moderate Sunni allies and their partners feel increasingly threatened by Iranian belligerence. As a result, Saudi Arabia has opened the spigot to maintain its own level of exports. A huge part of Vladimir Putins power base on the world stage is the fact that so much of Europe depends on oil and gas from Russia. And ISIL is relying upon the sale of oil and gas to fund its brutal terrorist activities in the Middle East and beyond. Part of defeating ISIL will include militarily denying them oil revenues which they are using to fund their operations. We cant do that and at the same time be reliant on oil from the Middle East. For all of these reasons we need to make our nation energy secure. Furthermore, we need to be creating good-quality energy jobs here at home, rather than seeing them created overseas, often in countries that are our adversaries. The ability to compete is also vital for our economic growth and job creation in other industry sectors, as well, because energy is a foundational industry. Low-cost energy makes us more competitive in the global economy across the board – in all industry sectors. More supply means lower prices at the pump, which benefits all families and small business across America, and energy security is a vitally important part of national security. Americans have seen what it means to depend on OPEC for their energy needs, and they dont want to go back to that era of embargoes and high prices at the pump, as Europe faces with Russia and OPEC today. At the same time, as we develop and deploy new technologies to produce more energy more efficiently and more cost effectively, were also improving environmental stewardship. Ironically, as were producing more oil and gas, were actually lowering CO2 emissions. Between 2007, when carbon dioxide emissions plateaued, and 2014, we have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 10 percent. Thats in part because were producing and using more natural gas from domestic shale like the Bakken formation in my home state. Lifting the antiquated ban on oil exports and enabling our country to compete is just one example, but it illustrates the Republican approach, which is to empower men and women in all industry sectors to compete by unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit of the American people. Combine that can-do spirit with a pro-growth business climate that incentivizes investment and innovation across industry sectors, and you have a formula for success. Americans can compete with anyone, anywhere and anytime, but we need to empower them to do so. We need to help industries across the board – our farmers, ranchers, and small business, the backbone of our country – to grow and create the good jobs of the future. You do that by building the kind of legal, tax, and regulatory climate that attracts investment, innovation – and jobs. You do it by reforming the tax code to make it simpler, flatter, and fairer so that the American people have the motivation to compete and win. You do it by reducing the size and scope of government and the federal bureaucracy so that our President and Congress are working for – not against – the innovative men and women who are striving every day to build the future of America. And finally, you do it by controlling federal spending to shrink our debt and deficit. We must stop mortgaging our childrens future. These are the ways you create economic growth and jobs. These are the ways you build opportunity and prosperity for all. And after all, opportunity and the chance to succeed, no matter who you are or where you came from, are the hallmarks of America; they are what the American Dream is – and always has been – all about. Thank you, and best wishes for a wonderful New Year.201601/421937Hi, everybody.嗨,大家好。Our top priority as a country right now should be doing everything we can to grow our economy and create good, middle class jobs.我们国家现在的第一要务就是想尽一切办法促进经济增长和创造中产阶级需要的好的工作岗位。And yet, less than one week from now, Congress is poised to allow a series of arbitrary, automatic budget cuts that will do the exact opposite.然而,在不到一个星期的时间内,国会已经摆出唱反调的架势,要武断的通过一些自动预算削减。They will slow our economy.他们要减缓我们的经济发展。They will eliminate good jobs.他们会让我们失去好的工作岗位。They will leave many families who are aly stretched to the limit scrambling to figure out what to do.他们会让无数被逼到极限的家庭不知所措。But heres the thing: these cuts dont have to happen.但目前的问题是,这样的削减本来是不该发生的。Congress can turn them off anytime with just a little compromise.国会只要稍作妥协,就可以在任何时候避免这种情况。They can pass a balanced plan for deficit reduction.他们可以通过一项平衡的方案降低赤字。They can cut spending in a smart way, and close wasteful tax loopholes for the well-off and well-connected.他们可以以更合适的方式削减出,终结有利于富人和权贵人士们的浪费性税法漏洞。Unfortunately, it appears that Republicans in Congress have decided that instead of compromising—instead of asking anything of the wealthiest Americans—they would rather let these cuts fall squarely on the middle class.不幸的是,国会的共和党人显然是要坚持到底拒不妥协,他们宁可将所有的减重担完全让中产阶级承担,也不愿对富人们提任何要求。Heres what that choice means.