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Financial chiefs of the world's leading economies have wrapped up a gathering in South Korea with wary optimism about the future, and a call for coordinated efforts to sustain growth.At a similar gathering last year, members of the so-called G20 set of advanced economies agreed on emergency spending to stem a global crisis brought on by the collapse of U.S. investment bank Lehman Brothers in late 2008.The consensus at this year's meeting, here at the South Korean seaside city of Busan, is that those measures have worked. Central bankers and finance ministers gathered here from around the world say the economy is growing again. Now, many leaders agree it is time for them to start backing off from stimulus spending, and get their debts and deficits under control. The ongoing debt crisis in Greece and other southern European countries served as a reminder at this meeting of the danger of overspending - but also of the possibility that trimming spending too sharply could plunge the world economy back into recession.South Korean Finance Minister Yoon Jeung-hyun, the host, says leaders have agreed to strike a balance.Summarizing a final group communiqué Saturday, he says recent events highlight the importance of sustainable public finances. He says member countries need to put in place credible policies that encourage growth and are sustainable, in a way that is tailored to each country's individual circumstances.G20 members also want new regulations, to help avoid the kind of risky behavior by financial institutions that brought on the U.S. banking crisis. U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says reforming international finance has Washington's support."The ed States is moving aggressively to fix the things we got wrong, and to strengthen our economic fundamentals," said Geithner. "And we will give our full support to the G20 agenda of economic reform." One step that was widely discussed coming into the meeting was a tax on certain bank transactions, commonly called a "bank levy." Funds raised by such a levy would have been set aside for future bank bailouts if necessary. That idea was dropped amid disagreements, but members say they still want to agree on some kind of "safety net" for international banking.The communiqué produced at the Busan meeting will be put before heads of government when they gather in Seoul for a G20 summit in Seoul this November. 世界主要经济体的财政部长以对未来审慎乐观的态度完成了在韩国釜山的会议。会议呼吁各国为经济的持续发展努力合作。 在去年同样的集会里,被称为“G-20”的全球20大经济体成员国同意,为了遏止由于美国雷曼兄弟投资破产而导致的全球金融危机,各国做出紧急拨款。 今年在韩国釜山集会的共识则是,去年以来采取的措施已经收到成效。各国中央行长和财政部长表示,全球经济正在恢复成长。 现在许多领导人认为,目前是他们开始从刺激开撤退,转为控制债务和赤字的时候了。但是,目前发生在希腊以及南欧一些国家的债务危机,提醒了过度出的危险。但是与此同时,大幅度限制开又有可能使世界经济再度衰退。 会议的东道主、韩国企划财政部长官尹增铉表示,各国领导人同意谋求达到均衡的经济发展。 星期六在简要介绍最后联合公报时,他说,最近的事件凸显了可持续性公共财政的重要性。他表示,成员国需要制定鼓励增长和可持续的可信政策,而这种政策需要根据每个国家的各自情况量身定做。 20国集团还希望制定新的规章,帮助避免带来美国业危机的那些金融机构的冒险行为。美国财政部长盖特纳表示,华盛顿持改革国际金融。 他说:“美国正在积极采取措施,纠正我们的失误,巩固经济的基本层面。我们将全力持20国集团经济改革的政策。” 在20国集团会议前广泛讨论的一个步骤是对某些业务项目征税,一般称为“税”。这个税项带来的资金将专项用于未来可能需要的拯救行动。由于不同意见,这个想法被放弃,不过成员国说,他们仍然想就用于国际业的某种“安全网”达成协议。 在釜山会议上制定的公报将提交给今年11月将在首尔举行20国集团首脑会议的各国首脑。201006/105703Rambo turns human rights campaignerThe Vietnam veteran, played by Sly Stallone, is in Burma in his new film which centres on the Karen people and the brutal Burmese army.Rambo appears to have come of age, the gun-toting Vietnam veteran played by Sylvester Stallone finds himself in Burma in his latest film, action centers on the plight of the Karen people and the brutality of the Burmese army which is why the film has been banned by the Rangoon government. It's made Stallone a symbol of the Burmese resistance. But pirated copies of the movie are proving hard to come by. In Britain, the Odeon chain of cinemas is refusing to screen it for commercial reasons. Our Asia correspondent Inigo Gilmore reports.They've seen off many a foe time and again with brutal efficiency. But they didn’t reckon on John J. Rambo. Burma is a war zone. Armed with his trademark bandanna and a fair bit of firepower, Sylvester Stallone is back. This time single-handedly taking on Burma's cruel military regime as he rescues a group of Christian aid workers. Despite appearances, the producers of this movie about to be released here in neighboring Thailand, insist it's Rambo with a difference. Sure there is bloodletting