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The first evidence has emerged that clinical features of Alzheimer’s disease, the most common cause of dementia, can be transmitted between people.世界上首次出现了阿尔茨海默病(Alzheimer#39;s disease)临床特征可在人际间传播的据。阿尔茨海默病是痴呆症(Dementia)最常见的病因。John Collinge and colleagues at University College London found signs of developing Alzheimer’s pathology in the brains of people who died of Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (CJD), acquired through contaminated growth hormone.约翰科林奇(John Collinge)和他在伦敦大学学院(University College London)的同事们,在克雅二氏病(CJD)死者的大脑中发现了发展中的阿尔茨海默病病状迹象。克雅二氏病可通过受感染的生长激素患上。Although the circumstances of the transmission are exceptional, the study of eight CJD patients, reported on Wednesday in the journal Nature and at the British Science Festival in Bradford, raises concerns that Alzheimer’s may be transmissible through some medical or surgical procedures.尽管人际传播的情况很特殊,但这项对8名克雅二氏病患者展开的研究得出的结果,还是让人担心阿尔茨海默病或许能够通过一些内科或外科处置得到传播。周三,《自然》(Nature)期刊和布拉德福德的英国科学节(British Science Festival)都发布了这一研究结果。“I don’t think there is any cause for alarm,” said Prof Collinge. “Evaluating what risk, if any, there might be requires much further research.”“我不认为有任何理由感到恐慌,”科林奇教授说,“要评估这里面可能存在何种风险——假设风险真的存在的话——需要进行深入得多的研究。”In response to journalists’ questions about dental procedures, Prof Collinge said: “There are potential risks with dentistry where it is impacting on nervous tissue, for example root canal treatments.” But in a statement issued later he said: “Our current data have no bearing on dental surgery.”在回答记者们提出的有关牙科处置的问题时,科林奇教授表示:“牙科处置存在潜在的风险,因为它会触碰到神经组织,比如根管治疗。”但他在后来发布的声明中称:“我们当前的数据还牵涉不到牙科手术。”He added: “You cannot catch Alzheimer’s by living with or caring for someone with the disease.”他补充道:“你与阿尔茨海默病患者一起生活或照顾他们,是不会被传染上那种病的。” /201509/398494

A new study suggests the ritual of body art may serve as emotional therapy for young women who have experienced intense emotional pain. Sociologists at Texas Tech University discovered female college students with multiple tattoos were more likely to have attempted suicide, yet, interestingly, these very same women also reported significantly higher levels of self-esteem. Male students with four or more tattoos were also more likely to have attempted suicide, the researchers say.一项新研究表明,身体艺术的仪式或许可以对经历过严重情感创伤的年轻女性起到情感治疗的作用。得克萨斯理工大学发现,有很多纹身的女性大学生更容易试图自杀,然而有趣的是,这些女性还同时表现出极高的自尊心。研究者说,有四个或更多纹身的男性学生也更容易试图自杀。Women with four or more tattoos reported a four-fold increase in previous suicide attempts when compared to female students with none.据报道,有四个或更多纹身的女性跟没有纹身的女性相比,之前的自杀意图增加了四倍。“Paradoxically, results also indicate a statistically significant elevation in self-esteem within that same group,” wrote the researchers, who said this group of women reported “substantively” higher levels of self-esteem than their female peers.“相反的是,结果还表明相同的人群在数据上显示出极高的自尊心,”研究者写道,这些女性比其他女性同胞有着“实质上”更高的自尊心。Male students with four or more tattoos were also more likely to have attempted suicide, in their case at three times the rate of men with no ink. It is important to remember men, generally, are more likely to die of suicide, according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. In 2013, for instance, 77.9 percent of those who died by suicide were male and 22.1 percent female.有四个或更多纹身的男性学生也更容易试图自杀,在实验中他们的自杀率是没有纹身男性的3倍。值得注意的是,根据美国自杀预防基金会,通常情况下男性更容易死于自杀。比如在2013年,77.9%的自杀死亡人数都是男性,22.1%为女性。