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岚皋治疗睾丸炎多少钱安康尿道炎的危害Now, I understand-- I understand that we all know this has been a tough fight, but the Democratic Party is a family.如今,我明白了——我明白大家都知道这是一场艰苦的战斗,但是民主党是一个大家庭,And now its time to restore the ties that bind us together and to come together around the ideals we share, the values we cherish, and the country we love.现在是时候为了我们共同的理想、共同价值观、所爱的国家走到一起,齐心协力了。We may have started on separate journeys, but today our paths have merged.我们也许来自不同的道路,但今天我们的路合并在了一起,And were all heading toward the same destination, united and more y than ever to win in November and to turn our country around, because so much is at stake.我们朝同一个目的地进发、比以往任何时候都要团结和有准备,要在11月赢得总统竞选胜利,使我们的国家彻底不同,因为这个国家正处于危险之中。We all want economy that sustains the American dream, the opportunity to work hard and have that work rewarded, to save for college, a home and retirement, to afford that gas and those groceries, and still have a little left over at the end of the month, an economy that lifts all of our people and ensures that our prosperity is broadly distributed and shared.我们都想要一种经济,一种能够撑美国人梦想的经济,一种让我们有机会努力工作并从中得到回报,让我们在花钱上大学、买房子、交养老金、加汽油、添置生活用品之后,仍能在月末有一点剩余的钱的经济,一种能够振奋所有人的经济,并保广泛繁荣且为大家所分享的经济。We all want a health care system that is universal, high-quality and affordable--我们都想要一种健康医疗体系,一种普及的、高质量的、负担得起的健康医疗体系。so that parents dont have to choose between care for themselves or their children or be stuck in dead-end jobs simply to keep their insurance.这样,爸爸妈妈们不再需要在为自己还是为孩子治病之间做出抉择,为交保险费而再陷入没有出路的工作而无法自拔。This isnt just an issue for me.对于我来说,这不只是个问题,It is a passion and a cause, and it is a fight.而是一种、一项事业、一场战斗,I will continue until every single American is insured, no exceptions and no excuses.我将继续战斗,直到每一个美国人都得到保,没有例外,没有借口。201411/340435安康治疗附睾炎多少钱 The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again.事业成功伴随的沉重不见了,取而代之的是重回起跑线的那种轻盈。Less sure about everything. It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods in my life.对于一切都不再确信无疑。我获得了解放,进而开始了我一生中最富有创造力的时期。During the next five years I started a company named NeXT, another company named Pixar and fell in love with an amazing woman who would become my wife.在接下去的五年中,我建立了一家名叫 NeXT 的公司,另一家公司是Pixar,并与一位奇妙的女士共堕爱河,她后来成为了我的太太。Pixar went on to create the worlds first computer-animated feature film ;Toy Story;, and is now the most successful animation studio in the world.Pixar 创作出了世界上第一部电脑动画电影《玩具总动员》,现在它已经是世界上最成功的动画工作室了。In a remarkable turn of events. Apple bought NeXT and I returned to Apple.再后来,一次引人注目的事件产生了转机,苹果公司买下了 NeXT,我重返苹果。And the technology we developed at NeXT is at the heart of Apples current renaissance.而且我们在 NeXT 开发的技术现在成为了苹果复兴事业的核心。And Lorene and I have a wonderful family together.Lorene 跟我也组建了一个美好的家庭。Im pretty sure none of this would have happened if I hadnt been fired from Apple.我很确定,假如苹果没有开除我,所有这一切都不会发生。It was awful-tasting medicine but I guess the patient needed it.我想,这也正是良药苦口利于病吧。Sometimes lifes going to hit you in the head with a brick. Dont lose faith.有时候,生活会给你当头一棒。不要失去信心。Im convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did.我确信,唯一撑我前进的东西就是:我爱我所做的事。Youve got to find what you love, and that is as true for work as it is for your lovers.你必须找到你所爱的东西,这句话不仅适用于你的工作也同样适用于你的爱情。Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work, and the only way to do great work is to love what you do.你的工作构成了你生活的大部分,而唯一能让你真正感到满足的就是去做你认为伟大的工作,而做伟大的工作的唯一途径是爱你所做的工作。If you havent found it yet, keep looking, and dont settle.倘若你还没有找到它,请你继续,不要停下脚步。As with all matters of the heart, youll know when you find it. and like any great relationship it just gets better and better as the years roll on.