on a grand scale, but they say it's a movie with a message. The backdrop to the film is the world's longest running insurgency, being fought by ethnic Karen tribe's people in eastern Burma against the military regime. The Rambo film reflects the daily realities of the Karen, routinely persecuted by soldiers from the Burmese army who raped the women, and forced families from their homes.In this recent footage, Karen refugees flee through the jungle in terror after their village was ransacked and burnt. Sylvester Stallone may seem an unlikely champion to their cause, but there is no doubt in his passion. The real Burmese refugees in the Karen refuges, they don't wanna do this,they'are so scared, even though that some have been there for ten years. But once one stood up which is the fellow who plays the villain, who is an actual rebel and a Karen freedom fighter, and was willing to put his family on the line to do this movie. Everyone stepped up. Maung Maung Khim believes his experience as a freedom fighter in Burmese eastern jungles lends authenticity to his performance. In my performance, I acted to reflect the real villains in the real Burmese army. I acted as a really brutal villain. The actors believed the film has added resonance with a fallout from September's brutal crackdown against pro-democracy demonstrators. Soldiers like those fighting the Karen on the Thai border crushed demonstrations led by Burma's revered monks. And the repression and roundups continue. Rambo 4 is officially banned in Burma. But some watch the film in secret. And it’s aly taken on cult status, even though these people risk ten years in jail if caught with a copy. Its lines like this one, that ever apparently struck a chord. 'Live for nothing or die for something.'The film is coming in outlet for the frustrations of young Burmese. 'Rambo killing those oppressive army people, they can't do that, but Rambo did it in the movie, that's why they like it. Even the Buddhist monks say they are watching, they are watching that, the Ramboo movie, and they cheer, ''look, this is, this is the real fights between those, ok their hero Rambo and the Burmese army.'' The film may have gone some way to highlight the plight of the Burmese under their brutal repressive regime. But there are no Rambos riding to their rescue, and certainly no one anticipates a happy Hollywood ending. Inigo Gilmore, Channel 4 news, Bangkok.200810/542062008 Asian markets outlookCNN's Andrew Stevens asks Edgar Chuan of Descartes Investment Management what the future holds for the Asian marketsNo, this is where everybody has been anticipated because when Goldman Sachs came out as a report almost two years ago talked about BRIC, explicitly, Brazil, Russia, India and China. And this four country because given the, I mean, the people and education level and the economic growth of this four country that definitely, you know, this four markets, everyone has anticipated them to be performing well.OK. On that basis then, 2008 we will see pretty much more of the same?Yes, I will say 2008 is gonna be pretty much the same and I think if actually we would talk about Asia's, I think maybe Vietnam has standed a very good chance to be performing very well as well.We are just looking at Vietnam that was a 28% compared with say India 30% to 40%, to Shanghai nearly 85%.So Vietnam underperforming at the moment why do you like it in 2008?Vietnam is underperforming is because of the width and the depth of the market because right now the entire, you know, stock exchange market capitalization is only about 20 billion dollars and given that they are still in a very primitive stage and there is a lot of room for growth. So once, you know, you will see more of the state-owned enterprises as well as the private, I will say, privately-owned company go on to be listed in Vietnam, you will be seeing a very different kind of market and also they are trying, the Vietnamese government is trying to improve the infrastructure of both exchanges in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.Looking at Shanghai and India, the two best performing markets in 2007, there was talk this year, a lot of talk that certainly Shanghai was overheating. It was a bubble forming, to a lesser degree, India as well getting too hot. But you are saying it's still gonna be very hot next