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The World Food Program originally planned this year to reach more than six million hungry people in North Korea.世界粮食计划署起初计划今年向600多万北韩饥民提供粮食援助。WFP North Korea representative Torben Due said Wednesday that number has been cut by two-thirds, to less than two million. He referred to North Korea by its official name, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.世界粮食计划署驻北韩代表迪尤星期三说,该机构把接受粮食援助的人数减少了三分之二,降至不到200万人。他谈到北韩时使用的是其正式名称。"It's among the lowest [number] we've ever had in the DPRK," said Due.迪尤说:“这是我们在朝鲜民主主义人民共和国历来的最低数字。”Due says the main problem is that the WFP's emergency operation in North Korea does not have enough money. The program has received "very little funding" since October 2008. Of the 0 million needed, only 15 percent has been received so far.迪尤说,主要问题在于,世界粮食计划署在北韩的紧急运作没有足够的资金。这个援助项目自从2008年10月以来几乎没有得到任何资金。项目需要5亿美元,但是到目前为止只收到了15%。He also says the North Korean government has placed new restrictions on the WFP's work. These new conditions include not being allowed to have Korean-speakers on the WFP staff, which has been sharply reduced to 16 people, from 59. There also is a requirement that the WFP give notice seven days in advance to visit a site, as opposed to the current 24-hour notice.他还说,北韩政府对世界粮食计划署的活动实施了新的限制,包括不允许世界粮食计划署雇用可以讲韩语的工作人员。另外,雇员总数已经从59人减少到16人。北韩同时还要求世界粮食计划署在前往任何地方7天之前预先通知,而不是原来的24小时。Due says most of the hungry people in North Korea now suffer from the effects of nearly two decades of food shortages. He says the problems of serious malnourishment affect children before they are even born, if their mothers are underfed.迪尤说,北韩的大部分饥民由于20年来的粮食短缺而饱受煎熬。他说,如果妇没有足够的食品,婴儿在出生之前就受到严重营养不良的影响。"We are seeing the combined impact of a chronic undernourishment of a very large part of the population and the impact of it is more dramatic than just a few weeks or months where you have too little to eat," said Due.迪尤说:“我们看到人口中一大部分人长期营养不良的影响。这种影响远远大于仅仅几个星期或几个月没有东西吃的影响。”He says the WFP and the UN's Food and Agriculture organization did a joint survey last year that found a 8.7 million people in North Korea need food aid. This is more than a third of the country's total population of 23 million people. 他说,世界粮食计划署和联合国粮农组织去年联合进行了一次调查,发现北韩有870万人需要粮食援助。这占北韩2千300万人口的三分之一以上。North Korea has needed aid to feed its people for more than decade. Its state-controlled economy has contracted because of mismanagement and shortages of raw materials, while poor farming techniques and periodic floods have reduced harvests.十多年来,北韩一直需要粮食援助来让其国民有饭吃。北韩完全由国家控制的经济由于管理不善和原材料短缺而收缩,同时低劣的农业技术和不断的水灾也减少了收成。 07/76344Britain Heads For A Recession For the first time in 16 years, Britain's economy is heading for a recession. All on the day that the FTSE has fallen again, the DOW has plunged and the pound suffered its worst drop against the dollar since Black Wednesday. Sky's Michael Wilson reports. The skilled worker on the Alen brothers... …are busy. But only after 40 of the 250 staff may be redundant when orders for their// windows and doors began to slow. I am very pleased to say that 20 all of those people were able to find alternative employment elsewhere, but nevertheless the world is excessively harder than it is. . Small businesses like this around frontline, is the economy gets hammered. Yes, …been seen concern for the future, and I think moment job is safe for the minute, but who knows for the future. I am a single dad with two kids, so like the think, my job is safe. I have been here for 21 year through like I say who knows … I got a laid off later one from here … but I am gonna laid off. And it was a devastating thing because I wouldn’t be able to … two kids to bring up Today, official configures confirmed were everybody had feared, the economy had shrunk in the last quarter are not only that by an unexpectedly