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威廉福克纳(1897—196),美国作家,先后创作了十几篇长篇小说和几十篇短篇小说,描述了以美国南方0年来南北战争为中心事件的社会变迁,各种家族的兴衰,各种人物的沉浮他的小说常描写美国的黑暗面,199年获得诺贝尔文学奖本篇是他在接受该奖时所发表的演讲这是一篇脍炙人口的演讲词然而,由于福克纳本人对语言运用的独特性和精深性,所以对初学者来说,这篇美文也许颇有些难度 9生性喜爱孩子的妇女,能够从抚养子女中得到这种满足艺术家、作家和科学家如果对自己的工作感到满意,也能以同样的方式得到快乐If you look around at the men and women whom you can call happy, you will see that they all have certain things in common. The most important of these things is an activity which at most gradually builds up something that you are glad to see coming into existence. Women who take an instinctive pleasure in their children can get this kind of satisfaction out of bringing up a family. Artists and authors and men of science get happiness in this way if their own work seems good to them. But there are many humbler ms of the same kind of pleasure. Many men who spend their working life in the city devote their weekends to voluntary and unremunerated toil in their gardens, and when the spring comes, they experience all the joys of having created beauty.The whole subject of happiness has, in my opinion, been treated too solemnly. It had been thought that man cannot be happy without a theory of life or a religion. Perhaps those who have been rendered unhappy by a bad theory may need a better theory to help them to recovery, just as you may need a tonic when you have been ill. But when things are normal a man should be healthy without a tonic and happy without a theory. It is the simple things that really matter.  6860

经典日常英语口语0句 -- 1::55 来源: 经典日常英语口语0句 1.Time to wake up! 该起床了! .I'm going to take a shower. 我要洗个澡 3.What do you want breakfast? 你早餐要吃什么? .Bye,I'm leaving. 再见,我要走了 5.Hand me the sports section, will you? 把运动版递给我,好吗? 6.I'll have a sandwich lunch. 我午餐想吃三明治 7.What channel is the news on? 哪个频道有新闻报道? 8.Does this station play good music? 这个电台播的音乐好吗? 9.Who's there? 是谁呀? .May I take a message? 你有什么留言要我记下来吗? .Honey,I'm home. 亲爱的,我回家了 .How was school? 学校的情形怎么样? .Dinner is y. 吃晚饭了 .Did you set the table? 你把餐桌摆好了没有? .Don't talk with your mouth full. 嘴巴里有东西时不要说话 .I'll do the dishes. 我来洗碗 .Will you help me clean them up? 你可以帮我清理吗? 18.What's your day like tomorrow? 你明天有什么事要做? 19.Where's the floss? 牙线在哪里? .Goodnight!Sleep tight! 晚安!好好地睡觉! 1.Time to turn in. 该睡觉了 .I love bedtime stories. 我喜欢听睡前故事 3.It's time spring Cleaning. 是春季大扫除的时间 .The garbage man is here. 收垃圾的人来了 5.Clean the bathroom. 清理浴室 6.Can you help me wash the car? 你可以帮我洗车吗? 7.Sort the laundry. 把要洗的衣分类 .Where is the nearest Laundromat? 最近的自助洗衣店在哪里? 9.Hang the shirt on a hanger. 把衬衫挂在衣架上 30.Put the socks in the top drawer. 把袜子放在衣柜的最上层 31.I'd like to pick up my dry cleaning. 我要去拿我送干洗的衣 3.I'll hand wash the dress. 我要用手洗这件上装 33.I need to shop a pair of shoes. 