year?Yes, because when you look at the liquidity of the market. There's still a lot of excess money or hot money is traveling around, you know, globally and when you look at the opportunities, this take for example, the US's subprime worries and probably that's gonna lead to some economic declines because the consumers are not gonna spend and Japan isn't enough room for that as well. And where are you gonna put your money, right? And given that India and China, the fundamentals are still there, the economic growth is still very strong and everyone is projecting at least 10% of growth of GDP next year. And given that, you know the fundamental plus, there are a lot of money out floating. So these two markets will definitely be performing very well next year.Do you think looking at the economic fundamentals of the stock market the people talk about though that these two markets are probably overvalued, they are probably in a bubble situation.I would say this is really way too early to say that bubble is forming because given that when you are in an emerging market, you tend to give them a little bit higher in terms of PE or PB ratio. That is because they will enjoy a better growth than the developed countries. It's just like sort of same kind of banks that in China you get 4.5 times PB, price book, but you won't be able to get that in the States because for Citibank probably about 2.5 times price book ratio. That's about it.Finally, how does a retail investor play a market like Shanghai or India, particularly Shanghai because it's so close to outside investors?You will be able to buy some ETF, exchange traded fund, and you are able to buy into some of the funds that is China-focused and I think that would be the best way for you to participate in the market but again, you will always have to look at any of your investment on the 12-month horizon. If you were just thinking about, you know, just like trading an individual stock punting the market, sometimes that is not gonna get you the return you are hoping for. stand a good chance (of) v. 很有可能, 大有希望exchange market 外汇市场market capitalization 市场资本总值,市场资本总额,市值liquidity 流动资金hot money n. (为追求高额利润而流动的)短期流动资金02/62662

Can China End The Credit Crunch? Chinese premier Wen Jiabao is due to arrive in Britain for talks with Gordon Brown. The two are expected to discuss how they can co-operate to tackle the global financial crisis. Holly Williams reports on how China could be crucial to the recovery. Could these women help save us all from the financial crisis? China has transformed itself from drab Communism to the world's third biggest economy with 1.3 billion consumers hungry for the decade of fruits of Capitalism. And they might be the ones who give the keys of life to the world's economy. While people in Britain and America have been taking on too much debt, the Chinese have spent the last two decades carefully saving their money. In fact, this country has one of the highest national savings rates in the world. If the Chinese can now be coked into spending their money, economists say that will be key to a global recovery. The Chinese premier Wen Jiabao was in Davos this week, talking up how China can revive the world's fortunes. Gordon Brown wants to do business with Mr. Wen, and more trade and investment will be top of their agenda when they meet. But there are others who blame China for the financial crisis. China's become the workshop of the world, exporting far more than it imports. China used those export earnings to buy American debt, which helped fuel the mortgage bubble. And some say the credit crunch (信贷紧缩). Timothy Geithner was sworn in this week as America's new Treasury Secretary, he's accused China of currency manipulation that created trade imbalances leading to the financial crisis, though most experts disagree. "It's much better to believe there's some conspiracy in Beijing to artificially overvalue the Chinese currency so as to make Chinese manufacturers and exporters wildly and unfairly competitive and to put American worker out of business, all that is economic debut?." But if China is not to blame, how much help can it give Britain? The country has its own money problems, rural poverty, slowing growth and laid-off workers. In this global crisis, many Chinese consumers would be lucky to keep themselves afloat, never mind the world economy. Holly Williams, Sky News, Beijing.02/61717