这样的决定意味着,Once these cuts take effect, thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off, and tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find child care for their kids.一旦这些削减发生,数千名教师以及教育工作者将被辞退,数万父母将为孩子的教育问题而苦苦挣扎。Air traffic controllers and airport security will see cutbacks, causing delays across the country.航空管理员和机场安检人员将面临裁员的危机,由此将带来全国范围的航班延误。Even President Bushs director of the National Institutes of Health says these cuts will set back medical science for a generation.甚至布什总统任命的国家卫生研究院院长也表示这样的出削减将使得医学研究被拖后一代人的时间。Aly, the threat of these cuts has forced the Navy to delay the deployment of an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf – affecting our ability to respond to threats in an unstable part of the world.这些削减的威胁已经迫使我们的海军推迟向波斯湾派遣一艘航母—削弱了我们应对世界上不安定地区威胁的能力。And just this week, the Pentagon announced that if these cuts go through, almost 800,000 defense employees – the equivalent of every person in Miami and Cleveland combined – will be forced to take unpaid leave.就在这周,五角大楼宣布如果这些削减继续,将有800,000位国防雇员—相当于迈阿密和克利夫兰两个城市的人口总和—被迫停薪休假。That s what this choice means.以上就是这种决定的后果。Are Republicans in Congress really willing to let these cuts fall on our kids schools and mental health care just to protect tax loopholes for corporate jet owners?难道国会的共和党人真的希望为了保护利于公司高管的税收漏洞而让幼儿园和医疗保健面临出削减的困境吗?Are they really willing to slash military health care and the border patrol just because they refuse to eliminate tax breaks for big oil companies?难道他们真的希望砍掉军队医疗和边境巡逻的出,仅仅因为他们拒绝减少对大型石油公司的税收优惠吗?Are they seriously prepared to inflict more pain on the middle class because they refuse to ask anything more of those at the very top?难道他们真的打算给中产阶级带来更多痛苦仅仅因为他们拒绝向权贵阶层提出更多要求吗?These are the questions Republicans in Congress need to ask themselves.这是国会的共和党人应该扪心自问的。And Im hopeful theyll change their minds.我期待着他们能改变自己的看法。Because the American people have worked too hard for too long to see everything theyve built undone by partisan recklessness in Washington.因为,长久以来辛勤工作的美国人民不能眼睁睁的看着他们建设的一切被华盛顿的党同伐异毁于一旦。I believe we should work together to build on the more than .5 trillion in deficit reduction weve aly achieved.我相信我们应该共同努力在削减2.5万亿财政赤字的基础上更进一步。But I believe we should do it in a balanced way—with smart spending cuts, entitlement reform, and tax reform.但我希望我们能通过平衡的方式进行,通过更巧妙的出削减,福利改革以及税收改革。Thats my plan.我的计划是,Its got tough cuts, tough reforms, and asks more of the wealthiest Americans.进行严格的出削减,严厉的改革,让富豪们承担更多义务。Its on the White House website for everyone to see.这也是你们在白宫的网站上所看到的。And it requires Democrats and Republicans to meet half way to resolve the problem.这需要民主党和共和党互相妥协来解决这一问题。That s what the American people expect.这是美国人民期待的。And thats what you deserve.也是大家理所应得的。We just need Republicans in Washington to come around.我们需要的只是华盛顿的共和党人能伸一把手。Because we need their help to finish the job of reducing our deficit in a smart way that doesnt hurt our economy or our people.因为我们需要他们帮助我们用巧妙的方式削减财政赤字而不危害到我们的经济和人民生活。After all, as we learned in the 1990s, nothing shrinks the deficit faster than a growing economy that creates good, middle-class jobs.一如我们在上个世纪90年代就得到的经验,削减赤字,任何东西都没有创造一个稳定中产阶级的不断发展的经济更快更有效。That has to be our driving focus.这才是我们的推动力,That has to be our North Star.我们前进的北极星。Making America a magnet for good jobs.让好的工作岗位向美国回流。Equipping our people with the skills required to fill those jobs.让人民掌握这些工作岗位所需的技能。Making sure your hard work leads to a decent living.让辛勤的劳动能换来体面的生活。That s what this city should be focused on like a laser.这才是华盛顿应该像激光一样集中精力关注的事情。And Im going to keep pushing folks here to remember that.我将持续提醒这里的人牢记这一点。Thanks.谢谢大家。201303/227816

And it was strong enough to bring hope to people who came out on a cold Iowa night--and became the first voices in this chorus for change that has been echoed by millions of Americans from every corner of this nation--millions of Americans who know that Barack understands their dreams; millions of Americans who know that Barack will fight for people like them and that Barack will bring finally the change that we need.它是如此坚实,足以把希望带给那些爱荷华之夜冒着严寒走出来的人们——他们率先发出了要求变革的呼声,而数百万来自美国各个角落里的人们响应着这个呼声——数百万美国人知道巴拉克了解他们的梦想,数百万美国人知道巴拉克将会像他们一样为了人民去战斗并最终将带来我们需要的变革。And in the end--And in the end, after all thats happened these past 19 months, see, the Barack Obama I know today is the same man I fell in love with 19 years ago. Hes the same man who drove me and our new baby daughter home from the hospital 10 years ago this summer, inching along at a snails pace--peering at us anxiously at the--through the rear-view mirror, feeling the whole weight of her future in his hands, determined to give her everything hed struggled so hard for himself, determined to give her something he never had: the affirming embrace of a fathers love.最后,经过过去这19个月的风风雨雨,我今天所认识的这个巴拉克·奥巴马还是我19年前爱上的那个巴拉克·奥巴马。他依然是10年前的夏天开车把我和我们刚出生的女儿从医院接回家的那个男人,一路上缓缓地开车——不时从后视镜里焦急地看着我们,那感觉就像孩子的整个未来的重担全交到了他手里,他决心将自己奋斗得到的一切都给予她,决心把自己从来不从有过的东西给予她,那就是父爱的坚定呵护。 /201309/255085