我要去买一双鞋子 .We only carry women's clothes. 我们只卖女士装 35.It's on sale today. 它今天在打折 36.I'll take it. 我买了 37.I need more cream. 我需要乳液 38.You look best in bright red lipstick. 你用鲜艳的红色唇膏看起来最好 39.What perfume are you wearing? 你擦什么香水? 0.I'm looking a ring. 我在找一个戒指 1.Look at my new necklace! 看看我的新项链! .I love the earrings you are wearing. 我喜欢你戴的耳环 3.I need a new pair of dress shoes. 我需要一双新的皮鞋 .Do you sell boots here? 你们这里卖靴子吗? 5.I'd like to try these on. 我想要试穿 6.I'ii bring the slippers. 我会带拖鞋来 7.This is a lovely desk. 这张桌子很好看 8.I just love shopping here! 我就是喜欢在这里购物! 9.I need a black bag. 我需要一个黑色的皮包 50.I'm looking a watch. 我在找手表 51.I need a hair band. 我需要一个发带 5.What sort of belt are you looking ? 你在找什么样的皮带? 53.I need a pair of glasses. 我需要一副眼镜 5.That style is popular. 那个款式很受欢迎 55.You look better in contacts. 你戴隐形眼镜比较好看 56.I'm going to buy groceries. 我要去买食品杂货 57.We need paper towels. 我们需要纸巾 58.I need four steaks. 我需要四块牛排 59.I'm going to get some apples. 我要去买一些苹果 60.Cherries are not in season yet. 还不到樱桃的季节 61.We have apples and peaches. 我们有苹果和桃子 6.It's time to buy a new TV. 是买一部新电视的时候了 63.We need a new toaster. 我们需要一个新的烤面包机 6.I want two end tables. 我要两个床头小桌 65.I need a haircut. 我需要剪头发 66.I have a three o'clock appointment. 我约好三点钟 67.I need a shampoo. 我要洗头发 68.I need a trim. 我要修剪头发 69.I need a perm. 我要烫头发 70.I need a new hairstyle. 我需要一个新发型 71.I want my hair cut short. 我要剪短发 7.How much do I owe you? 一共是多少钱? 73.Don't get to tip the hairdresser. 别忘了给美师小费 7.How short do you want to go? 你要剪多短? 75.I need a shave. 我要修胡须 76.Do you know where the library is? 你知道图书好在哪里吗? 77.It will be on the right. 那就在右边 78.How long does this flight take? 这班飞机要飞多久? 79.How far is it? 有多远呢? 80.We have plenty of time. 我们有很多时间呢! 81.That's an aisle seat. 那是靠走道的座位 8.Can I get you a drink? 你要我帮你倒杯饮料吗? 83.Did you find your suitcase? 你找到你的小提箱了吗? 8.The bus is leaving in five minutes. 再过五分种公共汽车就要开了 85.Whick bus should I take? 我应该搭哪路车? 86.We're taking the bus. 我们搭巴士 87.I took a tour of Europe. 我到欧洲旅游 88.Book me two tickets. 我要订两张票 89.All aboard! 旅客请上车 90.I wish we could get a seat. 我们要是有位子坐就好了 91.Hail a taxi. 招出租车 9.Where to? 你要到哪里? 93.How much is the fare to the airport? 到机场的车费是多少? 9.My turn signal isn't working. 我的方向灯坏了 95.I need an oil change. 我要换机油 96.Fill it up. 把油箱加满 97.I got a ticket today. 我今天被开了一张罚单 98.My car needs a tune-up. 我的车需要调整点火 99.We cruised to Alaska last year. 我们去年搭游轮到阿拉斯加 0.Do you have a boat? 你有游艇吗? 1.I like pop music from the 70's. 我喜欢70年代的流行音乐 1.Are you going to the concert? 你们要去听演唱会吗? 1.What type of movies do you like best? 你最喜欢什么类型的电影? 1.Two adult tickets, please. 我要买两张成人票 1.Could you please be quiet? 请你安静一点,好吗? 1.I'd like a box of candy. 我要一盒糖果 1.Could you record the show me? 