同所有与心灵相关的东西一样,当你找到它时,你就会明白。而且它会像那些美好的爱情一样,它会随着岁月的流逝而愈加醇美。So keep looking. Dont settle.所以,保持前行,永不止步。201412/346977Its great to be here at this school, at this outstanding school. Your inspiring teachers and your commitment to British values means you are not just achieving outstanding academic success, but you are building a shared community where children of many faiths and backgrounds learn not just with each other, but from each other too.And that goes right to the heart of what I want to talk about today.I said on the steps of Downing Street that this would be a ‘one nation government, bringing our country together.And today, I want to talk about a vital element of that. How together we defeat extremism and at the same time build a stronger, more cohesive society.My starting point is this.Over generations, we have built something extraordinary in Britain – a successful multi-racial, multi-faith democracy. Its open, diverse, welcoming – these characteristics are now as British as queuing and talking about the weather.It is here in Britain where different people, from different backgrounds, who follow different religions and different customs, dont just rub alongside each other but we are relatives and friends; husbands, wives, cousins, neighbours and colleagues.It is here in Britain where in one or two generations people can come with nothing and rise as high as their talent allows.It is here in Britain where success is achieved not in spite of our diversity, but because of our diversity.So, as we talk about the threat of extremism and the challenge of integration, we should not do our country down – we are, without a shadow of doubt, a beacon to the world.And as we debate these issues, neither should we demonise people of particular backgrounds. Every one of the communities that has come to call our country home has made Britain a better place. And because the focus of my remarks today is on tackling Islamist extremism – not Islam the religion – let me say this.I know what a profound contribution Muslims from all backgrounds and denominations are making in every sphere of our society, proud to be both British and Muslim, without conflict or contradiction.And I know too something else: I know too how much you hate the extremists who are seeking to divide our communities and how you loathe the damage they do.As Prime Minister, I want to work with you to confront and defeat this poison. And today, I want to set out how. I want to explain what I believe we need to do as a country to defeat this extremism, and help to strengthen our multi-racial, multi-faith democracy.Now, it begins – it must begin – by understanding the threat we face and why we face it. What we are fighting, in Islamist extremism, is an ideology. It is an extreme doctrine.And like any extreme doctrine, it is subversive. At its furthest end it seeks to destroy nation-states to invent its own barbaric realm. And it often backs violence to achieve this aim – mostly violence against fellow Muslims – who dont subscribe to its sick worldview.But you dont have to support violence to subscribe to certain intolerant ideas which create a climate in which extremists can flourish.– Ideas which are hostile to basic liberal values such as democracy, freedom, sexual equality.– Ideas which actively promote discrimination, sectarianism and segregation.– Ideas, like those of the despicable far right, which privilege one identity to the detriment of the rights and freedoms of others.– And ideas also based on conspiracy: that Jews exercise malevolent power; or that Western powers, in concert with Israel, are deliberately humiliating Muslims because they aim to destroy Islam. In this warped worldview, such conclusions are reached – that 9/11 was actually inspired by Mossad to provoke the invasion of Afghanistan; or British security services knew about 7/7, but didnt do anything about it because they wanted to provoke an anti-Muslim backlash.201509/397366安康医院哪家好

