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Part . Welcome to China.A. Keywords. excessive visitors, bidden City, new system.Vocabulary. ritual, superfluous, relic.Youre going to hear a short report on the Palace Museum in Beijing, complete the following major points.Troubled by excessive visitors, the Palace Museum or bidden City in Beijing will adopt an electronic ticket checking system and make control of the flow of tourists.The new system will keep a real time record of the number of visitors inside the museum, and inm the ticket office to hold ticket sales once the number exceeds the museum maximum reception capacity.The Palace Museum, one of the most comprehensive Chinese museums, in terms of history and art, was established on the foundation of the palace that was the ritual ruling center during two dynasties, the Ming and the Qing and their collection of treasures.It has topped the must-see list of almost every visitor to the capital city.In recent years, the number of daily visitors to the Palace Museum averaged 50,000 during golden weeks, the week-long national holidays observed three times a year in China.Superfluous tourists have caused damage to cultural relics in the museum. 3330。

On Halloween weekend, movie audience are in the mood to scream, and that’s a good news the producers of one of the movies at the top of the box offices right now, Paranormal Activity, it was cheap to make, and it's bringing in big box, so what makes frightening flex such good business, N’s Miguel Almaguer explains.Let me see here.No liberty, no me.It was what movie goers want.My hand s are shaking, cause I’m really scared.And was so many expected in this Halloween. A frightening love affair with horror, the cold classic Halloween. It's over 30 years old. Movie studios count on chief thrills to bring in big box.Take Saw, a serial killer who dreams up in advanced way to murder his victims. It’s now when its th storming and it remains one of the most successful franchises in movie history.There was the built-in audience, and that in this time of year, wants to go to the movies, and they want to be scared, this film delivered out.It’s not just block bastard that can make a tune, even though most major films have the big studio behind them, when it comes to an old fashion scare, it doesn’t cost millions to make millions.Do you think there is something in the house, I don't know.You believe me right?This suspense thriller Paranormal Activity, cost only ,000 dollars to make, but it’s made nearly millions since it's released in September.In a new marketing ploy, the studio used the internet to generate buzz asking fans across the country to demand screaming in their hometowns. Soon cities like Orado, Ost and Chicago had sell-out shows.They have to find it, you can’t sell it.John Penny and Jeffrey Obrow know a finger to about horror movies, they made Bram Stoker’s the Mummy, in 1997.It is the same, as a rule accross right, it’s a general and in a rush.And that would keep drawing those long lines this weekend, the only thing scarer than these movies is how much money they’ll make. Today, Miguel Almaguer, N, Hollywood. 8973。

  Red Lake High School Shooting  On March 3, , -year-old Jeff Weise killed his grandfather, 58-year-old police officer Daryl Lussier, and the man 3-year-old girlfriend wit a -caliber gun bee taking his pistol and a shotgun, bulletproof vest and squad car to Red Lake Senior High School in an Indian reservation near the Canadian border.  As Weise entered the school through a doorway with a metal detector, he shot to death Derrick Brun, an unarmed guard. Then Weise shot at 6-year-old teacher Neva Rogers, as well as some students, who fled into a classroom. He chased them and opened fire, killing Rogers and 5 students, injuring boys, and then continued to wander through the school, firing randomly. The 7 death toll made it the nation worst school shooting since April 1999, when two students killed classmates, a teacher and then themselves at Columbine High School in Colorado.  Four police officers entered, and Weise fired on them as well. At least one officer returned fire, but it was unknown whether Weise was wounded. Shortly afterward, Weise went back into the classroom and shot himself in the head. There was no suicide note.  Weise was from the Ojibwa tribe, also known as the Chippewa, one of the poorest Indian tribes in Minnesota. His father committed suicide in 01 and his mother stays in an old men home serious brain-damage in a traffic accident.  It was later reported that a person who had posted on the site of the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party identified himself as ;Jeff Weise, from the Red Lake Indian Reservation.; The writer said he disliked interracial mixing among the American Indians.  The Libertarian National Socialist Green Party issued a statement on its site confirming that Weise posted messages there. The writer of those messages had tow user names: ;NativeNazi; and Todesengel,; which mean ;Angel of Death; in German. ;I stumbled across the site in my study of the Third Reich as well as Nazism,; says a March post. ;I guess Ive always carried a natural admiration Hitler and his ideals, and his courage to take on larger nations.;  Another posting says, ;As a result of cultural dominance and interracial mixing, there is barely any full-blooded Natives left. Where I live, less than 1 percent of all the people on the reservation can speak their own language... Under a National Socialist government, things us would improve vastly,; it said. ;That is why I am pro-Nazi. It hard though, being a Native American National Socialist; people are so misinmed, ignorant and close minded; it makes your life a living hell.;  NativeNazi also said he was a member of the Ojibwa tribe and ;both my parents were Native American, though from what I understand I also have a little German, a little Irish and a little French Canadian in my blood as well.;  The idea of Weise joining a neo-Nazi group is not surprising. In America people constantly run across Jewish Nazis, gay Nazis, blacks who wanted to be white supremacists -- these are powerless people to whom images of powerful people are attractive. 181。