你可以帮凶录下这个节目吗? 1.Don't get to rewind the tape. 别忘了倒带! 1.The station plays country music. 这个电台播放乡村音乐 1.I'm throwing a party. 我要办个宴会 1.I was invited to a party. 我被邀参加一个宴会 1.How good of you to come! 你真好,肯赏光! 1.What kind of film do you use? 你用什么胶卷? 1.Do you a lot? 你经常阅读吗? 1.What do you most? 你最常读的是什么? 6.I'm going to the library. 我要去图书馆 7.Is this book out in paperback? 这本书出平装本了吗? 8.Who caught the bouquet? 谁接到新娘花了? 9.When are you graduating? 你几时会毕业? 0.I want to pursue a Master's degree. 我要攻读硕士学位 英语口语 经典 口语0

青春不是年华,而是心境;青春不是桃面、丹唇、柔膝,而是深沉的意志,恢宏的想象,炙热的恋情;青春是生命的深泉在涌流Youth Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips andsuppleknees; it is a matter of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions; it is the freshness of the deep springs of life.Youth means atemperamental predominanceof courage over timidity, of the appetite adventure over the love of ease. This often exists in a man of 60 more than a boy of . Nobody grows old merely by a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals.Years maywrinklethe skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. Worry, fear, self-distrust bows the heart and turns the spirit back to dust.Whether 60 or , there is in every human being’s heart the lure of wonders, the unfailing appetite what’s next and the joy of the game of living. In the center of your heart and my heart, there is a wireless station; so long as it receives messages of beauty, hope, cheer, courage and power from man and from the infinite, so long as you are young.When youraerialsare down, and your spirit is covered with snows ofcynicismand the ice of pessimism, then you’ve grown old, even at ; but as long as your aerials are up, to catch waves of optimism, there’s hope you may die young at 80.编辑推荐:生存还是毁灭在葛底斯堡的演说微尘与栋梁 独处 易误解短语辨析lesson 镜子,镜子,告诉我 英文名著听写练习第1期年5月8日-《小王子 69638

  he was clearly a beginner at dairy work.从他挤一头牛花费的时间来看,对牛奶场的活儿,他显然是一个新手 5331

  英语口语句:我们看电视时最常说的十句话 -- ::00 来源: 展等等老外讨论的也就是这些,今天咱们就把他们讨论这些话题时常用的句子总结一下,希望有机会可以用得到哦1. We're not watching this我们不看这个. Could you stop flipping the channels?你能不能不要一直转台啊?3. I'd appreciate it if you could turn it down如果你能把音量关小一点的话,我会很感激. I heard that a new sitcom is coming out next season我听说下一季会推出一个新的情境喜剧5. Tiger Woods will appear on "Larry King Live" on Friday老虎·伍兹将这周五会上赖瑞·金的脱口秀节目6. What was the last episode all about?上一集的节目里都在讲了些什么?7. This channel has poor reception这个频道收视信号不好8. What channel is "Bachelor" on?哪一个频道正在演《黄金单身汉啊?9. You couch potato! Get up and exercise a little bit during commercials你这个电视迷!趁著广告的时候起来做点运动吧. A: Do you watch American Idol?A: 你看《美国偶像吗?B: I''ve seen it, but I don't follow itB: 我看过,但不是每集都看 电视 我们 英语口语 这个。