The European Space Agency’s deep space probe Rosetta transmitted high-resolution images of an asteroid millions of miles from Earth. Rosetta caught up with the Steins Asteroid Friday night in the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Unfortunately, shortly before its closest flyby at five hundred miles, Rosetta’s narrow angle camera stopped working. Officials at the ESA were not sure exactly what caused the camera to fail. According to the mission manager, a wide-angle camera was able to take pictures and send them to the space center, adding that the overall outlook for the data was good. The Rosetta craft, launched in March, 2004, is now reportedly about 250 million miles from Earth. A roughly three-mile-diameter Steins Asteroid is being studied for keys that could help unlock some of the mysteries about the creation of the Solar System. ( “ I think it's a typical asteroid and asteroids are very irregular bodies, and particularly the smaller ones, they are extremely irregular, and the amazing thing seems to be that there is still one body more or less, and because the craters are very defined, some of them are very ,very defined, but maybe it's crushed, and I want to say, and there is , if you look at the sizes of the craters, then most of the interior of the asteroid may be crushed, we have to investigate this”) According to the Associated Press, data from Rosetta’s working camera was being processed in Southern Germany, while further infrared data collected by the probe was being analyzed in Rome. “I think it whets our appetite for the next things to come. It looks like we get really something out of that mission. It is a… I ‘m very pleased that it works so well.” Glossary1. deep space: any region in space outside the solar system2. asteroid: 小行星3. crater: 凹陷处4. defined: 轮廓分明5. whet the appetite: 吊胃口,激起兴趣200812/59838How do you like a behind-the-scenes look at one of the natures most luxurious full service, hippos spas.你怎么能够错过这个大自然创造的最豪华的全套务;;河马的水疗呢?Our dominant male hippo customer has aly arrived here at the Mezima Spring in Kenya, Africa. The carp goes right to work. It uses its wide, vast big mouth to scour the hippos hide. The hippo gets squeaky clean skin, and the fish gets a rich buffet of dead skin, algae and parasites.我们尊贵的公河马客人已经抵达非洲肯尼亚的Mezima温泉。鲤鱼径直去工作。它们使用巨大的嘴巴清理河马够不到的地方。河马的肌肤变得干净清洁,小鱼也从这些死皮当中享受到了美味,这顿丰富的自助餐中含有各种藻类和寄生虫。How about that tail that looks kind of like a toilet brush, the cichlid fish takes care of that. Now how about,well, how can I say this discreetly, the hippos hindquarters, where the hippo produces hippo dung. The barbel fish eagerly dives in here, especially when the hippo was in dung production mode. The barbel is so eager for what the hippo is trying to get rid of that they will race after him like an autograph seeker chasing a rock star.尾巴得有点儿像厕所刷该怎么办呢?淡水鱼将全程负责。现在,我该怎么谨慎的表达这种,恩,河马的,就是河马产粪便的那个部位呢?鲃鱼就在这里出没,尤其是当河马正处于;生产;的模式中。鲃鱼是如此的渴望河马排干净,不然这些鱼会像追摇滚明星要签名那样穷追不舍。Finally,the hippo opens its mouth, home of the good stuff. And fish rush in like hungry shoppers at a half-off big sale.最后,河马张开大口,把好东西都送进嘴里。鱼们就像遇到半价的疯狂购物者一样涌进。The hippo was enjoying the full treatment, and after its done, enjoys a relaxing yawn of relief. 河马享受着这一过程,当全部完成的时候,它用打哈欠享受着一种压力解脱的快感。词语解释:1. discreetly a. 谨慎地2. dung n. 动物的粪便201111/162052#Ug^16aFiAw5@2dL4d,sgn.Xc#a]mID6He changed our lives.Steve Jobs had a vision.Like the world lost a John Lennon.He demanded perfection.He could rip into people, be tough to work for.And led a technological revolution.^|_bhc^LkR0RYluEV他改变了我们的生活!KO)_cp!r888rBa!。史蒂夫;乔布斯独具慧眼SRF.n*nYB。就像世界失去了一个约翰;列侬一样h%y,YNRb_pi#K)K*。他要求尽善尽美Yb5|~hS,cs!Jl@EF!o。他对人严厉抨击,对事一丝不苟,vv,jmru6Qd*。他领导了一个技术革命U4Gh4xPax),s。tzIya~Vn5OFfThe personal computer. A light bulb goes off. And he says, wow, I can put computers on every desktop.个人电脑x9FV1~^90bCa6。一个灯泡灭了Hk(Gc*eRh39#|。他说道,哇,我可以把电脑放在每个人的桌子上A-]5,UL(QJwV。uJAmi~y),E8B|The iPod.When they first came out, oh, my god, they are so sleek, they are so sexy.It was new and small. I had to have it.iPod当他们第一次登台的时候,他说道,我的上帝,它们多么柔滑,性感;5N1dT8|Ssk.e%CZ!W。如此时尚新潮,小巧玲珑6nekkXYb%)#fWHiA。我必须拥有它_aqsSv0bla];HeU。The iPhoneI have an iPhone, which is an extension of me and I love using it.I was able to text messages and send them.iPhone我有一部iPhone,这是我的延伸和我就是喜欢使用它BWq#Se_MlH89Ms#9ir。我能读短信,并且将它们发送出去beOhEy@E!JoMyw。Ufh(Eo6]LX6The iPadPeople didnt know they want it or need it and turns out they did.Its kind of like, well, were gonna make a portable music player. I need that.Were going to make a phone. I need that.Were going to make a toaster. I need that.iPad人们不知道他们想要或需要它,结果人们还是拥有了它cccig-patB~V-]9gl9!;。这是一种喜欢,嗯,我们要制造便携式音乐播放器@;UT5+~pRE。那是因为我需要它mv~;xeA3s-@y07k。我们需要制造电话12*XXjzkvx_。那是因为我需要它]_PiWs)hBwDlbu0eOr)0。我们要做一个烤面包机;Fe)vtM^J+rR48。那是因为我需要它rLdK7tPf-vO@r。BFpj)(e-AiGenius Steve Jobs Change the World.天才史蒂夫;乔布斯改变世界uAg6vpQBJnQLdi|O+1POL,tM2gdAD0mr_8su3g9zH]T.N(mQ^Zd201111/160665

