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The Republic of China中华民国General概况As a turbulent and decisive period of Chinese history, the Republic of China (中华民国)experienced a short period of 37 years, which succeeded the Qing Dynasty (清朝)in China and ruled mainland China from 1912 to 1949.作为中国历史上一个混乱却无比重要的时间段,1912到1949年这37年间,中华民国推翻清朝并统治中国大陆。In 1905 Sun Yat-sen founded the Tongmeng Hui(同盟会)centered on the three Principles of the People(三民主义):“nationalism(民族),democracy(民主),and people’s livelihood(民生)With the “bourgeois” revolution ofl911,he introduced a Western style administration system, who was inaugurated in Nanjing(南京)as the first provisional president(临时大总统).1905年,孙中山成立了以三民主义为纲领的同盟会,强调:民族、民主和民生,他在1911年资产阶级革命中引入了西方的行政制度,并在南京宣誓就职成为第一任临时大总统。 /201512/412287Q. Did eating a little bit of dirt ever hurt anyone?问:吃下一点点泥土是否对人有害?A. Sometimes but not always, by any means. The key to staying safe is “a little bit,” and preferably dirt that is not contaminated by things like insecticide, fertilizer, flakes of lead paint and especially parasites, according to Medline Plus, a service of the National Library of Medicine.答:有时候会,但也未必。据美国国家医学图书馆(National Library of Medicine)的Medline Plus务称,确保安全的关键在于泥土的量只有“一点点”,而且它们最好没有受到杀虫剂、化肥、铅涂料,特别是寄生虫的污染。A 2003 review article in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tends to confirm the old saying, “You eat a peck of dirt before you die.”2003年,美国疾病控制和预防中心(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)主办的《新发传染病》杂志(Emerging Infectious Diseases)上发表了一篇综述文章,恰似实了一句老话:“哪个人死前没吃过一抔土。(You eat a peck of dirt before you die。引申义为:人生在世总会受点委屈。)”Child or adult, the article says, “each of us inadvertently eats a little dirt every day,” found in “contaminated food, soiled hands and inhaled dust.” Many small children also eat dirt on purpose, usually show no ill effects and usually grow out of the habit.该文称,无论小孩还是成人,“我们每个人每天都在不经意间吃下过一点点尘土”,它们可能来源于“受到污染的食物、脏手和吸入粉尘等”。许多小孩子还会故意去吃泥土,一般也没出现什么不良影响,而且随着他们逐渐长大,通常就会慢慢改掉这种习惯。Eating large amounts of dirt is called soil pica, or geophagy. It can cause constipation or intestinal blockage.进食大量泥土的现象称为土壤异食癖,或食土癖。它可引起便秘或肠梗阻。In 2000, a committee of the ed States Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry set an arbitrary amount of 5,000 milligrams of soil a day, about a teaspoon, as the division between “a little bit of dirt” and the amount that constitutes a disorder if consumed.2000年,美国有毒物质和疾病登记局(ed States Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry)的委员会主观地将每天5000毫克土壤(约一茶匙)设定为划分“一点点尘土”与“如若食用可导致疾病的量”的界限。Eating comparatively large amounts of dirt, often clay rather than topsoil, is common behavior in some cultures, especially among pregnant women, and it has been suggested that it helps people obtain missing mineral nutrients or absorb and counteract nauseating toxins. It has even been proposed, but not proved, that children are instinctively compelled to eat dirt to vaccinate themselves against infectious agents. 进食较大量的泥土(通常是粘土而非表土)在某些文化中是相当常见的行为,在妇中尤其如此,据称,此举可以帮助人们获得缺失的矿物营养素或吸收并抵消让人感到恶心的毒素。甚至还有人提出(但未经实),小孩有吃土的本能,这是一种让他们的身体对传染性病原体产生免疫的方式。 /201511/409343

