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呼和浩特纹眉呼市京美整形美容医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱An unmanned submersible is making a third attempt to find the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 on the seabed of the southern Indian Ocean after earlier sorties ran into technical difficulties, authorities said Wednesday.有关方面周三表示,在早些时候的搜寻行动遇到技术性问题后,一艘无人潜航器正第三次扫描南印度洋海床,试图找到马来西亚航Malaysia Airlines) 370航班的残骸。The U.S. Navys Bluefin-21 was forced to resurface to rectify a technical problem part of the way into its 20-hour mission, Australias Joint Agency Coordination Centre, which is leading the multinational search operation, said in a statement. While aboard the Australian naval vessel Ocean Shield, its data was downloaded and found nothing related to the plane. The vehicle was later deployed and is continuing its underwater search.澳大利亚联合机构协调中心(Joint Agency Coordination Centre)在一份声明中称,此前美国海军“蓝21Bluefin-21)潜航器在执行20小时搜寻任务的途中被迫浮上水面,纠正遇到的一个技术性问题。不过,“蓝21”上的数据已经被下载,未找到与失联客机相关的物体。该潜航器之后重新入水,继续海底搜寻工作。It was the second such setback in an underwater search that began Monday. After completing about six hours of its first underwater search Monday, the submersible reached its operating depth limit of about 3 miles, and its built-in safety feature returned it to the surface, underscoring just how difficult its mission is. That search also found no evidence of the missing jet.这已经是海底搜寻工作周一启动以来第二次受挫。在周一完成了约六个小时的首次海底搜寻行动之后,“蓝21”潜航器达到了约3英里(约.8公里)的最大下潜深度,其内置的安全设备启动使其浮出水面,这凸显了此次任务的艰难程度。周一的搜寻行动也未能发现与失联客机相关的据。The search efforts primary goal remains recovering the Boeing 777s black box flight-data and cockpit-voice recorders. However, authorities in change of the recovery operation decided earlier this week to move to the submersible as it seemed increasingly likely the batteries powering the emergency locaters were dead and devices looking for pings would be useless.此次搜寻行动的首要目标仍然是打捞这架失联波音(Boeing) 777客机的“黑匣子”飞行数据和驾驶舱语音记录器。不过,负责此次打捞行动的有关方面本周早些时候决定使用无人潜航器,因为黑匣子电池电量耗尽的可能性似乎越来越大,继续探测脉冲信号将无法起到任何作用。The submersible is targeting an area where a black box locator device last week picked up the strongest in a series of electronic signals that authorities believe may have come from the missing plane.该潜航器正锁定一个目标区域,上周黑匣子定位仪探测到的一系列有关方面认为可能来自失联飞机黑匣子的电子信号中,该区域的信号最强There are a couple of areas of interest but the one we are going to search first is the ones with the strongest indications, said U.S. Navy Capt. Mark Matthews, who is coordinating the underwater search from Perth, in Western Australia state.美国海军上尉马修Mark Matthews)说,有几个区域受到关注,但他们率先搜寻的是探测到最强信号的区域。马修斯在西澳大利亚州的珀斯协调水下搜寻。A separate air and sea search of the ocean surface for plane debris continued Wednesday, with 11 military aircraft, three civil aircraft and 11 ships visual searching about 21,000 square miles of ocean.另外,空中和海上对海面飞机残骸的搜寻周三继续进行1架军用飞机架民用飞机和11艘船舶肉眼搜索海面大1,000平方英里(约4,390平方公里)的面积。Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, who is leading the multinational search, said Monday that within three days, search crews will complete the search for floating material. After that, he said that portion of the operation may be called off.负责牵头多国搜索行动的澳大利亚空军上将休斯敦(Angus Houston)周一表示,搜寻队员将在三天内完成对漂浮物的搜寻。他说,之后这部分行动可能会结束。Simon Boxall, an oceanographer at the University of Southampton in the U.K., said that strong currents in the search are could have taken surface debris more than 600 miles from the original impact site.英国南安普顿大学(University of Southampton)海洋学家克索尔(Simon Boxall)表示,搜寻过程中的强大洋流可能将海面残骸带至距原始撞击地点00英里(约66公里)的地方。来 /201404/288638呼和浩特京美整形美容医院激光去痘手术多少钱 乌兰察布市中蒙医院减肥手术多少钱

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