The number of governments that have banned Japanese food imports due to fears of radiation contamination is growing. On Friday, China joined Singapore and the U.S. in halting some imported foods from radiation-affected areas of Japan. Other governments are expected to take similar precautionary measures as Japan struggles to contain the damage from the Fukushima nuclear plant.由于担心核辐射扩散,越来越多的国家下令禁止进口来自日本的食品,这对日本地震灾区的经济来说真是雪上加霜。The situation at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant remains precarious after several workers there suffered radiation burns while attempting to cool one of the damaged reactors.福岛核电站的情况仍然不稳定,在几位日本工人试图冷却受损反应堆而受到核辐射灼伤之后,已经有好几个国家监测到来自日本的放射性物质。Although the extent of contamination remains unclear, the damage to farms and livelihoods is sping. At one of Japan's busiest fish markets, Yasumichi Tanaka said the daily catch is dwindling. "Fish supplies from the radiation contaminated regions have been totally halted."尽管这次核污染的范围和程度目前还不明朗,但是日本农业和水产业受到的打击却在扩大。一个鱼贩说:“来自核辐射污染地区的鱼类供应已经完全停止了。”Produce markets also have taken a hit. Retailers say some customers are avoiding all vegetables, not just those likely to be contaminated. International orders have suffered, as well.蔬菜市场也在劫难逃。零售商们说,有些顾客干脆什么蔬菜都不买,并不仅仅是那些可能受到污染的东西。On Friday, China joined the growing list of countries that have halted food imports from affected regions. State TV reported the banned items included milk products, fruit, vegetables and seafood.In Singapore, where some Japanese foods aly are banned, restaurant manager Connie Hon said her customers are worried. "Consumer confidence is yes, somewhat shaken, I would say, amongst some of the Singapore populace, but that can't be helped, I think."在新加坡,餐馆经理康妮洪说,顾客们都感到担忧。“在新加坡民众当中,顾客的信心的确受到了一些打击,实在是没办法。”201103/129970French first lady releases CD 法国第一夫人出专辑啦 France's first lady releases a music album. Will it hit the right note with the public? CNN's Mallika Kapur reports. Quite, quite a jazzy one, this one.She’s out with album no.3, her first as France’s first lady. Carla Bruni’s album releases in Europe this week though it’s aly been available free on her website, giving critics like this radio DJ in London a chance to make up their minds.It does sound a little bit, a bit kind of almost official price my first album. I mean, it’s a horrible thing to say, to say, cause she, I mean, she is good, but it’s not my kind of thing, and I think because of the style of the music, I think she will be in for a hard time with the critics.It’s not easy pleasing critics when you’re Carla Bruni, the former model turned singer, turned presidential spouse. It’s taken months for the French public, initially skeptical of her colorful past, to warm to her.The fact that she’s turned to singing, the fact that she’s had so many liaisons, and the fact that she’s got such an exquisite sense of style, the mixture of all these things is very potent, and the French, who do feel defensive culture in these days, are only too pleased to boost her and also show great deal affection for her.Her popularity is rubbing off on her husband. His approval ratings have improved since the two got married in February and there’s often more attention on her than him during trips abroad. So what kind of relationship do the couple share? Her songs may hold a clue. In a song called You Are My Drug, Bruni sings of a passion “more lethal than heroin from Afghanistan and more dangerous than Columbian coke.” In another, she croons “You are my lord, my orgy.” She could be thinking about her husband, but the first lady isn’t telling. She says most of the album was written before she met the president.It’s a bit early to tell if this album will do as well as her fist one, which sold around two million copies, or better than the second, which