His name is Lonnie Hodge, and hes a veteran of Vietnam.他的名字叫朗尼?何举, 他是越南战争回来的老兵。When he returned, he started working with survivors of genocide and a lot of people who had gone through war trauma.他回来后开始跟种族屠杀幸存者和其他有战争创伤的人一起工作。And he had PTSD and also a fear of heights, because in Vietnam, he had been rappelling backwards out of helicopters over the skids.他有战后创伤症候群并且他还恐高,因为在越南,他经常从直升机上反向绕绳下降。And he was givena service dog named Gander, a labradoodle,to help him with PTSD and his fear of heights.然后他就有了只务犬叫甘德,一只拉布拉多贵宾犬帮助他克创伤后遗症和恐高。This is them actually on the first day that they met,which is amazing, and since then,theyve spent a lot of time together visiting with other veterans suffering from similar issues.这是它们第一次碰面,非常愉快,从那以后他们会花很多时间拜访其他有相同问题的老兵。But whats so interesting to me about Lonnie and Ganders relationship is about a few months in,Gander actually developed a fear of heights,probably because he was watching Lonnie so closely.但引起我兴趣的是 朗尼和甘德的关系。在认识几个月后,甘德开始恐高,可能是因为他近距离观察了朗尼。Whats pretty great about this, though, is that hes still a fantastic service dog, because now, when theyre both at a great height, Lonnie is so concerned with Ganders well-being这很了不起,它还是只很赞的务犬,因为现在,如果他们同时站在高处朗尼因为过于担心甘德的安全。that he forgets to be scared of the heights himself.甚至忘记了自己恐高。Since Ive spent so much time with these stories,digging into archives,I literally spent years doing this research,and its changed me.自从我花这么多时间在这些故事上,钻研归档,我花了很多年来做这份研究,这真的改变了我。。I no longer look at animals at the species level.我再也不会从物种层面来看动物。I look at them as individuals, and I think about them as creatures with their own individual weather systems guiding their behavior and informing how they respond to the world.我把它们看成独立的个体然后待它们为有独立内在系统的生物引领着它们的行为,告知它们如何回应这世界。And I really believe that this has made me a more curious and a more empathetic person, both to the animals that share my bed我相信这让我变成了一个更好奇、更赋有同情心的人,不管是跟我睡一张床。And occasionally wind up on my plate,but also to the people that I know who are suffering from anxiety and from phobias and all manner of other things.偶尔还跟我抢饭的动物还是我认识的。有焦躁症、恐惧症、或者其他病症的人们。And I really do believe that even though you cant know exactly whats going on in the mind of a pig.我真的相信就算你不可能明确了解一只猪、哈巴或是你伴侣的。or your pug or your partner, that that shouldnt stop you from empathizing with them.脑子里到底在想什么,这也不应该阻止你理解他们。The best thing that we could do for our loved ones is, perhaps, to anthropomorphize them.我们给所爱对象最好的礼物也许就是拟人化他们。Charles Darwins father once told him that everybody could lose their mind at some point.查尔斯·达尔文的父亲曾告诉他所有人都可能在某一刻失去理智,。Thankfully, we can often find them again,but only with each others help. 值得感激的是,我们常常能找回理智,但需要彼此的帮助。201412/350504


  We Canadians are blessed to live in the best country in the world.But we must remember that our good fortune is not an accident.Its the direct result of visionary leaders, of courageous men and women in uniform, of the waves of industrious immigrants who have come to our shores, of the decorated athletes who unite us and make us proud, and, of course, because of Canadas families.Moms and dads, sons and daughters who work hard every day, in their own way, to help make Canada a better, stronger, more prosperous country.Today, let us celebrate the people who make Canada great.And let us, with proud and glowing hearts, rededicate ourselves to the service of our great country, Canada, strong, united and free.From my family to yours, Happy Canada Day!201508/394311。

  And you actually start this game in a drop of water,其实是从一滴水里开始这个游戏的,as a very, very small single-cell creature,这时你还是一个很小很小的单细胞生物,and right off the bat you basically just have to live, survive, reproduce.然后马上你需要开始基本的生存、生活、繁衍。So here we are, at a very microscopic scale, swimming around.你看,它小极了,游来游去。And I actually realize that cells dont have eyes,我知道事实上细胞生物没有眼睛,but it helps to make it cute.但是眼睛使它看起来更可爱。The players are going to play through every generation of this species,玩家会逐步经历这个物种的每一代进化,and as you play the game the creature is actually growing bit by bit.当你玩这个游戏的时候,这个生物就一点一点地长大。And as we start growing the camera will actually start zooming out,当它开始生长的时候,镜头会变焦and things that you see in the background there will actually start slowly pulling into the foreground,使得你在背景中看到的景物会慢慢地往前移,showing you a little bit of what youll be interacting with as you grow.让你知道当它成长的时候会遇到什么。So as we eat, the camera starts pulling out,瞧,当它进食的时候,镜头会拉远,and then we start interacting with kind of larger and larger organisms.然后我们开始和越来越大的生物体互动。Now, we actually play through many generations here, at the cellular scale.我们可以在细胞层面经历好多代。Im going to skip ahead here.我要跳过这一级了。At some point we get larger, and we actually get to a macro-evolution scale.当我们变大之后,就会进入到进化的宏观层面。Now at this point were leaving the water,在这个界面中,我们离开了水,and one thing thats kind of important about this game is that, at every level,这个游戏中很重要的一点是,在每一个级别中,the player is designing their creature, and thats a fundamental aspect of this.玩家可以自己设计生物的形态。这是很基本的。Now, in the evolution game here,那么,在这个进化游戏中,the creature scale, basically you have to eat, survive, and then reproduce.在生物的层面上,你要做的基本上就是进食、生存、繁殖。You know, very Darwinian.这很符合达尔文的理论。One thing we noticed with ;The Sims,;大家在我以前创作的“模拟”系列游戏中which is a game I did earlier, is that players love making stuff.已经注意到,玩家喜欢做东西。When they were able to make stuff in the game当他们自己可以制作东西时,they had a tremendous amount of empathy in connection to it.