point five of percent more than twice the predicated drop. we are determined to do everything we can and as soon as we can to help people who is to lose their jobs ,so they can get back to work and the businesses getting into difficulty we do our level best to help them The country still is not in officially recession, It will take a second quarter of negative growth for that could be confirmed. After that figure some in the city nothing that economy will continue to slow well into next year, and then remain flat and then maybe just maybe some green shoots of recovery in the spring of 2010, one thing is for certain it will be a long whole Most the economy is in its worst state for eighteen years sparking demands for a serious policy response. I think the bank of England will cut interest rate sharply, I think they will cut interest rate at least two percents but if I was there I would actually argue that rate should be down to one percent by next summer The leader of the Conservative Party says the government should have been better prepared. We’ve ten years been told no more booming- bust, ten years of government no putting aside money for a rainy day, well that rainy day has now come. We will get though this but we need change. There is concerned that output has shrunk so significantly so early on in the downturn. How long the slump will last and how deep it will be is a question for the future. Now the earness is on the bank of England since inflation is yesterday story, today's question/s is how quickly can it get the cost of borrowing down and how quickly will it work.参考中文翻译:16年来,英国经济首次陷入衰退。 在黑色星期三,FTSE 再次下跌,道琼斯指数大幅跳水,英镑相对美元再次疲软。Sky新闻Michael Wilson报道。Alen兄弟公司的技术工人非常……非常忙碌。由于他们接到的门窗订单减少,250名员工中,将有40人被裁。我可以很高兴的说,所有的人都可以找到其他类似的工作。但是现在的形势比表面上还要严峻。位于前沿的这类小公司首当其冲,感受到经济危机的冲击。考虑到对以后的担忧,我认为目前先暂时找份工作比较安全,但是将来的事情谁说的准呢。我是两个孩子的单亲爸爸,这样来考虑,我的工作是安全的。我已经在这里工作了21年了。但是就像我说的,将来的事情谁知道呢。我暂时不会被解雇,但是我以后可能会被解雇,这对我来说是毁灭性的消息,因为我还有两个孩子要抚养。官方数字是所有人都担心的。上个季度,经济意外的缩水5%,比预期高出两倍以上。我们一定竭尽全力尽快帮助那些将要失业的人,以使他们尽快恢复工作。对那些陷入困境的公司,我们也会尽最大努力去帮助他们。现在国家还没有完全陷入衰退。如果下一季度经济仍然负增长,衰退的消息就将被实。官方数据宣布后,有人认为,经济增长减慢会持续到明年,然后保持平稳,到2010年春季可能会恢复。有一点是肯定的,英国经济是18年来最糟糕的状态,需要政府采取政策性的持。我认为英格兰会大幅降低利率,我认为至少会降低2%。但是如果我是英格兰官员的话,我会降的更多 ,到明年夏天会将利率下调到1%。英国保守党领袖说,政府本应准备的更好。十年来我们都被告知今后会繁荣昌盛,是年来政府都没有未雨绸缪,现在灾难来临了。我们一定会挺过这段时间,但是需要一些改变。有人担心,在经济低迷中,出锐减。经济萧条会持续多久,影响会有多深都是未知数。通货膨胀已经成为过去,现在的问题是,怎样迅速降低借贷成本,多久能够起到作用。200812/57971British royal family photos go online at FlickrBuckingham Palace said on Sunday it has launched an account with online photo management site Flickr.The British Monarchy Website Flickr account streams both up-to-the-minute images of royal engagements and archive photographs from the royal collection.The launch is timed to coincide with the summer opening of Buckingham Palace, as the site highlights photographs specially commissioned for the palace's exhibition "The Queen's Year," which opens on July 27.The Flickr account also features historic photographs from current Royal Collection exhibitions at The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle and on loan to museums and galleries around the UK.They include masterpieces of early British photography collected by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.Flickr is the latest in a line of social media to be harnessed by Buckingham Palace. In 2007 a Royal YouTube channel was launched, along with a new royal website. A British monarchy Twitter account followed in .Vocabulary:up-to-the-minute:最新的on loan to: 暂借给……背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109913India Re-Submits Fugitives List to Pakistan in Wake of Mumbai Terror Attack印再要求巴基斯坦交出被通缉逃犯 In wake of the terror attack in Mumbai, India is renewing demands Pakistan hand over wanted fugitives. India's government says a list of alleged terrorists and others has been re-submitted in a formal diplomatic request. The move is seen as the latest effort to pressure Islamabad to take action to defuse the network on Pakistani soil that allegedly plans and carries out terrorist attacks against India. 