sold only around 400,000. But the first lady says she’s not doing it for fame or fortune. She’s decided not to hold concerts for this album, and royalties will go to charity.Malika Kapur, CNN, London.200812/57697Economy, Job Losses Critical for Voters in Ohio选战必争俄亥俄 经济裁员关注多  The faltering U.S. economy and the loss of manufacturing jobs in the Midwestern U.S. state of Ohio are dominating the presidential election contest there, and that could spell trouble for Republican candidate John McCain. McCain needs to win the Ohio vote to have any hope of becoming the next president. Analysts are keeping a close eye on the state, which has gone for the winner in the last 11 presidential elections. Experts say social issues have helped swing the state to the Republican side in the last two elections. Economic issues are on the minds of Ohio voters this year, and that could help Democratic candidate Barack Obama. 美国经济的衰退、大规模生产厂家裁员的问题成了中西部的俄亥俄州总统大选的主导议题,而这可能成为笼罩在共和党总统侯选人麦凯恩头上的魔咒。麦凯恩要赢得俄亥俄州才有可能得到成为下届总统的最基本的希望。分析人士都密切注视这个州的动向,因为在过去11次大选中赢得俄亥俄州的候选人最后都获胜。专家认为,社会议题在上两次大选中帮助这个州的选民倒向了共和党。今年俄亥俄州选民的关注点在经济议题上,这可能给民主党候选人奥巴马带来帮助。Ron Davis started his career as a steelworker in Ohio 29 years ago. Davis, who is president of the local branch of the ed Steel Workers Union, just learned that 350 people who work in his plant's remaining building are going to be laid off. 戴维斯作为一名俄亥俄州的钢铁工人已经有29年的时间了。他是钢铁工人联合工会在当地分部的工会主席。戴维斯刚刚了解到在他所在的工厂所剩的车间中,有350名工人将被辞退。"I've got family and friends that are working in there, people that I've known for many years," said Ron Davis. "And their future's the one I'm worried about." 戴维斯:“我有亲戚和朋友在这家工厂工作, 也有很多相处多年的同事。他们的前途是我担心的事情。”That worry is translating into action at the local Union hall where members who usually support Republicans are campaigning for Democratic candidates. 这种担心在当地工会的会厅里逐渐变成了人们的行动,那里的工会会员通常持共和党,现在帮助民主党候选人竞选。Ron Davis says that this year, things are different. 戴维斯说,今年情况不一样了。"This year, the scales are tipped," he said. "And I think you're going to see a lot of Republicans voting for Obama this year." “今年,天平的重心变了。你会看到很多共和党人今年将投奥巴马的票。”Presidential elections are usually hard-fought battles in Ohio, and public opinion polls show that the race between Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama is close. 总统选举在俄亥俄州通常是一块艰难的必争之地,民意调查显示,共和党的麦凯恩和民主党的奥巴马的选情十分接近。Rural central Ohio often goes Republican. Most of the big cities - Cleveland in the northeast, Columbus in the middle - lately have supported Democrats. So do industrial towns, such as Youngstown in the northeast. 俄亥俄中部的乡村地区通常是共和党的地盘,而多数大城市,比如东北部的克里夫兰,中部的哥伦布最近都持了民主党。工业城市也是如此,例如东北部的扬斯敦。During his campaign visits to the state, Senator Obama has focused on the economic crisis he says is the worst since the Great Depression of the 1930s. 奥巴马参议员在他竞选行程中来到了俄亥俄,他集中探讨了紧急危机的议题。他说,这次危机是1930年以来最严重的一次。"I don't have to tell you, Ohio, 760,000 workers have lost their jobs so far this year," said Barack Obama. “我不必说,你们也知道,今年俄亥俄州有76万工人已经失去了工作。”Senator McCain has tried to counter that message, warning Ohio voters that Obama would increase their taxes. 麦凯恩参议员试图改变焦点,警告俄亥俄州的选民说,奥巴马将会增加他们的税收。"He believes in redistributing the wealth not in policies that grow our economy and create jobs and opportunities for all Americans," said John McCain. “他相信财富的再分配,而不是增长经济、为所有美国人增加工作机会的政策。”Around the city of Youngstown, many manufacturing jobs have been lost. An aluminum plant on the outskirts of the city closed last year. Although Democrats are running strong here, retired union leader, Mike Rubicz, says many voters feel conflicted. 在扬斯敦周围的一些大型工厂,很多工作机会都没有了。这个城市近郊的一家铝厂去年倒闭 。虽然民主党在这里声势浩大,退休工会负责人鲁比茨说,很多选民感到困惑。"Because on one hand, there's a concern about Obama in terms of his experience and the fact that he's a black man and, at the same time, they don't see that McCain really has a program to help them," said Mike Rubicz. “因为一方面,人们关心的是奥巴马的资历,以及他是黑人这一事实,同时,选民们又没有看到麦凯恩真正拿出一个计划来帮助他们。”Although Democrats appear to be using the faltering economy to their advantage, Youngstown Republicans like McCain volunteer Tracey Winbush say they are making headway. 虽然民主党人显然在用经济衰退的议题为自己竞选,但是扬斯敦的共和党人、麦凯恩竞选义工温布什说他们已经开始了助选活动。"It's the economy," said Tracey Winbush. "It is social issues." 温布什说:“那是经济议题,那是社会议题。”"