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This film will show you how to buy medications cheap. Learn how to shop for the best prescriptions, which could include state aid or using mail-order.这段视频将教给你怎样购买廉价的药品。学习一下怎样买到最好最廉价的处方药,包括州政府补助和使用邮购。Step 1: Find A Generic1.寻找普通药Many prescription drugs also have a more affordable generic equivalent. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if one is available.Doctors often have free sample drugs on hand. Find out if there are any available.许多处方药物都有更加平价而药效相当的普通药。问一下医生或药剂师有没有这种替代品。医生通常有免费药品样品。问一下医生有没有。Also, ask your doctor if you need to take all of the medication youre currently taking. Some drugs may no longer be necessary and eliminating them could save you money.同样,问一下医生是否需要用正在吃的所有药物。一些药物可能已经没必要用了,减少用量也可以省钱。Step 2: Look For State Aid2.寻求政府补助Some states have programs to help residents pay for their prescriptions. In other states, the drug companies themselves sponsor aid programs.一些州设有帮助居民付药品费用的项目。在其他州,药品公司自己开设了援助项目。Most of the assistance is given based on need. It never hurts to see if you qualify.大部分补助都是根据需要提供的。他们有一定的标准来查看你是否有资格享受补贴。Step 3: Shop Smarter3.货比三家You comparison shop for gasoline and drive all the way across town to save a buck on tomatoes. Why not do the same for your medication?加油时你会对比几个加油站,有时会转遍整个小镇来购买稍微便宜一点的番茄。那么,购买药品为何不这样做呢?Compare prices at a variety of pharmacies – from the big chains to the small operators. And dont forget about service. A delivery option might be worth spending a little more each month.走访几个不同的药店,对比一下价格——从大型连锁药店到小药店。不要忘记考虑务。配送务值得你每个月稍微多花一点钱。Some pharmacies offer senior citizen discounts for AARP members or members of other organizations.一些药店为美国退休人员协会或其他组织的老年公民提供折扣。Step 4: Check Out Mail-Order Meds4.选择邮购药品Online or mail-order pharmacies might be a good option for medications you take over a long period of time because prescriptions can be automatically renewed, and you can sometimes get a bulk rate.如果是要长期用的药物,网上购物或邮购也是不错的选择。因为药物会自动更新,大量购买可以享受折扣。Thanks for watching How To Save Money Buying Medication.感谢收看“怎样购买药物更省钱”视频节目。视频听力节目由。201308/253176

Hey everyone, it’s Stephane from Talkways again嗨大家好,我是来自在聊世界的StephaneSo, a natural thing that started happening when I began to travel was that当我在各个国家之间旅行的时候I started to make friends with people from different places我开始交到不同国家的朋友So if you look at Facebook, Twitter, you have messages coming in from different languages所以在我用Facebook或者是Twitter的时候,大家发的状态有很多不同的语言When talking to people, I have to use Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Skype, Viber, KakaoTalk,Whatsapp, and the list keeps on getting longer and longer and longer或者是当我在跟朋友发信息的时候,现在有越来越多的聊天工具Facebook Messenger,微信,Skype,Viber,KakaoTalk,Whatsapp,等等But when my friends are talking to me they started using characters to express how they are feeling然后大家都会在对话的时候使用很多不同的字母和符号People from different places, they are going to use different characters so I had to get used to them因为朋友来自不同的国家,我也要慢慢习惯这些不同的用法But the simplest one out of all of them, and I think we all know it, is LOL不过所有这些里面,大家可能都知道的,最简单的LOLWhich is an abbreviation for laugh out loud是“开怀大笑”的字母简写It’s commonly used when people think something is funny and they just type it一般在我们觉得一件事情很好笑的时候会用到However, saying everyone uses LOL is not quite true尽管如此,并不是所有人都用LOLIn Spanish countries, Spanish speaking countries, you have jajajajaja, J-A-J-A比如在西班牙语国家,你会用“jajajaja”For them, the J sound is “Ha”因为在西班牙语里,“J”发“哈”的音So it’s like ha ha ha ha ha所以听起来跟哈哈哈哈一样InKorea, they use different characters, they go with K在韩语里,他们用的则是字母KSo it’s like kkkkkkk比如KKKKKIt’s like the jajajaja turning into hahaha, but the Korean version of it这跟jajajaja变成哈哈哈哈的用法一样InJapan, it’s a little bit more awkward, they use