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三门峡医院检查梅毒项目有哪些三门峡割包皮手术好的医院unit 227 预定二人餐位dialogue 英语情景对话A:Good moming. Panyu Restaurant. May help you?A:早上好,这是番禺宾馆。我能帮您什么吗?B:What time do you open this evening?B:今晚你们什么时候开始营业?A:We open at 6:30, sir.A:6:30,先生。B:I see. Id like to reserve a table for two.B:知道了。我想预订两个人的餐位。A:Yes, sir. What time would you like your table, sir?A:好的,先生。具体什么时间呢?B:Im not sure, perhaps around 8 pm.B:还不确定,大概是晚上8点吧。A:Fine! Ill reserve a table for two at 8 pm, sir. May I have your name, please?A:可以,我给您预订一个晚上8点的餐位,共两个人。请问您的姓名?B:Davis.B:戴维斯。A:Thank you, Mr. Davis.A:谳谢您,戴维斯先生。B:Oh, any chance of a table by the window? My wife loves the birds eye view. As its her birthday, I want it to be a celebration.B:哦,对了。能不能给我一张靠近窗户的桌子?我的妻子特别喜欢观看外面的景色,而且今天又是她的生日。我想给她庆祝一下。A:I see. We have aly received many bookings and though I cant guarantee anything, please be assured that well try our best, Mr. Davis. I hope youll understand.A:我明白。我们已经接受了许多的预订,所以不能保一定有。但请放心,我们会尽力的。戴维斯先生,希望您能理解。B:I do, but I would appreciate you, if it could be arranged.B:我能.理解。如果能够安排一下,我会十分感激你们的。A:Well try our best.A:我们会尽力的。B:Thank you.B:谢谢。 /201510/405367三门峡那个医院可做试管 For:正方辩词:The SOHO working style should be encouraged.“SOHO”一族的工作方式应当被提倡。SOHO working style is advanced and should be encouraged. First, working at home instead of office is cost-efficient to the whole society. It can save a lot of unnecessary costs. The employers no longer have to pay for Internet use,electricity and other expenses related to the office daily work. Secondly, the SOHOs do not need to wake up early every morning just for taking the bus. They can spend longer time in sleeping than before, which will make them energetic at work.“SOHO”一族的工作方式是先进的,值得提倡的。首先,代替在办公室工作,而在家里工作,对整个社会来说都是有益的。它能够节省许多不必要的花费。雇主不再需要付网费、电费及其他的日常的办公费用。第二,“SOHO”族不必再早起床去赶公交车。他们可以多睡会,这也会使他们在工作的时候提高效率。I think working at a flexible time schedule is beneficial to us to balance between family and work. Therefore, this working style should be encouraged.我认为拥有灵活的工作时间对兼顾家庭和工作是很有益的。因此,这种工作方式是值得被提倡的。Against:反方辩词:Not everyone can be a freelancer.并不是所有人都能做自由职业者。In my opinion, being a freelancer requires some special qualities, such as selfcontrol, perseverance, commitment to the plan and the like. Therefore, I think not everyone can be a freelancer.就我而言,我认为做一名自由职业者是要具备几个特殊条件的,比如说他应当有很强的自控力、坚定不移且忠于计划等等。因此,我认为并不是每个人都可以成为自由职业者。Being self-employed is not easy. Although this kind of lifestyle is attractive to a lot of people, it is also a riskier proposition than working at a traditional job.作为一名自由职业者也并不容易。尽管这种生活方式吸引了很多人,但是相对传统的工作来说它更是一个有风险的职业。 /201501/35076814. May I have an idea of your prices?可以了解一下你们的价格吗?还能这样说:May I get wise to your price?Can I know your price?应用:run away with the idea that 误以为,接受某错误的想法;the young idea 青少年,尤指学生;get ideas into ones head 抱有难以实现的妄想;what an idea 真过分,岂有此理15. He is making an inquiry for green tea.他正在对绿茶进行询价。还能这样说:He is asking the price of green tea.He is consulting us on the price of green tea.应用:gather tea 采茶;grow tea 种茶;not for all the tea in China 无论报酬多高,无论得到多大好处;tea-bag 茶袋;tea-table 茶几,茶桌;make tea 泡茶16. Please send us your best offer stating payment terms and time of shipment.请向我们报最优价,说明付条件和装运期。还能这样说:Please let us know the best offer, the payment terms and time of shipment.Plesae tell us your lowest price and state payment terms as well as time of shipment.应用:the best part of 大部分的;as best one can 尽力,竭力;get the best of sb. 击败某人;make the best 尽量利用,善用17. This is our inquiry sheet. Will you like to have a look?这是我方询价单,请您过目。还能这样说:Will you like to look at our inquiry sheet?This is our inquiry sheet. Please have a look at it.应用:white as a sheet 脸色异常苍白,面无血色;a clean sheet 过去工作或操作中无过错的记录;sheet lightning 片状闪电;sheet music 活页乐谱18. Please make an offer for the bamboo shoots of the same quality as that in the last contract.请把上次合同中订的那种质量的竹笋向我们报个价。还能这样说:Please tell us the price of the bamboo shoots which has the same qualtiy of that in the last contract.We would like make an inquiry for the bamboo shoots with the same quality of that in the last contract.应用:shoot down 开打死;驳倒,彻底否定;shoot off 开打掉;夸夸其谈;shoot up 迅速生长;get shoot of sth. 摆脱某事物;shoot ones bolt 竭尽全力 /201502/359326卢氏县中医院有泌尿科吗