安康长江泌尿专科医院男科专家挂号安康割包皮环切术 When we think of games, theres all kinds of things.当我们提起游戏时,脑海中会浮现很多回忆。Maybe youre ticked off, or maybe youre looking forward to a new game. Youve been up too late playing a game.或许你被某个游戏折磨得够呛,或许你正在期待着一款新游戏,或许你为了玩游戏而熬夜。All these things happen to me.所有这些都发生在我身上。But when we think about games, a lot of times we think about stuff like this: first-person shooters, or the big,但是大部分时候,当我们想到“游戏”通常想到的是: 第一人称射击游戏,或者大型的,what we would call AAA games,我们称之为3A级的游戏,or maybe youre a Facebook game player.或者,你喜欢玩Facebook里的小游戏。This is one my partner and I worked on.这是我跟搭档一起设计的一款游戏。Maybe you play Facebook games, and thats what were making right now. This is a lighter form of game.如果你玩Facebook游戏,这就是我们现在正在设计的游戏。这是一种小型的游戏。Maybe you think about the tragically boring board games that hold us hostage in Thanksgiving situations.或许你想到的是那些极为无聊的棋盘游戏,那些我们在感恩节时不得不玩的游戏。This would be one of those tragically boring board games that you can figure out.这个游戏就是那些你能想到的非常无聊的棋盘游戏之一。Or maybe youre in your living room, you know,又或许你在客厅里,playing with the Wii with the kids, or something like that,与孩子们一起玩Wii或者类似的游戏。and, you know, theres this whole range of games,另外,还有各种各样的游戏,and thats very much what I think about.这差不多就是我所能想到的游戏种类。I make my living from games. Ive been lucky enough to do this since I was 15, which also qualifies as Ive never really had a real job.我以设计游戏为生。我很幸运 能够15岁就从事这行,另一方面这也意味着我从没有过一份真正的工作。But we think about games as fun, and thats completely人们认为游戏是有趣的,这是完全合理的,reasonable, but lets just think about this.但让我们从另一个角度来想一想。So this one here, this is the 1980 Olympics.请看这张照片,这是1980年的奥运会(美苏曲棍球比赛)。Now I dont know where you guys were, but I was in my living room. It was practically a religious event.我不清楚你们当时在什么地方,当时我在我家的客厅里。这场比赛实际上是一次意识形态的对抗。And this is when the Americans beat the Russians,照片上就是美国队击败苏联队的瞬间,and this was -- yes, it was technically a game.这是——是的,从技术上讲仍是一种游戏。Hockey is a game. But really, was this a game?曲棍球是一种游戏。但说真的,这场比赛算是“游戏”吗?I mean, people cried. Ive never seen my mother cry like that at the end of Monopoly.我的意思是,有人因此哭泣。我从没见过我母亲在玩完《大富翁》之后会哭成那样。And so this was just an amazing experience.所以这只是一次“绝妙的体验”。Or, you know, if anybody here is from Boston.或者,如果这里有谁是从波士顿来的。So when the Boston Red Sox won the World Series after,当波士顿红袜队再次赢得世界冠军,I believe, 351 years,我想,距上次夺冠应该有351年了,when they won the World Series, it was amazing.当他们赢得了世界冠军,这真令人惊叹。201602/426127汉阴看男科好吗

安康治疗前列腺囊肿哪个医院好In total there will be more than 30,000 participants in HP MegaForum in 1998, taking part in seminars on a wide range of topics, product demonstrations and trade shows. To my knowledge, an IT event of this scale and comprehensiveness represents a first both for China, and for HP. China HP also hosts another important IT event each year aimed for end-users called HP Electronic World. This year, it will be held in July in Beijing and will also focus on E-Commerce. We expect to welcome more than 40 vendors, and 10,000 visitors, with over 100 seminars on the full range of issues facing the IT industry in making E-Commerce a reality in China and around the world. This year at HP Electronic World, we plan one more first for China, and that is to link via conference audiences in Beijing, Taipei and Hong Kong in a common forum to discuss cooperation in Building Together our Electronic World. I suspect that David Packard would have been particularly honored to speak to this Chinese audience. We are certainly honored to have the chance to be part of it. The Electronic World represents a whole new way of doing business. I urge you to embrace it and use it to make your organization more successful than it has ever been. Thank you.1998年,总共将有3万多位嘉宾参加“惠普信息时空”。