印度孟买遭受恐怖袭击后,印度再次要求巴基斯坦交出被通缉的逃犯。印度政府说,已经通过外交渠道再次向巴基斯坦正式提交了一份恐怖分子嫌疑人和其他相关人员的名单。此举被认为是印度最新的努力,要求伊斯兰堡采取行动,破获巴基斯坦境内据称策划和实施对印度发动恐怖袭击的网络。India's external affairs minister, speaking to reporters Tuesday, has given some details of the formal diplomatic note - known as a " demarche" - handed to Pakistan's top envoy here.  印度外交部长慕克吉今天(星期二)和记者谈话时透露了递交给巴基斯坦驻印度首席外交官的外交照会的一些内容。Pranab Mukherjee says the document contains the names of about 20 individuals India has long wanted extradited from Pakistan.  慕克吉说,文件中包含印度长期以来要求从巴基斯坦引渡的大约20个人的名字。"The demarche asks the arrest and hand-over of those persons who are settled in Pakistan and who are fugitives of Indian law," Mukherjee said. 他说:“外交照会要求逮捕和移交那些在巴基斯坦定居、但被印度法律通缉的逃犯。”List includes India's most wanted manAlthough India's government did not release the names of those on the fugitive list, Indian media say they include the infamous Mumbai crime kingpin, Dawood Ibrahim, and Maulana Masood Azhar - a Pakistani Muslim cleric who, in 1999, was freed from an Indian prison, in exchange for passengers on a hijacked Indian airliner.  尽管印度政府没有透露被列在逃犯名单上的人的名字,但印度媒体说,其中包括臭名昭著的孟买犯罪集团主要人物达乌德.易卜拉欣和大毛拉马苏德.爱兹哈尔。马苏德.爱兹哈尔是巴基斯坦一名穆斯林神职人员,1999年从一座印度监狱获释,印度用他交换了一架被劫持的印度客机上的旅客。Ibrahim is considered India's most wanted man. His organization is suspected of involvement in a 1993 bombing in Mumbai that left 250 people dead. Indian media reports say there is also official suspicion some of his underlings may have provided support to the terrorists who struck last week.  达乌德.易卜拉欣据信是印度的头号通缉犯。他的组织被怀疑参与了1993年孟买发生的一次导致250人丧生的爆炸事件。印度媒体报导说,还有官员怀疑,达乌德.易卜拉欣的一些手下可能为上星期发动袭击的恐怖分子提供了持。Azhar leads the group Jaish-e-Mohammad, which is believed to support Muslim separatists in the part of disputed Kashmir which is under Indian control.  马苏德.爱兹哈尔领导的组织叫做“穆罕默德军”,据信,这个组织持印度控制的克什米尔争议地区的穆斯林分离分子。India initially gave Pakistani officials the list six years ago and says it never received an adequate response.  印度最早是在6年前把这份名单交给巴基斯坦官员的,印度说一直没有得到巴方充分的回应。India blames Pakistani elements for Mumbai terror attackThe Mumbai terror attack, which India blames on elements in Pakistan, threatens to send relations between the two nuclear-armed neighbors into their worst state since 2002.  印度指责巴基斯坦境内的人发动了孟买恐怖袭击,这次事件很可能使这两个拥有核武器的邻国间的关系跌至2002年以来的最低谷。An intense international diplomatic effort is under way to try to prevent tensions between New Delhi and Islamabad from entering another crisis phase. The two nuclear-capable countries have gone to war against each other three times since their independence in 1947. 目前,国际社会正加紧外交努力,防止印巴紧张关系发展成又一次危机。这两个国家之间自1947年独立以来打了3次战争。现在两国都拥有核武器。Among those aly here or about to arrive in the Indian capital are the Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa, U.S. Senator John McCain and U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.  已经抵达或将要抵达印度首都的官员有阿拉伯联盟秘书长穆萨、美国国会参议员麦凯恩和美国国务卿赖斯。Indian Cabinet meeting discusses security strategyTuesday, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh chaired a meeting of his security Cabinet to discuss strategies. Government officials say among those attending were the defense, foreign and home ministers as well as the chiefs of the armed forces and the national security advisor.In recent days, top Pakistani government officials have vowed to cooperate with India to determine responsibility for the attack on Mumbai. But Islamabad rejects any allegations of complicity, blaming non-state actors which Pakistan says it is also battling. 最近,巴基斯坦政府高级官员誓言要同印度方面合作,确认孟买袭击的责任人。但是伊斯兰堡驳斥了有关巴基斯坦与这次事件有牵连的说法,称袭击者是巴基斯坦也在打击的非国家人员。