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淄博男性尿道炎怎么治淄博治生殖器感染医院哪家好Are the political upheavals of 2016 — Brexit and America’s election of Donald Trump — a triumph of democracy or a threat to it? Democracies must respond to legitimate grievances. 2016年的政治动荡——英国退欧和唐纳德.特朗普(Donald Trump)当选美国总统——是民主的胜利还是对民主的威胁?民主政体必须对合法的抱怨做出回应。Indeed, their ability to do so peacefully is among their strengths. 实际上,有能力和平回应是它们的长处之一。But the demagogue’s exploitation of such grievances threatens democracy. 但煽动家利用此类抱怨的做法威胁到了民主。This has happened elsewhere. 其他地方已经出现了这种情况。It would be foolish to assume western democracies are immune.认为西方民主政体不会受影响将是愚蠢的。In 2016, fear and anger became dominant political emotions in the UK and the US — two of the most important, stable and enduring democracies. 2016年,担忧和愤怒主导了英国和美国这两个最重要、稳定、悠久的民主政体的政治情绪。The fear was over downward mobility and cultural changes; the anger was against immigrants and indifferent elites. 担忧是围绕向下流动(downward mobility)和文化变迁,而愤怒是针对移民和冷漠的精英。They came together in resurgent nationalism and xenophobia. 它们汇聚为卷土重来的民族主义和仇外主义。Some Brexiters and Republicans believe in the ideal of absolutely free markets. 一些英国退欧派人士和共和党人相信绝对自由市场理念,But that idea did not bring Brexit to the UK or Mr Trump to Washington. 但这种理念不会让英国退欧或者让特朗普当选总统。The emotions were far more visceral and less attractive.担忧和愤怒要深刻得多,也更不吸引人。For democrats, the outburst of such primal emotions is disturbing because they are so hard to contain. 对民主主义者而言,此类原始情绪的爆发之所以令人担忧是因为它们很难遏制。Democracy is at bottom a civilised form of civil war. 民主政体本质上是一种文明的内战。It is a struggle for power contained by understandings and institutions.它是一种受谅解和制度制约的权力争斗。The understandings are that winners never take all. 谅解是赢家永远不会拿走一切。Opposition is legitimate, opinion free and power curbed. 反对派是合法的,可以自由表达观点而且权力受到限制。The values of the citizenry are a democracy’s most important asset. 公民价值观是民主政体最重要的资产。They must understand in their bones that it is illegitimate to make temporary power permanent by rigging elections, suppressing contrary opinions or harassing the opposition. 他们必须发自内心地明白,通过操纵选举、打击异见或者骚扰反对派让临时权力永久化是不合法的。There exists no such thing as the people; this is an imaginary entity. 不存在什么人民,这是想象出来的实体。There are merely citizens whose choices not only may, but surely will, change. 只有公民,而他们的选择不仅可能、而且必然会改变。While a way must be found to aggregate those views, it will always be defective. 尽管必须找到方法整合公民的观点,但始终会有缺陷。Ultimately, democracy, or a democratic republic, provides a way for people with different views and even cultures to live side by side in reasonable harmony.最终,民主政体或者民主共和国为不同观点乃至不同文化的人们提供了较为和谐地比邻而居的方式。Yet institutions matter, too, because they set the rules of the game. 然而,制度也同样重要,因为它们设定了游戏规则。Institutions may also fail. 制度也可能失效。The US electoral college has failed doubly. 美国选举人团制度已经在两方面失效。Its selection of Mr Trump neither accords with the votes cast in the election nor reflects judgment of the candidate’s merits, as desired by Alexander Hamilton. 它促使特朗普当选不仅与选举中的投票数不符,而且也没有反映出亚历山大.汉密尔顿(Alexander Hamilton)想要的那种对候选人德行的判断。This founding father argued that the college would both guard against the desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils and ensure the office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications. 