他们将参加各类研讨会,产品展示和贸易展销会。据我所知,如此规模的IT 盛会,对中国和惠普来说都是前所未有的。惠普(中国)公司每年还举办另一个IT活动——惠普电子世界,其目的是面向最终用户。今年7月,这一活动将在北京举行,重点也是电子商务。届时,将有40多家厂商,1万多位嘉宾参加,100多场研讨会将涉及IT界在中国和世界实现电子商务所面临的诸多问题。今年,在惠普电子世界活动举办期间,我们计划再创中国第一,即通过电视会议使北京、台北和香港的观众在同一论坛探讨共建电子化世界的课题。我认为,连戴维·帕卡德本人也会以向中国的观众讲话而感到荣幸。当然,我们更觉得能参加这一盛会不胜荣幸。电子化世界代表着全新的经营方式。我极力希望诸位能欣然接受它,利用它,使贵组织获得前所未有的成功。谢谢。 201411/341045 This was the closest Ive been to facing death, and I hope its the closest I get for a few more decades. Having lived through it, I can now say this to you with a bit more certainty than when death was a useful but purely intellectual concept:这是我距离死亡最近的一次,我希望它也是未来几十年里我离死亡最近的一次。经历了这件事,死亡对我而言已经不再只是一种有益却仅限于纯粹想象的概念,因此我可以更加确信地跟你们谈起我对死亡的看法:No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven dont want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Lifes change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away. Sorry to be so dramatic, but it is quite true.没有人想要死,即使人们想上天堂, 他们也不会为了去那里而死,但是死亡是我们共同的终点,从来没有人能够逃脱它。而这也是合理的,因为死亡很可能是生命最好的一项发明,它是生命变化的推动者,它清除老朽而为新生代开路。现在的你们就是新生代,但是在不久之后的某天,你们就会渐渐变成老朽而被清除出人生的舞台。抱歉说得这么夸张,但是这是事实。Your time is limited, so dont waste it living someone elses life. Dont be trapped by dogma ?which is living with the results of other peoples thinking. Dont let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow aly know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.你的时间有限,别浪费生命过别人的生活。不要被教条所束缚,因为那是别人生活的目的。别让其他人的不同意见压过你自己内心的声音。最重要的是,要勇于追随自己的内心和直觉,它们其实早已知道你想要成为什么,除此以外都是次要的。When I was young, there was an amazing publication called The Whole Earth Catalog, which was one of the bibles of my generation. It was created by a fellow named Stewart Brand not far from here in Menlo Park, and he brought it to life with his poetic touch. This was in the late 1960s, before personal computers and desktop publishing, so it was all made with typewriters, scissors, and polaroid cameras. It was sort of like Google in paperback form, 35 years before Google came along: it was idealistic, and overflowing with neat tools and great notions.当我年轻的时候,有一份非常精的刊物,叫做《全球概览》(Whole Earth Catalog),那是我们那一代人视为圣经的读物之一。它由斯图尔特·布兰德(Stewart Brand)在离这里不远的门洛帕克创办,他把诗意带进杂志,赋予它鲜活的生命力。那是在1960年代末,这本刊物全部由打字机、剪刀和宝丽来相机制作出来。有点像平装版的谷歌,但早于谷歌问世35年。这就是理想主义,充满着整洁的工具和伟大的奇想。Stewart and his team put out several issues of The Whole Earth Catalog, and then when it had run its course, they put out a final issue. It was the mid-1970s, and I was your age. On the back cover of their final issue was a photograph of an early morning country road, the kind you might find yourself hitchhiking on if you were so adventurous. Beneath it were the words: ;Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.; It was their farewell message as they signed off. Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. And I have always wished that for myself. And now, as you graduate to begin anew, I wish that for you.斯图尔特和他的团队出版了几期《全球概览》之后,顺其自然地出版了最后一期。那是1970年代中期,而我正如你们这般年纪。在最后一期的封底上,是一条清晨乡间小路的照片,如果你富有冒险精神,它可能就是你要搭车的那种小路。照片下面是一行字:“求知若饥,虚心若愚”。那就是他们停刊的临别赠言。求知若饥,虚心若愚。我总是对自己抱着这样的期望。而现在,在你们毕业即将踏上新生活的一刻,我也这样祝愿你们。Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.求知若饥,虚心若愚。Thank you all very much.非常感谢你们。201307/248311安康包皮包茎医院安康市中医院龟头炎症



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