  A country maid was walking along with a can of milk upon her head, when she fell into the following train of reflections. "The money which I shall sell this milk will enable me to increase my stock of eggs to three hundred. These eggs, allowing what may prove addle, and what may be destroyed by vermin, will produce at least two hundred and fifty chickens. The chickens will be fit to carry to market just at the time when poultry is always dear; so that by the new year I cannot fail of having money enough to purchase a new gown. Green--let me consider--yes, green becomes my complexion best, and green it shall be. In this dress I will go to the fair, where all young fellows will strive to have me a partner; but no--I shall refuse every one of them, and with a disdainful toss turn from them."   一个村姑头上顶着一罐牛奶在路上行走走着走着,她的脑子里浮现出一连串的幻想:我卖了这罐牛奶后,用这笔钱买鸡蛋,这样我有的鸡蛋可以增加到300个用这300个鸡蛋孵小鸡,就算有坏的、生虫的,至少也能孵出50只小鸡等小鸡长大后,正好能赶上卖个好市价;那么到了新年,我就能有钱买一件新晚装买一件绿色的--让我好好想想--对,绿色与我的肤色最相衬我穿上这件衣去赶集,所有的年轻小伙子都会抢着邀请我做舞伴;但是不行--我要轻蔑地把头一扬,转身过去不理他们,让他们人人都碰个钉子 8965

  地道美语:能让你人气飙升的口语 -01-7 19:: 来源: 当别人在你旁边罗嗦个没完,你烦透了,说“you are so boring “(你真烦!)“shut up !”(闭嘴!)自然没错,可人家受得了吗?不如来一句“oh, come on .give me a break !” (帮帮忙,让我歇歇吧!)这多地道、多幽默要想说人“气色好”“you look fine !”当然不错,可如果你说”you’re in the pink !”就妙得多了,实际上,在英语口语中,表示颜色的词用起来非常形象生动“他精力充沛”美国人说:“he is bouncy.”而不说“he is energetic ”,牢记一些日常对话中的活句式是你一把必备的钥匙如:久仰,“i get mind of you “比”i heard a lot about you.”轻松得多代问他人好当然能用”please remember me to your sister .” 或”please give my best wishes to your father ”不过,若是很好的朋友,何不说,“please give my love to jim”在中国可不能随便说“我想你”,然而,当和西方人分手时说“i will miss you .”要比说“good-bye”或“see you soon”有趣得多,不妨一试有人开会迟到了,你若对他说 “you are late .”,听起来象是废话,若说“did you get lost ?”,则更能让他歉然,可别说成“get lost!”那可是让人滚蛋的意思别人征求你的意见,问能否开窗户等,你要说“you can do that .”就有点土了,用“Why not?”可能会好些问“现在几点了?”用一句“do you have the time? ”实际上,问他人的姓名,地址都可以这么用:“may i have you name?“要比”what’s your name ? ”礼貌得多,不过警察例外别人问你不愿公开的问题,切勿用“it’s my secret ,don’t ask such a personal question .”回答,一来显得你没有个性,二来也让对方尴尬你可以说“i would rather not say .”(还是别说了吧!)有时候,你想说什么,可说是想不起来,你可以说“well …”“let me see”“just a moment ”或“it’s on the tip of my tongue.”等,想比之下,最后一个句型是最地道的交谈时,你可能会转换话题,不要只说“by the way ”,实际上,“to change the subject”“bee i get”“while i remember”“mind you ”都是既地道有受欢迎的表达遇到你不懂的问题时可别不懂装懂,“i know”可能是中国人用得最多,而美国人最不能接受的一句话当一美国教书向你解释某个问题时,你如果连说两遍“i know”可能是中国人用得最多,而美国人最不能接受的一句话当一美国教书向你解释某个问题时,你如果连说两遍“i know”,我敢保,他不会再跟你说什么了用“i got it ”就顺耳得多,要是不懂就说“i’m not clear about it .”不过如果你会说“it’s past my understanding”或“it’s beyond me .”你的教书定会惊讶不已的 口语 人气 美语 地道There is a vast difference between putting your nose in other people's business and putting your heart in other people's problems.