求婚囧事:戒指掉河里了Don Walling brought friends and family to the Brooklyn Bridge last Friday, so they could see him propose to the love of his life, Gina. What started as a real life fairytale moment quickly turned to horror, as you can clearly see on the Port Jeff Station man's face."I saw it fall and I heard it bounce and then I watched it fall through." Yep, right after he popped the question, that perfect princess cut diamond ring fell out of the box and plummeted to the street below. ""He finally got your ring, and it fell off the Brooklyn Bridge. What do you have to say?" He stood up, he kissed me, then said "I love you. And I am glad you said yes. But I'm gonna go and get that. “Walling wasn't going to let anything stop him. Not even the cops. The 9-year-old climbed down the side of the bridge and ran with traffic just inches away. The police spotted him in seconds and put him in the back of a patrol car until he told the story. "They really didn't know what to do. I don't think they were y me to say that I was going after a ring. So they just, kind of, let me run after it." "I could hardly see it." And the proposal did end happily ever after, after all. Walling did retrieve the ring and now has a story the ages. "I had to get the ring back. Because it was a ring I picked up her. And I want her to have it ever." "He's definitely my hero."词汇pop the question:to ask someone to marry youretrieve: to find something and bring it back重新得到,收回I ran back to my room and retrieved my bag. 我奔回房间取回自己的提包 889。

lobster龙虾,claw爪子Bring Me the Winner;Waiter, this lobster has only one claw.;Im sorry, sir. It must have been in a fight.;Well, bring me the winner then. 给我那个打赢的吧;;务员,这个龙虾只有一只爪;;对不起,先生,这只肯定打过架了;;哦, 那给我那个打赢的吧1. claw爪子也有;抓,挠;的意思:The cat kept clawing at my trousers. 猫不停地抓我的裤子. fight打架fight fire with fire 以毒攻毒 87。

Trump Pulls Out of Paris Agreement特朗普退出《巴黎协议US President Donald Trump has fulfilled one of his campaign promises by announcing his decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord. In , nearly all of the nations in the world signed a pact to hold global temperatures at or below 1.5–#186;C above pre-industrial levels. In his announcement, Trump said that the Paris Agreement has always been about other countries gaining financial advantage over the US rather than preventing climate change. Many big US companies have said that they will continue to reduce greenhouse emissions and shift to renewable energy sources despite Trump’s decision. The US cannot legally withdraw from the Paris Agreement until four years after the pact was signed ().美国总统唐纳德·特朗普决定退出巴黎气候协议,实现了他竞选时的一项承诺年,全球几乎所有国家都签署了一份协议,承诺将全球气温保持在比工业革命前高1.5–#186;C的范围在公告中,特朗普声称签署《巴黎协议的其他国家一直都在占用美国的经济优势,而没有阻止气候变化虽然特朗普退出了《巴黎协议,但美国很多大型公司都说将继续减少温室气体排放,使用可再生能源只有四年后(年)重新签订《巴黎协议,美国才能合法退出译文属原创,,不得转载 58。

Acheng: What a letdown. I wanted to experience some Mafia culture firsthand.Sophia: It worth it just to go and eat what the mafia eat! The five-dollar tiramisu is a culinary orgasm.Acheng: Such a thing exists?Sophia: tunately, yes. Youre blushing1!Acheng: Am I? Um...my face gets red when I walk too fast.Sophia: Youre embarrassed, arent you?You gotta loosen up in Little Italy. The lady at the cafe will kiss you when you meet her...参考译文:阿 震:真失望我原本想亲自体验一下黑手党文化苏菲亚:就算只是去吃黑手党吃的食物,也蛮值得的五元的提拉米苏是烹饪出来的高潮阿 震:世上有这种东西?苏菲亚:很幸运地,有你脸红了!阿 震:有吗?嗯……我走太快就会脸红苏菲亚:你不会是害羞吧?在小意大利,你要放轻松点等一下你在咖啡店遇到的那位女士,还会亲你……重点词汇:letdown (n.)失望Star Wars was such a letdown.星际大战真是令人失望tiramisu (n.)一种意大利甜点,用咖啡及甜酒泡过的分层海绵蛋糕制成,在各层之间涂有巧克力及意大利特产的mascarpone 乳酪I like eating tiramisu.我想吃提拉米苏culinary (a.)烹调的A: You never told me you know how to cook.你从没说过你会煮菜B: If everyone knew I went to culinary school, Id have to open a restaurant!要是大家知道我念烹饪学校,我就得开家餐厅了!orgasm (n.)性高潮这种说法非常露骨,对方若非极好的朋友,建议还是少用为妙Do you have an orgasm every time you have sex?你每次嘿咻都有达到高潮吗?blushing (a.)脸红的A: Do you think she likes me?你觉得她喜欢我吗?B: I think so; every time she talks to you she blushing.是啊;每次她和你聊天,她都会脸红embarrassed (a.)尴尬的Are you embarrassed about your body?你会对自己的身体感到羞耻吗?loosen up(口)放轻松,消除隔阂You should loosen up. Kissing is not a big deal.你应该放松点儿接吻没什么大不了的 3631。

The FBI; Famous Americans: Margaret Mead; shall versus should versus supposed to; beneath versus underneath; fohizzle my nizzleWords:investigationthreatto cross state linesmail fraudwiretappingcounterterrorismg-menanthropologistto come of agecasual sexto open (someone) eyesrole modelshallshouldsupposed tobeneathunderneathfohizzle my nizzle 357665。

HK90+HZ5hn;r8bXv~r!@T_hAn.P,8Jw)It was time the annual blood drive. He told his girlfriend, “I’m going to give blood tomorrow.” She said, “Don’t do that. You could get a disease.” He asked, “I could get a disease? How could I get a disease?” She said, “You never know. What if a nurse trips and stabs you with a dirty needle?” He said that was ridiculous. Nurses don’t trip. Nurses don’t stab blood donors with dirty needles. He went to the blood drive the next day. He watched the nurses carefully. None of them tripped. None of them stabbed a blood donor with a dirty needle. He gave blood. He told his girlfriend that no one had tripped and stabbed him. She said he was lucky this time.TX(U(U)!ZjVmXsYa%EtBRtU67r3|A!miYq-nm6WQ@Va0K^_ygK9-uDm@g_;EEg6TCes#P 7。