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Future Robot -- :57: 来源: Future RobotHello! I’m a future robot. My name is mini. I have two small eyes, a small nose and a very big mouth. I can and write, and I can speak Chinese and English. I can play football, basketball and badminton quite well. And I can sing and dance very well! But I can’t run and swim. I always cook the breakfast my master. My master is Sally. She is a pretty girl. She plays hopscotch very well.I love my master very much.日常聊天口语对话篇:()千万汉堡0 Billion Burgers-- :7:1 Mike:: Let's go get something to eat.Emi: Oh, I'm starving. hey, there's a McDonald's up ahead.Mike: There's always a McDonalds up ahead. Everywhere you turn there's another blasted McDonald's.Emi: What's wrong with that? Hey, they're convenient. Mike: They're too convenient! Anything would be convenient if it could be found on every street corner. I'm just plain sick of seeing the "Golden Arches" everywhere I turn.Emi: I like McDonald's Mike: I'm sick of McDonald's. Did you know that there's over 8,000 restaurants in the U.S. alone and over ,000 franchises (专卖店)worldwide? By the year , everyone will eat at McDonald's everyday!Emi: They're definitely everywhere. But they must be doing something right; they've sold over 0 billion burgers. They're even in Japan. Did you know they even put special Japanese sauces on some of their burgers in Japan?Mike: They do not.Emi: Yes. they do. I promise.Mike: Whatever. I just don't think their food isn't all that great. Emi: But at least their product is consistent; you know exactly what you're going to get every time you go there.Mike: Did you know that their mascot, (吉祥物)Ronald McDonald is now recognized by 96 percent of all American schoolchildren? They are the largest minimum-wage employer in America and own more real estate than any other company on earth.Emi: I heard that a person working at a McDonald's in Moscow makes more than the average Russian doctor does. Mike: That's disgusting! But I do believe in capitalism, so I guess that's okay. The average McDonald's franchise rakes in (捞钱,敛财)over $ 1 million dollars a year. They say that one in every seven American millionaires got their start at McDonald's..Emi: All this food trivia is making me hungry. Let's hurry and find a fast food place.Mike: Okay. What do you feel like eating?Emi: I've got this intense craving a Big Mac.Mike: I just lose my appetite.

日常聊天口语对话篇:(5)少年与性Teen Sex-- :7:1 Dr. Rosen:: 8% of high school girls and 61% of boys are sexually active in the U.S.Mrs. Smith: It is amazing how many teens are having sex (发生性关系)in the 90s. Our country has become totally promiscuous(男女关系混乱的). I understand that nearly one million teenage girls become pregnant each year.Dr. Rosen: That's true. But America wasn't always this way. When I was a boy, teen pregnancy was almost unheard of. And if a girl did become pregnant, she was ostracized(受到排斥的). Rampant promiscuity in our society has only been around since the mid 1960's. That when the so-called "sexual revolution" began.Mrs. Smith: Yes, I've heard about it even though I was just kid during the 60s. Things are certainly different now. Today, nobody even blinks(眨眼) when they hear about someone becoming pregnant. Dr. Rosen: That's because it's become an "everyday thing."Mrs. Smith: What really bothers me, is that all these young, unmarried mothers are all on welfare, and it's you and I who are paying them sowing their wild oats(播种野燕麦,比喻性生活放荡). Dr. Rosen: I would have to agree. What's worse, is that it doesn't stop there. Sexually active teens are far more likely than those who have never had sex to practice a number of self-destructive behaviors including drug and alcohol abuse(吸毒酗酒), school delinquency(青少年学生犯罪), even suicide. We tend to look at these problems in isolation, but studies show that they are usually connected to each other.Mrs. Smith: But what can a parent do these days? I mean, most parents have no idea what their kids are doing. many, don't care.Dr. Rosen: I think most parents can sense changes in their teen, especially when something is wrong. Sex by age may reflect a "risk-taking profile."(冒险的特性) If a parent suspects their teen are sexually active, they should seriously consider getting help their teen.Mrs. Smith: I just can't understand why anyone would dare have sex in this age of AIDS. I mean, a one night stand (一夜鬼混;一夜的停留演出)with a stranger could kill you..Dr. Rosen: I know what you're saying. It doesn't make sense, but people don't think logically when it comes to sex. They think emotionally. Let's face it. People are weak when it comes to sex. Ironically, at a time when sex has never been more dangerous, popular culture has never been more sexual. "Sexy" TV shows like "9" influence teens more than people think.Mrs. Smith: I agree. I never let my kids watch those kind of shows. But it doesn't seem to matter. Even if they don't watch them, they hear about them from their friends at school. Untunately, I think our "If it feels good, do it" lifestyle had influenced much of the world.Dr. Rosen: I know what you're saying. American movies, music and books are our number one export. And they certainly do influence people in other countries. The problem with entertainment is that it rarely or never shows the "real side" of illicit sex. The reality of teen sex is that is the root cause of a chain of problems in our society. Teen sex means teen pregnancy which means more poverty, more crime, billions in costs to taxpayers and more abortion and disease. There are over .5 million cases of sexually transmitted diseases (性病)among teens alone reported each year!Mrs. Smith: I guess people really think that it will never happen to them. A lot of them think "I won't get pregnant" or " I won't get AIDS," but they are just fooling themselves.Dr. Rosen: A recent study found that boys who had sexual experience were six times more likely to have used alcohol, five times more likely to have used marijuana (大麻)and times more likely to have been in a car with a drug-using driver!Mrs. Smith: I guess, I've been worrying about my daughter lately. I don't like the kids she's been hanging around with.. I just don't know how to talk with her.Dr. Rosen: The best thing you can do is keep communication lines open with her. Talk to her. But if you keep hearing "I don't want to talk about it" and it looks like she's getting into problem behaviors, you might want to consider getting counseling (咨询) both of you.Mrs. Smith: Do you have any other suggestions?Dr. Rosen: I know that this may sound bold in today's society, but why don't you try religion? Sometimes a little spirituality can do wonders a person who's tried everything else. Also, try getting together as a family at least a few minutes everyday. The American family is eroding, because none spends any time together any more.Mrs. Smith: That's a great idea. Well, I'd better run. I've got to pick up some take-out food the kids tonight, because I have to go to a special meeting.