wwwwww日语的情况则比较奇怪,他们用wwwwwImagine saying wwwww over and over again, it makes no sense试试连着念w,听起来很滑稽对吧But the w is for the character for Warai, which means to laugh, it’s a smile但是日语里的这个w代表的是Warai“わらい”,也是日语里笑的意思So instead of typing that character, you take W, and you add it over again所以有的时候大家不把字拼出来,只是用连续的字母wIn French speaking countries there is an interesting case法语国家的表现形式也很有意思It sort of has LOL, but they use MDR跟LOL差不多,但是他们用MDRSo what’s MRD?MRD是什么?It’s short for mort de rire, which means dying of laughter是mort de rire的简写,意思是“笑死了”But when comparing all of them actually当我开始对比所有这些的时候the ones that I found to be the most interesting are actually the ones used in Asian countries我发现亚洲国家的是最有意思的Thailandhas 55555, and it has the sound ha ha ha ha ha比如如果在泰国用55555,发音是哈哈哈哈That’s why it’s used when people try to say something is funny, or when you are trying to say lol大家会像用LOL一样用55555But in Chinese, it means something totally different, 555, you are crying但是在中国,他的意思就完全不一样了,是呜呜呜,表达你哭了If you look at other characters咱们再看看别的For 8, In Japan it means Hachi, so when you write 8888, it’s like pachipachipachi, like you areclapping your hands比如数字8,日语的发音是Hachi,所以当你写出来8888的时候,跟鼓掌的声音pachipachi很像,表示你在鼓掌But in Chinese, if you write 8, like 88888, that’s like bye-bye但是在中文里,如果你写88888,那是在说拜拜It’s interesting, it takes the bye-bye of English, but then you add the Chinese influence to it, andthat’s how you say bye to someone这很有意思,本来拜拜这个用法是从英语里来的,在中国文化影响之后,可以使用888来道别So the same numbers, 55555, which means laughter in language and crying in another language所以同样的数字,55555,在一个语言里是笑,而另一种语言里是哭And 88888, meaning bye-bye in one language and clapping your hands in another language而88888,在一个语言里是道别,而另一个里是鼓掌That was quite interesting, but I started looking into those characters even more and thoseInternet phrases这对我来说很有意思,所以我开始更深入了解更多的网络用语I found that Chinese has quite a few complicated ones然后我了解到了几个复杂一些的中国网络用语So I want you guys to tell me if you know any of these不知道你们知不知道这些And I’m probably going to say them very wrong我可能发音发的会非常不准But just for the sake of it, let’s try不过咱们还是来试试吧So when you want to say something is good, like something is awesome当你要描述一个东西很好,棒极了的时候 You’d say Geili你会说“给力”When you want to say something is so advanced, it’s beyond you, it’s like cool当你想说一个东西太高级,超越你水平太多的时候You’d say like, Bumingjueli你可以说,不明觉厉When someone randomly makes a joke about you, especially uses stereotypes for the joke, it’s like come on man, you are killing me, Tangqiang当一个人开的玩笑莫名奇妙的跟你相关,尤其是用到一些社会观念的时候你可以说,躺When you want to say, life is hard man, life is hard enough as it is, why do you need to make iteven harder for me you would say like, Renjianbuchai当你想说,人生已经够艰难了,为什么还要揭穿我,让我过的更不好你可以说,人艰不拆So they are some of the really common ones that I learned from my friends inChina这些是我从一些中国朋友那里了解到的,在中国常用的网络用语And what do they show about the Chinese society?这能让我们分析出什么呢?The Internet if you look at it, it’s a method of communication首先,互联网提供了一个大众交流的平台It can represent the zeitgeist and the mentality of the people它可以代表一种时代思潮After four phrases slash words that we talked about刚才我们讲的这四个短语Other than geili, three have a similarity除了给力之外,另外三个都有一个共同点They all kind of talk about the hardships of life, or the lack of status他们都在用一种非常幽默的方式去调侃In a joking way actually, in a really joking way人生的一些艰难And when we look at the other one, Geili让我们看看另外一个短语,给力Did you guys know that, the phrase actually started as Bugeili大家知道吗,这个词的首次出现是“不给力”(日和西游记,不给力啊老师)Which means something that is not awesome, not good, booboo描述一件事不好,很差劲That was the meaning of it这是它的原意The feeling that I am getting from analyzing these phrases is that通过分析这些短语,我能感觉到的是The people ofChinais not completely content with the quality of the life中国的大部分人民对生活并不百分百满意However they