这位开国之父指出,选举人团既会防范外国势力想在我们议会中获得不当影响力之心,又会确保总统之位永远不会落到并非具备必要素质的杰出者那种人手里。The charges of Russian hacking and Mr Trump’s evident defects of experience, judgment and character show that the college has not proved the bulwark Mr Hamilton hoped for. 对俄罗斯黑客行为的指控以及特朗普在经验、判断和性格上的明显缺陷表明,选举人团制度没能佐汉密尔顿希望的那种保障作用。It is up to other institutions — notably, Congress, courts and media — and the citizens at large now to do so.现在基本上只能依靠其他制度(尤其是国会、法庭和媒体)以及公民。The more powerful the passions and the more uncontained the ambitions, the more likely the democratic system will collapse into despotism. 煽动家越是热情洋溢和野心勃勃,民主体制就越有可能沦为专制统治。Demagogues are the Achilles heel of democracy. 煽动家是民主的软肋。There is even is a standard demagogic playbook. 现在甚至还出现了标准的煽动剧本。Whether of left or right, they present themselves as representatives of the common people against elites and unworthy outsiders; make a visceral connection with followers as charismatic leaders; manipulate that connection for their own advancement, frequently by lying egregiously; and threaten established rules of conduct and constraining institutions as enemies of the popular will that they embody. 无论是左翼还是右翼,他们都标榜自己是反精英的大众代表和不合适的局外人,并作为魅力领导人与追随者密切联系,他们往往通过弥天大谎来操纵这种联系,用以谋求自己的进步;他们威胁既有的行为准则和约束性制度,把这些准则和制度描述为他们所代表的民意的敌人。Mr Trump is almost a textbook demagogue. 特朗普几乎是教科书式的煽动家。Nigel Farage, former leader of the UK Independence party, has not advanced so far because it has proved harder to capture the UK’s party-based institutions than it is the US presidency.英国独立党(UKIP)前领袖杰尔.法拉奇(Nigel Farage)略逊一畴,就是因为事实明攻破英国基于党派的制度比美国总统选举更难。Yet there are similarities between the demagogic elements of the Brexit campaign and the rise of Mr Trump. 然而,英国退欧运动和特朗普崛起中的煽动因素存在相似之处。For both, opponents are enemies rather than fellow citizens who think differently. 对两者而言,反对派是敌人而非观点不同的同胞。Both claim to represent the people against foreigners and traitors.两者都宣称代表反对外国人和卖国贼的人民。The demagogue’s campaign leads naturally to despotism — the tyranny of the majority that is a mask on the tyranny of one. 煽动家的运动自然导致了专制统治——多数人的暴政掩盖了一个人的暴政。As institutions are brought under dictatorial control, the opposition is driven into rebellion or acquiescence. 由于制度是在专制统治下制定的,那么反对派就会被迫反叛或者顺从。Despots use the former as an excuse for repression and the latter to demand absolute obedience. 独裁者利用前者作为镇压的借口,利用后者要求绝对从。A host of examples of the demagogic route to power exists, in both past and present. 无论是过去还是现在,都有一系列通过煽动攥取权力的例子。Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler are case studies of demagogues turned into despots. 贝尼托.墨索里尼(Benito Mussolini)和阿道夫.希特勒(Adolf Hitler)就是煽动家变身独裁者的经典例子。It is not hard to think of recent examples, from Hugo Chávez to Viktor Orban and Vladimir Putin.最近的例子也比比皆是,从乌戈.查韦斯(Hugo Chávez)到欧尔班.维克托(Viktor Orban)和弗拉基米尔.普京(Vladimir Putin)。 /201612/485427淄博那家割包皮比较好 The Australian state of Victoria said on Wednesday it was more than doubling taxes on foreign property buyers in a move reflecting growing public concern over the volume of Chinese money flowing into the local real estate market. 澳大利亚维多利亚州周三表示,将把对外国购房者征收的税提高一倍以上。