My home -- ::33 来源: My home is not big but is very beautiful.There are a living room, a dinning room and three bedrooms in my home. Each room has big windows so we can see the scene of Lotus Hill Park and Caitian Park. Look! Both two parks are covered with a big green coat because it is spring now. The decoration and furniture of my home are succinct and modern, its main color is white except my room, my room is colorful as I like. You can see many pictures on wall and some plants somewhere, they make my home more beautiful. But the most noticeable thing is the bookcase. There are over 3000 books in it, some are my own books, the others are belong to my parents. We love ing.I love my home very much because it is clean, bright and quiet. Each time I get home, I feel so warm. That is the home I have been longing . Do you think so?

  My Sweet Family --3 :7:1 来源: My Sweet Familymy sweet family 石家庄市西雅小学六.一班 孙亦清  there are three people in my family. there are my father, my mother and me. my father is a handsome man, he is a clerk, he works in a bank. my mother is a beautiful woman, she is a teacher, she works in a school. what about me? look, i have two big eyes, a little nose and a sweet mouth. yes, i am a pretty girl. as a pretty girl, i like singing and dancing, my favourite song is “my family”. listen, “ i love you. you love me. we are a happy family. with a tall father, short mother, little girl, too. three in our family, one plus two.” do you like it?

  第届北京国际旅游节开幕 --7 19:: 来源: 年9月7日,第届北京国际旅游节开幕,下图为大受欢迎的卡通真人向游客和媒体致意Life-size characters from popular cartoons greet the guests and media in attendance at the opening ceremony of the th Beijing International Tourism Festival on September 7, . 北京国际旅游节。

  A Letter to Mary 致玛丽的一封信 -- 3:59:01 来源: A Letter to Mary 致玛丽的一封信Dear Mary,  I am very glad that you will come to Beijing to learn Chinese. Chinese is very useful, and many eigners are learning it now. It's difficult you because it is quite different from English. You have to remember many words, and do some ing and writing. You can watch TV and listen to the radio. And you should do your best to talk with people in Chinese. If you have any questions, please ask me. I'm sure you'll learn Chinese well.  Hope to see you soon in Beijing.Yours,Wei Ming亲爱的玛丽:  很高兴你要来北京学习汉语汉语很有用,许多外国人都在学习汉语对你来说很难,因为它和英语完全不同你得记好多词,还得做读与写的训练你可以看电视,听广播你还应该尽量用汉语同人们交谈如果你有问题,请问我我相信你会把汉语学好  希望早日在北京见到你你的,魏明