are complaining or escaping the reality但是他们并没有消极的抱怨,或者逃避现实They are making light hearted jokes about the situations他们在开这些情况的玩笑It’s a way for them to just laugh about it对一些事一笑而过This is form of optimism这是一种积极的心态These are the power that such phrases in the Internet have这是网络用语所拥有的力量They are not in the dictionary也许它们不在字典里出现Okay, that we know, but none the less, they still hold some sort of power, it’s hard to describe但是尽管如此,它们仍然很有力量They vary amongst culture不同文化也有不同的用法They hold different meanings and they can pass different ideas from one person to another它们可以在人们之间传达不同的概念But none the less, it still has this ability to communicate what the person wants to with the veryshort amount of words最重要的是,它们能够用非常少的字来清醒的表达一个人想表达的意思Now let’s bring it back, the conversation to LOL让我们回到最一开始的话题,LOLIt seems that, that simple word is getting more popular and popular in the future这个网络用语的知名度一直在增加,而且看来未来会持续增长So what I’m asking myself is, where there ever be a word that will supersede the almighty LOL所以我的疑问是,未来会不会出现一个用语,超过无上的LOLWould any of the words like 555, or anyone of them become as great, or even better than thatword会不会有一个像555这样的网络用语,能够跟它媲美,或者超过它On that note, I would like to say thanking you for watching this cast today最后,我想感谢大家收看我们今天的节目And I want you to share with us, your ideas about globalization and stories about the internetphrases that your friends and you use every single day. Thank you我想邀请你来跟我们分享,你身边网络用语的故事和你对全球化的看法谢谢大家201406/307729




  在TEDxChange系列中,美琳达.盖茨果敢地倡议非盈利性组织向可口可乐这样的大公司学习。可口可乐公司遍布全球的网络能够保世界上任何一个偏远的村庄 -- 都能得到 -- 一瓶可乐。为什么不对安全套,卫生设施,以及疾病疫苗也采取这样的推广手段呢?201311/265193Jobs report better than expected CNNs Alexandra Field looks at a better than expected jobs report for November.Well, it’s a big leap actually getting a paycheck instead of working for a minimum wage. I mean I can actually do stuff now. Jeff Delorenzo graduated from Rodgers University with a degree in engineering. He was underemployed for a year, serving coffee before come full time job in his field at Flexline, an engine new jersey manufacturer. We figured that there was a great potential there, and an engineering degree and we grabbed him.Young people like Delorenzo and the recently unemployed are reaping the benefits of an economy that’s adding jobs. The latest jobs report puts the national unemployment rate at a 5 year low of 7%. 203,000 jobs were created in November and more of them are in higher paying sectors.We saw, you know the predictable retail jobs in leisure and hospitality, bars and restaurants because of the holidays. But we also saw things like manufacturing; we saw things business and professional services, again tend to pay a bit more money, so these were broad base job gains this month. And that’s important.The November jobs report was better than expected. For a 3rd year in a row, more than 2 million jobs are being created. Still that’s not enough to make up for the 9 million jobs loss between 2008 and .Did you think it was gonna be difficult to find a job?To be completely honest, no, I thought I was going to be handed a job, I thought people were going to be asking me to have a job.In the last year, employment dropped nearly a 4 percentage point, but 11 million people are searching for jobs and the long-term unemployed are struggling the most. In some places people are fighting for work. Last month, Walmart opened 2 stores in Washington DC, there were 600 job openings, and 23,000 job applicants.If you look at that as a rate, that means less than 3% of them would get hired. Harvard has a higher acceptance rate.Alexandra Field, CNN, New York. /201312/268571