对别人的事漠不关心,全心全意去帮助他人解决问题,这两者有着天壤之别 69情人节口语:如何用英语表达亲爱的? -- :37:3 来源: 1. DearDear使用的范围比较广可以用来称呼朋友,也可以用来称呼亲密爱人,也有可能是长辈称呼小辈另外英语日记通常会用 dear 开头写信时通常的称呼也是 Dear XX经典美剧老友记第一季第8集中,Ross和Monica的奶奶去世后,Ross在家里收拾东西,他和他妈妈有这么一段对话,Ross就被妈妈叫做dear:Ross: Oh my God...Mrs. Geller: Is everything all right, dear?Ross: Yeah, just... just Nana stuff.. Honey, Darling 和 Baby 都是“亲爱的”比较常见的表达e.g. I love you, honey.e.g. Darling, would you please wait a second.e.g. When my girlfriend started calling my best friend "baby", I knew it was over.Honey 也会写成 hunny 或者 hunnie,表示的都是“亲爱的”说到这里就想到《海角七号的插曲《爱你爱到不怕死:“Honey darling baby,或是叫我的小亲亲,只要哄我高兴,冥王星都陪你去”3. Sweetheart亲爱的、可爱的、喜欢的都可以成为sweetheart,另外口语上表示友善的称呼也可以用sweetheart就像现在很多女生之间喜欢互称“亲爱的”e.g. I like Joaquin, he's a real sweetheart.我喜欢杰昆,他真是个甜心e.g. What can I get you, sweetheart?甜心,我能为你拿点什么?《老友记第一季感恩节篇:Terry: Rachel, Rachel, sweetheart. You're a terrible, terrible waitress. Really, really awful.. Sweetiesweetie可以称呼亲密爱人也可以称呼亲密友人,也可用于长辈称呼晚辈的情况e.g. Good night now sweetie, I'll miss you so much but I'll see you next week!亲爱的,晚安了,我会非常想你的不过要到下周才能见到你!5. Sweetumse.g. I love talking to my sweetums. He rocks my face off.我喜欢和亲爱的他聊天,他让我开心极了《哈利波特与密室:"I want more bacon." "There's more in the frying pan, sweetums," said Aunt Petunia.6. Pumpkin老外好像对南瓜有种特别的感情,这个词也可以表示亲爱的,宝贝儿这样的含义《成长的烦恼第三季第集:Maggie: Pumpkin, you just had your tonsils out!New Ben: But...Maggie: me?Pumpkin 在口语里也可以说成 Pumkine.g. Me and my Pumkin are heading to a movie, wanna come?我和我男(女)朋友要去看电影,一起来吗?7. Boo据说是黑人圈的俚语用法,可以用做男朋友或者女朋友的称呼,也可以表示亲爱的e.g. Can you handle me? If you can't you ain't gonna be my boo.你能搞定我吗?如果你不行可当不了我男朋友 口语

  什么是“嘻哈”? -01-6 3:8:57 来源: 介绍hip hop之前,先来阅读一小段新闻--小天后蔡依林当晚虽没获奖,却首度登台演唱了新歌《舞娘,台上她一系列高难度的体操动作惊艳全场,其融合有体操及流行嘻哈的最新舞步又让人耳目一新不用再详细解说,您也知道,这段话讲的是5月6日晚“ MTV亚洲大奖”颁奖典礼只是,新闻中的“嘻哈”会让人产生疑问,那究竟是什么意思?广义而言,hip hop多指流行于城市年轻人中一种凸显自我的街头文化,甚或可以说成是一种生活态度,包括语言、饰或标榜“帅”、“酷”的招牌动作若具体体现在装束上,其最明显的标志是他们宽松的T恤、轻便的球鞋,随意裹在头上的头巾,率性的鼻环和粗宽的耳环、项链、或手环,动感十足间处处张扬个性、引领时尚狭义来说,hip-hop指的是产生于上世纪70年代的美国黑人rap music(说唱音乐),就一定程度而言,“说唱音乐”实为“嘻哈”风格的核心这类音乐最不可缺少的元素是break dancing(霹雷舞,由哑剧和精湛的体操技巧相结合的一种舞蹈),霹雷舞强调即兴发挥,追求个性化,反映不与主流相融的桀骜不驯随着时间的迁移,这种自由的舞风也融入了其它很多元素不知您是否注意到,时下谈嘻哈舞步时,常常在嘻哈前加上“雷鬼”二字,reggae(雷鬼)源于牙买加,一种节拍性强、唱腔特别的南美黑人音乐它把非洲、拉丁美洲节奏和类似非洲流行的那种呼应式的歌唱法,与强劲的、有推动力的摇滚乐音响相结合(英语点津陈蓓编辑) 嘻哈 音乐 体操 流行A Grain of Sand 一粒沙子    William Blake威廉.布莱克To see a world in a grain of sand,And a heaven in a wild fllower,Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,And eternity in an hour.从一粒沙子看到一个世界,从一朵野花看到一个天堂,把握在你手心里的就是无限,永恒也就消融于一个时辰