  dolls 小学英语作文范文 -- :: 来源: dolls  hello,boys and girls! i’m susie. i have many dolls.their names are mimi,rose and mike. what lovely dolls they are!look!mimi is in red skirt.  she looks very nice. rose is a student. there are some books in her hands.she is ing. oh,where is mike? “hi, i’m here!”mike is a lovely boy. he likes playing football. look, his shoes are broken.today he is in a blue sweater. i like them very much.  do you have dolls,too?please tell me,ok?大理崇圣寺三塔英文导游词 --01 :5:8 来源: 大理崇圣寺三塔英文导游词崇圣寺三塔位于云南省大理古城北约一公里处,有着1800多年的历史崇圣寺是大理历史的象征,也是佛教在此地发展的见  Three pagodas, about 1 kilometer (0.6 mile) northwest of the ancient city of Dali, occupying a scenic location at the foot of Mt. Cangshan facing Erhai Lake, has a history of over 1,800 years. It is a symbol of the history of Dali City, and a record of the development of Buddhism in the area. As its name implies, Three Pagodas are made of three ancient independent pagodas ming a symmetrical triangle. This is unique in China. A visit to The Three Pagodas should not be missed by any visitor to Dali City.   The middle pagoda, Qianxun Pagoda, 69. meters (7 feet) high, is one of the highest pagodas of the Tang Dynasty (618 - 9), while the other lower two stand to the north and south sides of it. Qianxun Pagoda, now empty, previously could be climbed by ladder from the inside. However the ladder is now broken, and travelers now have no opporty to climb up. Three Pagodas, Zhaozhou Bridge of Hebei Province, and Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xian, Shaanxi Province, are three curiosities of Chinese ancient architecture.   Many sculptures of Buddha made of gold, silver, wood or crystal, Buddhist ings, and more than 600 various medicinal ingredients were found in Qianxun Pagoda, playing an important role in explaining the ancient history of Dali City. Study of Three Pagodas and the cultural relics that have been excavated at the site provide significant data exploring the history, religion, and art of the area. Today, travelers can visit Three Pagodas at night, when it is illuminated providing a fantastic scene. Nearby on the ’marble street’ there are many folk-craft workshops and stands specializing in marble and brick-painting.   Known its resilience, Three Pagodas has survived several eras of severe earthquakes. The local government still makes a great eft to strengthen it to make it as strong as when it was built to ensure the preservation of this architectural treasure. 大理 三塔 英文6人英语剧本,一个大学新生的故事,一个女孩的故事 --1 ::19 来源: A Story About A Girl by Sylvia Hsu許聖瑤 6人英语剧本,一个大学新生的故事,一个女孩的故事Cast Amy: Amy Fred?: Teacher Frank: Frank? Stella: Stella Sylvia: Stella’s mother Pinocchio: Head buster ——————————————————————————–SCENE I Stella is a freshman in a famous university. In the beginning of her first semester, her teacher asked them to introduce themselves. Teacher: Nice to meet you guys, could you introduce yourselves to everybody? (Then the students do it one after another.) Student A: I…I am a good person; I hope I’ll have many new friends. (weakly) Student B: I…what should I say?” (He tickled his head) Umm, I …I like ing books, listening to music, and doing something like that. (Then went down the stage quickly and with shyness) Stella: I have a dream, that is, to have a colorful life in the next four years. First I’ll do my best in studies, not only scholarship but also my self; I do not want to waste every minute of my life. Second, I’d like to learn something I’ve never learned bee and I invite challenges to improve myself and…. With no doubt, Stella will be a star in the class. SCENE II Stella always has a wonderful mood anytime you see her. She sings happily when she sweeps T building in the morning .She also likes to help others as she has finished her own work. Stella: Good-morning Frank! You look so tired today! Are you all right? Frank: Oh, Good-morning Stella! I am preparing my oral test. It’s very difficult! I don’t know how to do it, to pass English tests. Stella: Don’t worry! I’ll teach you how to pass the oral test. But, I’ll help you clean the class first. There is garbage everywhere! Frank: Ha-ha! Stella, you are so kind! Today is my lucky day! (He pats Stella’s shoulder.) Stella: Don’t mention it! It’s my pleasure. Well, we must hurry if we want to have breakfast bee our class. In the class, teacher suddenly announces one thing. (Suddenly bends his head down.) Teacher: Last time we had an exam. Everyone’s got very low grades! Some of you even got only 9 points! ………. Stella! Stella: Yes! I’m here! (She is very nervous.) Teacher: Stella! You got the highest grades! Congratulations! You are the only student who can get more than 80 in my class! You really did a good job! (Everyone in the class give Stella a big hand!) Stella: Thank you, sir! (She goes back to her seat exciting) (Amy and Frank are discussing it.) Amy: Stella, you do have some talent on this subject! Stella: It’s breeze! No big deal! (They keep talking.) SCENE III A man who knocks on the door and yells in a rude way. (Bum…) Head buster: Is anyone home? We have to take to Mr. Li. In the dark, Mom wakes up Stella. Mom: Stella, wake up!! Wake up!! Stella: Hum…what? What happened? Mom, what time is it? Mom: It’s o’clock now. Hurry up! We have to move quickly. Stella: But why we have to go out in the midnight? It’s cold outside and I really want to sleep. I have a big exam tomorrow. Mom: Hurry!! I don’t have time to explain. You take your coat and something you might need… (Bum! Bum!!! ) 英语 剧本 一个