他们就会对它产生极大的共情感,Even if it wasnt as pretty as what other people would make it哪怕做出来的东西并不是人们想象的那么美丽as a professional artist would make for games就像专业的艺术家为游戏设计的那样it really stuck with them and they really cared about what would happen to it.但玩家对它们不离不弃,对它遇到的一切非常关心。So at this point, weve left the water, and now with this little creature --所以现在,我们离开了水。我们可以让这个小家伙——we could bring up the volume a little bit -- and now we might try to eat.我们可以把音量调大一点——让它吃东西,We might sneak up on this little guy over here maybe, and try and eat him.我们可以悄悄接近这个小东西,然后吃掉它。OK, well, we fight.好,我们干一架。OK, we got him. Now we get a meal.嗯,我们打败了它。现在我们开吃。So really, at this part of the game,所以在游戏的这个部分,what were doing is were running around and surviving,我们就是在游荡和生存,and also getting to the next generation,并且制造下一代,because were going to play through every generation of this creature.因为我们要经历这个生物的每一代。We can mate, so Im going to see if one of these creatures wants to mate with me.我们可以交配,所以我要看看这个同类是不是愿意和我交配。Yeah. We didnt want to replay actual evolution with humans and all that嗯。我们并不想重复人类实际的进化过程,because its almost more interesting to look at alternate possibilities in evolution.因为看看别的可能也许更加有趣。Evolution is usually presented as this one path that we took through,我们经历的进化过程有时候显得像是唯一的方式but really it represents this huge set of possibilities.但是进化其实有很多的可能方式201512/418605

  Our financing Organization provides a simple, single point of contact for financing, leasing and re-marketing products. It also offers innovative ;technology refresh; programs that will automatically upgrade a customers assets and dispose of the obsolete technology. And HPs commitment to be the best customer service organization in China has been a key differentiator and ingredient to ongoing development of our relationships. Our customer service unit was the first to receive ISO 9002 certification in China for total quality. To this day, none of our competitors has yet succeeded in achieving this distinction. We are also committed to bring our proactive consulting services to our customers, opening one new customer support center every two to three months throughout China — most recently in Zhengzhou and Tianjin. Next week we will open our sixth full branch office in Shenzhen. And well open branches in Wuhan and Nanjing in mid-year, which will combine sales with customer support services. In the fall we will add a major call center with more than 150 staff, which will be opened as part of our new China HP Headquarters Office in Beijing. In total we will have more than 10 branches throughout China by the year 2000 offering both sales and support services — plus several other offices dedicated only to support services.我们的金融机构为我们产品的融资、租赁和再经销提供了单一的联系点。它还推出了独具创意的“技术更新”计划,该计划可自动更新客户的资产,并可处理过时的技术。惠普决心成为中国最佳的客户务机构,这是我们不断发展目前关系的关键因素。我们的客户务部在中国最先荣获 ISO 9002质量书。时至今日,我们的竞争对手没有一家获此殊荣。我们还承诺,为我们的客户提供超前的咨询务。在中国,我们每隔两至三个月就设立一个新的客户持中心,最近,我们在郑州和天津开设了客户持中心。下周,我们将在深圳设立我们的第六个分公司。年中我们将在武汉和南京设立分公司,它们将同时负责销售和客户持务。今年秋季,我们将增设一个主要的反馈中心,有150多名员工,它将成为我们在北京新设的中国惠普总部的一个部门。到 2000年,我们在中国将有10 多家分公司从事销售和持务。其他还有一些机构主要从事持务。201410/338216My Grandpa used to carry an ;Alley Oop; hammer--a very iron pipe with a big hunk of lead melted on the end. The workers made them during the sit-down strikes to protect themselves. When I was growing up, we used that hammer whenever we needed to pound a stake or something into the gard. It is wonderful that most people dont need to carry a heavy blunt object for protection anymore. But just in case, my brother is with me.我的祖父经常扛着一个大铁锤——在末尾熔了一大块铅的重铁管。那是工人们静坐罢工时用以保护自己的。在我小的时候,我们就用那个大铁锤在地上砸树桩什么的。现在人们不再需要扛着个笨重的大家伙保护自己了,这很好。但为了以防万一,我兄弟跟我一起来了。My Dad became a professor at uh... Michigan State, and I was an incredibly lucky boy. A professors life is pretty flexible, and he was able to spend oodles of time raising me. Could there be a better upbringing than university brat?我父亲后来成为……密歇根州立大学的教授,我也是个非常幸运的孩子。教授的生活是非常有弹性的,他有大量的时间培养我。哪里有比在大学培养孩子更好的地方呢?What Im trying to tell you is that this is WAY more than just a homecoming for me. Its not easy for me to express how proud I am to be here, with my Mom, my brother and my wife Lucy, and with all of you, at this amazing institution that is responsible for my very existence. I am thrilled for all of you, and Im thrilled for your families and friends, as all of us join the great, big Michigan family I feel Ive been a part of all of my life.我想告诉大家的是,我来这里不仅仅是回家看看。我难以表达我来这里的自豪感,与我母亲、我哥哥、我的妻子露西,还有你们大家,在这个明我存在的神奇的学院。我为你们感到骄傲,为你的亲朋好友们感到骄傲,我们都加入了伟大的、大密歇根家庭,我感觉它是我生命的一部分。What Im also trying to tell you is that I know exactly what it feels like to be sitting in your seat, listening to some old gasbag give a long-winded commencement speech. Dont worry. Ill be brief. I have a story about following dreams. Or maybe more accurately, its a story about finding a path to make those dreams real. You know what its like to wake up in the middle of the night with a vivid dream? And you know how, if you dont have a pencil and pad by the bed to write it down, it will be completely gone the next morning?我想告诉大家的是,我很清楚你们坐在座椅上,听着一个老家伙废话连篇地做毕业典礼演讲的感受,不要急,我会很简短地说。我有个关于追寻梦想的故事。或者更准确地说是一个找到梦想成真之路的故事。你们知道,午夜从一个逼真的梦境中醒来是什么感觉吗?你们知道如果床边没有纸笔,而第二天一早就忘个精光又会怎样吗? /201309/256217