200812/57811Bangladesh's Sheikh Hasina Wins Landslide Election哈西娜以压倒多数赢得孟加拉大选  The Awami League, led by former prime minister Sheik Hasina, has gained a clear majority of the parliamentary seats in Bangladesh's election. International observers are preliminarily deeming the election fair, which came after a two-year period of emergency rule by an army-backed caretaker government. There are high hopes there that the poverty-wracked country of 150 million people is putting its legacy of autocratic, corrupt and violent politics behind it. 孟加拉国前总理谢赫.哈西娜领导的人民联盟在议会选举中赢得明显多数席位。国际观察员初步认为投票是公正的,这次选举是在受到军方持的看守政府结束两年紧急状态之后举行的。孟加拉国人民热切希望,这个有着1亿5千万人口极度贫困的国家一贯奉行的独裁、腐败和暴力政治即将成为过去。Election officials say the Awami League overwhelmingly was the dominant party in the first parliamentary election here in seven years. The secular, left-of-center party, led by Sheik Hasina, captured about 230 of the parliament's 300 seats. Allied parties won about another 30. The Awami League now has a mandate to push through constitutional changes and its sweeping reform manifesto.  选举官员说,人民联盟在7年后的第一次议会选举中以压倒性多数成为占统治地位的政党。由谢赫.哈西娜领导、主张政教分离并执行中间偏左路线的人民联盟赢得议会300席中的大约230席。其它结盟党派赢得大约30席。人民联盟现在有权推行宪政改革及其全面的改革纲领。The election commission says a record 85 percent of eligible voters went to the polls.  选举委员会表示,85%的合格选民参加了投票,创下历史记录。The results are a crushing defeat for Hasina's long-time foe, former prime minister Khaleda Zia, who allied with several other parties, including an Islamic fundamentalist group.  这个结果使得哈西娜的长期政敌、前总理卡莉达.齐亚遭受惨败,齐亚跟另外几个党派结盟,其中包括一个伊斯兰原教旨主义组织。Zia's Bangladesh Nationalist Party is formally complaining that its supporters were kept from voting in various places. 齐亚领导的孟加拉国民族主义党正式投诉说,该党的持者在许多地方被禁止投票。Such allegations are not swaying the preliminary opinion of domestic and international observers that the election process, while not perfect, was conducted in a fair manner and free of the widesp vote-rigging typical of past elections.  不过,这类说法不会动摇孟加拉国国内和国际观察员对投票过程的初步评价,他们认为,尽管不是十全十美,整个选举在公正的情况下举行,而且也没有出现特别在以往选举中有过的操纵选票行为。Former U.S. assistant secretary of state for African Affairs, Constance Berry Newman, led the 65-person observer delegation of the International Republican Institute.  美国国务院负责非洲事务的前助理国务卿科蒂斯.贝利.纽曼率领一个由65人组成的美国国际共和研究所代表团前往观察。"Though observers noted many procedural irregularities they did not believe them of the scope and severity that would call into question the legitimacy of the process or the outcome," said Newman. 纽曼说:“尽管观察员们指出了许多程序上的违规,但是他们认为,这不是普遍现象,也没有严重到会对整个程序或者选举结果的合法性提出质疑。”Despite the Awami League's overwhelming victory, Melbourne University (Australia) political science research fellow Syeed Ahamed says Sheik Hasina's party must give its arch-rival a role in parliamentary affairs."Even if BNP has only some say 30 to 35 seats in the popular vote they actually present almost 50 percent of the population," said Ahamed. "That should be kept in mind. If Awami League do not put BNP in a significant position, what will happen if actually BNP resigns en masse from the parliament? It will be chaos." The two major rival parties traded power during a 15-year period that ended in 2006 with political violence on the streets spinning out of control. That compelled the military to intervene, installing a caretaker government.  两个主要对立政党在2006年之前的15年里轮流执政,2006年孟加拉国的政治暴力事件持续不断,无法控制。那种局面迫使军方介入,扶植起一个看守政府。The interim leaders vowed a crackdown on political corruption, jailing hundreds of people, including Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia. The two fierce rivals, known as the "Battling Begums" and heirs to political dynasties, were freed to contest the long-delayed election. 过渡政府领导人誓言打击政治腐败,数百人被监禁,其中包括谢赫.哈西娜和卡莉达.齐亚。这两位宿敌以及两人政治王朝的继任者均获释,得以参加这次一再推迟的选举。哈西娜和齐亚人称“拼搏的贵妇人”。200812/60108