  三年级英语作文:A Wonderful Day --1 01:57:1 来源:   Last November was my birthday. I had a party at my home. My friends came to my home in the afternoon and I got a lot of presents from them. At the party, we ate a big cake, sang songs, watched TV and listened to music. We were very hay. But all good things must come to an end. We said goodbye at about ten o'clock. We had a very good time on November .五年级英语作文:I love my hometown --1 :00:5 来源:   Hello, dear friends! Welcome to my village. It#39 big and beautiful! I like it very much.Look! There are many houses in the village. They are small. There are many high and beautiful mountai near the houses. There is a big est behind the houses. There are many big trees in it. There are many rivers in front of the houses. The water is clean. There are many fish in the rivers. There are many bridges over the rivers. There are many big trees on the river banks. And there is gra and flowers on it. The gra is green. The flowers are colourful and beautiful. There is a lake in the village. There are many ducks in the lake. The sky is blue. The rivers flow. The air is fresh and clean. My village is very beautiful!I like it very much!

  The Summer Palace 颐和园 -- :: 来源: The Summer Palace 颐和园  There are many places of interest in Beijing, but I think the most beautiful one is the Summer Palace. It is in the northwest of Beijing. It was builtmore than one hundred years ago.  The Kunming Lake is famous its clean water. People like to go boating there. And around the lake people sit under the trees, or take a pleasant walk, breathing fresh air and enjoying the lake and the mountain. We all know that the Wanshou Mountain is very wonderful. When you climb up to the top, you will find another new world.  The Summer Palace is full of charm to the people all over the world. Once you visit it, you will never get it.  北京有许多名胜,不过我认为最美的还是颐和园它位于北京的西北部,是一百多年以前兴建的  昆明湖以它洁净的湖水闻名于世人们喜欢到那里荡舟湖的周围人们有的坐在树下面,有的舒心的散步,呼吸新鲜空气,欣赏湖光山色我们都知道万寿山美极了当你爬上山顶,你会发现另一个全新的世界  颐和园对全世界的人们充满了魅力!一旦你来此一游,你将永远不能忘怀