  商量在英语中的日常用法 -- :33:1 来源: 说实话…… As a matter of fact, ... Who won the golf tournament? (那场高尔夫球比赛谁赢了?) Well, as a matter of fact, I did. (其实,是我赢了) Actually, ... To be honest, ... To be frank, ... Frankly speaking, ... Truthfully, ... (老实说……) In all actuality, ... (实际上,……) *正式的说法 别告诉任何人 Dont tell anyone. Dont tell anyone. (别告诉任何人) I wont. (我不会的) Keep it under your hat. *一种惯用说法 我有件事要坦白 I have a confession. *confession “坦白”、“告白”、“供认” I have something to confess. I need to tell you something. (我有事必须告诉你) I have a confession to make. 我有一个秘密 I have a secret. Im keeping a secret. 我把一切告诉你 Ill fill you in. *fill...in“填满……”、“把……装满” So, what happened to my father? (那,我父亲出了什么事情?) Ill fill you in. (我把一切告诉你) Ill tell you all about it. Ill explain everything. Ill tell you all the details. 我就直说吧 Ill level with you. *level 表示“把……弄平”,但在这儿表示“说话不拐弯,直说” Quit lying to me! (不要对我说谎话) All right. Ill level with you. (好吧,我就直说吧) Ill tell you frankly. Ill be frank with you. Ill be open and sincere with you. Ill tell you the truth. (我告诉你真相) 我知道的大概就是这些 That is about all I know. What else do you know? (其他你还知道些什么?) That is about all I know. (我知道的大概就是这些) I dont know anything else about it. That all I know. 我们关起门来在这儿说我们私下里说 This is just between you and me. *比较轻松的说法直译为“你我俩人之间的事” This is just between you and me. (我们关起门来在这儿说咱们俩私下里说) What is it? (什么事呀?) Let keep our talk between us. Let keep this our little secret. 这是一个秘密 It a secret. 我告诉你一个秘密 Let me tell you a secret. 他不能保守秘密 He cant keep a secret. 你的嘴不严 Youve got a big mouth! 我不敢对我的老板说 I dont have the guts to say that to my boss. *guts表示“勇气” 听小道消息说 A little bird told me. *说不清楚是从哪儿听来的,或者不愿意说出是从谁那儿听来的情况下使用 A little bird told me that today is your birthday. (听说今天是你的生日) Wait. Who told you? (喂!谁告诉你的?) I heard it through the grapevine. *grapevine 原意为“葡萄藤,葡萄属植物”,这里表示“谣言,传闻”比较常用 I just overheard it. 我什么都没说 I didnt say anything. *表示自己没有泄密的说法用来表示“保对 谁都不说出去” Mum the word. (我什么都不说) I wont say anything. (我什么都不说) My lips are sealed. (我的嘴很紧) 约定 我保 I promise. You cant tell anyone. (你不能告诉任何人) I promise I wont. (知道,我保) 我不能保 I cant promise. *“不能保,但可以试试”表达想帮助对方的心情 You have to come. (你也来吧!) Ill try but I cant promise. (我 争取去,但不能保) 一定 Will do. Remember to bring the report. (记住带上你的报告) Will do. (一定带来) 我发誓 I swear. *语气强烈 Are you sure? (是真的吗?) I swear. (我发誓) 请相信我 Trust me. Im not sure. (我没有把握) Trust me. (请相信我) Believe me. I know what Im doing. You can trust me. Trust in me. 说到就得做到 A promise is a promise! Im sorry I cant help you. (对不起,我帮不了你) You said you would. A promise is a promise! (你说过你可以,说到就得做到 ) You promised! (你不是答应我了吗!) You cant go back on your promise now! (你现在不能食言 I kept my mouth shut. I didnt let the cat out of the bag. *表示“没有泄露秘密”的固定说法 无意中说漏了嘴 It was a slip of the tongue. It was a slip of the tongue. (无意中说漏了嘴) Really? Didnt she know about it? (真的吗?难道她不知道?) I spilled the beans. (我泄露了秘密) I stuck my foot in my mouth. (我把不好失礼的事说出去了) 我一个字都不说出去 日常英语 英语口语