Expectations High for Foreign Efforts in Haiti海地渴望更多外国援助The new U.S. security agreement to help oversee Haiti's main transportation links is an attempt to clearly define the role of the 18,000 American forces arriving in the coming days. While U.S. troops are still primarily focused on evacuating the injured and securing key facilities, locals have higher expectations.美国最新安全协议承诺帮助监管海地主要的交通枢纽,这是为了清楚地表明几天内即将到达那里的1万8000名美国军人的任务。美国部队仍然在集中力量来疏散受伤人员并保主要设施的安全。与此同时,当地人期待得到更多外国的援助。Just outside the security fence of Port au Prince's international airport, scores of Haitians watch the 24-hour parade of cargo planes and helicopters. 在太子港国际机场围栏外面,几十名海地人在注视着昼夜不停的货运飞机和直升飞机的起降。For many, all of the activity is somewhat of a mystery.  对很多人来说,这里的行动有些神秘。Blanc Marielle lost two children, her home and her job as a seamstress. She now sleeps outside with the rest of her family. She says she came to the airport because that's where the foreigners are and she hoped to get some help. She says she is still waiting to hear their plan.马利埃尔在地震中失去了两个孩子,她做裁缝为生,现在她只能和家里其他人睡在外边。她说,她来到机场是因为这里都是外国人,她希望能得到帮助。她说,她仍然在等待了解他们的计划。As a crowd gathers to air their grievances to a foreign reporter, they say they don't understand why so many planes have landed at the airport but so little aid has reached them. 一群人拥到外国记者身边倾诉他们的怨言,他们不明白为什么有这么多的飞机降落到机场,但是他们能得到的援助却那么少。Many say the Haitian government is stealing it. Some say the foreigners need better advice for reaching affected people.很多人说,海地政府扣留了这些援助物资。有些人说,外国人应该更好了解如何让救济品送到灾民手中。International aid operations have fanned out into much of the capital, and heavy equipment is now clearing debris downtown. But many people remain in need. Sampan Junior is a 22 year-old aspiring accountant who worked in a bakery until last week. He lost his mother and his father when their house collapsed. "I just want to work with the Americans so I can get some money so I can eat something," he said. 国际援助行动已经在海地首都大部分地区展开,重型设备开始清理市中心的废墟和瓦砾,但是很多人仍然需要救助。儒尼奥尔是一名22岁的有抱负的会计师,上个星期以前一直在一家面包店工作。他说:“我想为美国人工作,这样我才能有收入,能有饭吃。”201001/95475

奥巴马总统正在敦促美国参议院通过他的金融改革议案。奥巴马总统说,有关议案将保护顾客、和金融系统。President Barack Obama is urging the U.S. Senate to pass his financial reform legislation. The president says the bill will protect consumers, banks and the financial system.In his weekly address, President Obama says the reform bill is an ambitious effort to protect consumers from some of the financial industry's worst abuses."The Wall Street reform bill in Congress represents the strongest consumer financial protections in history," said President Obama.Senators have been debating legislation to protect consumers and end government bailouts of part of the nation's economy.Mr. Obama says the bill is aimed at the industry practices that set off the U.S. financial crisis in 2008."With reform, we will make our financial system more transparent by bringing the kinds of complex backroom deals that helped trigger this crisis into the light of day," he added.The president says the bill will subject large and small banks to tougher oversight, and prevent banks from taking so much risk they could collapse and threaten the economy.The House of Representatives passed a similar reform bill in December. The weekly Republican Party address comes from Congressman Chris Lee, who represents the area near Buffalo, New York, which President Obama visited on Thursday.Lee says the president is ignoring the people's wishes for less government debt and more responsible budgets."President Obama visited our area this week, and it was my hope that he would listen, really listen, to what the people are saying,” said Lee. “I have been in Congress 16 months, but it does not take that long to figure out that Washington does more talking than listening."Representative Lee says the Democratic Party's plans to stimulate employment are too expensive and will hurt the economy in the long term.201005/103933

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