  Flowing through Yunnans southern valleys, the once angry rivers are now swollen, their waters slow and warm.流经云南南部的山谷,怒江的水量正是充沛的时候,缓慢流动河水有些温暖。These fertile lowland valleys are the home of the Dai. The ;People of the Water; live along streams which originate in the surrounding hills.这些富饶的低地河谷是傣族人的家园。水之民,山环水抱沿河而居。Each family keeps a kitchen garden modelled on the multi-layered structure of the surrounding forests, which the Dai hold sacred.每一个家庭都拥有一个菜园子,仿照森林环境中的多层结构,包含了傣族人对森林的满怀敬重。The gardens are made more productive by inter-planting different crops.套种不同的作物能够显著提高产量。Tall, sun-loving species give shelter to plants which thrive in the shade. As companions, the plants grow better.高大向阳的作物为阴地植物提供了遮阳伞。作为伙伴,大家都得以茁壮成长。 /201405/294919Caught in a sticky situation? Practice these skills and get y to cope.陷入非常尴尬的境地?练习下面的技巧,学会处理这种情况。You Will Need你需要Listening skills倾听技巧Quick thinking快速反应Tact得体Politeness (optional)礼貌(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Shift the subject1.改变话题Shift the subject by listening for words in a conversation that can lead you to a memorable or funny situation off the current topic.改变话题,从对话中寻找一些词语,可以让你谈到值得回忆或有趣的情景,避开现在的话题。Step 2 Distract the speaker2.转移注意力Distract the speaker by asking if they or anyone listening to the conversation needs a drink or a snack.转移说话者的注意力,问一下他们或参与对话的其他人是否需要饮料或零食。Be polite by saying, ;Excuse me,; first.首先要礼貌地说“抱歉,打扰了。”Step 3 Ask a question3.问问题Ask a question that is designed to change the focus of the conversation.问一个可以改变对话焦点的问题。Step 4 Give a compliment4.赞扬Give a compliment to the speaker about their appearance, weight, outfit, or overall look.赞美说话者的外表,身材,外套或整体形象。Step 5 Mention changing the subject5.建议改变话题Mention bluntly that you are going to change the subject. Use a smile to keep it from being more uncomfortable than it may aly be and talk about something positive.坦白说你想要改变话题了。微笑,以免比现在的情况更加尴尬,说一些比较积极的话题。Did you know? More than four in 10 teenagers polled say things over instant message that they wouldnt say in person.你知道吗?超过四成的受调查青少年通过即时消息来传达不想当面说的话。视频听力译文由。201403/278653

  China-Thailand ties setting model for China-ASEAN cooperation中泰两国关系为中国东盟合作开创新篇章On Tuesday, Xi Jinping met with visiting Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha in Beijing.周二中国国家主席习近平在京会见了泰国总理巴育·占奥差。The Chinese President said that since his meeting with Prime Minister Prayuth last month at the APEC meeting, cooperation between the two countries has achieved even greater gains, especially in the railway sector.中国国家主席习近平表示自从上个月在亚太经合组织会议与巴育会谈后,中泰两国间的合作,特别是在铁路行业方面达到了前所未有的新高度。Xi said the two countries should continue to push forward the railway and agriculture projects, and boost exchanges in culture, education and technology.中国国家主席习近平表示中泰两国应继续促进铁路及农业项目的合作,并且加强在文化、教育及技术方面交流。President Xi urged the two countries to become a model for cooperation between China and ASEAN countries.中国国家主席习近平还呼吁两国关系成为中国与东盟国家之间合作的典范。201412/351053

  Make your own facial scrub, using inexpensive organic ingredients and the easy to follow instructions in this two-minute tutorial.根据这段两分钟的视频短片,使用廉价的有机原料和简单的指引,自己制作磨砂膏。Hi. Im Chris Beetham from Skin Blossom, and were an organic skin care company. All of our products are vegan, and theyre super affordable, too.大家好,我是来自Skin Blossom的Beetham,我们是一家有机皮肤护理公司。我们的所有产品都是植物成分的,而且价格非常容易令人接受。Find out more about us at www.skinblossom.co.可以登录我们的网站了解公司产品更多信息。uk, and Im going to show you how to make your own products and all very easily, and all from the comfort of your own home. Im going to show you how to make homemade facial scrub. Now, it wont quite match what you can buy from a beauty brand, but it is really good for skin, and its great value, too.我来向大家展示怎样自己制作护肤品,全部都非常简单,都是家中常备的非常便捷的物品。今天来向大家讲解如何制作磨砂膏。和你买的美容大品牌有所不同,但是对皮肤非常好,而且非常划算。