  Saying Thank You 道谢 -01-6 3:8:5 来源: Saying Thank You 道谢 When someone invites you dinner, you can bring flowers,candy or a bottle of wine. Sometimes people send a thank you note to the host or hostess a few days after the event. 1.A: I'd better be going. B: So soon? Why don't you stay a little longer? A: I wish I could, but it's aly late. B: Oh, it's a shame that you have to leave. A: Thank you a wonderful meal. B: I'm glad you enjoyed it. .A: I really must be going now. B: But you just got here. Can't you stay a little longer? A: That's very nice of you, but I really can't. B: Well, it's too bad that you have to go. A: Thanks very much. It was a great party! B: It was our pleasure. 3.A: I think it's about time we got going. B: What? Aly? Won't you have more coffee? A: I'd love to, but I have to get up early tomorrow. B: Oh! I'm sorry. I wish you could stay. A: Thank you a very enjoyable evening. B: Don't mention it. I hope you can come again soon. .A: I really should be on my way. B: Oh, not yet! At least have one the road. A: No. Thanks all the same. B: Well, I'm sorry you have to leave so early. A: Thank you very much. We really had a good time. B: Well, thank you coming. have really very Thank。

  英语口语每天说上半小时0(1) -- ::00 来源: 高速下载 1.Supposition 猜测1.They'll be taking some exercise..This house must be at least 1oo years old.3.The bus must have gone ..He can't have remembered.5.You must be joking.6.Maybe he has too much money.7.I guess he'll fail the exam.8.They're predicting a good harvest this year.9.There is much probability that he can be saved..I suppose he could have gone to Europe.Dialogue OneA:Dear,can you drive me to the clinic?B:I'm afraid I can't .A:Why?B:Well, my car won't start.I don't know what's the matter with it.A:Could it be the battery?B:No, I don't think it could be.I checked the battery two days ago.It must be other problems.A:Well, I suppose it could be the gas.B:No,there is plenty of gas.I filled it up yesterday.A:Perhaps it's the starter then?B:Yes,that's possible.Dialogue Two A:What's this, I wonder?B:I'm not sure.Let me have a look.....It could be a coffee grinder.A:A coffee grinder?B:Yes,it must be used grinding coffee beans.A:Oh,that would be very useful.Dialogue ThreeA:Have you seen that house?B:Yes,it looks interesting.A:You're right.I love it very much.B:It must be old.A:At least more than 0 years old.B:Let's enter it!A:I can't open the door.B:It must be locked.A:Let me ask the old woman in that reception office.B:She can't answer you.A:She must be deaf.B:It must be a haunted house.Are you frightened?A:Frightened?You must be joking.Dialogue FourA:What was that noise?B:It was the pilot putting the wheels down.We must be coming into land.Are you frightened?A:Frightened?You must be joking!Dialogue FiveA:John's very late.Do you think he's coming?B:Well, it doesn't seem like it.He must have gotten.A:I suppose you're