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陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作。他正在跟美国同事Amy讲话。(Office ambience)CH:Amy, 你有时间吗? 我又遇到了点儿为难的事。A:Well, tell me what the problem is and I'll try to help.C:有个很重要的客户,今天下午要来公司见我。A:Why is that a problem?C:你也知道,我的办公室特别小,看了也不是很体面。我怕会让客户小看我,以后不好打交道,所以有些紧张。A:I see what you mean, but you have some options.C:真的?那你快告诉我。A:First of all, you can check with Mary Ann to see if the conference room is available.C:是啊,我怎么就没想到呢!我可以把客户请到公司的会议室。这下问题就迎刃而解了。A:That's right. Your client never has to see your office space or what is basically a cubicle.C:好,就这么办。A:Not so fast. Call Mary Ann first. It may not be available. If not, we'll have to come up with another plan.C:那好,我马上给Mary Ann打电话。******不一会儿,陈豪很扫兴地回到Amy的办公室。A:So how did it go? Is the conference room available?C:别提了,会议室两个星期前就被人预定了。A:Don't worry. This is not the end of the world.C:那我该怎么办呢?A:He won't even notice the surroundings if you pay attention to the details that make him feel comfortable and welcome.C:我怎么做才能让他觉得宾至如归呢?A:It's been raining so much that he may show up with an umbrella or a raincoat. Offer to take them right away and hang them up.C:可是我的办公室里没有衣架呀!A:you can ask one of your colleagues ahead of time to help you by taking them for you.C:那我就先跟Jenny打好招呼,让她帮我把客户的雨具保存起来。还有什么吗?A:Be sure you have a comfortable chair in your office.C:还有呢?A:Most important, ask the receptionist to call you when your client arrives so you can go down and greet him in the lobby. Making the effort to meet him and show him to your office will make him feel valued.C:对呀,我每次出去见客户,人家也都会到大厅里来迎我,然后带我到办公室里去。还有给我倒水喝。Amy, 你能再从头说一遍,我都应该注意些什么吗?A:Meet him in the reception area and escort him to your office. Take his hat, coat or rain gear so he doesn't have to worry about where to put them. And finally, never be late or keep your client waiting. /08/82906第一句:Shall we take up the question of inspection today?今天咱们讨论商品检验问题好吗?A: Shall we take up the question of inspection today?今天咱们讨论商品检验问题好吗?B: OK.好的。A: The inspection of commodity is not an easy job.检验工作不是那么简单。B: You are right.是的。第二句:It was Mr. Black who talked with the Chinese importer about inspecting the goods.以前是布莱克先生与中方进口商就商品检验问题进行洽谈。A: It was Mr. Black who talked with the Chinese importer about inspecting the goods.以前是布莱克先生与中方进口商就商品检验问题进行洽谈。B: Why didnt he come this time?为什么这次他没有来呢?A: He has another project to do.他另外有项目要做。B: So it is.原来如此。其他表达法:检查展示商品冷冻食品柜的温度是否在零下18℃以下:检查展示商品有无标上日期的旧商品;检查展示商品是否采用先进立体陈列;检查展示商品是否采用POP、海报;检查展示商品单位表示价格是否明白;As an integral part of the contract, the inspection of goods has its special importance.作为合同里的一个组成部分,商品检验具有特殊的重要性。 /201209/199412Mike出差刚回来,遇到同事Larry.Larry: Hey, Mike! Good to have you back! You look exhausted!Mike: Hi, Larry. Yeah, Im totally beat. I can barely keep my eyes open!L: Was it a rough trip?M: Well, it was actually pretty productive, but all the flying really got to me.L: Ah, jet lag...the scourge of business travelers.M: Yep. I flew from Beijing to Boston for a meeting, and then hopped back on a plane for a flight to the trade fair in Frankfurt. Then back to Beijing before catching a train back here to Shanghai.Mike出差回来十分疲惫,因为要倒时差Jet lag. Larry说时差是the scourge of business travelers. Scourge is spelled s-c-o-u-r-g-e, 意思是灾祸。Mike抱怨说,All the flying really got to me. 飞来飞去真是把我折腾坏了。说一件事情get to me,意思是这件事情对我产生了影响。L: Wow! Thats a lot of traveling! No wonder youre exhausted!M: The worst thing was adjusting to the time zones! Its so hard to get used to the difference!L: Yeah, its hard. You know jet lag only hits if you travel east-west or west-east. You could fly from Germany to Cape Town in South Africa and you wouldnt feel anything.M: Right...because its all in the same time zone. Unfortunately for me...all my travel was between different time zones. Ive gotta say: Im really suffering! Why is jet lag so nasty?Mike出差去的地方老是跨时区time zones,所以the worst thing was adjusting to the time zones. 最讨厌的就是倒时差。从一个时区进入另一个时区,为什么会有时差,让身体感觉不舒呢?L: Travel between time zones basically resets your bodys internal clock.M: So when you travel between time zones your body is thrown off its cycle?L: Exactly! Some experts say it takes a full day to recover from each time zone you cross.M: Wow, thats a long time. Im going to need a few weeks off!L: (Chuckle) That would be best, but unfortunately our boss isnt quite that generous.M: Is there anything I can do to make my jet lag less severe the next time I make an international trip?Larry解释说,进入一个新时区,就要重新调整生物钟。Reset the bodys internal clock。换句话说,your body is thrown off its cycle,身体原来的作息周期被打乱了。To throw off, 意思是让一件事情偏离预期的轨道。比如,His performance in the game was thrown off by the injury,伤势让他的比赛表现受到了影响。有什么办法让倒时差不那么痛苦吗?我们下次继续听。 /201301/222114