Following an attempt at self-destruction, the researchers of the current study speculate, body art may be a way of reclaiming a sense of self.这项研究的研究员推测,在尝试自残之后,身体艺术或许是一种重新唤回自我的方式。“Just as breast cancer survivors and abuse victims acquire tattoos and piercings to restore physical losses, we think the women in our study may be trying to restore emotional losses with more tattoos,” concluded the researchers.“就像经历过乳腺癌和虐待的人用纹身和打孔来修复身体缺失,我们认为我们研究中的女性也许尝试用更多的纹身来修复情感缺失,”研究者总结道。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201512/415543A new scientific research report has found strong evidence suggesting that man#39;s best friend originated from China some 33,000 years ago.一项最新的科学研究发现了有力据,明人类最好的朋友——,起源于大约3.3万年前的中国。The study, the findings of which were published in the science journal Cell Research, found that Chinese indigenous dogs represent an intermediate form between wolves and breed dogs, and that they have not experienced intense artificial selection.研究结果已发表在科学杂志《细胞研究》上。该研究称,中国本地是狼与的中间体,没有经历过激烈的人工选择。;Analyses of Chinese indigenous dogs therefore allow us to stratify the domestication process in dogs, and investigate the role of positive selection that occurred specifically during the first stage of domestication,; said the report.报告称:“因此,对中国本地的分析让我们可以对的驯化过程进行分类,进而调查“正向选择”在驯化第一阶段发挥的具体作用”。The researchers also found that the southern Chinese indigenous dogs together with several East Asian dogs, such as the Chow or Shar Pei, are closest to wolves.研究人员还发现,中国南方的以及一些东亚的品种(如雄狮和沙皮)更接近狼。The history of dog domestication is often depicted as a two-stage process where primitive dogs were first domesticated from their wild ancestors, the gray wolves. In the second stage, the primitive forms were further selected to form many dog breeds with specialized abilities.的驯化历史可分为两个阶段,原始的最初由它们“野生的祖先(即灰狼)”驯化而来。在第二阶段,原始种类被进一步选择,形成了很多具有特殊能力的。The researchers collected the genome sequences of 58 canids from across the world, including samples from Europe, Africa, southern and northern parts of East Asia, the Middle East, Siberia and the Americas. They found that after evolving for several thousand years in East Asia, a subgroup of dogs radiated out of southern East Asia about 15,000 years ago to the Middle East, Africa and Europe.研究人员收集了来自世界各地的58种犬科动物的基因组序列,包括来自欧洲、非洲、东亚的南部和北部、中亚、西伯利亚和美洲的样本。他们发现,类在东亚经历了几千年的发展,大约在1.5万年前,的一个子群从东亚南部发展开来,到达中亚、非洲和欧洲。;One of these out of Asia lineages then migrated back to northern China and made a series of admixtures with endemic East Asian lineages, before traveling to the Americas,; said the researchers. ;Our study, for the first time, reveals the extraordinary journey that the domestic dog has traveled on this planet during the past 33,000 years.;研究人员说:“这些脱离了亚洲血统的,有一些又迁移回到了中国北方,形成了一系列有东亚血统的杂交。之后,它们又迁徙到了美洲地区。我们的研究首次揭示了驯化在过去3.3万年里在地球上非同寻常的旅程。”However, the researchers acknowledged that several basic aspects about the dog#39;s origin and evolution are still debated over by scientists. For example, several different geographical regions have been proposed as the birthplace of domestic dogs, and the date of divergence between wolves and dogs has been estimated between 32,000 years ago and 10,000 years ago, according to the report.不过研究人员承认,科学家们在起源和进化的几个基本方面仍在存在争议。比如,家犬的发源地就有好几个不同版本,而狼和的分化时间也从3.2万年前至1万年前不等。;The exact history of dog domestication thus remains to be fully resolved.;“因此,驯化的确切过程仍有待进一步研究。” /201512/417939Lu You (1125~1210), literary name Fangweng, courtesy name Wuguan was one of the most important and prolific Chinese writers of the Southern Song Dynasty, noted for his collection of nearly 10 000 poems as well as numerous prose pieces.