Jin Dynasty金朝The Rise of the Jin金的崛起The Nuzhen people in the northeast were originally under the rule of the Liao Dynasty.东北部的女真人原先受辽朝统治。In 1101, one year after Emperor Huizong ascended the Song-dynasty throne, Emperor Tianzuo succeeded to the Liao throne.1101年,也就是宋徽宗继承皇位的一年后,天祚帝在辽朝登基。While the Song and Liao declined by the day under the rule of these two inept monarchs,the Nuzhen people gradually gained in strength.当宋朝和辽朝在这两位无能的君主的统治下江河日下时,女真人逐渐强大起来。The various tribes of the Nuzhen organized themselves into a large military federation at the beginning of the 12th century,12世纪初期,女真族的不同部落共同组成了一个巨大的军队联盟,with the Wanyan tribe at its core.完颜部是其中的核心。This prosperous people could no longer put up with the rule of the Liao.强盛的族人们无法再忍受辽朝的统治。When during a banquet in 1112, Emperor Tianzuo of Liao ordered the chieftains of the Nuzhen tribes to dance for him,在1112年的一次宴会上,辽朝的天祚皇帝命令女真各部的首领为他跳舞,everyone obeyed except Akutta of the Wanyan tribe, who resolutely defied the order.除了完颜阿骨打毅然拒绝了这个要求,其他人都照做了。As soon as he became chief of the Nuzhen federation a year later,一年后,完颜阿骨打一成为女真军队的首领,Akutta began to make active preparations to rebel against the Liao Dynasty.就开始为推翻辽朝做积极的准备。With his initial victory over Liao, Akutta established the Jin Dynasty in 1115.与辽朝的首战告捷后,阿骨打于1115年建立了金朝。His imperial title was Taizu.他被称为“金太祖”。 /201512/406492

  Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season are famously ruinous to waistlines. But a new study suggests that we might be able to fend off weight gain and even drop a few pounds in the coming weeks by taking note of every time we put teeth to food or drink.常言道,逢年过节胖三圈。但一项新研究表明,如果我们在吃喝的时候能注意数数吃了多少口,或许在接下来的几周内体重非但不会增加,甚至还能减轻几磅。It’s scientifically established and also logical that to lose weight, we must consume fewer calories than our bodies burn on any given day. By doing so, we create an internal energy deficit. Deprived of sufficient fuel from that day’s meals, our bodies turn to stored energy, primarily in the form of body fat, to fuel themselves, and we lose weight.不论从科学还是逻辑上讲,要减肥,就得确保一天里的热量摄入低于消耗,人为地造成体内能源短缺。由于无法从当天的膳食中获取充足的燃料,我们的身体就会转而动用体内的储备能源(主要是脂肪)来给身体加油,于是我们就瘦了。But to produce this desirable situation, we must commit to counting calories, and “people hate counting calories,” said Josh West, an associate professor of health sciences at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, who led the new study, recently published in Advances in Obesity, Weight Management amp; Control.但是,要制造出这种理想情况,必须得对热量的卡路里数斤斤计较,而“人人都讨厌计算卡路里”,这项新研究的负责人,杨百翰大学(Brigham Young University,B.Y.U,位于美国犹他州普若佛市)的健康科学副教授乔希·韦斯特(Josh West)说道。该研究于近期发表在《肥胖、体重管理与控制进展》杂志(Advances in Obesity, Weight Management amp; Control)上。Counting calories is, after all, complicated and time-consuming, he pointed out, requiring that you know how many calories are contained in the foods you eat, how much of each food you are eating, and how many calories your body uses each day.