  And I sound like a bit of a fraud standing here now with a sort of belly.我听上去就像 无助的站在那儿朝旷野呼唤的人。Ive put on 30 pounds in the last three weeks.在过去三周,我已增重30磅。Being that hungry has left an interesting mental scar,which is that Ive been hoovering up every hotel buffet that I can find. 在那样的饥饿状态下 导致了另一个有意思的后遗症,我一直在找我能找到的所有酒店自助餐。But we were genuinely quite hungry, and in quite a bad way.但我们确实饿得不行 身体状况极其糟糕。I dont regret calling for that plane for a second,because Im still standing here alive,with all digits intact, telling this story. 我并不后悔 呼叫了那趟飞机,因为我还活着站在这儿,记述所有细节 诉说着这个故事。But getting external assistance like that was never part of the plan,and its something my ego is still struggling with. 但是获得那样的额外援助 绝不是计划的一部分。这也是我的良心仍旧苦苦挣扎的地方。This was the biggest dream Ive ever had,and it was so nearly perfect.这是我有生以来最大的梦想,它近乎完美。On the way back down to the coast,our crampons a” theyre the spikes on our boots that we have for traveling over this blue ice on the glacier broke on the top of the Beardmore.再回海岸的路上,我们的破冰撬,他们是我们,在这个蓝色冰川上行进的砥柱坏掉了。就在本德穆尔冰川制高点。We still had 100 miles to go downhill on very slippery rock-hard blue ice.在这些难以攀岩的蓝冰上,我们还有100英里要走下去。They needed repairing almost every hour.几乎每小时,他们就要修一下。To give you an idea of scale,this is looking down towards the mouth of the Beardmore Glacier. 给你们个大体上的概念吧,这就像是从本德穆尔冰川顶上向下看。You could fit the entirety of Manhattan in the gap on the horizon.你可以在曼哈顿的间隙瞭望到整个视野。Thats 20 miles between Mount Hope and Mount Kiffin.霍普山与凯芙琳山间隔20英里。Ive never felt as small as I did in Antarctica.在亚特兰地,我从未感到自己如此渺小。When we got down to the mouth of the glacier,we found fresh snow had obscured the dozens of deep crevasses. 当我们走到冰川口时,发现新下的雪已经覆盖了岩洞的裂口。One of Shackletons men described crossing this sort of terrain as like walking over the glass roof of a railway station.一位沙克雷顿成员描述了 走过这层冰川的感觉就像走过铁路表面一样。We fell through more times than I can remember,usually just putting a ski or a boot through the snow. 我己经记不得有多少次,我们在雪上放一块 雪橇或木板来看有没有洞。Occasionally we went in all the way up to our armpits,but thankfully never deeper than that. 偶尔,我们会掉进我们的窝,但感谢上帝,没有更深了。And less than five weeks ago, after 105 days,we crossed this oddly inauspicious finish line,the coast of Ross Island on the New Zealand side of Antarctica. 五周前,也就是105天后,我们越过了终点线。在亚特兰地新西兰的罗斯群岛海岸线。You can see the ice in the foreground and the sort of rubbly rock behind that.你可以看到在前边的冰以及后边风化的岩石。Behind us lay an unbroken ski trail of nearly 1,800 miles.在我们后面,有一条长达1800英里 未被破坏的冰线。Wed made the longest ever polar journey on foot,something Id been dreaming of doing for a decade. 我们曾徒步走完了有史以来最长的极圈旅程,这我已梦想了几十年了。And looking back,I still stand by all the things Ive been saying for years about the importance of goals and determination and self-belief,but Ill also admit that I hadnt given much thought to what happens,when you reach the all-consuming goal that youve dedicated most of your adult life to,and the reality is that Im still figuring that bit out. 回首往事,我依然持我数年来所说的有关目标,决心,及自信的重要性,但我也承认我并未充分考虑,当你完成所有预定目标时会发生的事这些目标是你成人生活中为之贡献一生的,现实就是,我还在想要阐明它。As I said, there are very few superficial signs that Ive been away.我也说过,几乎没有迹象表明我离开过。Ive put on 30 pounds.我增重了30磅。Ive got some very faint, probably covered in makeup now, frostbite scars.我有了些淡淡的可能现在已消失的小红斑,Ive got one on my nose, one on each cheek, from where the goggles are,but inside I am a very different person indeed. 鼻子上,脸颊上各一处, 都是被护目镜压出来的。但内里,我改头换面了。If Im honest,Antarctica challenged me and humbled me so deeply that Im not sure Ill ever be able to put it into words. 如果要我诚实到来,亚特兰地如此深入的挑战我并改变了我这是不能用言语描述的变化。Im still struggling to piece together my thoughts.我仍在竭力重组我的想法。That Im standing here telling this story is proof that we all can accomplish great things,through ambition, through passion,through sheer stubbornness,by refusing to quit,that if you dream something hard enough, as Sting said,it does indeed come to pass. 我站在这儿讲这个故事的原因就是,为了明我们都能完成伟大的事情。通过雄心,通过,通过傲慢,固执,通过拒绝离开,如果你梦想的事足够艰难,正如斯蒂芬说过的,它确然能实现。But Im also standing here saying, you know what,that cliche about the journey being more important than the destination? 但我也站在这儿告诉你们,你们应当知道的是,路途远必目的地重要?Theres something in that.有据可循。The closer I got to my finish line,that rubbly, rocky coast of Ross Island,the more I started to realize that the biggest lesson,that this very long, very hard walk might be teaching me,is that happiness is not a finish line, that for us humans, the perfection that so many of us seem to dream of might not ever be truly attainable,and that if we cant feel content here, today, now, on our journeys amidst the mess and the striving that we all inhabit,the open loops, the half-finished to-do lists,the could-do-better-next-times,then we might never feel it. 我越靠近我的终点线,罗斯群岛粗陋的海岸,我越发开始意识到这次很长,很难的徒步,带给我的最大教训,那就是对我们人类来说,幸福不是终点线,我们许多人所梦想的完美也许遥不可及。如果我们不能在此时,此地,此行中感到知足,承认我们继承的混乱与无序,打开的屋顶完成一半的清单,也许下次会更好的想法,那我们可能永远感受不到它。A lot of people have asked me, what next?许多人曾问过我,接下来呢?Right now, I am very happy just recovering and in front of hotel buffets.现在,我很高兴刚从旅馆自助餐后遗症中恢复过来。But as Bob Hope put it,I feel very humble,but I think I have the strength of character to fight it.但就像鲍勃霍普期望的,我感到很卑微。但我认为我有强大的人格来与他斗争。Thank you.谢谢。201503/366091

