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换个说法 让自己的口语说得更漂亮 -01-7 19:: 来源: 如果别人在你旁边罗嗦个没完,你感到厌烦了,说"you are so boring!"(你真烦!)“shut up!”(闭嘴!)自然没错,可人家受得了吗?不如来一句“oh, come on.Give me a break!”(帮帮忙,让我歇歇吧!)这地道幽默吧?要想说人“气色好”"you look fine!"当然不错,可如果你说"you’re in the pink!"就妙得多了,实际上,在英语口语中,表示颜色的词用起来非常形象生动“他精力充沛”美国人说:"He is bouncy"而不说"He is energetic",牢记一些日常对话中的活句式是你一把必备的钥匙如:久仰,"I get mind of you."比"I heard a lot about you."轻松得多代问他人好当然能用"Please remember me to your sister"或"Please give my best wishes to your father"不过,若是很好的朋友,何不说,"please give my love to Jim."在中国可不能随便说“我想你”,然而,当和西方人分手时说"I will miss you"要比说"Good-bye"或"See you soon"有趣得多,不妨一试有人开会迟到了,你若对他说"You are late",听起来象是废话,若说"Did you get lost?",则更能让他歉然,可别说成"Get lost!"那可是让人滚蛋的意思 问他人的姓名,地址:"May I have you name?"要比"what’s your name?"礼貌得多,不过警察例外别人问你不愿公开的问题,切勿用"It’s my secret,don't ask such a personal question.”回答,一来显得你没有个性,二来也让对方尴尬你可以说“I would rather not say.”(还是别说了吧!)有时候,你想说什么,可说是想不起来,你可以说“well…”、“let me see”、“just a moment ”或“it’s on the tip of my tongue”等,相比之下,最后一个句型是最地道的交谈时,你可能会转换话题,不要只说“by the way ”实际上,“to change the subject”、“bee I get”、“while I remember”、“mind you”都是既地道又受欢迎的表达遇到你不懂的问题时可别不懂装懂,“I know”可能是中国人用得最多,而美国人最不能接受的一句话当一美国教师向你解释某个问题时,你如果连说两遍“I know”,我敢保,他不会再跟你说什么了用“I got it ”就顺耳得多,要是不懂就说“I’m not clear about it .”不过如果你会说“It’s past my understanding”或“it’s beyond me .”你的教师定会惊讶不已的. 漂亮 口语 自己 说法

常用英语口语之居家生活 -- 18::00 来源: 常用英语口语之居家生活1.I need to have a shave bee I go to work.出门前我要修一下面. I can't bear going out without a brush.我不能忍受不刷牙就出门3. I'm shaving.我在刮胡子. My breath stinks.我的嘴很臭5. I look at myself in the mirror.我照了照镜子6. What time are you coming back?你什么时间回来?7. Let's fold up the futon.把床垫盈起来8. Would you turn off the alarm clock?能帮我关掉闹钟吗?9. It might rain today. Take your umbrella with you.今天好像要下雨,带上你的伞. Don't get to take out the trash.别忘了扔垃圾啊. I usually don't have time a bath in the mornings,take a shower.早上我没时间泡澡,只是冲一冲. Be careful about the traffic! 小心路上的车! 常用英语口语

The Rainy DayThe day is cold,and dark,and dreary; It rains,and the wind is never weary; The vine still clings to the moldering wall, But at every gust the dead leaves fall, And the day is dark and dreary. My life is cold and dark and dreary; It rains and the wind is never weary; My though still cling to the moldering past, But the hopes of youth fall thick in the blast, And the days are dark and dreary. Be still,sad heart!And cease repining; Behind the clouds is the sun still shining; Thy fate is the common fate of all, Into each life some rain must fall, Some days must be dark and dreary. 6631

请别用哀伤的诗句对我讲:人生呵,无非是虚梦一场!因为沉睡的灵魂如死一般,事物的表里并不一样A Psalm of Life by Herry Wadsworth LongfellowTell me not in mournful numbers, Life is but an empty dream! the soul is dead that slumbers And things are not what they seem. Life is real! Life is earnest!And the grave is not its goal;Dust thou art , to dust returnest,Was not spoken of the soul.Not enjoyment , and not sorrow, Is our destined and our way;But to act, That much to-morrow.Find us farther than to-day.Art is long , and time is fleeting. And our hearts , though stout and brave. Still , like muffled drums , are beatingFuneral marches to the graveIn the world’s broad field of battle,In the bivouac of Life,Be not like dumb,driven cattle!Be a hero in the strife!Trust no future.howe’er pleasant!Let the dead Past bury its dead!Act,act in the living Present!Let us,then,be up and doing,With a heart any fate;Still achieving,still pursuingLearn to labour and to wait. 63