We pray for the president," said Chuck Michaelis. "We pray for the vice president." Chuck Michaelis leads a Wednesday evening prayer group. Religion is a powerful political motivator in Ohio, especially among abortion opponents like Kevin Dill."I probably lean more towards the Republican side," said Kevin Dill. "But I would say that's mainly because I have been more impressed with Sarah Palin."Despite the efforts of John McCain and his vice presidential running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, many Democrats say they will vote for Barack Obama and his running mate Senator Joe Biden. 尽管麦凯恩和他的竞选夥伴、阿拉斯加州州长佩林十分努力,但是很多民主党人说,他们要投奥巴马和他的副手拜登参议员的票。And while many social conservatives favor John McCain, some, like Diana Anderson, are reconsidering. 很多社会保守人士喜欢麦凯恩,但与此同时,一些人也在重新考虑,就像这位安德森女士。"Ya, I had to relook at things and study harder and I'm back to where I'm definitely going to vote for Obama," said Diana Anderson. 她说:“是呀,有一些问题我还要思考,进一步研究。我回到我当初的想法,一定把选票投给奥巴马。”Opinion polls show the race between McCain and Obama is still too close to call, as Ohio's wrenching economic transformation will play a key role in the election. Both candidates are counting on victory in Ohio to give them the edge in the state-by-state battle to win the 270 electoral votes necessary to claim the White House. 民意调查显示,麦凯恩和奥巴马之间的持率太过接近,难分胜负。此时,俄亥俄州痛苦的经济转型将成为选举的一个关键角色。双方候选人都把赢得俄亥俄作为一个契机,以便在各州赢得入主白宫总共所需的最基本的270张选举人票。200811/54690

As the fighting rages in Libya, human rights groups are looking to a longer term consequence of the war - the use of landmines.The hazards of mortar fire and rocket attacks are bad enough, but Libyans must now face the renewed problem of anti-personnel and anti-vehicle landmines.利比亚人不仅要面临迫击炮和火箭弹的袭击,他们现在还要面对一个新的问题,那就是对人员和车辆都有杀伤力的地雷。There are reports that both sides in the conflict have been using them. Human Rights Watch accused government troops of placing mines last month south of Ajdabiya. And while a rebel commander vowed his forces would not use landmines, over the weekend, journalists reported seeing rebels burying the devices near Ajdabiya's eastern gate. 有报导说,交战双方都使用了这些地雷。人权观察指责政府军上个月在阿季达比耶以南埋置地雷。虽然一名反对派指挥官誓言他的军队不会使用地雷,但媒体周末报导说看到反对派在阿季达比耶东部出口埋放地雷装置。Further north, Benghazi driver Tarek el Mehadawi said he is not so worried about the area around his hometown, but is concerned about other parts of the country.在更北部,班加西汽车司机梅哈德维表示,他并不非常担心自己家乡附近的情况,他更担心的是国家的其他地方。Mehadawi said areas around Sirte, Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's hometown, or the besieged city of Misrata would be likely places for the hidden munitions, but that it's very difficult to know their precise location.梅哈德维说,利比亚领导人卡扎菲的家乡苏尔特,或者被包围的城市米苏拉塔更有可能是埋藏地雷的地点,但很难知道确切位置。Which is what makes the weapons so deadly. Most of the victims of landmines are civilians. In Libya, they would be the farmers and shepherds who walk the areas close to the roads where the mines are laid.而这正是地雷如此致命的原因。大部分遭地雷伤害的都是平民。在利比亚,这些很可能是农民或者牧羊人,他们会行走在道路附近埋有地雷的区域。For Libyans, the problem is not new. Nearly 70 years after the armies of Britain and Germany fought pitched battles across North Africa, landmines from World War II remain buried beneath the sands.对利比亚人来说,地雷不是什么新问题。在英国和德国部队在北非激烈争战将近70年后,砂子下面仍然留有二战期间的地雷。201104/132582中国政府最近又采取了新措施,以应对过热的房地产市场,这是两周来第三次调整了。分析人士认为,这些措施不会立马见效,但可以看出,中国的地产业将有一次重大改变。China Sets New Property Market Rules for Second Time in Two Weeks After pledging to crack down on land hoarders earlier this month, China's Ministry of Land and Resources, the land watchdog, now says that no land transaction for housing projects will be allowed before early April, when the authorities will release this year's plan for land use.Ministry official Dou Minli says for local governments, having to temporarily halt land transactions and report their plans before selling are new rules."Any new land transactions are forbidden until the local governments set details for affordable housing projects."China is set to build 3 million new units of affordable housing and to renovate 2.8 million units in shantytowns nationwide this year. The Ministry of Land and Resources is working on specifying the plan.Meanwhile, China's State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the top supervisor of state-owned enterprises, has ordered 78 companies to hand in their plans for withdrawing from the property market within 15 working days. Du Yuanquan, spokesman for the top supervisor, says that only 16 state-owned enterprises that specialize in real-estate are permitted to keep their