to bury the hatchet 言归于好(成语)英文释义 To end an argument. (NOTE: ;hatchet; was a small ceremonial war axe that was buried by American indigenous people when they ended a war.)例句 My uncles argued for years, but at my wedding, they decided to bury the hatchet and become friends again.我的叔叔们吵了好几年架,但在我的婚礼上,他们决定和解,重新和好。 /201210/204161

Never look down on people less superior to you.不要轻视不如你的人。look down on sb./sth. 直译过来就是:“向下看某人或某物”,这个短语的正确意思是:“轻视某些人或事”。因此,当美国人说;Never look down on people less superior to you.;时,他/要表达的意思就是:;Never despise those people who are inferior to you.;、;Never look down on those who are not so outstanding as you.;。情景对白:Benjamin: Jane, you should not look down on people less superior to you. Men are born equal! Your words may hurt that cleaners self-esteem.本杰明:简,你不要轻视不如你的人。人人生而平等,你刚才的话可能伤害到那位清洁工人的自尊心了。Jane: Im sorry. I, Im just...a little angry at her carelessness.简:我也感到很抱歉。我,我只是对她的粗心大意感到有些生气。搭配句积累:①Yes, I will keep it in my mind.是的,我会记住的。②Youd better mind your own business.你最好少管闲事。③It is none of your business. What makes you say that?又不关你的事,你凭什么这么说?④Maybe they would be stronger than you some day.或许将来有一天,他们将会比你强。单词:despise vt. 轻视I can never, ever forgive him. I despise him.我永远不会原谅他。我鄙视他。She secretly despises his work.她暗地里瞧不起他的工作。How I despised myself for my cowardice!我是多么鄙视自己的怯懦啊! /201303/228752

A: Can you tell me a little more about your company organization?B: certainly. Here's copy of our company profile for your review. We are divided up into a three tier system. The first tier is our executive branch, which includes the CEO and Board of Directors. Below that is our managerial tier, which includeds all department heads and supervisors. Lastly, our laborial tier.A: nearly 75% of all employees are considered laborial staff. Now, the laborial staff category is very broad. It includes maintenance crews, secretarial staff, account managers, sales representatives, any entry level positions, cafeteria workers, the janitorial staff…as you can see, a very large and varied categorization.A: I see. Now then, how many laborial staff members do you have working under you?B: me personally? Well, I am the lead financial officer, so in our financial department, we have three acountants and one financial secretary. /11/89774

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