right.He can't have remembered.Dialogue SixA:Watch out!You'll hit that car if you're not careful.B:Oh no,I won't .But we will have an accident if you don't stop shouting.A:You see.I told you you'd hit him if you weren't careful.B:Oh,shut up,will you?It was all your fault.If you'd kept quite this would never have happened.A:Oh,so it was my fault,was it?If I hadn't warned you in time it would have been much worse.老奶奶的生日礼物The little boy,Johnnie,had been up with a packet of mints,and said he wouldn't go out to play until the post card came."I guess you'll get lots and lots of presents,"he said."I did last week when I was six."What would she like?A pair of slippers perhaps.Or a new cardigan.A cardigan would be lovely.Blue's such a pretty color.Jim had always liked her in blue.Or a table lamp.Or a book,a travel book,with pictures,or a little clock,with clear black numbers.So many lovely things. 小时 上半 每天 英语口语

  口语小词:富豪相亲会上"炫富"英语怎么说? -- :9:5 来源: 据《广州日报报道,一场富豪相亲会在广州、深圳、北京、上海同时拉开序幕,据称选妻的男士全球仅限18位,全球报名的女士达5万之多最终只有18位佳人能赢得与“钻石王老五”面对面交流的机会请看相关报道:While the girls try to make the cut, the guys get to flaunt their considerable wealth. A Chinese-American participant, example, flashed his ownership of a private plane, while a businessman, looking a full-time wife, promised to gift his date-to-be a Porsche.在女孩们试图晋级的同时,男士们则可以炫耀他们的巨额财富举例来说,一位美籍华裔的征婚向大家展示了自己的一架私人飞机,而一位寻找全职太太的商人承诺要送给他未来的约会对象一辆保时捷在上面的报道中,flaunt wealth就是“炫富”Flaunt的意思是“炫耀,夸耀,卖弄”例如:flaunt one’s new coat(炫耀自己的新上衣)而上文中的make the cut则是“晋级,入选”的意思那些入选的女孩要想成功晋级,需要take psychological test(做心理测试),be quizzed on their values and family background(接受价值观和家庭背景方面的查问),feng shui masters(风水师)还要看她们有没有good luck face(旺夫相)只有通过了rounds of selection(层层筛选),过关斩将,才能have a face-to-face meeting with the "diamond bachelors"(和“钻石王老五”们面对面交流)近几年,rich second generation(富二代)四处炫富的报道时有出现,同时因为wealth gap(贫富差距)的影响,也有不少material girl(拜金女)积极参加各类富豪相亲活动,希望能够一步登天 英语 怎么 会上 富豪

  世界杯热点:半决赛在即,章鱼哥选了西班牙? -- :9: 来源: 章鱼哥保罗的预测在世界杯上一次又一次的成功,创造了奇迹,把自己的名字深深的刻在了广大球迷的心中  本次世界杯,举世瞩目的西班牙对德国这场半决赛将于北京时间7月8日周四:30分举行章鱼哥的预测成为大家关注的焦点,各地群众纷纷询问:  “Does anyone know when the pick the game against Spain will take place?”  谁知道对西班牙的预测啥时候进行啊?  “Has the octopus Paul picked a winner the Germany v Spain match as yet?”  章鱼哥保罗对德国和西班牙的比赛预测了没?  What did Paul the Octopus say about the Spain vs. Germany match?  西班牙对德国,章鱼哥保罗说啥了?  于是,最近网上流传了这么一张照片章鱼哥保罗选择了西班牙作为胜利的一方  Paul, the German octopus that predicted every German World Cup match so far has picked Spain to win the upcoming semi-final章鱼哥保罗选择了西班牙作为胜利的一方  德国球迷们看到这张照片应该会心碎一地吧  经过小编最新求,这张照片——是假的!twitter上有人发了对比图,从章鱼哥的姿势和周围的环境来看,是之前德国对塞尔维亚的那场的翻版从章鱼哥的姿势和周围的环境来看,上一张照片是之前德国对塞尔维亚的那场的翻版  目前,还没有章鱼哥预测的最新消息 在即 热点 世界杯 章鱼哥

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