business."The chosen state-owned subsidiaries are required to withdraw from the property market as soon as they finish current projects."Among those ordered to end real estate business are the SOEs who bid on prime properties and set records for new land prices in the capital earlier this month.Chinese overseas shipping giant COSCO says the corporation will quit the real estate market in half a year. It is so far the first and only company to disclose its timeline. After heated debate during the mid-March political sessions, Chinese policymakers have come to the consensus that dealing with the overheating property market must involve two parallel approaches: one is curbing land prices by changing the current fiscal structure of the local governments that over-rely on selling land, and the other is expanding affordable housing projects.Song Huiyong, a real-estate analyst with the Centaline Group, says these acts may indicate the emergence of a new housing reform that will end total market-orientation."The process of fundamentally restructuring China's property market is on. The era of full market orientation is over. It also means the property market reform proposal that has been put on the agenda of the top legislature is on track."Chinese people saw a sudden marketization in the property market in the late 1990s. Before that, most city residents rented houses from their employers.Du Lijun, CRI news.201003/99586New York City is increasing aly tight security as a precaution against possible terrorist reprisals for the killing of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden. Additional safeguards are in place ahead of President Barack Obama’s visit Thursday to Ground Zero, the site of the World Trade Center destroyed by al-Qaida on September 11, 2001.美国东部城市纽约加强了已经处于严格保安状态的安全,防备击毙本.拉登以后可能出现的恐怖分子的报复行动。纽约部署了更多警力,准备迎接奥巴马总统星期四来到世贸大厦这两座于2001年9-11受到基地恐怖组织惨重袭击的建筑遗址。New York officials say there are currently no specific threats against the city. But authorities are taking no chances. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said on Monday that security has been increased since bin Laden’s killing, although not all measures are visible to the public.纽约市政府说,目前还没有特别有针对性的危险威胁这个城市,但当局绝不会因此松懈。警察局长凯利星期一说,自本.拉登被击毙以后就加强了安全戒备,不过所有这些安全措施并不是都在公众视线之内的。"We’re working closely, our counter-terrorism bureau and our intelligence division, working closely with our federal partners both at home and abroad to see if there’s any indication of, perhaps, retaliatory acts," he said.他说:“我们严格防范,我们的反恐局和情报处同联邦部门合作伙伴在国内外紧密合作,侦查是否存在任何蛛丝马迹、任何报复行动。”Extra precautions are in place at what Kelly referred to as "iconic sites." These include Times Square, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and various houses of worship. The commissioner said additional resources have been devoted to transportation infrastructure. Subway and rail passengers are subject to random bag searches. On the waters surrounding New York, close attention is being paid to ferries, harbor taxis and bridges. 凯利说,在纽约有“标志性的建筑和地点”,警方安排了更严格的防范措施,其中包括时代广场、帝国大厦、自由女神像以及各种宗教地点。这位警察局长说,更多的资源投入到了公共交通基础设施。地铁和轻轨乘客的夸包可能会随时受到抽查。在纽约周围的水域,渡轮、港口客船以及桥梁等都受到严密的监视。There is an unmistakable police presence around Ground Zero, which President Obama plans to visit on Thursday. According to Kelly, there are police department linguists behind the scenes monitoring online chat rooms, and liaison officers stationed overseas to gather intelligence.在世贸大厦遗址附近,安全部门安置了大批警力加强保卫。星期四奥巴马总统将到此访问。根据凯利的说法,警察局的语言专家在幕后监视网上聊天室内容,联络处官员在海外加紧情报收集。Meanwhile, New Yorkers are going about their daily routines. Rob Walsh works for the New York City emergency medical service. He says the security is reassuring, but notes it is a relatively new feature in American life. "It’s the new normal. You’ve just gotten used to it. You know, some days you don’t want to the newspaper in fear of seeing that there is an attack. But the past almost 10 years, it’s what you’ve come to get used to," he said. 与此同时,纽约人向往常一样仍然在着手日常工作。维尔斯在纽约急救务中心工作,他说安全措施令人感到放心,但他指出这相对来说是美国生活中的新特征。他说:“这是新的常态。人们刚刚开始适应。大家都希望总有一天我们不必再忐忑不安地害怕看到报上在出现受到袭击的消息,但过去10年来,这已经成为了生活的常态。” Walsh adds that his 7-year-old son never knew a time when city residents never had to think about precautions against possible terrorism. 维尔斯说,他七岁的儿子从不知道本地居民还可以享受时光,而不必考虑防范恐怖袭击的可能性。201105/134776

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