  Families are coming together, lights are being strung up, the food is going in the oven, Diwali is upon us once again. As the celebrations get underway, from London to Leicester, Glasgow to Gwent, Bristol to Birmingham, I want to send out my very best wishes to everyone celebrating the Festival of Lights. This is a great moment in our national calendar and an opportunity to shine a light on the communities who do so much to make Britain great. In every walk of life, in every corner of our country, you can see the immense contribution of Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists. Treating patients in our NHS, teaching children in our schools, building the businesses that boost our economy, keeping our streets safe in the police and armed forces and all the while helping to make Britain what we are so proud to be: the greatest multi-racial democracy on earth. Day in day out, these communities put into practice the very best of British values like generosity, responsibility, enterprise, family. Nowhere are those values more evident than in people’s religious beliefs. I think of the people of Neasden Mandir or those at Gurdwara Sahib Leamington and Warwick, demonstrating every day the devotion and dedication they derive from their faith by helping others. I want to thank all of them for their incredible contribution to Britain. We are better and stronger for it. And to everyone celebrating, let me wish you a happy and peaceful Diwali and a prosperous New Year. Shubh Diwali!201511/411055

  My editor at Geographic我地理学的编辑wanted me to find Americas Blue Zone.想让我找个美国的蓝区。And for a while we looked on the prairies of Minnesota,一时间我们观察了明尼苏达草原,where actually there is a very high proportion of centenarians.那里确实有相当比例的百岁老人。But thats because all the young people left.但只是因为所有的年轻人都离开了。So, we turned to the data again.因此,我们再次依赖数据。And we found Americas longest-lived population我们发现美国最长寿的人群among the Seventh-Day Adventists都在星期六耶稣再生派论者当中concentrated in and around Loma Linda, California.这些人集中在加利福尼亚州的罗马琳达及周围地区。Adventists are conservative Methodists.再生派论者是守旧派人物。They celebrate their Sabbath他们从周五日落到周六日落from sunset on Friday till sunset on Saturday.一直庆祝安息日。A ;24-hour sanctuary in time,; they call it.他们称为“二十四小时至圣时间”。And they follow five little habits并且遵循五种that conveys to them extraordinary longevity,相对而言传递给他们的comparatively speaking.能够特别长寿的习惯。In America here, life expectancy在美国,女人平均寿命for the average woman is 80.为80岁。But for an Adventist woman,但再生论者的女人,their life expectancy is 89.平均寿命是89岁。And the difference is even more pronounced among men,男人之间的差别则更为显著,who are expected to live about 11 years他们大约比其他美国男同胞longer than their American counterparts.多活11岁。Now, this is a study that followed这项研究是跟随7万人大约用了三十年about 70,000 people for 30 years.才做出来的。Sterling study. And I think it supremely illustrates是一项纯正的研究。我认为它极好地阐述了the premise of this Blue Zone project.对蓝区项目的假定。This is a heterogeneous community.这是一个多种族群体。Its white, black, Hispanic, Asian.有白人,黑人,西班牙人和亚洲人。The only thing that they have in common are a set of他们唯一的共同点是都有一套very small lifestyle habits适当的生活习惯that they follow ritualistically而且一生多半都恪守着for most of their lives.这种习惯。They take their diet directly from the Bible.他们的饮食来自于圣经。Genesis: one, Verse,第一章诗节where God talks about legumes and seeds,在这一节上帝讲豆科蔬菜和种子,and on one more stanza about green plants,并且讲了一节多的绿色蔬菜,ostensibly missing is meat.基本上忽略肉类。They take this sanctuary in time very serious.对待这种圣事,他们很严肃。For 24 hours every week,每周有24小时no matter how busy they are, how stressed out they are at work,不管多忙,工作压力多大,where the kids need to be driven,孩子们要在那里受到鼓舞,they stop everything and they focus on their God,所以他们放下一切事情只关注上帝,their social network, and then, hardwired right in the religion,在宗教里,他们的社会交际网,固定的权利are nature walks.都是对大自然的探索。And the power of this is not that its done occasionally,这能量不是偶然发出the power is its done every week for a lifetime.而是一生中每周如此。None of its hard. None of it costs money.没有难度也没有花费。Adventists also tend to hang out with other Adventists.冒险家也想与同行一同去闲逛。So, if you go to an Adventists party所以,如果你去参加一个冒险者聚会,you dont see people swilling Jim Beam or rolling a joint.你看不到人们痛饮玉米威士忌或做烟卷Instead theyre talking about their next nature walk,他们正讨论的是下一次自然大探索,exchanging recipes, and yes, they pray.交换食谱然后祈祷。But they influence each other in profound and measurable ways.他们以深刻有策略的方式影响着彼此。This is a culture that has yielded Ellsworth Whareham.在这种文化中诞生了埃尔斯沃斯Ellsworth Whareham is 97 years old.他活了97岁Hes a multimillionaire,是个百万富翁,yet when a contractor wanted 6,000 dollars但是一个承包人想要6000美元to build a privacy fence,建个私人栅栏时,he said, ;For that kind of money Ill do it myself.;他说这点钱我自己搞定。So for the next three days he was out shoveling cement,所以接下来的三年他外出铲水泥and hauling poles around.到处搬运电杆。And predictably, perhaps, on the fourth day正如预想,大约在第四天he ended up in the operating room.他在手术室去世。But not as the guy on the table;但根本不像手术台上the guy doing open-heart surgery.做心脏直视手术的家伙。