韦斯特士指出,毕竟计算卡路里数既复杂又耗时,你需要知道你吃下的每种食物中包含了多少卡路里,这些食物你各吃了多少,以及你的身体每天又消耗了多少卡路里。“Most people don’t know those things and don’t really want to learn those things and are daunted by how complex it all seems,” Dr. West said.“大多数人都不了解这些东西,也不会真心想学,”韦斯特士说,“它们看起来太复杂了,让人望而却步。”So recently he and his colleagues began to consider alternative ways to spur weight loss, he said, a quest that led them to bite counting.因此,最近他和同事们开始考虑有什么替代的方法可以刺激减肥,他说,然后他们想到了咀嚼计数。Bite counting for weight loss is not a new idea. Many weight-loss programs suggest that people chew slowly and thoughtfully, paying close attention to the sensory experience of eating.利用咀嚼计数减肥并非什么新鲜主意。许多减肥方案都建议人们细嚼慢咽,尤其注意进食时的感官体验。But Dr. West wanted to do more than have people be mindful of their chewing. He wondered whether, by promoting bite counting, he might help people, almost unknowingly, to reduce their calorie intake.但韦斯特士想做的不止是教人专心咀嚼。他想知道,咀嚼计数能否帮助人们在不知不觉中减少热量摄入。To find out, he and his colleagues recruited 61 overweight or obese men and women from the campus community. They ranged in age from 18 to 65, and they all told the researchers they wanted to weigh less.于是,他和同事们共计从校区内招募了61名超重或肥胖的男性和女性。他们的年龄从18到65岁不等,且都告诉研究人员说他们希望能减轻体重。The researchers weighed and measured the volunteers and then provided them with a 10-minute introduction to bite counting.研究人员对志愿者们进行了称重和测量,并用了10分钟的时间为他们介绍咀嚼计数。As its name implies, bite counting involves numerically tracking how many times you chew or swallow. Every food or liquid should be counted, except water.咀嚼计数,顾名思义就是指数数你咀嚼或吞咽了多少口。除水以外的所有食物或液体都应计算在内。The researchers asked their volunteers to write down bite counts after each meal or snack and, at the end of the day, send the total to the researchers. They also asked them otherwise not to change their eating habits – at least at first.研究人员要求入组的志愿者们在每次用餐或吃点心之后都记下咀嚼次数,并在一天结束时将总数发送给研究人员;还要求他们不要改变自己的其他饮食习惯——至少一开始不要改变。After a week, the researchers calculated each volunteer’s average daily bite counts. By this time, 16 volunteers had quit. Several said that bite counting had been too difficult, and others cited medical or other personal issues.一周后,研究人员计算出了每个志愿者的日平均咀嚼次数。此时陆续有16名志愿者退出了研究。其中几人说咀嚼次数太难数了,其他人则称是因为医疗或其他个人问题而退出。The researched then asked half of the remaining group to reduce their daily bite counts by 20 percent, and the others to drop bite counts by 30 percent. The researchers counseled both groups to concentrate on eating foods that would fill them, since they would be eating less, but did not provide other nutritional advice.研究人员把剩余的志愿者们分成两半,一组将每天的咀嚼次数减少20%(即达到原来的80%就不再进食了),另一组减少30%。研究人员建议两组志愿者吃东西的时候要专心,因为他们的食量可能会有所减少,但并没有提供其他营养建议。Each day for the next month, the volunteers reported their bite counts, and each week, they reported to the laboratory for a weigh-in.在接下来的一个月里,志愿者们每天报告自己的咀嚼计数,并每周到实验室称量体重。At the end of the month, the participants in both groups had lost an average of about 3.5 pounds.当月的月底,两组参与者都平均减重约3.5磅(约合1.6千克)。