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1. Watching cream go into coffee1. 看着奶油溶进咖啡里 /201003/98695内蒙古自治区人民医院激光去斑手术多少钱无条件的爱Once upon a time, a man punished his 5-year-old daughter for using up the family’s only roll of expensive gold wrapping paper. Money was tight, and he became even more upset when on Christmas Eve, he saw that the child had pasted the gold paper so as to decorate a shoebox to put under the Christmas tree.Nevertheless, the next morning the little girl, filled with excitement, brought the gift box to her father and said, "This is for you, Daddy!"As he opened the box, the father was embarrassed by his earlier overreaction.But when he opened it, he found it was empty and again his anger flared. "Don't you know, young lady,” he said harshly, “when you give someone a present there's supposed to be something inside the package!"The little girl looked up at him with tears rolling from her eyes and said: "Daddy, it's not empty. I blew kisses into it until it was all full."The father was crushed. He fell on his knees and put his arms around his precious little girl. He begged her to forgive him for his unnecessary anger.An accident took the life of the child only a short time later. It is told that the father kept that little gold box by his bed for all the years of his life. Whenever he was discouraged or faced difficult problems he would open the box, take out an imaginary kiss, and remember the love of this beautiful child who had put it there.In a very real sense, each of us as human beings have been given an invisible golden box filled with unconditional love and kisses from our children, family, friends and God.There is no more precious possession anyone could hold. 从前,一位父亲惩罚了自己5岁的女儿,因为她用光了家里仅有的一卷昂贵的金色包装纸。家中余钱无多,在圣诞前夜来临时,父亲变得更加心烦意乱,他看到了圣诞树下的一个鞋盒,女儿原来把金纸贴在了这个鞋盒上做装饰。然而,圣诞日的早上,小女孩满是兴奋得把这个圣诞礼盒呈到了父亲面前,说到:“爸爸,这个送给你!”在父亲打开礼盒时,他为自己先前的过度反应而局促不安着。但当他打开盒子后,发现里面是空的,他的怒火再次爆发了。“你不知道吗,小丫头,”他严厉地说,“当你送人礼物时,盒子里面应该是有东西的!”小女孩抬头看着气头上的父亲,泪水在她的眼眶中打圈:“爸爸,它不是空的。这里面装满了我的吻。”男人顿时被击垮了。他跪下双膝,双手环抱着自己珍爱的小女孩,祈求她的原谅。之后不久,一场事故夺走了小女孩的生命。据说,父亲便将那个小金盒子放在床头,一直陪伴着他的余生。无论何时他感到气馁或者遇到难办的事情,他就会打开礼盒,取出一个假想的吻,记起漂亮女儿给予了自己特殊的爱。从一个非常真实的意义上说,我们每个人都被赠与过一个无形的金色礼盒,那里面装满了来自子女,家人,朋友及上帝无条件的爱与吻。人们所能拥有的最珍贵的礼物莫过于此了。 /200803/30491赛罕区妇幼保健人民中医院祛痣多少钱Vacationing on the island of Oahu, we were waiting in our tour bus for some stragglers to show up. A man, obviously not with our group, approached the bus and was about to board. How would our driver handle the situation, we wondered. Straight-faced, he leaned toward the door and asked, "Going to the nudist Colony, sir?"  "Oh, no," replied the would-be passenger, retreating quickly.  "Works every time," the driver said with a wink. 在瓦湖岛上度假时,我们坐在旅游车里等候掉队的人。一位男子,明显不是和我们一起的,朝旅游车走来并要上车。司机会怎么处理这种情况呢?我们都拭目以待。司机拉长了脸,向车门靠过去,问道:“先生,是去裸体营地吗?”  “哦,不,”刚想乘车的男子回答说,迅速转身而逃。  “每次都管用,”司机眨巴了一下眼睛说。 /201106/142534Don’t add more pressure. Forget about turning lemons into lemonade. The first rule to follow when trying to turn around a bad day is to not try to turn around a bad day — that’s nearly impossible and puts way too much pressure on you. Your goal should be to survive the day and minimize the long-term damage by agreeing not to make any decisions. After a barrage of bad news, your decision making ability will be all messed up. Take a break and, if possible, escape… 不要再给自己加压。忘记把柠檬榨成柠檬汁了,不要强迫自己一定做好,你要做的就是认真过好这一天,不让时间浪费。 /201003/100021乌兰察布市中蒙医院做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱

内蒙古医学院附属医院治疗腋臭多少钱呼和浩特京美整形做祛眼袋手术多少钱A survey of 16 to 24 year olds has found that 75% of them feel they "couldn't live" without the internet.  一项针对英国16至24岁年轻人的调查发现,75%的年轻人认为他们“没有网络活不下去。”  The report, published by online charity YouthNet, also found that four out of five young people used the web to look for advice.  这份由网络慈善团体YouthNet所作的调查显示,有4/5的青年人将网络作为一种寻求咨询的途径。  About one third added that they felt no need to talk to a person face to face about their problems because of the resources available online.  还有1/3的青年人认为,根本没必要和他人进行面对面的交流,因为任何需要的信息都可以通过网络来获取。  Despite high-profile examples of internet security breaches, such as the recent incident of phishing email scams, 76% of the survey group thought the internet was a safe place "as long as you know what you're doing".  