  甘肃省英文介绍 -- :0: 来源: 甘肃省英文介绍甘肃简称“甘”或“拢”,甘肃省名字取自中国古城“甘州”和“肃州”二城的首字古丝绸之路和新亚欧大陆桥横贯全省Gansu is called “Gan” or “Long” in abbreviation. The name of Gansu came from the initial Chinese characters of the two ancient cities“Ganzhou” (present Zhangye) and “Suzhou”(present Jiuquan). The ancient Silk Road and the new Eurasian Continental Bridge run across the whole Province. Gansu is situated on the upper and middle reaches of the Yellow River in the northwest of china. The location of Gansu is also the junction of the three plateaus i.e. the Loess Plateau , the Inner Mongolian Plateau and the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. It has Shaanxi, Sichuan, Qinghai, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region and Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region as its neighbors. Gansu province covers an area of 5,000 square kilometers and has a population of over 6 million. With Lanzhou as its capital, Gansu has municipalities and prefectures and 86 county-level cities under its jurisdiction. There are altogether 5 nationalities inhabiting here including Han, Hui, Manchu, Kazak, Yugu, Dongxiang and Baonan nationalities. Among them, Yugu, Dongxiang and Baonan can only be found in Gansu province.As regards the physical feature, Gansu is long and narrow, looking like a jade “Ruyi” ---a jade mascot in ancient China which symbolizes tunate--- on China’s map. It is descending from the southwest to the northeast. The highest peak of Gansu is Tuanjie peak of Qilian Mountain with an altitude of 58 meters above sea level and the lowest point is the bottom of Bailongjiang River valley with an altitude of 550 meters. With complicated and varied landms, Gansu has mountains, valleys, prairies, plateaus, deserts and Gobi deserts. With temperate continental climate, most areas of Gansu province are dry. Its annual average rainfall is about 300 millimeters and defers greatly in different areas. The annual average temperature is between 0-℃. Gansu has plenty of sunshine and strong radiation of all year and the temperature varies greatly from day to night.Gansu is richly endowed with natural resources. Within the boarder of Gansu province, over 0 kinds of mineral ores have been found. Among them, nickel, lead, zinc, and platinum possess a significant position in China. 8. Gansu is also one of the major producers of Chinese herb. Over 9500 kinds of crude drug grow here, ranking the second in china. Lily bulb, Chinese angelica, edible tree fungi and edible fiddlehead enjoy a good reputation both at home and abroad.Gansu province is also home to over 800 wild animal including some rare animals like giant panda, golden monkey, musk deer and lynx etc.. In ancient times the Silk Road of Gansu played a great role in the economic and cultural exchanges between the west and China. Nowadays Gansu has aly built a transportation network of highway railways and airways directing to the outside world.The organizational system of Gansu province was officially established in Yuan dynasty( more than 700 years ago) while the name of Gansu was firstly used in early Song dynasty when Gansu Military Command was founded in Ganzhou(present Zhangye) by Western Xia regime. Gansu is one of the birthplaces of Chinese nation as well as one of cradles of Chinese ancient civilization. The long history of Gansu province witnessed the evolution of the Ancestral Culture, the Yellow River Culture, the Great Wall Culture and the Silk Road Culture etc. and plenty of historical relics were left. The richness of Cultural heritage also enables Gansu to enjoy its uncommon tourist resources.As early as in the Paleolithic age, our ancestors lived and worked on this land. Fuxi and Shennong, the two great ancestors of Chinese nation, broke the dawn of Chinese civilization here .The rulers of Zhou (th C –56) and Qin (1—) also took the eastern area of Gansu as their bases and gradually developed strong enough to unify China.In Western Han dynasty ( –AD) a great development in Hexi region was conducted which made it a more prosperous area. Thanks to the opening policy advocated by the rulers of the Western Han dynasty, the world-known Silk Road was opened.The long history and splendid culture provide Gansu with rich human resources, which could greatly facilitate the tourist development. Currently in Gansu province there altogether 360 developed or developing tourist attractions bearing different subject matters and different styles. Centering the capital city of Lanzhou three mature tourist routes have been shaped. They are as follows: The eastern route: Lanzhou-Tianshui-Pingliang-Qingyang The western route: Lanzhou-Wuwei-Zhangye-Jiuquan-Jiayuguan-Dunhuang The southern route: Lanzhou-Linxia-Xiahe-Hezuo 甘肃省 英文介绍。

  洋葱圈-- :5:   I'd like a side order of onion rings, please.   我想再要一个洋葱圈   side order是指在你点的主菜之外叫的菜,如果你觉得你点的那一盘菜不大够的话,你可以用这句话来叫点别的

  母亲节 --19 :19:30 来源: Mothers Day 母亲节是五月的第二个星期日今年母亲节那天,我为母亲买了一件毛衣和一束鲜花作为礼物,感谢母亲为我付出的辛苦母亲收到礼物后,非常高兴Mother's Day comes on the second Sunday in May each year. On that day this year, I bought a sweater and some flowers my mother to thank her her hard work me. Receiving my gift, my mother was very happy.

  我工作的太多,我快垮了-- :5:   I've been working too hard. I'm beat.   我工作的太多,我快垮了   在这句话中的'beat'原意是击打的意思在这儿作为"击垮了"用他可以用来指在精神上被击垮了,也可以指在身体上当然更多的是,它可指两方面同时有问题

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