Interestingly, the weight loss was about the same whether someone had cut his or her daily bites by 20 or 30 percent. That result suggests, Dr. West said, that those in the group asked to chew 30 percent less had turned to higher calorie foods to satiate themselves.有趣的是,无论参与者将每天的咀嚼次数减少了20%还是30%,他们的体重减轻量都差不多。韦斯特士说,这表明在被要求少吃30%的那组参与者中,有人选择了热量更高的食物,以满足口腹之欲。He said the volunteers in both groups did report that bite counting had seemed “do-able and tolerable,” although, he added, anyone who had found the process particularly onerous likely quit during week one.两组志愿者都报告“咀嚼计数”似乎“不难办到且可以忍受”,不过,他又补充说,嫌麻烦的人很可能早在第一周就退出了。The study also was small and short-term, and doesn’t show whether people willingly would continue to count bites over a longer period and sustain their weight loss.而且,该研究规模较小,为期较短,也并没显示出人们是否乐意将咀嚼计数长期继续下去,维持减肥效果。But the findings do suggest, Dr. West said, that bite counting is worth trying if someone wishes to lose weight and is intimidated by calorie counting.但是,韦斯特士说,研究结果表明,如果有人想要减肥又不愿意去纠结卡路里数,咀嚼计数值得一试。He has practiced bite counting for three years, he said, without regaining the pounds he lost at the start of this routine and without curtailing his enjoyment of food.他还说自己亲身实践这一做法已有三年,不但一开始时减掉的体重没有反弹,而且也没有影响他享受美食。To deploy bite counting during the holidays, however, you must first determine how many bites you take during a normal day. Ideally, start now. Note every time you chew or swallow. Then during the upcoming feasts, maintain or reduce that number, with a reduction of 20 percent seeming the most efficacious for weight loss, Dr. West said.然而,要想在假日期间实施咀嚼计数,你必须先确定你平时每天吃多少口。最好现在就开始,每次咀嚼或吞咽都数一数。在即将到来的节假日里,维持那个咀嚼次数或者将其减少20%,韦斯特士说,这似乎是最有效的减肥方法。Bite counting does not, of course, free you from paying attention to basic nutrition, he added. Concentrate on eating primarily fruits, vegetables and lean meat.当然,教你计算咀嚼次数并不代表你可以不注重基本的营养,他补充道。要注意多吃水果、蔬菜和瘦肉。“Fewer bites won’t help you lose weight,” he said, “if every one of those bites is dessert.”“如果你只吃甜点,少吃多少口都是无法帮你减肥的。” /201512/414876



  Robin Li Yanhong, CEO of China#39;s search engine giant Baidu Inc, issued a public apology at a meeting on Sunday about a scandal involving the company#39;s disease-related online forums, domestic news portal yicai.com reported.据国内新闻门户网站第一财经报道,中国的搜索引擎巨头百度的首席执行官李彦宏在星期日的一次会议上,就公司旗下所有疾病类相关贴吧的丑闻做出了公开道歉。;Last week was a special time for Baidu … we will reflect deeply in a bid to turn this crisis into an opportunity,; Li was ed as saying in the report.该报道援引李彦宏的话:“上周对百度来说是一个特殊的时期……我们也会非常深刻的反省,并努力把这场危机转变成一次机遇。”Baidu was recently mired in a scandal involving its hemophilia forum, which had been sold to a private hospital that promoted itself in the forum and allegedly banned the forum#39;s original operators from posting, media reports said.据媒体报道,百度最近因其血友病贴吧被卖个一家私人医院打广告而陷入了丑闻,此外,该贴吧还涉嫌禁止原吧务发表帖子。The disclosure triggered public outrage, because the forum was a platform where users could discuss information on medical services.这一消息的披露引发了公众愤怒,因为该贴吧本是用户讨论医疗务信息的一大平台。