尽管互联网安全隐患重重,比如最近发生的多起网络钓鱼邮件和垃圾邮件,但76%的受访者都认为,只要自己心里有数,网络还是安全的。  "Probably the middle-aged are the most vulnerable," said Open University psychologist Graham Jones.  英国开放大学的心理学家葛莱姆·琼斯认为,或许中年人更容易在网上上当受骗。  "I think children, teenagers and people under their mid-20s have grown up with technology and they understand it deeply," he said.  他说:“因为孩子、青少年以及20来岁的年轻人是伴随着科技成长的一代,他们接受新事物的能力更强。”  Mr Jones thinks it is the parents who need to become more sophisticated.  琼斯认为,父母们应该更多地去了解网络。  "One of the biggest problems for children is not that they are vulnerable but that their parents don't know what they're doing," he said.  “孩子们最大的问题之一不是他们易在网上上当受骗,而是他们的父母不了解孩子的所作所为。”  "It's important that parents have full understanding of the internet and its risks--younger people need parental direction," he said.  “全方位地了解网络及其风险对于家长来说至关重要。年轻人需要家长的指导和引导。”  Its author, Professor Michael Hulme of Lancaster University, names this age group "digital natives" as they have grown up in an environment rich with computer and mobile technology.  调查报告的作者、兰卡斯特大学的迈克尔·赫米教授认为,电脑和手机等电子设备已经充斥了当今社会生活的方方面面,在这种环境中长大的年轻人可以称得上是“数码一代”。  "For young people the internet is part of the fabric of their world and does not exist in isolation from the physical world," he said.  他说,对于年轻人来说,互联网与他们的日常生活息息相关、不可分割。  Youthnet runs websites offering advice, information and volunteering opportunities to young people.  Youthnet网站致力于向年轻人提供建议、资讯和志愿者的工作机会。  "The need for a safer, trusted [online] place has never been greater," said Fiona Dawes, Youthnet's chief executive.  Youthnet网站的首席执行官菲奥娜·当斯说,年轻人需要一个更安全、更可信赖的网络,而且这种需求变得越来越迫切。  "Youthnet will be taking the insights of this report to heart as we plan the future of our services."  “Youthnet 网站在规划未来务的时候,是会认真考虑这份调查报告中年轻一代的需求的。” /200911/8813810. “Can I buy you a drink?”Asking for another drinkIf you are really serious about finding the person of your dreams, go out and look for him or her. One of the easiest ways to find your your Mr. or Ms. Perfect is to hang out in a bar. You will never find your would-be significant other inside your kitchen cupboard. Go out, have fun and meet people. There are many reasons why this is effective. First, this is where guys and girls who love to have fun go and if you’re that type, you just might find someone meant for you here. Second, alcohol gives you enough courage and confidence to make the first move. Some of the greatest love stories do not even get a chance to start because both people are afraid to approach and introduce themselves to each other. What a shame.Why you should do it: Even if you don’t meet anyone, you still had your booze. Nothing to lose!10. "我能请你喝一杯吗?“假如你真的想找到自己的梦中情人,那么,就到外面找乐子,同时找目标。最简单的方法就是在酒吧邂逅。在自家厨房是绝对找不到梦中情人的。得外出找乐并结识他人。很多理由都可明这是很有效的方法。首先,酒吧是男生女生的玩乐的好地方,而如果你恰好也是这一类人,或许你就能遇到你的他或她。其次,酒精会使你勇气百倍,信心十足,促使你踏出勇敢的一步。那些凄美的爱情故事还没来得及开始就结束了就是因为两个人都羞于主动接近和毛遂自荐。真是可惜了!这么做的理由:即使你没邂逅他人,你也没什么损失,因为你也乐在其中了。 /201004/101333呼和浩特丰胸哪里好摘要:数字3 3对于古希腊人是个神秘数字。哲学家毕达哥拉斯说3是完美无缺的数字,因为世间万物无不有首、中、尾三段。因而它与神有关。Ancient Greeks believed the number was sacred. Pythagoras calls three the perfect number, since everything has three parts — beginning, middle and end. Therefore it is a good symbol of anything related to gods. In Greek and Roman mythology, the world was supposed to be under the rule of three gods, that is, Jupiter(Zeus), the ruler of Heaven; Neptune(Poseidon), the ruler of the sea; Pluto(Hades), the king of the Underworld. Jupiter’s weapon was three-forked lightning, Neptune’s, a trident, and Pluto’s, a three-headed dog. The Fates were three, the Furies three, the Graces three. Superstitious people believe that man is made up of three parts, that is, body, soul, and spirit. Most Christians believe in the doctrine of the Trinity, that is, God is in three persons: the Father, the Son(Jesus Christ), and the Holy Ghost, or Holy Spirit. Some Christians also believe that the enemies of man are three: the world, the flesh, and the devil. In the Bible, the baby Jesus was visited by the three Magi; before the cock crowed, Peter denied Jesus for three times. When things are difficult, people think they will be successful the third time. /200907/76852呼和浩特人民医院做韩式隆鼻手术多少钱

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