At 97 he still does 20 open-heart surgeries every month.到97他仍然每月做20次心脏手术。Ed Rawlings, 103 years old now,爱德罗林斯,现103岁,an active cowboy, starts his morning with a swim.是个活泼的牛仔,每天早晨游泳。And on weekends he likes to put on the boards,周末他喜欢上舞台throw up rooster tails.抛公鸡尾巴符咒And then Marge Deton.马吉德顿Marge is 104.104岁Her grandson actually lives in the Twin Cities here.她的孙子住在双子城?She starts her day with lifting weights.她每天先练举重She rides her bicycle.然后骑自行车。And then she gets in her root-beer colored然后驾着她1994年的啤酒色1994 Cadillac Seville,凯迪拉克塞维利亚and tears down the San Bernardino freeway,驶向圣贝纳迪诺高速公路where she still volunteers for seven different organizations.在高速上她是七个不同组织的志愿者。Ive been on 19 hardcore expeditions.我已经经历了19次远征,Im probably the only person youll ever meet也许是你见到的唯一骑自行车who rode his bicycle across穿过the Sahara desert without sunscreen.撒哈拉沙漠却没有晒伤的人。But Ill tell you, there is no adventure more harrowing但是让我告诉你,没有比运输途中担任马吉德顿护卫更加than riding shotgun with Marge Deton.让人头痛的事情。;A stranger is a friend I havent met yet!; shed say to me.她说:“陌生人是一个我还未见过的朋友。”So, what are the common denominators所以,这三种文化有什么in these three cultures?共同特性呢?What are the things that they all do?他们都有做了什么事情?201507/386589。

  As I recall, one of my academic advisers was worried about my selection of such a specialized course. He said I should focus on English. I still hear that quite often. But my critics dont realize I dont make verbal gaffes. Im speaking in the perfect forms and rhythms of ancient Haiku.我记得一位学科顾问对我选修如此专精的课程表示担忧。他说我应该选修英语。现在,我仍然时常听到这类建议。我在其他场合演讲时,在语言表达上曾被人误解过,那些批评我的人不明白:我不是说错了字,我是在复诵古代俳句的完美格式与韵律呢。I did take English here, and I took a class called ;The History and Practice of American Oratory,; taught by Rollin G. Osterweis. And, President Levin, I want to give credit where credit is due. I want the entire world to know this—everything I know about the spoken word, I learned right here at Yale.在耶鲁大学我的确也学习了英语课程,我选修了罗琳·G·奥斯特维斯主讲的“美国演讲历史与实践”。莱文校长,我想在此给予他应有的赞许。我想让全世界的人知道,我所知道的关于演讲的一切的知识都是在耶鲁学会的。As a student, I tried to keep a low profile. It worked. Last year the New York Times interviewed John Morton Blum because the record showed I had taken one of his courses. Casting his minds eye over the parade of young faces down through the years, Professor Blum said, and I e, ;I dont have the foggiest recollection of him.;作为一名学生,我努力保持低调,而这也十分奏效。去年,《纽约时报》采访了约翰·莫顿·布鲁姆教授,因为相关记录称我曾选修过他的课程。回顾多年来仍存留在脑海中的那些年轻的面孔之后,布鲁姆教授说,“我压根不记得有布什这个学生。”But I remember Professor Blum. And I still recall his dedication and high standards of learning. In my time there were many great professors at Yale. And there still are. Theyre the ones who keep Yale going after the commencements, after we have all gone our separate ways. Im not sure I remembered to thank them the last time I was here, but now that I have a second chance, I thank the professors of Yale University.但是我记得布鲁姆教授,我依然记得他无私奉献的精神和他的学多才。我在耶鲁大学上学时,这里有很多优秀的教授任教,现在依然如此。在一届又一届的毕业典礼后,毕业生们各奔东西,是这些优秀的教授在推动着耶鲁大学不断向前发展。我已经不记得最后一次在这里的时候是否向他们表达过感激之情,但现在我还有机会,我要衷心感谢耶鲁大学的所有教授。 /201303/229909

  What we want, the common denominator that I found in every single interview, is we want to be validated. We want to be understood.我在每次访谈中发现我们的共同之处,就是我们想要被认可、被理解。I have done over 35,000 interviews in my career and as soon as that camera shuts off everyone always turns to me and inevitably in their own way asks this question ;Was that okay?;我的职业生涯中进行过大约35000个访谈,每每在摄像机的镜头关闭后,几乎所有人都不可避免地转向我,用他们各自的方式询问着同一个问题“像这样可以吗?”I heard it from President Bush, I heard it from President Obama.布什总统这样问过,奥巴马总统这样问过。Ive heard it from heroes and from housewives.我在英雄的口中听到过这个疑问,同样也在家庭主妇的口中听说过这句话。Ive heard it from victims and perpetrators of crimes.我听受害者这样问,也听过那些有罪行的人们这样问。I even heard it from Beyonce and all of her Beyonceness.我甚至听过碧昂斯和她的粉丝们这样问。She finishes performing, hands me the microphone and says ;Was that okay?;碧昂斯结束表演之后,把麦克风递到我手中,问道:“像我这样可以吗?”Friends and family, yours, enemies, strangers in every argument in every encounter, every exchange I will tell you they all want to know one thing: was that okay?我都可以笃定地告诉你们,朋友或家人、持者或敌人、每次争论或邂逅的陌生人,有关每一次交流的对象,他们都想知道一件事儿——“像这样可以吗?Did you hear me? Do you see me? Did what I say mean anything to you?你听得见我吗?你看的见我吗?我之所言是否对你有些许意义?”And even though this is a college where Facebook was born my hope is that you would try to go out and have more face-to-face conversations with people you may disagree with.尽管这里是Facebook诞生的大学,我还是希望你们能够脱离虚拟,尽可能多的和那些与你意见相左的人进行一些面对面的交流。That youll have the courage to look them in the eye and hear their point of view and help make sure that the speed and distance and anonymity of our world doesnt cause us to lose our ability to stand in somebody elses shoes and recognize all that we share as a people.你们要有勇气去直视他们的双眼,去聆听他们的观点,并且确保这世界的高速、距离和陌生感不会让我们失去站在他人的立场的能力和我们的共同之处。This is imperative for you as an individual and for our success as a nation.这是你作为一个个体或是为了整个国家的成功必须要做到的。;There has to be some way that this darkness can be banished with light,; says the man whose little boy was massacred on just an ordinary Friday in December.“一定存在可以使光明驱逐黑暗的方法。”一位孩子在12月一个普通的星期五被杀害的父亲如是说道。