In response to the uproar, the company said Tuesday that it would end such business collaboration in its disease-related online forums.为应对骚动,该公司星期二表示,将在其疾病相关的的贴吧结束这样的商业合作。Baidu then replaced the operator of the hemophilia forum with Hemophilia Home of China (HHC), an NGO dedicated to helping hemophilia patients, making HHC the first NGO to run a disease-related forum, the company said.百度表示,公司随后将血友病贴吧的吧务换成了中国血友之家(HHC),一个致力于帮助血友病患者的非政府组织。HHC也成为了运营疾病相关论坛的第一个非政府组织。Because Baidu Tieba exists as a public service and plays a vital role in public communication, the operator should not be any third-party commercial institution that aims to seek profits, said Lu Zhenwang, CEO of Shanghai Wanqing Commerce Consulting Co.上海晚晴商务咨询有限公司CEO鲁振旺表示,百度贴吧作为一种公共务,在公共交流中起到重要的作用,管理者不应该是任何追求利润的第三方商业机构。 /201601/422941In recent years, among the truly committed, truly discerning jeans shopper, a beau ideal has taken hold: raw selvage denim in styles that evoke the rugged workpants of yesteryear. Think Marlon Brando in “The Wild One” (or his jeans, anyway).近年来,那些品味卓越,一心专注的牛仔裤购买者开始追求一种理想:不同风格的带有织边的粗糙丹宁牛仔布,这让人想起昔日结实的工装裤。想想《飞车党》(The Wild One)里的马龙·白兰度(Marlon Brando),或者他的牛仔裤吧。Where does one go to buy a pair? Ideally, Japan, where denim brands use old-school shuttle looms to fastidiously reproduce the styles of 1947. Luckily for New Yorkers, raw selvage can be found at several shops in the city that carry the coveted Japanese brands or make their own denim in that vein, or both.要到哪里才能买到这样一条牛仔裤呢?最理想的地点是日本,那里的牛仔品牌都使用老式的梭织机器,一丝不苟地仿制1947年的款式。不过幸运的是,纽约人也可以在几家店里买到粗糙织边的牛仔裤了。它们有的专营抢手的日本品牌,也有的自己制作这种质地的牛仔裤,抑或二者皆有。Consider Self Edge, at 157 Orchard Street, a store open for six years that treats denim like a religion. Self Edge stocks only brands from designers who have “soul to what they do,” said Andrew Chen, a partner of Self Edge New York.果园街157号的Self Edge拥有六年历史,把丹宁牛仔视为一种信仰。它只出售那些“在产品中灌注灵魂”的设计师品牌,Self Edge纽约的合伙人之一安德鲁·陈(Andrew Chen)说。To illustrate the point, he held up the “foreman pant,” the latest release from Roy Slaper, who makes every pair of Roy jeans himself in his workshop in Oakland, Calif. The pocket bag material is a funky design; the inside stitching is made on a vintage machine that leaves a seashell pattern. “You just can’t do this on a production line,” Mr. Chen said.为了阐明自己的观点,他拿起一条“领班裤”,这是罗伊·斯拉帕(Roy Slaper)的最新作品。“罗伊”的每一条牛仔裤,都是他本人在加利福尼亚州奥克兰的工作室里亲手制成的。裤兜的质材是一种很放克(funky)的设计;里面的针脚是用一种老式缝纫机制作,呈现贝壳般的样式。“生产线上做不出这样的东西,”陈先生说。Elsewhere, hanging on iron hooks, were a highly edited sampling of jeans by 3sixteen, a denim brand founded and carried by Self Edge, as well as Japanese favorites like Flathead and Sugar Cane. Another Japanese brand, Iron Heart, makes the heaviest denim the shop carries, jeans that wear like a stiff canvas sack until broken in.店里的铁钩上还挂着3sixteen品牌精心修饰的牛仔裤样品,这个丹宁品牌和在日本大受欢迎的Flathead与Sugar Cane一样,是由Self Edge自己创立和开发的。另一个日本品牌Iron Heart是店里所售最重的丹宁牛仔,没穿上身的时候,好像帆布袋一样。“After a year or two, you end up with a jean that you’re really proud of, that you did work on,” Mr. Chen said.