And its important to exfoliate your face and neck, because this gets rid of the dull skin and it helps nutrients to better reach your cells. Now, this recipe is a basic one made from easy to find organic and vegan ingredients, and you can get these from any health store. And all you need is two tablespoons of oatmeal, and oats are really soothing for skin and they give the consistency thats needed; one teaspoon of aloe vera gel, which is really soothing and hydrating for skin; one teaspoon of shea butter, which is very restoring; one teaspoon of jojoba oil, a really good anti-oxidant with good moisturizing properties; and one drop of rose essential oil, which smells gorgeous, and its very conditioning, too.为面部和皮肤去角质非常重要,因为可以去除坏死的细胞,帮助皮肤细胞更好地吸收营养。这里的配方是最基本的,使用很容易找到的有机和植物成分,任何健康商店都可以买到。你需要的就是两汤匙燕麦片,燕麦光滑皮肤的效果非常好,而且浓度适中。一茶匙芦荟凝胶,可以使皮肤光滑水润;一茶匙牛油树脂,恢复功效非常好;一茶匙西蒙得木油,抗氧化效果和保湿效果都非常好;一滴玫瑰精油,气味非常芳香,调节作用也很强。And all you do is simply mix everything together. And you might find it actually easier to actually use your hands to mix it, so that everything is really rubbed in well. And there you have your homemade facial scrub.把所有成分混合起来。用手来搅拌可能更加简单。一切都混合好了,这就是你自制的磨砂膏。And its best to use it straight after making it. Simply apply it to the face and neck using your finger pads, before rinsing up.制作好之后直接使用效果最好。用指垫涂抹在面部和脖子上,然后清洗。Thanks for watching How To Make A Facial Scrub.感谢收看“如何自制磨砂膏”视频节目。视频听力节目由。201308/251658。



  Becoming an online retailer is easier than you think -- if you do it right. Sell products from the convenience of your PC or laptop.成为网络零售商比你想象的要简单——如果方法正确的话。利用台式电脑或笔记本电脑的便利出售商品。You Will Need你需要An idea一个想法Appropriate merchandise合适的商品Vendors供应商PPC campaigns点击付费PPC广告Search engine optimization搜索引擎优化Internet access能上网And a y-made store现成的店铺Steps步骤STEP 1 Check out your idea1.核实你的想法Decide what type of store you want. Toss around your idea with others to make sure it is viable.决定自己想开什么类型的店铺。和其他人一起讨论你的想法,确保可行。STEP 2 Sell appropriate merchandise2.出售合适的商品Plan to carry merchandise you have some experience with but be open to what you will offer. If you sell only products you like, your business may be too limited to be sustainable.计划出售有一定的经验的商品,但是商品范围要广。如果只卖自己喜欢的产品,那你的生意会受到限制,难以维持。STEP 3 Find vendors3.寻找供应商Establish good relationships with vendors. Plan not to carry any inventory at first. When you get an order, send it to the manufacturer and have them send it directly to the customer.和供应商建立良好的关系。最初不要补充库存。接到订单后,发送给生产厂家,让他们直接把产品发送给顾客。STEP 4 Learn about PPC campaigns4.了解PPC广告宣传Read up on pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns before you start your store. PPC allows you to start bringing in instant traffic.Use search engine optimization techniques to ensure your business pops up in search engine results.开店前熟读点击付费PPC广告。PPC广告可以为你带来即时流量。使用搜索引擎优化技巧,保你的生意能够出现在搜索结果中。In a PPC campaign, you only pay for qualifying clicks to the destination site based on a prearranged per-click rate.在PPC广告中,你只需根据提前设定的点击率为目标网站有效点击量付费用。STEP 5 Try out PPC5.尝试PPC广告宣传Try out a pay-per-click campaign to assess market demand and advertising competition. Run the campaign for a week, testing various ads at different times of day.尝试PPC广告宣传,评估市场需求和广告竞争。试行一个星期,在一天当中不同的时段尝试不同的广告。STEP 6 Start your store6.开店Build your site or hire somebody to do it for you. But be aware that hiring a web developer to build your store can be expensive. As an alternative, consider purchasing a y-made store. That way youll be up and running before you know it.创建自己的网站,或者请人帮你做。但是要记住,雇佣一名网站开发人员帮你创建网店的费用很高。作为另外一个选择,可以考虑购买现成的店铺。这样你很快就可以进入运营了。In , online sales on Cyber Monday, which is the Monday after Thanksgiving, totaled 7 million.年,网络星期一,也就是感恩节假日后的第一个星期一的网上销售额高达8.87亿美元。视频听力译文由。201406/306196

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