So whether you call it soul or spirit or higher self, intelligence, there is I know this, there is a light inside each of you all of us that illuminates your very human beingness if you let it.所以无论你愿意称她为灵魂、精神、抑或是更高尚的自我,天资什么的,我知道,我们内心深处的星星之火总能够点燃我们——只要你愿意让自己被点亮。And as a young girl from rural Mississippi I learned long ago that being myself was much easier than pretending to be Barbara Walters.作为一个来自密西西比州农村的年轻姑娘,我早就知道,成为自己比假装成芭芭拉更容易。Although when I first started because I had Barbara in my head I would try to sit like Barbara, talk like Barbara, move like Barbara and then one night I was on the news ing the news and I called Canada Can-a-da, and that was the end of me being Barbara. I cracked myself up on TV.纵使我对自己的坚守是因为我想要成为芭芭拉而起,我希望我的坐姿像芭芭拉、谈吐像芭芭拉,举止像芭芭拉。直到有一天晚上,我在电视上读新闻的时候,我把“Canada”读成“Can-a-da”,这让我自己都没忍住大笑起来。Couldnt stop laughing and my real personality came through and I figured out, oh gee, I can be a much better Oprah than I could be a pretend Barbara.我在电视上把自己层层剖析,我笑个不停。随后真正的自我脱颖而出,我突然就想通了,“哦,天哪,与其成为芭芭拉,我可以成为一个更出色的奥普拉。”I know that you all might have a little anxiety now and hesitation about leaving the comfort of college and putting those Harvard credentials to the test.我非常理解在你们即将离开大学象牙塔一样舒单纯的生活,把你们在哈佛里积累的经验拿出去实践的时候,或多或少会有些焦虑与犹豫不决。201508/390606

  So, Im making fun of it, but we discussed this for so many days.好吧,我在嘲笑它,但是我们讨论这件事有许多天了。You have no idea.你一点主意也没有。And to this day, I am ambivalent,至今我仍然在矛盾着。but when you have instead games like Flow, theres no doubt.但是当你有替代的游戏像《浮游世界》,当然毫无疑问。Its like, its about serenity and its about sublime.它有点像是关于宁静和崇高的。Its about experiencing what it means to be a sea creature.它是关于体验变成海洋生物意味着什么。Then we have a few also side-scrollers -- classical ones.我们也有少量像《横向卷轴》等的经典游戏。So its quite a hefty collection.这的确是一个巨大的收藏。And right now, we started with the first 14,现在,让我们从最初的14个开始,but we have several that are coming up,我们还有数个即将收购的游戏,and the reason why we havent acquired them yet is because you dont acquire just the game.为什么我们还没有收购它们呢?因为你不会只收购游戏,You acquire the relationship with the company.你还收购与公司之间的关系。What we want, what we aspire to, is the code.我们想要,渴望得到的是代码。Its very hard to get, of course.当然,这是很难得到的。But thats what would enable us to preserve the games for a really long time,不过这也使我们能够在一段很长的时间里保存游戏。and thats what museums do.这也是物馆所做的。They also preserve artifacts for posterity.当然他们也为后人保存文物。In absence of the code, because, you know,因为,你们知道,如果没有代码, game companies are not very forthcoming in some cases,公司在某些情况下不是很愿意,in absence of that, we acquire the relationship with the company.在没有代码的情况下,我们收购与公司的关系。Were going to stay with them forever.我们将永远和它们在一起,Theyre not going to get rid of us.他们不会摆脱我们。And one day, well get that code.总有一天,我们会得到那个代码。But I want to explain to you the criteria that we chose for interaction design. Aesthetics are really important.但是我想向你们解释我们选择交互设计的准则,美学是非常重要的。And Im showing you Core War here,在这儿我想向你们展示《磁芯大战》,which is an early game that takes advantage aesthetically of the limitations of the processor.它是一种早期的游戏,从美学上利用处理器的局限性。So the kind of interferences that you see here that look like beautiful barriers in the game你在这里看到的这种干扰,看起来像游戏中的美丽屏障,are actually a consequence of the processors limitedness,事实上是处理器局限性的后果,which is fantastic. So aesthetics is always important.真是很奇妙。所以美学始终是非常重要的。And so is space, the spatial aspect of games.游戏的空间方面也是如此。You know, I feel that the best games are the ones that have really savvy architects我觉得最好的是那些在幕后由真正资深的设计师制作的。that are behind them, and if theyre not architects,如果他们不是受过良好训练的架构师,bona fide trained in architecture, they have that feeling.他们就不会有这种感觉。But the spatial evolution in games is extremely important.但空间演变在中是极其重要的。Time. The way we experience time in games,时间,我们在中度过时间的方式,as in other forms of interaction design, is really quite amazing.像在其它形式的交互设计中一样,确实是令人惊叹的。It can be real time or it can be the time within the game,它可以是真实的时间,也可以是游戏中的时间。as is in Animal Crossing, where seasons follow each other at their own pace.例如在《动物之森》中,季节以各自的节奏更替。So time, space, aesthetics, and then, most important, behavior.所以时间,空间,美学,然后,最重要的行为。The real core issue of interaction design is behavior.交互设计的真正的核心问题是行为。Designers that deal with interaction design behaviors设计师们处理交互设计行为。that go to influence the rest of our lives.这些行为去影响我们生活的其它部分。Theyre not just limited to our interaction with the screen.它们并不局限于我们与屏幕的互动。In this case, Im showing you Marble Madness, which is a beautiful game在这个例子中,我将给你们展示《疯狂石头》。这是一个美丽的游戏。in which the controller is a big sphere that vibrates with you,控制者是一个大球体和你一起颤动,so you have a sphere thats moving in this landscape,所以在这种风景下你有一个运动的球体。and the sphere, the controller itself, gives you a sense of the movement.这个球体,控制者本身,给了你运动的感觉。In a way, you can see how games are the purest aspect of interaction design某种程度上,你可以看到怎样是最纯净的交互设计方面,and are very useful to explain what interaction is.以及在解释交互设计是什么时是如此的有用。We dont want to show the games我们不想使用一些设备来展示,with the paraphernalia. No arcade nostalgia.没有怀旧街机游戏。If anything, we want to show the code,如果可以的话,我们想展示代码。and here you see Ben Frys distellamap of Pac-Man, of the Pac-Man code.这里你看到Ben Fry的《小精灵》游戏的操作代码与图形的混合。201512/414859

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