“一两年后,你就可以拥有一条自己真正引以为傲的牛仔裤,可以继续穿着它,”陈先生说。Prices range from 0 to 0. And Self Edge also offers hemming and repair services; the hemming is performed on a Union Special, which Mr. Chen assured was the holy grail of vintage chain-stitch machines.这里的牛仔裤价格从190美元到360美元一条。Self Edge还提供缝边和修补务;缝边是用Union Special牌缝纫机做的,陈先生说,这是老式缝纫机中最好的型号。Brooklyn Denim Company, at 85 North Third Street, Brooklyn, carries selvage and non-selvage styles. In contrast to the minimalist gallery approach of Self Edge, Brooklyn Denim stacks its jeans in piles on tables and shelves, an initially daunting shopping experience made navigable by the store’s expert staff.布鲁克林丹宁公司(Brooklyn Denim Company)位于布鲁克林北三街85号,它有织边和非织边两种式样。和Self Edge那种极简主义的画廊风格不同,布鲁克林丹宁把牛仔裤摞在桌上和货架上,在专业店员们的设计之下,购物体验最初有些吓人,其实却很方便。Brooklyn Denim carries the brand, First Standard, which is made in the shop, along with labels like Levi’s Made amp; Crafted, Tellason, Strom and the Japanese brands Big John and Japan Blue.布鲁克林丹宁经营着First Standard品牌,是在店内制作的,店内还销售李维斯(Levi’s)旗下的Made amp; Crafted、Tellason、Strom等品牌,以及Big John和Japan Blue等日本品牌。Kenny Abiog, a co-owner, said the store also makes custom jeans for denim heads who have something in mind that they can’t find in the store. Prices for custom start at 5. Repairs and hemming are also offered.店主之一肯尼·阿比奥格(Kenny Abiog)说,如果丹宁死忠们觉得他们想要的东西这里没有,店内还提供定制牛仔裤务。定制价格795美元起,此外同样提供缝边和修补。Perhaps the city’s best source for custom denim, though, is 3x1, at 15 Mercer Street, the brand founded by Scott Morrison, formerly of Paper Denim Cloth and Ernest Sewn. Here, the feeling is a denim atelier, with bolts of selvage fabric in indigo hues hanging on the wall and workers operating sewing machines in the middle of the store.不过,纽约最好的丹宁牛仔定制店或许还要算是默西街15号的3x1店。这个品牌由斯科特·莫里森(Scott Morrison)创立,他曾是Paper Denim Cloth 和Ernest Sewn品牌的成员。3x1店内的感觉完全是一座丹宁牛仔的艺术工作室,一匹匹各种靛蓝色调的织边丹宁牛仔布挂在墙上,工人们在店中间操作着缝纫机。The brand offers three options: a y-to-wear collection (0 to 5); a custom jean where you pick the fabric, buttons, zipper, th and other details (starting at 5); and a tailor-made jean (starting at ,200), ideal for athletes and others with specific sizing requirements.这个品牌提供三种选择:成衣(250美元到325美元);定制牛仔裤,自选制裁、纽扣、拉链、缝线和其他细节(525美元起);裁缝特制牛仔裤(1200美元起),后者特别适合运动员以及其他对尺寸有特殊要求的人。Mr. Morrison walked a customer through the 3x1 custom process, explaining the difference between red and green cast fabric (the red is the all-American blue jean, the green is favored in Europe and Japan) and dispensing tips like how to create a dressier jean (choose a matching th color).莫里森陪着一个客户在3x1店内走着,向对方解释红色与绿色织料的不同(红色是美国的蓝色牛仔裤上都会用到的,绿色则更受欧洲与日本青睐),他还讲了不少小窍门,比如怎样设计更雅致的牛仔裤(要精心选择配套缝线的颜色)。Still, Mr. Morrison said, 3x1 will make any custom jean you can think of using its hand-loomed denims and detail kit, no matter how bold.但是,莫里森说,3x1拥有手织丹宁牛仔布和各种精细的配套设备,不管客户的要求有多么大胆,店里都能定制。“This is about whatever you want,” he said.“想要什么我们就能做什么,”他说。 /201511/411308







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