此举反映出,流入当地房地产市场的中国资金的规模引起了澳大利亚民众越来越大的担忧。 The move to increase stamp duty surcharges for foreigners to 7 per cent from July 1, up from 3 per cent, comes as New Zealand considers a land tax on foreigners. 维多利亚州决定,从今年7月1日起,外国人购房需缴纳的额外印花税的税率将从3%提高到7%。与此同时,新西兰也在考虑对外国购房者征收土地税。 Australia approved bn in Chinese property investments in 2014-15, double the previous year’s figure. Australian property prices, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne, have experienced a four-year boom that is focusing political attention on housing affordability. 2014-15年度,澳大利亚批准了240亿美元的中资房地产投资,金额比上一年翻了一番。澳大利亚房价——尤其是悉尼和墨尔本的房价——已连续四年暴涨,令住房可负担性成为政治关注的焦点。 The opposition Labor party is promising to cut tax breaks for buy-to-let investors ahead of a July 2 election, while Victoria’s stamp duty increase for foreign buyers comes just a year after it introduced the tax for the first time. 澳大利亚反对党工党(Labor party)正承诺争取在7月2日大选前削减对购房出租者的税额减免,维多利亚州则在去年首次推出针对外国购房者的印花税后仅过了一年就上调了该税率。 “Doubling the tax within a year makes foreign buyers feel very unwelcome,” said Esther Yong, director of ACproperty, a Chinese-language property portal. 中文地产门户网站“澳洲家园网”(ACproperty)主管Esther Yong表示:“一年不到就将税率上调了一倍,令外国购房者感到自己非常不受欢迎。” There are aly signs that tighter scrutiny of foreign transactions, restrictions on bank lending to foreigners and the stamp duty tax in Victoria are beginning to temper overseas demand for property. 已经有迹象显示,收紧对外国人购房的审查、限制向外国人放贷以及维多利亚州征收的印花税,正开始抑制外国人对澳大利亚房地产的需求。 National Australia Bank’s latest Residential Property Survey shows the number of foreign buyers as a proportion of overall transactions fell to 11.8 per cent in the three months to end March, from 14.4 per cent three months earlier — its lowest level in 2.5 years. 澳大利亚国民(National Australia Bank)的最新《住宅地产调查》报告(Residential Property Survey)显示,今年一季度,外国人购房在所有房产交易中的占比降至11.8%,为两年半来的最低水平,上一季度的占比为14.4%。 Alan Oster, NAB’s chief economist, said the reduced foreign demand probably reflected oversupply, particularly in the Melbourne market where up to 30 per cent of city centre apartments were unoccupied. 澳大利亚国民首席经济学家欧思濂(Alan Oster)表示,外国需求减少很可能反映的是供应过剩,尤其是在墨尔本市场——墨尔本市中心公寓空置率高达30%。 “For many Chinese buyers buying a property in Australia is not about yield, it is about getting their money offshore,” he said. 他说:“许多中国买家在澳买房不是为了收益,而是为了把钱转到海外。” He said the inflow of foreign money was a short-term boon for the economy but could become a risk if Chinese buyers suddenly wanted to withdraw. 他表示,短期而言外资流入对澳大利亚经济是个利好,但如果中国买家突然想撤资,就可能变成一个风险。 The Reserve Bank of Australia echoed these sentiments in its latest report on financial stability. 澳大利亚央行(RBA)在其最新金融稳定性报告中呼应了这种观点。 “A substantial reduction in Chinese demand would likely weigh most heavily on the apartment markets of inner-city Melbourne and parts of Sydney, not only because Chinese buyers are particularly prevalent in these segments but also because other factors would reinforce any initial fall in prices,” said the RBA. 它表示:“受中国需求大幅减少影响最严重的,很可能会是墨尔本内城和悉尼部分地区的公寓市场,这不仅是因为涉足这块市场的中国买家特别多,还因为价格一旦开始下跌其他因素会使跌势变得更猛。” /201604/440169淄博割包皮大概需要多少钱