三门峡市第一医网上预约挂号三门峡市妇保医院割包皮多少钱 Flash附带文本如下:对话原文:Linda:We’re through。我们完了。Andy:Why?为什么?Linda:Why? Isn’t it obvious? First, you impose way too much on me, and I’m tired of it. Second, you stood me up on Valentine’s Day。为什么?这不是明摆着吗?首先,你对我要求太高了,我感觉很累。其次,情人节那天你竟然爽约。Andy:I’m really sorry for that, but I’ve sent you several messages to explain. My mum was seriously ill on that day and I had to look after her。对这件事我真的很抱歉,可是我也发了好几条短信解释了。那天我妈妈病得很重,我必须得照顾她。Linda:But I ended up finding out later that night that you were with another girl at a café near your home。可是结果我却发现,那天晚上晚些时候拟合别的女孩在你家附近的一家咖啡馆里。Andy:That girl was my cousin。那个女孩是我的表。Linda:You’ve got so many cousins! I called you later that night, but you didn’t have the guts to answer the phone。你的表可真多啊!那天晚上晚点的时候我给你打电话了,可是你根本没有胆子接我电话。Andy:I didn’t take my cell phone with me at that time。那天我没带手机。Linda:I don’t buy your story。我才不信你的鬼话呢。Andy:I know you can’t hear me right now. Please calm down. Anyway, I don’t want to part. I’ll drop by tomorrow。我知道你现在听不进我的话,请你冷静下来。无论如何,我不想分手。我明天去你那里。Linda:No, don’t. I don’t want to see you anymore. Don’t ever call me again。不,别了,我再也不想见到你了,也别再打电话给我了。重点句子:我们完了。We’re through。只有分手才能停止我们之间的争吵。Only breakup can stop us from quarrelling。你对我太苛求了,我感觉很累。You impose too much on me, and I’m so tired。事实明我们合不来。Facts show we are not a good match。你再也不要给我打电话了。Don’t call me any more。你为什么赶我走?Why are you driving me away?咱们分手吧。Let’s part.我早就想和你分手了。I wanted to part from you long ago。我不想和你分手。I don’t want to part with you。 /201502/358871陕州区人民中医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱

三门峡专业男科医院 7 Keeping pets Dialogue7 养宠物 对话Steven wants to keep a pet, but he has no idea in his mind. So he asks Alice to give him some advice.史蒂文想养宠物,但是他不清楚要买什么。于是他向爱丽丝征求建议。Steven: I want to keep a pet, but I dont know which one to buy?史蒂文:我想养只宠物,但我实在拿不定主意该买什么?Alice: Dogs are nice, but they are really energetic, and you need to make sure they get enough exercise every day.爱丽丝:小很可爱呀,不过它们太好动了,最好每天都能带它们去遛遛。Steven: Having a dog would probably be too much work for me, then.史蒂文:那我恐怕没那么多时间养了。Alice: What about cats? They are more independent.爱丽丝:那养猫吧,猫没那么黏人。Steven: Actually, I was thinking of something a little more exotic. I dont want a common pet like a dog or a cat.史蒂文:实际上我想要一只特别点儿的宠物,不想要猫、这些常见的。Alice: How about a lizard? Are lizards more along the lines of what you were thinking of getting?爱丽丝:养只蜥蜴?蜥蜴够特别吧?Steven: Yeah, are they easy to look after?史蒂文:不错,蜥蜴好养吗?Alice: Yeah, they are pretty low-maintenance; they eat almost anything.爱丽丝:嗯,挺好养的,基本上什么都吃。 /201506/377310三门峡市中心医院泌尿科三门峡哪里治男科泌尿感染好



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