陆游(1125~1210),多务观,号放翁。南宋最为重要和多产的作家之一,写了近10 000一首诗还有许多散文而著称。Primarily a poet, Lu gained renown for his simple, direct expression and for his attention to realistic detail, features that set him apart from the elevated and allusive style characteristic of the prevailing Jiangxi school of poetry.作为一名诗人,他以简朴、直接的表达和对现实细节的观注闻名。陆游的诗所具有的这些特征与当时盛行的江西诗派严肃、隐喻的特征相背离。As a conservative in matters of form, however, he wrote a number of poems in the gushi (;old poetry;) mode and excelled at the lüshi (;regulated poetry;) form, the sharply defined tonal and.grammatical patterns of which had been perfected by the great masters of the Tang Dynasty.然而陆游在形式上是保守的,写了许多占诗并且擅长写律诗:律诗的音律早在唐代就被大师们完善了。Lu has been most admired for the ardour of his patriotic poems, in which he protested the Jin invasion of Song in 1126, the year after his birth, and chided the Southern Song court for its passive attitude toward driving out the invaders and reconquering its lost northern territories.陆游还因他的爱国主义诗篇里洋溢的爱国热情而备受仰慕,在这些诗篇里,他抗议金国1126年(他出生后的那一年)对宋朝的人侵,斥责南宋朝廷对赶走金人收复失地所持的被动态度。Because of his hawkish views, expressed at a time when the displaced court was controlled by a peace faction, Lu failed to advance in his career as an imperial official. Four times demoted for his outspoken opinions, Lu finally resigned his civil-service commission and retired to his country estate.陆游的观点强硬,而南迁的朝廷由求和派控制着,所以作为朝官他的事业未能有所进展。During retirement Lu devoted most of his poetry to the appreciation and praise of rural life.陆游曾因坦率直言被降职四次,所以他最终辞职还乡。Like the poet Tao Qian, whom he took as his model, Lu depicted the rural countryside in homely detail, evoking its moods and scenes through fresh and precise imagery.辞官后,陆游的大多数诗都表达了对农村生活的欣赏和赞美,他以陶潜为榜样,以朴实的细节描述农村居民,通过清晰精确的意象再现农村的印象和景色。 /201601/423581

A professional street beggar in Wolverhampton, Britain, is earning up to 500 pounds a day, according to a local councillor.根据当地的议员透露,英国伍尔弗汉普顿一位职业街头乞丐一天的收入最高可达500英磅。The astonishing figure - which is the equivalent of a 130,000 pounds a year - puts the unnamed man#39;s earnings at just 12,000 pounds than Prime Minister David Cameron#39;s 142,000 pounds earnings.这是一个令人吃惊的数字,相当于他每年的收入约为13万英镑。这一数字使得这个无名之辈的收入只比首相卡梅伦的年薪少1.2万英镑。英国首相的年薪也仅为14万2千英镑。What makes the numbers even more incredible is that the beggar is not homeless and simply targets kind-hearted shoppers in the city.比起这一数字,更不可思议的是,这名乞丐并不是无家可归,他只是单纯地将目标定位在那些城市中善良的消费者身上。Labour councillor Steve Evans claimed that most beggars in the area were not homeless and just wanted free money so they could buy alcohol.工党议员史蒂夫·埃文斯声称,该地区大多数乞丐都不是无家可归的,只是想要一些钱来买酒。He said: ;We have got some information that one man was making between 300 to 500 pounds a day and wasn#39;t homeless at all. I don#39;t think it#39;s acceptable.;埃文斯说道:“我们已经获悉到,那个每天乞讨到300到500英镑的乞丐,根本不是无家可归。我认为这简直令人难以接受。”He added that the council are looking into ways to prove that beggars are simply conning the public so that they can be taken to court and excluded from the city.他还补充说道,有关当局正在采取措施来明这些乞丐只是在欺骗群众,这样就能将他们带上法庭,并从城市中遣送回去。Genuine homeless people in Wolverhampton have said they are ;worried; that bad publicity will stop people being so generous in future.但是,伍尔弗汉普顿真正无家可归的人表示,他们很担心这一负面影响将会使得以后人们不再慷慨。