淄博治疗直肠恶变多少钱India has traditionally grappled with the problem of domestic abuse that women face at the hands of their menfolk. Despite most cases going unreported, over 113,400 such incidents were recorded in 2015.一直以来,印度都在努力解决女性面临的丈夫家暴问题。尽管大多数被家暴者都没有报案,但2015年还是有113400起家暴案记录在册。Now, in order to curb domestic abuse, a politician in the state of Madhya Pradesh has come up with a bizarre solution, that urges newly wed women to beat up their violent husbands.如今,为了遏制家庭暴力,印度中央邦的一位政客想出了一个奇葩的解决方案,呼吁新娘痛打她们的暴力新郎。Over 700 brides were #39;gifted#39; wooden paddles (popularly known as mogri) by this politician at a mass wedding ceremony. And he#39;s reportedly ordered for many more.这位政客在一场集体婚礼上向700多位新娘“赠予”木棒(这种木棒一般被称为mogri)。而据报道,他还为更多女性订购了木棒。These logs of wood carry messages like #39;For beating drunkards#39; or #39;Police won#39;t intervene#39; and urge women to set their husbands right if they ill-treat them.这些“打夫棒”上写着 “棒打酒鬼”或“警察不会介入”,并呼吁女性如果遭到丈夫虐待,就要纠正他们的错误。;Women say whenever their husbands get drunk they become violent. Their savings are taken away and splurged on liquor... they should let the wooden paddles do the talking,; the politician told AFP.这位政客告诉法新社:“女人们说,每当她们的丈夫醉酒时就会变得暴力。她们的积蓄被拿走,都被挥霍在了酒精上……她们应该让木棒替她们说话。”However, he clarified that this isn#39;t an attempt to provoke the women, but a mere effort to curb the violence they face.不过,这位政客澄清道,这么做不是为了煽动女性,只是一种为遏制女性被家暴问题所做的努力。It is true that India faces a serious alcohol problem. According to the World Health Organization, one in 20 Indians suffer from alcohol-related problems. Several states have cracked down on liquor in recent years in a bid to curb alcohol-fueled violence.印度的确存在严重的酗酒问题。据世界卫生组织称,每20个印度人中就有1人患有酒精导致的问题。为了遏制酒精引发的暴力,近年来印度多个邦已经严厉打击酗酒问题。Hence, this step might be well-intentioned but it hardly absolves the State of their inability to protect its women and act on offences. Also, we can#39;t rule out the misuse of #39;power#39; invested in the women.因此,此举可能是善意的,但印度政府仍然难以摆脱其无法保护本国女性,对犯罪行为无力采取行动的现实。此外,我们也不能排除女性滥用这项“权力”的可能。Naturally, it has drawn mixed reactions from people.当然,民众对此举也是褒贬不一。 /201705/507736淄博市割痔疮多少钱 As e-payments and intelligent technology have continued to facilitate economic development, the first automatic newsstand has been put into use in Hangzhou, capital city of eastern Zhejiang province.随着电子付和智能技术不断促进经济发展,第一台自动报刊亭已于日前在浙江省省会杭州市投入使用。The newsstand is equipped with 16 boxes covered in glass, and each box has 100 sub-boxes containing newspapers and magazines.该报刊亭配有16个透明玻璃箱子,每个箱子有又划分成了100个格子,每个格子里放了报纸和杂志。Customers can use a touch screen to select their preferred newspaper and payment method, and then collect their purchases from the automatically opening sub-boxes.顾客可以使用触摸屏选择他们喜欢的报纸和付款方式,然后从自动打开的格子中获取他们购买的物品。In addition to self-service purchasing of newspapers and periodicals, the newsstand also offers cold and hot beverages, packaged foods, informational brochures and other commodities.除了报纸和期刊的自助采购之外,这种报刊亭还提供冷热饮料、包装食品、信息手册和其他商品。Services including a Wi-Fi hotspot, a mobile phone charging station, train ticket vending and a bus query area will be added in the future.未来还会增加包括Wi-Fi热点、手机充电站、火车票自动售货机和公共汽车查询在内的务。 /201610/473060淄博专治肾虚的老中医

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