“爱能历久常新华发或会失去原有的光双颊或会日显消瘦黯淡然而,有爱的心中,从无寒冬霜冰,只有夏之温热” keep walking in sunshineYears of storms had taken their toll on the old windmill. Its wheel, rusted and fallen, lay silent in the lush bluegrass. Its once animated silhouette was now a tall motionless steeple in the twilight sun. I hadn‘t walked across our old farm in fifteen years. Yet the sensations came flooding back. I could smell the freshness of new mown alfalfa. I could feel the ping of the ice cold summer rain, and the sun‘s sudden warmth on my wet shoulders when it reappeared after a brisk July thunderstorm.Rain or shine, I used to walk this path each day to see Greta. She always made me smile, even after Sis and I had just had a big squabble. I would help Greta with her chores. Then we would visit over a generous helping of her delicious homemade chocolate cookies and ice cream. Being confined to a wheel chair didn‘t stop Greta from being a fabulous cook.Greta gave me two of the greatest gifts I‘ve ever received. First, she taught me how to . She also taught me that when I gave Sis our squabbles, it meant I wouldn‘t keep feeling like a victim. Instead, I would feel sunny.Mr. Dinking, the local banker, tried to eclose on Greta‘s house and land after her husband passed away. Thanks to Pa and Uncle Johan, Greta got to keep everything. Pa said that it was the least he could do someone talented enough to teach me to !Soon folks were coming from miles around to buy Greta‘s homemade cakes, pies, bs, cookies, cider, and ice cream. Hank, the grocery store man, came each week to stock his shelves and bring Greta supplies.Greta even had me take a big apple pie to Mr. Dinking who became one of her best customers and friends. That‘s just how Greta was. She could turn anyone into a friend!Greta always said, "Dear, keep walking in sunshine!" No matter how terrible my day started, I always felt sunny walking home from Greta‘s house-even beneath the winter starlight.I arrived at Greta‘s house today just after sunset. An ambulance had stopped a few feet from her door, it‘s red lights flashing. When I ran into the old house, Greta recognized me right away.She smiled at me with her ungettable twinkling blue eyes. She was almost out of breath when she reached out and softly touched my arm. Her last words to me were "Dear, keep walking in sunshine!"I‘m sure that Greta is walking in the brightest sunshine she‘s ever seen. And, I‘m sure that she heard every word I at her memorial service.I chose a beautiful verse by Leo Buscaglia. It‘s one that Greta taught me to many years ago…"Love can never grow old. Locks may lose their brown and gold. Cheeks may fade and hollow grow. But the hearts that love will know, never winter‘s frost and chill, summer‘s warmth is in them still." 0193959

粗鲁的人总是霸道欺人,而谦逊有礼的人却无能为力这就是我和米歇尔在思索如何对付这些粗鲁的人之后得出的结论Rude Awakening I was driving late one night,alone.This was not easy,as two feet of snow lay on the road.The heck with what lane I was in;I was just trying to keep my car pointed ward.A guy behind me in a four-wheel-drive vehicle began flashing his headlights.I figured there must be some danger ahead or that something was wrong with my car.So I slowed down.He pulled up beside me and gestured as though he had something important to say.I stopped and rolled down the window on the passenger side.“What are you,stupid?”he said,spitting his words into the crisp winter air.“Don’t you know how to use a turn signal1)?”Then he used a lot of curse) words to characterize my driving,my heritage and my sexual history.He was still yelling when I rolled up my window and drove off.Rude people are taking over.You run into them more and more often,in more and more places.Recently my friend Michele went on her first shopping expedition after breaking her ankle.There she was,balanced on crutches,looking through a rack of dresses.She felt so me pressure,then a push.A woman at the same rack3) was trying to nudge her out of the way.“Um,”Michele said,“I think there’s room both of us here.”The woman glared at her and said,“Get out of my way unless you want your other leg broken.”Michele reported the incident to the store manager,pointing out that the store was about to lose a good customer on of this bully.The manager said there was nothing she could do――not unless there was actual physical contact and a store employee witnessed) it.“Rude people like that are just the type to sue,”she told Michele.Rude people seize all the power.Normal,courteous5) people get none.This is what Michele and I concluded as we tried to think of a way to combat the bullies.We imagined laws against rudeness.We considered mandatory6) tranquilizer7) prescriptions rude people.We envisioned support groups the victims of rudeness.Later I went to another friend’s house where a lot of neighborhood kids were playing.One was different――a rude person in training. no apparent reason this nine-year-old kid kicked my friend’ s dog and made an obscene gesture at it.Then Katie,my three-year-old niece,gleefully8) plopped down in a seat.She didn’t know it was the rude kid’s seat.“Get up,”the boy said,“bee I kick you too.”I wanted to scoop up Katie and carry her away.I wanted t o shield her ever from the generations of bullies her future held.But Katie straightened her back,folded her arms and looked the boy squarely in the eye.“You are rude,”she said.The room went quiet.The boy retreated.It’s a start.All together now:“You are rude.”□by Jeanne Marie Laskas 6

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