Then there#39;s the claim that a man who was caught on film clambering back into his 50,000 pounds Audi sportscar, after a day begging in Cornwall.此外,听说在康沃尔郡,一名男子被拍到在乞讨一天之后,钻进了一辆价值5万英镑的奥迪跑车扬尘而去。It was reported that only one in five beggars in the UK is genuinely homeless, while many are doing it to top up their benefits or even incomes from work.据报道,英国的乞丐中5人中只有一人是真的无家可归,其他许多人则是把乞讨当成捞好处、甚至是工作之余增加收入的方式。 /201603/430636“Move quickly to the closest usable exit, taking nothing with you.” Yet here again are images of passengers trundling suitcases and carrying hand luggage across the runway, after evacuating a British Airways aircraft that caught fire before take-off at Las Vegas.“快速走到离你最近的可用出口,不要携带任何物品。”然而,英国航空公司(British Airways)的一架飞机因在起飞前着火而进行疏散后,这样的情景又一次出现:飞机跑道上的乘客们拖着行李箱,拿着手提行李。The last time such safety breaches were publicised was after the fatal crash of an Asiana Airlines jet in San Francisco in 2013. Some commenters on social media even attributed passengers’ thoughtlessness to a Chinese tendency to put material things ahead of human lives (Chinese nationals accounted for half those on the flight).上一次媒体曝光这样的违反安全规定现象,是在2013年一架韩亚航空(Asiana Airlines)飞机在旧金山发生致命撞击事故后。一些社交媒体上的者甚至将乘客的轻率之举归咎于中国人把财物看得比人命重的倾向(航班上的乘客有一半为中国籍)。If nothing else, the BA accident has disproved that slur: under pressure, the British are just as capable of the same act of stupidity.撇开别的不谈,英国航空的事故至少驳斥了上述诋毁:在压力之下,英国人也会干出同样的蠢事。Jacob Steinberg, a Guardian journalist who was on the BA flight, gently admonishes critics: “If you weren’t there, how do you know how you would have reacted? People do odd things when they panic.”乘坐了此次航班的《卫报》(Guardian)记者雅各布斯坦伯格(Guardian journalist)温和地责备批评者:“如果你不在现场,你怎么知道你会作何反应?人们在惊慌的时候会做奇怪的事情。”True. One Asiana passenger recalled he had gathered his belongings out of habit. When we are allowed to carry so much, and of such material value, on to aircraft, it may be natural to grab those things before exiting. In the end, the Asiana accident report did not refer to the problem.的确。一名当时在韩亚航空航班上的乘客回忆,他收拾自己的东西只是出于习惯。如果我们被允许携带那么多的贵重物品上飞机,在离开前拿走这些东西或许也是自然而然的。最后,韩亚航空的失事报道并未提及这个问题。But plenty of other incidents are complicated, sometimes fatally, by bag-toting passengers. A study of 46 evacuations from June 2000 found half of passengers tried to take items with them, including large framed pictures and musical instruments.但乘客在事故发生时依然带走物品的行为让其他许多事故复杂化,有时这是致命的。有人研究了2000年6月以后的46次疏散,发现有一半的乘客试图带上个人物品,包括大相框和乐器。As pilot and author Patrick Smith has written: “Leave your stuff. It will all be returned to you later. [If] it winds up incinerated, well, you should be happy to have lost it. Lest it have been you in there.”飞行员兼作家帕特里克史密斯(Patrick Smith)写过这样的文字:“把你的东西留下。之后自会归还给你。(如果)它最终烧成了灰烬,你应该为失去它感到高兴。否则就是你在那里了。”Happily, there were no fatalities in the BA fire. But if I had been the last passenger out, I might well have asked those in front of me why their carry-ons came first.所幸英国航空的这次飞机起火事故中没有人死亡。但如果我是最后出来的乘客,我很可能要问问我前面的人,为什么他们的行李在我之前离开。 /201509/398772

;Your Honor, I want to bring to your attention how unfair it is for my client to be accused of theft.;法官先生,我的当事人被指控偷窃,这是多么不公正啊。He arrived in New York City a week ago and barely knew his way around. What#39;s more, he only speaks a few words of English.;他一周前才来到纽约,几乎不认路。而且,他只会说几个英语单词。;The judge looked at the defendant and asked, ;How much English can you speak?;法官看了看被告,问道:;你会说多少英文?;The defendant looked up and said, ;Give me your wallet!; 被告抬起头,说:;把你的钱包给我!; /201511/409323

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